Chapter 0746

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Chapter 0746: Laws of the jungle

Not waiting for Bright South Celestial River King to take action, Ning Cheng raised his hand and took the glaze scroll from Lie Junfeng’s hands.

Bright South Celestial River King’s face immediately sank. A Celestial Novice ant actually dared to take the glaze scroll he wanted. But even at this time, he didn’t think Ning Cheng would really take away the glaze scroll; instead, he believed that Ning Cheng wanted to help him get it.

Even so, he felt uncomfortable; he did not want such flattery.

“You two actually dared to steal Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s glaze scroll, and even dare to give it to others.” Ning Cheng spoke with a cold tone after seizing the glaze scroll.

Lie Junfeng and Bei Xialan only noticed Ning Cheng at this moment. However, after seeing Ning Cheng, Lie Junfeng’s face drained of all colour and quickly spoke up, “Lie Junfeng greets Sect Master Ning.”

Ning Cheng had a fierce reputation in Graceful Star Mainland. As long as any cultivator came from Graceful Star Mainland’s Tian Continent, they would have definitely heard of the person named Ning Cheng. Moreover, when Ning Cheng had entered Heaven’s Way, Lie Junfeng still hadn’t reached a level strong enough to open Heaven’s Way. Therefore, although Ning Cheng might not know Lie Junfeng, Lie Junfeng definitely knew about Ning Cheng.

“Bei Xialan greets Sect Master Ning.” Bei Xialan and Lie Junfeng had gone into hiding together, so she naturally knew about Ning Cheng’s name and fame. Moreover, they were the traitors of Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, responsible for almost destroying the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Therefore, although hidden away from the world, they kept a lookout for any news relating to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

Because of this, they heard about Ning Cheng sweeping through Tian Continent’s primary powers singlehandedly and about him eradicating the Red Star Sword Faction, one of the top ten forces of Tian Continent. That reputation made it impossible for them to come out before Ning Cheng left.

Bright South Celestial River King grunted and stared at Ning Cheng, “Little kid, I chased these two down for the things I lost. What do you intend to prove by those actions? Did you think that this king would spare your life by acting out?”

While talking, Bright South Celestial River King’s domain opened up, and his imposing manner pressed directly onto Ning Cheng. Even if he was a slow thinker, Bright South Celestial River King now understood that Ning Cheng had not done it for the sake of flattery. Instead, he really wanted to take away the glaze scroll.

Bright South Celestial River King did not enjoy a widespread reputation. But even those who never met Bright South Celestial River King had heard about this king’s title. Therefore, seeing Bright South Celestial River King turning angry, anyone would quickly let go of the things he targeted.

Ning Cheng, however, only showed a slight smile. Holding the glaze scroll, he slowly but calmly walked to the front of Bright South Celestial River King. “Beggar, this glaze scroll is the treasure of my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect and comes from a low-level positional plane. How did it become your thing? If you keep talking nonsense, you’ll only make me angrier.”

Bright South Celestial River King could see Ning Cheng walking over to him unaffected. Moreover, with each step that Ning Cheng took, his domain would crack open a bit more. Sensing this, his expressions immediately changed. Inside his domain and still walking in such a leisurely way. Such a thing was only possible if Ning Cheng’s strength absolutely neared him. How many years had it taken? How could this kid grow up so fast and to such a point? Despite travelling to many places in the starry sky over the many years, he had never seen such a perverted character like Ning Cheng.

If he didn’t read it wrong, then this kid definitely had a huge secret on him. Thinking until here, he felt a slight regret crop up in his mind. However, Bright South Celestial River King quickly suppressed this pang of regret. Forcing a smile on his face, he finally spoke up, “So it turned out to be Sect Master Ning. I don’t know if Sect Master Ning has any free time. But would you care to visit my Bright South Celestial River?”

Despite what he felt, he still didn’t take Ning Cheng seriously. Besides, even if he had heard of Ning Cheng’s name in the past, he would not have cared about it. Instead, because Lie Junfeng addressed him as ‘Sect Master Ning’, he also decided to treat him as ‘Sect Master Ning’.

In his opinion, Ning Cheng’s cultivation should have also reached the Heaven Seated Realm; however, he didn’t believe that it surpassed his strength.

