Chapter 0759

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Chapter 0759: Chen Xingwen’s Thoughts

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning killed Yu Xingxian and Yu Xingsheng and blasted open the Water Prison. Yu Baihong is still waiting outside for Senior Apprentice Brother Ning. Senior Apprentice Brother Ning also said that he would also make Yu Clan’s Corner disappear….” Before Ning Cheng spoke, Sisi replied.

Hearing Sisi’s words, Shen Mengyan stared at Ning Cheng with wide eyes. Wasn’t this too ridiculous? Since Ning Cheng was able to enter Time Wilderness and knew Qing’er, then at most he should have been at the peak of Celestial Gatherer Realm. How long has it been since then? How could Ning Cheng force Yu Baihong to wait for him? Moreover, how could he make Yu Clan’s Corner disappear?

Yu Baihong was currently the most influential person in Yu Clan’s Corner and Yu Clan’s second Eternal-level expert. This….

Seeing Shen Mengyan staring at him in shock, Ning Cheng had to speak up, “I did destroy the Water Prison of Yu Clan’s Corner. And yes, I did warn Yu Baihong before coming inside, that I would destroy Yu Clan’s Corner soon. From the looks of it, Yu Baihong doesn’t seem to have taken my words to heart, and hasn’t pulled out any people from Yu Clan’s Corner even now.”

Shen Mengyan couldn’t tell if Ning Cheng’s words were real or not, and hurried out.

After Shen Mengyan walked out of this temporary abode, the first person she saw was Yu Baihong. Almost all cultivators at and above Heaven Seated Realm within Yu Clan stood behind Yu Baihong. Moreover, Yu Xingxian and Yu Xingsheng were truly not here. Not only were the Yu Xingxian brothers not here, but even the Bao sisters also were not here either.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Mengyan, I, Yu Baihong, really am guilty of letting such a thing to happen to you in my Yu Clan’s Corner. Junior Apprentice Sister Mengyan, whatever the punishment you want to inflict, I, Yu Baihong, will willingly take it.” Even Shen Mengyan didn’t expect that Yu Baihong would quickly rush over after seeing her and apologise without any hesitation.

Whether it came to cultivation or status, Yu Baihong was much higher up the ladder than Shen Mengyan. But now, Yu Baihong, the strongest person currently in Yu Clan, took the initiative to apologise to her. Moreover, bowed to her for the apology. Seeing this, she suddenly understood that Sisi had not lied to her. Ning Cheng’s cultivation had truly reached such terrifying heights that even Yu Baihong, who was an Eternal-level expert, had to fear him.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Shen, long time no see.” Chen Xingwen greeted her with a smile. Although he appeared calm on the surface, he felt truly shocked by the wealth supposedly in Ning Cheng’s possession. The toxin within Shen Mengyan came from the Soul Burning Declivity Flower, which would slowly disintegrate the inflicted person’s Essence Spirit. Even he couldn’t help Shen Mengyan heal in such a short amount of time. Yet, Ning Cheng did it. This told him that Ning Cheng had a much deeper foundation than he had imagined.

“You’re Sect Master Cheng….” Shen Mengyan didn’t expect that she would meet Chen Xingwen here.

If it wasn’t for Chen Xingwen’s disciple Xiao Yu taking a fancy to Yu Qing, she wouldn’t have had the chance to ever meet Chen Xingwen. Yet, now Chen Xingwen came here personally to wait for her. Shen Mengyan was not a fool. She immediately thought of Ning Cheng and felt that all of this probably happened because of Ning Cheng.

Sure enough, Shen Mengyan had just thought of this, when Chen Xingwen took the initiative to speak to Ning Cheng behind her. “Looks like Sect Master Ning truly has miraculous means. In just two hours, you managed to remove more than 80% of the Soul Burning Declivity Flower’s toxin. This Chen really admires you for it. Facing this toxin, even I would feel quite helpless.”

It took two hours mainly due to Ning Cheng’s politeness and modesty. In fact, if he really did his best, it wouldn’t have taken two hours at all. In less than an hour, Ning Cheng could have quickly cleared all the Soul Burning Declivity Flower’s poison from Shen Mengyan’s body. At the same time, he could also let Shen Mengyan recover her full cultivation.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Chunan also came forward to greet Shen Mengyan. But looking at Xiao Yu, Chen Xingwen felt a little puzzled. Even Xiao Chunan looked and acted differently than usual. In fact, she looked much more enthusiastic.

