Chapter 0757

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Chapter 0757: Tortured

Yu Baihong only felt fear towards Ning Cheng after realising his identity. Because of this, he always kept thinking of solving the crisis about to befall his Yu Clan’s Corner. So, he didn’t pay much attention to Chen Xingwen’s actions. Besides, he wanted to please Chen Xingwen. So, he casually spoke up. “Yes, Xiao Yu and Xiao Chunan are the most talented disciples of the Spiritual Heaven Sect. Even within the four grand starry skies, they rank within the top. It’s a pity that our Yu Clan’s Yu Qing didn’t get to enjoy this blessing; otherwise, Yu Qing and….”

“You’re wrong.” Ning Cheng interrupted Yu Baihong’s words without hesitation. “Yu Qing had a person she loved before she fell. Don’t impose your will on others.”

Hearing the unpleasant tone in Ning Cheng’s voice, Yu Baihong’s heart shook and reacted instantly. This Sect Master Ning came here because of Yu Qing’s relationship; which meant that he cared a lot about Yu Qing. But because he cared more about pleasing Chen Xingwen, he didn’t think of it at all. Thinking of all this, Yu Baihong almost punched himself in the mouth, why did I say those words? Obviously, he didn’t want to annoy Sect Master Ning. Yet, as soon as his words came out, it immediately made Ning Cheng unhappy.

Xiao Yu secretly clenched his fists and lowered his head but didn’t speak.

Xiao Chunan looked at Xiao Yu strangely. She knew who Xiao Yu had in his mind, and that was Yu Qing. For the sake of Yu Qing, he went so far as to suppress his own cultivation. In fact, he had abolished his Celestial Bridge cultivation and returned to Celestial Gatherer Realm. Although it might also have something to do with entering the Immortal Jade Star, it did not necessarily rule out Yu Qing’s influence. In any case, Yu Qing said that the person she liked would have to take the first place within the Celestial Scryer Tower. Therefore, Xiao Yu wanted to climb to the highest point in the Celestial Scryer Tower to gain her attention.

However, Xiao Yu never expected that even after erasing his cultivation to Celestial Gatherer Realm, he couldn’t take the first place in the Celestial Scryer Tower. That’s because a new expert had quickly overthrown him, Jiangzhou’s Wanderer. Moreover, this person had reached the 81st floor of the Celestial Scryer Tower, establishing an unprecedented result.

After Ning Cheng interrupted Yu Baihong’s words, he could not find any way to turn the topic around. This caused the atmosphere to quickly solidify.

“Haha.” Chen Xingwen laughed, immediately easing up the frozen atmosphere. He understood Yu Baihong’s meaning, but he didn’t care much about Yu Baihong’s flattery. Besides, him introducing his two disciples had nothing to do with Yu Baihong anyway.

“Sect Master Ning can set foot on the 81st floor of Celestial Scryer Tower. It’s an unprecedented result, I don’t think there would be anyone else. It hasn’t been many years since Sect Master Ning boarded the tower, yet now you not only are a Sect Master, but also an Eternal-level expert. I have to say, I’ve never admired anyone this much. In fact, Sect Master Ning is the first person I admire.” Chen Xingwen praised Ning Cheng enthusiastically.

Chen Xingwen could not accurately gauge Ning Cheng’s cultivation. However, he heard that sometimes Ning Cheng did not have a celestial wheel, and sometimes one could see a faint celestial wheel behind him. But even if he assumed that Ning Cheng had a celestial wheel, Ning Cheng’s celestial wheel appeared fuzzy to him. Yet Ning Cheng made friends with Striking Order and even roped in the starry skies’ Pill Emperor Cang Caihe. He even made Chuan Xinlou feel fear. It meant that Ning Cheng’s cultivation had reached their level. Therefore, he always thought of Ning Cheng as an Eternal-level powerhouse.

Ning Cheng remained calm, and even though Chen Xingwen praised him, he didn’t even bother with it and didn’t show any other reaction. Besides, he really didn’t like Chen Xingwen’s hypocrisy. If Chen Xingwen had really admired him, he wouldn’t have come to Covered Snow City with Chuan Xinlou to instigate trouble.