Lie Junfeng and Bei Xialan, however, stared at Ning Cheng dully. One could regard both of them as geniuses among geniuses. However, reaching this point in both life and cultivation both had a reasonably good understanding of what real talent meant. Yet this Sect Master Ning seemed to be a powerhouse among powerhouses no matter where he went.

Ning Cheng only gave a calm reply, “You’re just a Celestial River King, better not get overly friendly with me. If not for you helping me once, I would have already ruined you today for daring to rob my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s glaze scroll. You can leave now, and better try not to ruin my mood.”

While talking, Ning Cheng’s imposing aura immediately crashed down. Bright South Celestial River King’s domain shattered in an instant, and almost suffocated him to death.

Facing this might, Bright South Celestial River King’s heart trembled. If he had thought Ning Cheng to be an ant when he first saw Ning Cheng, he had already regarded Ning Cheng as an opponent of the same level just a moment ago. But now, he realised that he was just too far away from Ning Cheng. In fact, he was just like an ant in front of Ning Cheng right now.

Realising that he could not match up to Ning Cheng, Bright South Celestial River King quickly cupped his fists and spoke, “This Bright South acted in recklessness. Please let me know about the location of Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, this Bright South will definitely pay a respectful visit in the future.”

Afraid that Ning Cheng might misunderstand his meaning, Bright South Celestial River King spoke very carefully. However, his words also implied that he was a little unwilling and wanted to know about Ning Cheng’s background.

Ning Cheng showed a smile. “My name is Ning Cheng, the master[1] of Jiangzhou Star in Mysterious Yellow Celestial River and Sect Master of Mysterious Yellow Sect. But if you want to visit me, hehe, you’re not qualified enough.”

When Bright South Celestial River King heard Ning Cheng’s words, waves of cold sweat started dripping down his back.

Although he didn’t know any Sect Master Ning, he was just too familiar with the name Ning Cheng of Jiangzhou Star.

This man was brothers with the Striking Order Heavenly Emperor. He heard that the Named Descendant Celestial River King had offended Ning Cheng over something, which resulted in Ning Cheng destroying him in public. Additionally, Ning Cheng had taken over the entire Named Descendant Celestial River and brought it under his complete control. He even changed its name to Mysterious Yellow Celestial River. Even more outrageous was the fact that the Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor and Nine Phoenix Heavenly Emperor had gone there to congratulate him in person. They didn’t even talk about taking back the Named Descendant Celestial River.

For Bright South Celestial River King to offend such a powerhouse, even growing several heads would not be enough to twist off.

Bright South Celestial River King immediately cupped his fists and no longer dared to stand on the same ground as Ning Cheng. “This Bright South had gone blind. Seeing that glaze scroll, it invoked a sense of greed in me and ended up offending Senior Ning. Please have mercy on this junior……”

Despite asking Ning Cheng for forgiveness, Bright South Celestial River King still couldn’t control his body’s tremor. He had also heard that apart from the Mysterious Yellow Sect’s Sect Master, a dozen Eternal experts, including the four grand starry sky emperors, had entered the Ancient Shadow Temple. However, no one heard any news about those Eternal-level Heavenly Emperors. In fact, the only ‘news’ was Sect Master Ning standing in front of him, which made him unconsciously shiver.

“You can go now, but you better work on your greed. Otherwise, sooner or later, it will bring disaster on you.” Ning Cheng put away the glaze scroll and spoke with a calm voice.

“Yes, yes…. This junior will always keep the senior’s teachings in mind. This junior will take his leave now….” Bright South Celestial River King didn’t even dare to wipe the cold sweat off his forehead and immediately started backing away.

Ning Cheng sighed darkly in his heart. When he had faced Bright South Celestial River King in the past, didn’t he go through that same shock and fear as Bright South Celestial River King did right now? One could never know how things could change in unexpected ways. Currently, Bright South Celestial River King had to address him as a senior and even had a face filled with fear.

In the starry skies, only people with strength had the right to speak. If not for having higher cultivation, Bright South Celestial River King would have definitely tried to search his soul today for his secrets.

“Sect Master….” Seeing an expert like Bright South Celestial River King address and fear Ning Cheng like a powerful senior, Lie Junfeng and Bai Xialan turned even more anxious and started retreating in fear.

Ning Cheng’s gaze swept past Lie Junfeng and Bei Xialan, before refocusing his cold gaze at Bei Xialan. “Shan Wenyao must have gone blind to have taken a liking to a woman like you.”

