Chapter 0758

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Chapter 0758: Shen Mengyan

How many generations and how much energy had it taken to build this Yu Clan’s Corner? Everyone understood from Ning Cheng’s words that he intended to completely eradicate Yu Clan’s Corner along with the water prison. Without Yu Clan’s Corner, Yu Clan’s power would shrink to less than half. At that point, even if Ning Cheng didn’t kill any member of the Yu Clan, Yu Clan would no longer have the qualifications to stay within Culmination Starland.

Leaving Culmination Starland would result in complete annihilation considering their reputation. Could they rely on their sole Eternal-level expert? It would be even more of a joke. He was not as strong as Ning Cheng to grab just any planet. At that point, Yu Clan would immediately collapse and disintegrate, dissipating into the endless starry skies.

“Aunt Yan….” When Sisi saw Shen Mengyan’s miserable appearance, she quickly rushed over to hold Shen Mengyan.

Shen Mengyan might have been Yu Qing’s biological mother, but Sisi also considered Shen Mengyan as her mother. Even Ai Ku kept wiping his tears silently on one side.

Yu Baihong knew that it was already too late to say anything at this time. He simply took out a jade bottle and said, “Sect Master Ning, this contains a Golden Crow Purging Void Pill. It can help Shen Mengyan wake up as soon as possible.”

Golden Crow Purging Void Pill was a Starry Sky Grade 7 Healing Pill and something useful for even Eternal-level experts. As such, it was also considered a top-grade healing pill. Moreover, in the starry skies, there were only a few Pill Emperors who could refine Grade 7 Medicinal Pills. This meant that it wasn’t an easy thing for Yu Baihong to take out this Golden Crow Purging Void Pill.

Chen Xingwen suddenly spoke up from the side. “Sect Master Ning is a Starry Sky Grade 8 Pill Emperor. And Mysterious Yellow Sect’s Deputy Sect Master Cang Caihe is a Starry Sky Grade 9 Pill Emperor. Brother Yu, you can put away your medicinal pill, Sect Master Ning would definitely have better medicinal pills.”

Ning Cheng naturally wouldn’t take the Golden Crow Purging Void Pill. Instead, he looked at Yu Baihong and said with an indifferent voice, “I’m going to heal Aunt Yan now. As for the fate of Yu Clan’s Corner, I’ll let her decide.”

After finishing, Ning Cheng said to Sisi, “Sisi, come with me.”

Seeing Ning Cheng bring out a cave abode before going in, Yu Baihong felt relieved. If Shen Mengyan woke up, he felt somewhat confident that she would at least put in a word to Ning Cheng to spare Yu Clan’s Corner from destruction out of her old feelings. In any case, what he felt more anxious was Ning Cheng immediately starting, without giving Shen Mengyan any chance to plead.

Chen Xingwen, on seeing Ning Cheng go inside, passed along a message to Xiao Chunan. “Chunan, this Sect Master Ning used to be a rogue cultivator. Yet, he still managed to reach such an extraordinary level in cultivation today. Master wanted to find you a reliable person, so I purposefully didn’t tell you in advance. I hope you don’t blame your master for this.”

Xiao Chunan quickly replied, “This disciple does not dare. But this disciple believes that she can advance to the Eternal Realm in the future without relying on anyone. Nor do I necessarily have to care about others.”

Chen Xingwen sighed in his heart. If Ning Cheng was just an ordinary Eternal cultivator, he wouldn’t have even thought about it. But Ning Cheng was not an ordinary Eternal Cultivator, but an Eternal expert who even Chuan Xinlou feared. Since even Chuan Xinlou feared this person, then naturally he also felt the same. One had to know that he was a powerhouse at the late-stage Eternal Realm. Therefore, even Chuan Xinlou had to give him some face within Culmination Starry Sky.


Ning Cheng took Sisi into the cave he took out and placed Shen Mengyan flat on the bed. He then took out a few medicinal pills and carefully put them in Shen Mengyan’s mouth.

Sisi’s eyes went red and asked with some concerned, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, Aunt Yan seems to be seriously injured.”

Ning Cheng consoled her, “Sisi, you don’t have to worry about it. I have a few things that can help heal Aunt Yan’s injuries. Don’t worry, Aunt Yan will be fine.”