“Sect Master Ning, it took countless generations of Yu Clan members to build this Yu Clan’s Corner. What Yu Xingxian and Yu Xingsheng did, does not have anything to do with the rest of the Yu Clan. Even so, I still will invite Sect Master Ning to punish any people responsible for Junior Apprentice Sister Mengyan’s treatment.” Yu Baihong, on seeing Shen Mengyan look alright, finally started worrying even more.

Everyone knew what Yu Baihong meant. Although he did not beg for mercy, his words were a roundabout way of asking for forgiveness. He asked Ning Cheng to punish only the people responsible when Yu Xingxian and Yu Xingsheng had already perished. This also meant that Ning Cheng didn’t have to punish anyone else. In other words, he wanted Ning Cheng to spare Yu Clan’s Corner.

Shen Mengyan now felt even more convinced about Sisi’s words regarding Ning Cheng’s ability to destroy Yu Clan’s Corner. She suddenly asked, “Where did Bao Yingge go?”

Yu Baihong knew that only Shen Mengyan could help Yu Clan’s Corner. Therefore, when Shen Mengyan’s words came out, he quickly replied, “I looked for Bao Yingge, she should be with Ji Lei right now.”

Ji Lie had quite a reputation and was an Eternal-level expert from Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain. As such, Shen Mengyan naturally had heard of him. Therefore, after hearing that Bao Yingge was not in Yu Clan’s Corner and that she followed Ji Lie, a long-lost memory seemed to have flashed in her eyes. But she quickly recovered and turned to Ning Cheng, “Ning Cheng, Yu Clan’s Corner is the place where Qing’er lived and grew up. Presumably, she wouldn’t want to see Yu Clan’s Corner destroyed…….”

Ning Cheng had also guessed Yu Baihong’s intention. But now that Shen Mengyan said so, he naturally would not turn down Shen Mengyan’s request. Instead, he only twiddled with the ring in his hand and said, “Aunt Yan, you’re the one calling the shots here.”

Shen Mengyan paid attention to Ning Cheng’s movement and found his actions slightly funny. From the looks of it, Ning Cheng was a very temperamental person. If Yu Qing and this kid could have ended up together, she really would have felt relieved. But just when she thought of Qing’er, she became even sadder.

Even if Ning Cheng didn’t twiddle with the ring, Yu Baihong was not an idiot. He immediately took out a ring and sent it to Shen Mengyan. “Junior Apprentice Sister Mengyan, it took me quite a while to reach the Eternal Realm. Moreover, Qing’er had also contributed a lot. It’s just that I have stayed in seclusion for many years. In fact, I didn’t even know about your situation, it’s really my fault.”

Yu Baihong hadn’t lied. The Time Stones that Yu Qing had brought back, he was the one who used most of it. It was also the reason why he could take advantage of the effects of the Laws of Time to reach the Eternal Realm.

This time, Shen Mengyan didn’t remain polite and took the ring. But when she saw the things inside the ring, she immediately felt terrified. The items inside were more than ten times richer than the ones in her original ring. She knew that Yu Clan hoarded resources, but she truly didn’t expect Yu Baihong to bring out so many good things.

The ring Yu Baihong took out naturally was different from the ring Ning Cheng obtained from Yu Xingxian. Although Yu Xingxian had many things inside, most of them were resources required by cultivators in the Heaven Seated Realm. When it came to Yu Clan Corner’s cultivation resources for cultivators above Heaven Seated Realm, Yu Baihong controlled the distribution personally.

Shen Mengyan’s spiritual consciousness swept through the ring before turning to Yu Baihong. “Senior Apprentice Sister Li Lan also had an Essence Qi Praying Mat, where is it now?”

Li Lan was Shen Mengyan’s Senior Apprentice Sister and was killed for this Essence Qi Prayer Mat. Now that she decided to leave Yu Clan’s Corner, she naturally would take this thing back. This thing, she wanted to hand it over to Senior Apprentice Sister Li Lan’s descendants, so she would not let it go.

“Aunt Yan, I have the praying mat here.” Ning Cheng quickly took it out and sent it to Shen Mengyan. He originally planned to study the difference between this Essence Qi Praying Mat and his own Essence Qi Praying Mat. But now that Shen Mengyan raised this topic, he quickly took it out.

Shen Mengyan took the praying mat and put it in the ring before saying to Ning Cheng and Sisi, “Let’s go.”

