Chapter 0777

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Chapter 0777: Who the hell are you?

Ning Cheng replied with a calm voice, “Oh, so that’s what happened. I thought that you wanted to rely on your Life and Death cultivation to kill me and take my things.”

Duan Gantai gave an awkward smile and repeated, “Dare not, dare not….”

“Really? I think you would dare. Didn’t you just blow away Yue Chengchong? Is there something you would not dare do within the entire starry sky?” An ice-cold voice came over, but not from Ning Cheng.

As this sentence dropped, three cultivators suddenly appeared at the entrance of this rest stop, two men and one woman.

Behind these three people stood the middle-aged man, the one Duan Gantai had slapped out of the rest stop. Although the slap’s traces had disappeared from his face, the anger within his eyes hadn’t melted away.

“Chengchong, who did this to you?” The thin man standing on the far left of the rest stop’s entrance asked coldly.

Not waiting for the middle-aged man slapped by Duan Gantai to speak up, Duan Gantai simply walked up with a smile plastered all over his face. “I’m the one who hit him. This little caterpillar dared to interrupt my words, so I swatted it away out of convenience. Yet, this little insect brought over quite a few ‘strong’ people. Be thankful that I’m a merciful fellow, and just gave him a little lesson. Don’t worry though that debt remains settled. So, I can promise not to look for you for retribution in the future.”

Of the three people who had just arrived at the entrance, only the female cultivator standing on the right was at Heaven Seated Realm. The lean man on the left was an early-stage Eternal cultivator. The man in the middle had late-stage Eternal cultivation and was about the same height as the man on the left, but with blonde hair. However, Ning Cheng still didn’t take either of them seriously.

Ning Cheng had no fear facing these people, and he also knew that Duan Gantai also didn’t fear them. Duan Gantai was a ruthless person. So even if he couldn’t fight these people right now, as long as these people dared to make a move on him, it would create an irreconcilable feud with him.

This fellow had a vindictive nature when it came to resolving grievances. Besides, Ning Cheng felt sure that these few people still couldn’t match up to Duan Gantai. At the same time, he also understood that Duan Gantai’s last words weren’t a vow of retribution. Instead, this fellow wanted to push these people to him.

“Did you just advance to the Eternal Realm and feel that you can now put the entire starry sky under your feet? This Emperor Yue Chengfei comes from Culmination Starland’s Yue Clan. The little caterpillar that you injured is also from my Yue Clan. Maybe I should get some pointers from the ‘expert’ who blew away the caterpillar from my Yue Clan.” The man on the left gave a cold snort and even released a hint of killing intent in his voice.

He felt that Duan Gantai had not advanced to the Eternal Realm. But since Duan Gantai could blow away Yue Chengchong with a slap, it also indicated that this fellow wasn’t in the Life and Death Realm.

Duan Gantai laughed, “Yue Chengfei, you have a shameless face. I just patted the little caterpillar, and you’re already rubbing your nose in it. Culmination’s Yue Clan? Sorry, never even heard of it. You’re just making me more unhappy with your words. Maybe I ought to have slapped that little caterpillar….”

While speaking, Duan Gantai’s domain suddenly erupted. Following that, a faint white light also burst out of his domain. If Ning Cheng hadn’t paid close attention, he wouldn’t have noticed that white light at all.

Yue Chengfei didn’t expect Duan Gantai to dare make sneak attacks when facing two Eternal powerhouses. But he reacted quickly by stretching out his domain and also bringing out a weapon at the same time.

Ning Cheng, from his vantage point, could tell that Duan Gantai wasn’t attacking Yue Chengfei or the other two people, but Yue Chengchong. The same person he had previously slapped.

“Poof….” The moment that white light flashed, Yue Chengfei’s domain scattered the domain pressing against him and the others. But at the same moment, Yue Chengchong on the other side exploded into a haze of blood. Apart from Yue Chengchong’s essence spirit that quickly escaped and hid behind Yue Chengfei, his body had already turned into a pool of blood.

Ning Cheng turned slightly cautious. Even he couldn’t decipher what constituted Duan Gantai’s white light. But he also understood what Duan Gantai meant from this gesture. This fellow had purposefully done this to show him. Meaning, don’t dare to look down on me. Even if my domain can’t match up to yours’, I still have my means, so don’t dare to push me around.

“I should have slapped this little caterpillar into ashes. All right. Although this little caterpillar’s essence spirit remains, my heart finally feels some comfort.” Duan Gantai clapped his hands together as if it was only a trivial matter.