Shen Mengyan’s essence spirit and celestial essence were all under a seal. However, the poison toxins had already seeped into her essence spirit, loosening the seal. Moreover, her corporeal body was also on the verge to collapse.

This deadly soul toxin that eroded one’s essence spirit was not something ordinary cultivators could resolve. However, Ning Cheng had the Rootless Green Bamboo leaf, as well as the First Glimmer of Dawn Ice Essence along with many Starry Sky Grade 7 and Grade 8 healing pills. As such, it wasn’t too challenging to heal Shen Mengyan.

The medicinal pills that Ning Cheng put into Shen Mengyan’s mouth soon started to kick in, and layers and layers of filth started to ooze out from Shen Mengyan’s body. Shen Mengyan’s currently dark skin began to gradually turn back to normal. Even Sisi could feel Shen Mengyan’s aura strengthening.

After Shen Mengyan’s aura started to stabilise, Ning Cheng took out a Rootless Green Bamboo leaf. Then, with a drop of First Glimmer of Dawn Ice Essence, he put it into Shen Mengyan’s mouth. He then said to Sisi, “Sisi, take care of Aunt Yan inside and wait for Aunt Yan to wake up. Once she wakes up, she might need some help.”

Shen Mengyan suffered some severe injuries, and even her essence spirit felt unstable. Even if Ning Cheng used many treasures on her, it wouldn’t heal everything in one go. Only after removing all toxins from Shen Mengyan’s essence spirit, could he then use his Origin Aura to help Shen Mengyan stabilise.

If Shen Mengyan wasn’t Yu Qing’s mother, Ning Cheng probably would have done it himself. Although he had nothing to do with Yu Qing, in Ning Cheng’s mind, he had already started to regard Shen Mengyan as a senior deserving his respect. Moreover, if Ning Cheng wanted to heal her with his Origin Aura, it would involve close contact with Shen Mengyan’s naked body. Something he didn’t feel as appropriate.


Shen Mengyan opened her eyes and the first thing she was Sisi. She even thought that she was still in the Water Prison and asked in shock, “Sisi, why did you come in….”

Fortunately, Shen Mengyan quickly realised that this was not the water prison, but an actual room. She had no clothes on, and cakes of dirt and filth covered her naked body. At the same time, she also noticed Sisi slowly cleaning her up.

“Aunt Yan, you woke up …” Sisi called out in surprise. Ning Cheng truly helped Aunt Yan wake up.

“This is not the water prison, my legs….” Shen Mengyan knew that the Essence Spirit Toxin within the water had already corroded her legs. Moreover, she also knew that it was almost impossible to recover from the toxins that affect one’s essence spirit after eroding through the corporeal body. Even for Eternal-level experts, without the help of top-grade treasures, they wouldn’t be able to restore corroded limbs quickly.

“Sisi, did you save me?” Shen Mengyan finally understood something.

Sisi wiped her swollen red eyes and spoke, “Aunt Yan, I didn’t save you. I’m practically useless with too low cultivation to be of any use. It was Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning saved you….”

“Who is Ning Cheng?” She quickly asked.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng, he’s that Wanderer ….” Sisi replied.

Shen Mengyan grabbed Sisi’s hand and spoke with an eager tone, “Did you say ‘Wanderer’, the same Wanderer that Qing’er went out looking for? Did he really come out from the Time Wilderness? What’s going on?”

After knowing that her daughter had gone back to find an ordinary cultivator named Wanderer, Shen Mengyan had immediately felt some hatred towards this Wanderer. If it weren’t for him, his daughter wouldn’t have had to go through this much trouble.

Sisi didn’t dare to hide it and quickly told everything Ning Cheng had said to her.

After Shen Mengyan heard all of it, she finally let go of Sisi’s hand. She suddenly understood why her Qing’er couldn’t forget this Wanderer.


Two hours later, Shen Mengyan and Sisi came out.

Seeing Shen Mengyan, Ning Cheng felt stunned for a moment. Shen Mengyan and Yu Qing almost looked identical to each other, especially after her face got restored. Not only was her skin white, but her hair had also turned black. With the help of the medicinal pills and top-grade spiritual objects from Ning Cheng, even Sisi, who walked next to her, looked a few years older than Shen Mengyan.

