Chapter 0762

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Chapter 0762: Returning to Graceful Star Mainland

Ning Cheng realised that this was the most appropriate time to go to Graceful Star Mainland. At this time, no one would care about him. Moreover, no one knew about the life and death of Chuan Xinlou and the others. Devil Domain and Demon Domain can’t take care of themselves right now either. While Spirit Heaven Grand Starry Sky also has its own problems. As for Culmination Grand Starry Sky, only Chen Xingwen could stir something. However, even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t come to offend his Mysterious Yellow Sect at this time.

Therefore, there shouldn’t be any problems cropping up for the time being even if he left Jiangzhou Star. If he chose to leave Jiangzhou Star in the future, and in case Chuan Xinlou and the others escaped shortly after, he really wouldn’t feel right about it. In any case, his sister Ning Ruolan still was in seclusion in Jiangzhou Star.

Moreover, Striking Order Heavenly Emperor had also not come out. Although his strength surpassed Striking Order, his influence was still not on the same level as Striking Order. He wanted to post notices to look for Luofei and Qionghua in all corners of Striking Order Starry Sky. But he knew it wouldn’t generate much effect without the support from Striking Order Heavenly Emperor. Moreover, it had already been quite some time since he established the Mysterious Yellow Sect. Yet, he didn’t receive any news about Luofei and Qionghua. From this, he guessed that the two were most likely living in seclusion and might not come out for the near future.

Therefore, he must take advantage of this opportunity and take a trip to Graceful Star Mainland. After thinking over the issues, Ning Cheng decided that now was the only appropriate moment to re-enter Graceful Star Mainland.

With the Breaking Boundary Talisman, the only other thing that could stop him was Graceful Star Mainland’s law suppression. Ning Cheng clearly understood that it would be impossible to make a quick advancement to a level where a low-level mainland’s law wouldn’t affect him. Even if his Mysterious Yellow Bead could go against the heavens to help him reach that level quickly, he simply didn’t have the necessary cultivation resources.

Therefore, to get to the Graceful Star Mainland and get the giant’s eye back, the only way was to prevent the lower-level interface’s law from suppressing him. Ning Cheng thought that since he could simulate the celestial wheel, then maybe he could use the same principle to prevent the laws from crushing him in a low-level interface.

If this plan didn’t work, he would then try suppressing his cultivation. Using the Mysterious Yellow ‘Formless Traceless’, he could completely suppress his cultivation down to the Domain Realm.

Without the Breaking Boundary Talisman, Ning Cheng would have definitely tried to look for opportunities to cultivate and advance to the Eternal Realm first. But now that he obtained a Breaking Boundary Talisman, Ning Cheng promptly made the decision to head back to Graceful Star Mainland. If Striking Order Heavenly Emperor had still not returned, he would then try to look for ways to take control of Striking Order Starry Sky. And then distribute the message to find Luofei, if she was still within the Striking Order Starry Sky.

A few days later, Ning Cheng stood on the Receiving Heaven’s Stone, feeling a few deep emotions emerging in his heart.

Yan Ji was forced to escape on reaching this place, and he also had rescued Yi Zhuzhu, who was chained and tortured in this place. He had later saved Yi Zhuzhu’s parents, Yi Jin and Chang Manyin, in Border City.

He had saved the dying Yi Zhuzhu and had even used the Essence of Wood to treat her, treating Yi Zhuzhu as family.

Yet, how did Yi Zhuzhu repay him? Luofei, who had taken her in as a sister, got tricked into entering the Storm Bridge by others. Not only did she not investigate it, but she also didn’t even want to rescue her. Instead, she cleaned out his and Luofei’s cultivation chamber and gave it to the male cultivator who framed Luofei.

After he returned, Yi Zhuzhu not only showed any remorse but also tried to help that male cultivator who wanted to harm Luofei. She had utterly forgotten the kindness they had shared with her. At that moment, even he couldn’t believe that a heart could turn so cold.

If that was the case, it wouldn’t have mattered too much. Ning Cheng would have still written off Yi Zhuzhu’s behaviour as a result of not having any experience with dealing with people. But after he killed the man who framed Luofei, her eyes had turned grey from hatred. She might have managed to hide it from others, but it couldn’t escape Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness. He could tell she had entirely erased the help and grace not just to her but also to her family.