“Sect Master…..” Bei Xialan’s voice trembled. She worried that Ning Cheng would kill her and Lie Junfeng with a wave of his hand.

“Get lost, the two of you not only deceived your teachers but also plotted to destroy your home. You deserve to fall into this situation.” Ning Cheng scolded.

He didn’t particularly want to kill these two people as they had already lost their cultivation. In any case, with their cultivation dispersed, they would eventually die in this place. In all honesty, he didn’t feel any particular hatred for Lie Junfeng or Bei Xialan. But since he had taken up the post of Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Sect Master for some time, he did feel some responsibility towards Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. However, in Ning Cheng’s heart, he identified more with the current Mysterious Yellow Sect. Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, after all, was not a sect he established.

“Many thanks, Sect Master, for your mercy.” Lie Junfeng and Bei Xialan fell to their knees to thank him before slowly walking away. In truth, they felt even more shocked compared to Bright South Celestial River King. Ning Cheng, just like them, had come from the Graceful Star Mainland. But today, even someone like Bright South Celestial River King had to bow down to Ning Cheng in fear and address him as ‘senior’. Yet, despite pushing themselves to the limits to improve, they still ended up in such a situation.

Ning Cheng looked at the two disappearing backs and shook his head. He could tell that these two loved truly each other. If these two had only left the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect because of love, it would have only been a morality issue. But these two took it too far. They not only went against the trust and teachings of their own sect but also colluded with outsiders to rob the Rainbow Fall’s Yonder Immortal Sword. It was not something that Ning Cheng would ignore.

If not for that, Ning Cheng could have even helped the two. It wouldn’t have been an impossibility for someone like him.


Although the Devouring Bone Sea covered a large area, cultivators wanting to explore it concentrated mostly around the fluid-like temporary cities. This meant that news of Bright South Celestial River King addressing Ning Cheng as a ‘senior’ quickly spread all over the temporary cities around the Devouring Bone Sea.

Therefore, when Ning Cheng entered a busy street, cultivators quickly moved away from the road and looked over at Ning Cheng in awe. This made Ning Cheng feel somewhat helpless. The strong devoured the weak, a concept clearly in full display around the Devouring Bone Sea.

No force could permanently take charge of this place; as such, the faces of ruling cultivators changed continuously over time. Moreover, it instilled a particular mentality in this place where the weak would never dare to provoke the strong; let alone walk in the same direction as an expert like Ning Cheng.

“Senior, what do you need?” Ning Cheng had just walked into the merchant house when a store assistant greeted him with a warm smile.

Ning Cheng saw many customers here, yet he was the only one greeted by a store assistant at the door with a smile.

“I need a detailed map of the Devouring Bone Sea.” Seeing such a treatment, Ning Cheng didn’t want to linger around this place for long. After obtaining the map, he would quickly head over to the sea.

The store assistant quickly explained with his most polite tone, “Senior, the Devouring Bone Sea is just too big. We only have maps of individual smaller areas. If you can tell me what you might be looking for, this junior could then help senior find the relevant jade maps.”

“I came here to find some Purple Light Treasure Essence.” Ning Cheng didn’t hide it. He had indeed come here to find Purple Light Treasure Essence. Besides, with his ‘strength’, no one would dare to do anything to him.

The store assistant’s face froze for a second before replying with an awkward tone, “Purple Light Treasure Essence? I, this….”

Ning Cheng immediately understood from the tone and the change in expression that this person had most likely never heard of Purple Light Treasure Essence. In any case, Purple Light Treasure Essence was not something that ordinary cultivators could find. Even if it came from the Devouring Bone Sea, it wouldn’t be anywhere near the edge.

“Senior, I know about this thing.” A sudden voice emerged from Ning Cheng’s side.

Ning Cheng felt quite happy and was just about to turn around and speak when he suddenly stopped. He saw Lie Junfeng and Bei Xialan walking in supporting each from falling over.

[1] The raws actually mention it as ‘Celestial Lord’ but this title did not seem to fit Ning Cheng at this point in the story. Therefore, I decided to change it to ‘master’.

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  1. They not only went against the trust and teachings of their own sect but also colluded with outsiders to rob the Rainbow Fall’s Yonder Immortal Sword. It was not something that Ning Cheng would ignore.) says the mc that let bitch go scott free after she killed 4 innocent people from 4 different sects just to get her revenge


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