If Shen Mengyan stood side by side with Yu Qing, he would have believed them to be sisters and not a mother-daughter pair.

But thinking that Yu Qing died because of him, Ning Cheng also felt a trace of guilt in his heart as he looked at Shen Mengyan.

“Are you Ning Cheng? Qing’er’s friend?” Shen Mengyan looked at Ning Cheng standing in front of her and felt very surprised. Mostly because Ning Cheng looked young. Young to the point that she couldn’t believe it. Although Shen Mengyan currently looked as if in the Celestial Novice Realm, Shen Mengyan still was a Heaven Seated cultivator. The only reason why she hadn’t recovered to her full strength was that the toxins within her hadn’t been purged completely. Once she purged the rest of the toxins, her cultivation would once again return to the Heaven Seated Realm.

“Yes, I’m called Ning Cheng. Greetings, Aunt Yan.” Ning Cheng gave a very respectful greeting.

Shen Mengyan quickly stepped forward and stopped Ning Cheng from bowing, “You’re the one that Qing’er likes. You don’t have to be formal with me. Besides, if not for you coming here to rescue me, I’m afraid I would have definitely fallen.”

After a pause, Shen Mengyan continued, “Originally, I heard that Qing’er had fallen in Time Wilderness while looking for you, which made me hate you a little. But after seeing you, I now understand why Qing’er took a liking to you. You really are a good person.”

She didn’t think Ning Cheng was a ‘good’ person because Ning Cheng saved her life, but because she truly felt that Ning Cheng had a good heart. Truthfully, she didn’t know why she felt this, it was more of a motherly intuition.

Ning Cheng quickly took out the purple half-moon shaped jade talisman and gave it to Shen Mengyan. “Aunt Yan, Qing’er left this for you.”

Ning Cheng subconsciously followed Shen Mengyan’s way and started addressing Yu Qing as Qing’er. In fact, he didn’t even notice this change.

Shen Mengyan trembled slightly as she took the jade talisman Ning Cheng handed to her. She looked at the words left by Qing’er on the purple half-moon jade talisman and finally broke down. After her husband had left, she lived most of her life with Qing’er, relying on each other for mutual support. The purple half-moon jade talisman was something she had left for her daughter. It was a treasure that went beyond the level of Dao Artefacts and could help one’s Sea of Consciousness grow. It could also help in improving the Sea of Consciousness. Still, even if the Sea of Consciousness got injured, the purple half-moon jade talisman would slowly repair it.

Seeing the purple jade talisman back in her hands, she fully understood that her daughter Qing’er had truly passed away.

“Aunt Yan, Qing’er also left behind a dress. I hope to keep the dress with….” Ning Cheng bowed his head and spoke.

Shen Mengyan put the purple jade talisman back into Ning Cheng’s hands. “You can keep this with you. This was what I left for my daughter. Qing’er is no more, and since you’re the person she liked, it would be better for you to keep it. As for Qing’er’s things, please take good care of them. Just remember to visit her every year on her death anniversary. This time, I figured out a lot of things during this near-death experience, so I think I should leave and go where I should go.”

Ning Cheng quickly spoke up, “Aunt Yan, your cultivation hasn’t recovered completely. How can you leave right now?”

Sisi also spoke up from the side, “Yeah, Aunt Yan. Currently, you’re only at the Celestial Novice Realm, you can’t leave….”

Shen Mengyan didn’t seem to hear Ning Cheng and Sisi’s persuasion at all. She suddenly thought of something and asked immediately, “Ning Cheng, how did you rescue me? I was being held in Yu Clan’s Water Prison….”

Due to the grief of her daughter’s death, Shen Mengyan hadn’t thought about this matter. Now that she talked about leaving, she immediately recalled that Ning Cheng had rescued her. But how did Ning Cheng save her? Moreover, how did her injuries recover so quickly? She knew what kind of toxins had infiltrated her, toxins from the vicious and highly toxic Soul Burning Declivity Flower. Yu Clan used it mainly for corroding and destroying the essence spirit of criminal cultivators.

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