Besides, with Luofei trapped in the Bridge of Storms, she didn’t even bother about searching for her. Instead, she concentrated only on cultivating and serving her ‘sweetheart’. If not for Yi Jin and Chang Manyin, Ning Cheng would have killed Yi Zhuzhu with a fireball right then and there. In life, the one thing he hated the most was people who willingly forget the gratefulness and gratitude shown to them by others. Yet, Yi Zhuzhu had blown past that limit.

These scenes continued to flash through Ning Cheng’s mind. After a long time, Ning Cheng gave a sigh and took out the Breaking Boundary Talisman.

Ning Cheng had just brought out the Breaking Boundary Talisman and activated it when it transformed into a white aperture, which immediately took away Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness spread out and quickly felt the various interfaces flashing past him. This made Ning Cheng relieved. With his cultivation and the Breaking Boundary Talisman, sure enough, he could choose the interface without the risk of entering the wrong place.

The next moment, a blue ocean appeared in front of Ning Cheng. The Graceful Star Ocean. Ning Cheng recognised it at a glance.

Without waiting for Ning Cheng to take any action, chaotic laws surrounded him. Even the surrounding space started to issue creaking-like noises. The power of space, time, and every other attribute squeezed towards Ning Cheng as if they rejected his very presence. It felt as if these laws would either self-destruct and turn this part of the world into nothingness or crush Ning Cheng into fragments.

Ning Cheng, on the contrary, felt as if he could easily tear apart the void and leave whenever he wanted.

Since he finally returned to Graceful Star Mainland once again, how could Ning Cheng leave? But just when he was about to suppress his own cultivation, the Mysterious Yellow Origin Aura from the Mysterious Yellow Bead suddenly started to spread out. At this moment, his Sea of Consciousness, meridians and even Dantian began to overflow with the Mysterious Yellow Aura. But what made Ning Cheng feel even more absurd was that he could feel a similar law aura starting to emerge within the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

In just a few breaths, the power of law suppressing Ning Cheng suddenly disappeared without a trace. Ning Cheng stood over the Graceful Star Ocean in surprise and didn’t sober up from this change for quite some time.

The Mysterious Yellow Bead had actually assimilated the Graceful Star Mainland’s law aura. In fact, the Mysterious Yellow Bead had even absorbed a part of all law forces suppressing him. By taking the law aura in, the Mysterious Yellow Bead ended up creating a balance between his strength and the law outside. This way, he could appear on this low-level interface without any restrictions over his cultivation. As such, he didn’t need to suppress his cultivation at all and could walk anywhere he wanted.

In other words, even if he used his full power to waste the Graceful Star Mainland, the laws wouldn’t suppress him at all.

Ning Cheng breathed in a sigh of relief and let his spiritual consciousness stretch out. With the laws here no longer affecting him, his spiritual consciousness could now scan almost the entire Graceful Star Mainland, except for a few places.

Graceful Star Ocean, he had travelled this particular area a few times and had even obtained a 9-coloured Mirage Tree.

Thinking of the 9-coloured Mirage Tree, Ning Cheng suddenly thought of a cultivator named Mu Xunlin. This Mu Xunlin was just a Sect Master of a small sect. Back then, this impoverished cultivator had asked to borrow a spiritual artefact[1] from him.

Ning Cheng sighed and took out a token. Mu Xunlin had asked him to take his Sect Master Token to his son Mu Nan, but he had too many things on his mind and had almost forgotten about this little thing. If Ning Cheng hadn’t returned to Graceful Star Mainland today and recalled the 9-coloured Mirage Tree, Ning Cheng wouldn’t have recalled such a trivial matter. Besides, the only reason he accepted this task back then was due to Mu Xunlin’s Formless Sect sharing a somewhat similar name to his cultivation method.

As Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness slowly spread out, he found that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s imposing manner still stood over solid foundations. Although he didn’t see too many familiar cultivators, it seemed that Rainbow Fall Sword Sect had developed quite well.

Seeing the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect doing well, Ning Cheng didn’t plan to return to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. He, however, wanted to look for An Yi, Elder Sister Shu along with Taishu Shi and the others before going to the Forsaken Land.

Ning Cheng’s powerful spiritual consciousness quickly found the Formless Sect in Tian Continent. However, what made Ning Cheng a little speechless was that the former 4-Star Formless Sect he had heard from Mu Xunlin’s mouth was now nothing more than a bunch of broken-tiled houses. In fact, he couldn’t find even a single decent building, nor any disciples coming and going.