Ning Cheng gave up on destroying Yu Clan’s Corner, which made Yu Baihong relieved. Now that Shen Mengyan said she was leaving; he quickly spoke up. “Junior Apprentice Sister Mengyan, Sect Master Ning and Sect Master Chen, it’s not easy for people like us to gather here. Why don’t we go inside Yu Clan’s Corner and talk for a moment?”

Although Yu Baihong wished for Ning Cheng to leave as quickly as possible, he also clearly understood that Ning Cheng was an emerging powerhouse. Didn’t he see Chen Xingwen introduce his disciples; didn’t he see him wanting to make friends with Ning Cheng?

Ning Cheng didn’t want to stay in Yu Clan’s Corner at all. He was just about to refuse when he heard Chen Xingwen say, “Sect Master Ning, do you know that the Devil Domain is currently in chaos?”

Seeing Ning Cheng’s expression, he understood that Ning Cheng didn’t know about it at all. Therefore, Chen Xingwen explained. “Not only is the Devil Domain in chaos. Even Demon Domain, Spirit Heaven, and our Culmination Grand Starry Skies are also seeing varying levels of chaos.”

Ning Cheng frowned, “Even if Chuan Xinlou and Yi Jiufeng didn’t come out of the Ancient Shadow Temple, it hasn’t been that long, has it?”

Chen Xingwen also understood the implications of Ning Cheng’s words. Even if these iconic figures had gone temporarily missing from the grand starry skies, it wouldn’t cause much chaos.

Chen Xingwen, who wanted to win over Ning Cheng, continued to explain. “From the looks of it, someone instigated all of this. Otherwise, even if Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor went into seclusion for a thousand years, this kind of thing would never happen. But now, the Devil Domain is currently in a state of self-immolation, with slaughtering and looting going on everywhere. I worry that this kind of thing would one day spread to our Culmination Grand Starry Sky.”

“The reason I came here was to invite Brother Yu to the heart of Culmination Starland to join a cultivation alliance and discuss the absence of Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor. To mainly discuss what to do if something similar happened here like in the Devil Domain. Originally, I planned to go to Mysterious Yellow Celestial River after this to invite Sect Master Ning. But I didn’t expect to see Sect Master Ning here.”

In truth, Chen Xingwen hadn’t come here to invite Yu Baihong. Yu Baihong was indeed an Eternal-level expert. However, he had come here for a different reason. That is, he came here intending to propose a marriage for Xiao Yu. For this proposal, he chose two people from the Yu Clan. One of the candidates was Yu Baihong’s granddaughter Yu Zi. She was already considered a beauty within Yu Clan’s Corner. Moreover, Yu Zi’s appearance was only slightly worse than Yu Qing. In fact, people thought of her as one of the most attractive women of Culmination Starland.

If Xiao Yu and Yu Zi become Dao Companions, it could potentially help Xiao Yu put down his obsession with Yu Qing. At the same time, he would also rope in Yu Clan’s Corner.

The other candidate was Shen Mengyan. Shen Mengyan and Yu Qing looked almost like each other in appearance. Moreover, Xiao Yu’s obsession with Yu Qing ran too deep. Therefore, by letting Shen Mengyan marry Xiao Yu, it would allow Xiao Yu to put down his infatuation with Yu Qing effectively and reach the next level.

Shen Mengyan was Yu Clan’s daughter-in-law, but Chen Xingwen believed that Yu Baihong would not refuse. With the power of his Spiritual Heaven Sect, if he came to propose for a marriage in-person, Yu Baihong wouldn’t dare to reject it. Otherwise, it would be equivalent to publicly slapping his face. Yu Baihong, a cultivator who had just advanced to the Eternal Realm, wouldn’t act with such stupidity.

Naturally, to let Yu Baihong ease into the decision, he also brought Xiao Chunan. If it came to the last resort, he would let Xiao Chunan marry into Yu Clan to give Yu Baihong some more face. Of course, he didn’t tell Xiao Chunan about it.

Although Xiao Chunan had outstanding qualifications, it wasn’t on the same level as Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu was the real core disciple he personally groomed for the Spiritual Heaven Sect. For Xiao Yu, he could easily sacrifice Xiao Chunan.

Now that Ning Cheng appeared in Yu Clan’s Corner, he naturally wouldn’t talk about marriage proposals. If he did, he would anger Ning Cheng. Moreover, he didn’t want to have a lousy relationship with Ning Cheng either.

But as soon as Chen Xingwen said those words, Ning Cheng understood what was going on. Looks like this Spiritual Heaven Sect’s Sect Master harboured some lofty ambitions. The news of Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor’s apparent death, most likely, lit a flame within him.

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