Xiao Chunan looked at Xiao Yu in shock. After a few breaths, she whispered to Xiao Yu, “Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao Yu. Is this Sect Master Ning really Jiangzhou’s Wanderer, the same Wanderer who reached the 81st floor of Celestial Scryer Tower?”

She had long since idolised this Jiangzhou’s Wanderer and even wished to have a face-to-face exchange with this Wanderer. She had made several trips to the Celestial Scryer Tower, so she knew how difficult it was to climb to the top of the Celestial Scryer Tower. Because of this, her idolisation had already turned into a sort of obsession about Jiangzhou’s Wanderer. She wanted to uncover this person’s identity, to find who was this amazing.

However, her accomplishments still couldn’t reach that point. Besides, she didn’t like gossiping and remained in secluded cultivation most of the time. So, whether it was Ning Cheng or Jiangzhou’s Wanderer, she wasn’t too clear about the details.

Xiao Yu had an inexplicable feeling in his heart. If Ning Cheng was also in Heaven’s Mandate Realm, he might have even challenged Ning Cheng right now. But Ning Cheng was an Eternal-level expert, someone he didn’t even have the qualifications to talk to or even feel jealous.

Now that Xiao Chunan asked, he could only nod and said, “Yes, he is Jiangzhou’s Wanderer.”

Xiao Chunan’s eyes immediately lit up and stared at Ning Cheng in front of him from top to bottom. In fact, she felt quite exhilarated. This person not only reached the 81st floor of Celestial Scryer Tower but had also become an Eternal-level expert. Such a genius had never appeared in the entire Culmination Starry Sky, nor had she ever heard of someone like Ning Cheng.

Chen Xingwen didn’t seem to care about Ning Cheng’s indifference but still spoke with a smile, “Sect Master Ning doesn’t seem to have a Dao Companion yet. Although Chunan might be weaker, she’s almost on the verge of reaching Heaven Seated……”

Chen Xingwen didn’t complete his words, but everyone understood what Chen Xingwen meant. That is, Chen Xingwen wanted to bring Xiao Chunan and Ning Cheng together. He wanted Xiao Chunan to become Dao Companions with Ning Cheng.

Yu Baihong secretly cursed at himself. Ning Cheng came here for Yu Qing, which meant that he obviously had a close relationship with Yu Qing. Maybe Yu Qing had already become Ning Cheng’s Dao Companion. Why didn’t he think of finding a woman from the Yu Clan to replace Yu Qing and instead said something that made Ning Cheng unhappy?

Xiao Chunan indeed was a beautiful woman, with first-class qualifications. But Yu Clan’s women were also not too bad. Moreover, Yu Clan’s men have always been quite handsome. At the same time, their women were also considered the cream of the crop. They were famous throughout Culmination Starland for their beauty. It’s a pity that Chen Xingwen took a step before him. At this time, he simply couldn’t say the same things as Chen Xingwen.

Xiao Chunan also felt stunned. She didn’t expect her Sect Master would suddenly introduce a Dao Companion to her. Besides, if she had known that Ning Cheng was Jiangzhou’s Wanderer, she wouldn’t hesitate to refuse. Even if her Sect Master proposed it, she would have prepared some excuse to reject it. But now, she couldn’t figure out whether to refuse or try to get closer to this Sect Master Ning.

The name Jiangzhou’s Wanderer had been in her mind for many years. Now, this person appeared in front of her eyes, but her Sect Master suddenly proposed something ludicrous. The huge impact made her unable to make any decision in a short time.

Ning Cheng just gave a bland reply, “Many thanks, Sect Master Chen, for the trouble. But I already have a wife.”

“We’ve arrived at the Water Prison.” Yu Baihong quickly spoke up after Ning Cheng’s reply. After that, he then called out, “Someone, open this damned Water Prison for me.”

Yu Baihong felt angry right now. No one had come here in advance to take care of Shen Mengyan. He had thought that he wouldn’t have to bother with such a thing. After Yu Clan saw his attitude with Ning Cheng, someone should have already released her in advance. In fact, not only did no one come in before, no one had even opened the door of this Water Prison.

Yu Clan’s experts usually stayed in secluded cultivation. Yet, they had all come out under Ning Cheng’s imposing manner. But he also understood why no one came forward. Yu Xingsheng used to be the one responsible for places like Water Prison. But because Ning Cheng got rid of Yu Xingsheng so quickly, the people of Yu Clan couldn’t adapt to the change in such a short time.