If it wasn’t for a huge stone stele with three engraved characters ‘Formless Sect’ lying on the ground outside the ‘sect’, Ning Cheng wouldn’t have found this place. But even the stone stele of the Formless Sect looked mottled and covered with moss.

In just a few breaths, Ning Cheng stood in front of a relatively intact tiled-house. In fact, among the almost run-down buildings of the Formless Sect, this one looked only slightly better.

The tiled house only had one man and two women. The man had an Essence Building 2nd Level cultivation. Of the two women, the one in red robes was an Essence Building cultivator, while the other one wearing a grey dress was at True Condensation 3rd Level.

The woman in red robes had a storage ring, but the man and the grey-robed female cultivator used storage bags.

“Mu Shan, how long have we been living here? Most of Tian Continent’s major sects are currently selecting disciples. What’s the use of staying in this place? Over the years, our cultivation bases haven’t improved at all. If you even have the slightest bit of motivation, don’t stay here guarding this broken place. Why not come with me to participate in Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Disciple Selection?” The one talking was the red-robed female cultivator. She not only spoke with an anxious tone and disjoint sentences but also looked emotionally unstable.

Mu Shan pursed his lips and said nothing. Regardless of what and how the red-robed female cultivator spoke, it made him look like a loser.

“Big Sister Hong Yi, don’t curse at Brother Shan. If you want to curse, curse at me. I’m the one who always asks Brother Shan to stay, sorry….” The one speaking was the grey-robed woman this time.

The woman in red robes hadn’t spoken to this woman in grey robes yet. But when she heard this grey-robed woman’s words, she immediately turned around and pointed at the woman in the grey dress. “Cao Yun, do you always have to make cynical remarks? If it wasn’t for such a shameless woman like you, Mu Shan and I would have already become disciples of a big sect.”

“Big Sister Hong Yi, this is Brother Shan’s business. We both are also Brother Shan’s women, and should always stay with Brother Shan……” The woman named Cao Yun spoke with an even more cowardly voice and a timid expression.

“Slap” The woman named Hong Yi raised her hand and slapped Cao Yun’s face. “It’s because of you that Mu Shan is like this today. Get the fuck out….”

Cao Yun held her red cheek and backed away in panic.

“Enough.” Mu Shan shouted with a cold voice. “Wei Lengyu, do you still have any conscience? When the three of us obtained cultivation resources, you were the first one to use it all up. As for the only ring we obtained, you kept it too. What does Little Yun use? She’s still using a low-level storage bag till now, with a True Condensation 3rd Level cultivation. Not only do you not feel grateful, but you’ve also never shown any warmth towards Little Yun. I, Mu Shan, might not have the ability, but just as Little Yun said, this is my business. In any case, you already made it clear that this Mu Shan can’t even reach your level. If you want to go become a core disciple of Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, then go. Little Yun and I can just stay here.”

“Mu Shan, you….” Wei Lengyu didn’t think that Mu Shan, who loved her so much, would blame her like this. But when she saw the cold look on Mu Shan’s face, she felt aggrieved and rushed out while covering her face. Even though she saw Ning Cheng standing outside the entrance, she only stopped for a short while out of surprise before running away again.

“I’m sorry, Brother Shan, I’ll go and try to persuade Big Sister Hong Yi to come back. I’m sure she’ll get over her anger.” Still sporting the five fingerprints from the slap, Cao Yun came forward and anxiously spoke up.

Mu Shan shook his head, “Forget it, she’s not the one who can share the joys and sorrows with me. Thank you, Little Yun, I’ve really wronged you over these past few years. Besides, I’m staying here not because I want to stay, but certainly not because of your persuasion.”

Cao Yun’s eyes had already turned red, and she was about to speak when she saw Ning Cheng walking in towards them. She immediately swallowed the words and looked at Ning Cheng with confusion just like Mu Shan.

[1] For those confused, the artefact ranking goes like this: Ordinary Weapons, Ordinary Artefacts, Spiritual Artefacts, True Artefacts, Dao Artefacts, Spirit/Divine Artefacts…….

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    1. Mu Xunlin was the old man who had asked Ning Cheng for a knife to defend himself just before they entered the Mirage Ship Island in the Graceful Star Continent (Just around the start of Volume 05)


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