“No need.” Ning Cheng gave a cold snort and immediately punched out.

The restrictions covering this Water Prison were much weaker than the ones outside. Therefore, Ning Cheng only needed one punch to smash them apart.

Yu Baihong’s had an ugly expression over his face, Ning Cheng simply didn’t give him even a shred of respect. But then again since Ning Cheng could obliterate Yu Clan Corner’s Defensive Array Formations, why would he care about a Water Prison? So, at this moment, he could only hide his ugly expressions.

Ning Cheng stepped into the Water Prison. Yu Clan’s Water Prison did not hold many people, so Ning Cheng did not hold back his Spiritual Consciousness Blades inside this place. In just a short while, the Spiritual Consciousness Restrictions within the Water Prison made several clicking-like noises as Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness Blades cut through each of them.

Every cultivator from the Yu Clan felt anger rising. Still, since even Yu Baihong felt afraid of speaking, so even if they felt even more hatred, no one dared to stand up and point out Ning Cheng’s wrongdoings.

Chen Xingwen’s face, however, remained calm. No one could see the embarrassment he felt from Ning Cheng’s rejection.

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness went all the way to the end. But in just a few breaths, his expressions immediately changed. His figure flashed and disappeared from the entrance.

In the deepest part of the Water Prison, a white-haired woman lay shackled to a brown wooden post. Moreover, the water around her exuded a pungent odour that made people nauseated. The woman’s knees were all submerged in water, and one could see her bones in the water from afar.

The head of this woman sagged below her shoulders with white hair covering her face. But Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness instantly recognised her. This person most likely was Shen Mengyan.

She looked almost 90% like Yu Qing. At this time, Shen Mengyan had blood stains covering her body, except for her white bones submerged in water. At the same time, what was left of her robes hung loosely to her body like a rag.

Yu Baihong and Chen Xingwen, who followed Ning Cheng inside, also saw this scene, and it instantly contorted Yu Baihong’s face. He didn’t expect Yu Xingxian to go to such extremes despite daring to imprison Shen Mengyan in the Water Prison.  If he knew this, then even if Ning Cheng hadn’t come, he would never have allowed Yu Xingxian to bring Shen Mengyan here, let alone torture her. In any case, Shen Mengyan was still a core member of Yu Clan’s Corner.

Ning Cheng rushed over before raising his hands and shooting out a long trail of Flame Blade.

His Celestial River Flame had already advanced to Starry Sky Grade 5 Flame, which allowed it to easily split apart Shen Mengyan’s chains. Ning Cheng carefully caught Shen Mengyan, took out a piece of clothing and put it over Shen Mengyan’s body. Finished with that, he then immediately punched out.

“Boom….” The brown pillar that had sealed Shen Mengyan directly turned to powder under Ning Cheng’s punch. However, Ning Cheng didn’t stop there. He kept throwing out punch after punch. It felt like he wanted to destroy the foundations of this water prison, and each blow created continuously rumbling noises.

Just before finishing the task, Ning Cheng also sent Sisi and Ai Ku, along with the several other prisoners within the Water Prison outside.

Everyone understood Ning Cheng’s intent. Seeing those actions, Chen Xingwen only shook his head and took his two disciples before flying out of the water prison.

Yu Baihong now looked as if he had aged by a few decades, but he also could only withdraw from the water prison in silence. He understood what Ning Cheng meant; that is, he wanted to obliterate this place.

With all the people leaving, this water prison, which had remained in existence for god-knows how long, finally crumbled into ruins under Ning Cheng.

“Sect Master Ning, this is my Yu Clan’s misfortune. I didn’t expect Yu Xingxian and Yu Xingsheng to be so brave….” Yu Baihong immediately came forward and spoke up with an anxiety-filled voice and cupped fists.

Ning Cheng only looked at Yu Baihong with a cold gaze before speaking with an indifferent voice, “Do you think your Yu Clan’s Corner can still exist after this? You really think too highly of yourself.”

Yu Baihong immediately felt a chill pass through his body. In fact, this chill emanated from the deepest recesses of his heart.

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  1. Why is the MC this hypocritical and ruthless towards men but extremely caring and stupid when it comes to women…women that had done much worse are not only forgiven and sent away with treasures but have a special place in his heart


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