“You’re looking for death….” Yue Chengfei’s anger started to overflow. He felt so angry that even his hair began to stand up. Even so, he did not immediately attack but looked at the blond man standing beside him. Based on Duan Gantai’s attack, Yue Chengfei understood that he could only match Duan Gantai if no one helped him. He simply wouldn’t be able to stop this person from leaving.

The blonde man standing next to Yue Chengfei didn’t expect that Duan Gantai would dare launch a sneak attack to kill Yue Chengchong. He snorted and spoke up with a cold tone, “He’s looking for death.”

“Are you from Yue Clan too?” Duan Gantai, as if nothing happened, looked at the blond man and casually asked.

The blond man stared at Duan Gantai with a cold gaze and said, “Remember it well, my name is Eddie, from Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain. Yue Chengfei is about to become the Starry Sky Heavenly Emperor of Striking Order Starry Sky. And you killed Yue Chengchong in Striking Order’s Lucky Heaven City. No matter where you come from, only death awaits you.”

Hearing that the blonde man came from Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain, Duan Gantai frowned and did not continue speaking. It showed that he held some reservations about Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain.

But before the blonde man could continue, Ning Cheng spoke up with an ice-cold tone. “Regardless of wherever you came from, get the fuck out of here. As for Yue Chengfei, I have a few questions for you.”

In Eddie’s opinion, Duan Gantai was already crazy enough, Yet, unexpectedly, he met a fellow even crazier than Duan Gantai. Had this kid gone insane? How could he dare to curse at him despite knowing his background?

No matter the patience and endurance Eddie had, Eddie’s domain immediately exploded out. At the same time, he also threw out a punch.

Feeling Eddie’s domain blow towards them, Duan Gantai had to stretch out his domain to resist as he stood quite close. If not for his fear of Ning Cheng attacking him, he would have even taken a few steps back to lighten the load.

But Ning Cheng did not take even half a step back; instead, he took a step forward. He simultaneously stretched out his domain and also punched out.

He had a few things to ask from Duan Gantai, so he had intentionally held back during the confrontation with him. In any case, he didn’t want to tear all pretences with Duan Gantai just yet. But against this Eddie from Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain, who tried to snatch the Striking Order Starry Sky, Ning Cheng naturally would not restrain himself.

This punch, in conjunction with the Celestial River Domain, formed into a sealed space. The force compressed everything within it and without any reservation, directed it towards Eddie. If it weren’t for the sake of not letting Duan Gantai see his moves, Ning Cheng would have simply lifted his hand and blasted out with the Time Wheel.

“Boom, snap….” Ning Cheng’s and Eddie’s domain collided an instant later and immediately turned the previously broken rest stop’s entrance into nothingness.

Eddie immediately felt shocked. His domain couldn’t obtain even the slightest advantage. Not only that, but his opponent’s domain also continued to grow stronger at an alarming rate.

“Bang….” Another violent impact erupted. The next moment, Eddie felt as if countless Axe Shadows and Spear Shadows had slammed into the depths of his Sea of Consciousness. Even his spiritual soul had started to struggle under the violent killing intent.

Eddie’s fighting spirit instantly scattered. Feeling horrified, he kept asking the question to himself, who the hell was this fellow? Not only was this fellow’s domain not worse than his, but even that seemingly ordinary punch contained two different killing intents. If that wasn’t enough, he felt as if Ning Cheng’s fist had even sealed the space around him. As long as he relaxed even a little, Ning Cheng could simply let the sealed space explode, wiping him out of existence.

A mouthful of blood flowed into Eddie’s throat, but Eddie swallowed it by force. After taking a few gasps, he asked in shock, “Who are you?”

Although they had only exchanged a punch, Ning Cheng understood that he couldn’t kill Eddie without a dragged-out battle, especially while keeping his cards hidden. Forcibly calming his turbulent aura, he then gave a cold reply. “Who is this emperor? It’s not your turn to ask. Let Chuan Xinlou come out and say those words to me personally; otherwise, get the fuck out the Striking Order Starry Sky. It’s not even your Levelled Heaven Emperor Mountain.”

Hearing Ning Cheng addressing himself as ‘this emperor’, and calling Chuan Xinlou’s name directly, Eddie’s expression turned heavy. However, he still tried to keep a calm face despite feeling extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

Eddie and Ning Cheng had exchanged only a move. Even though the two didn’t use any spirit techniques, Yue Chengfei still felt as if someone had poured ice-cold water over his heart.

He couldn’t understand when Striking Order Starry Sky obtained two new powerhouses. One was already on par with him, but the other one didn’t even put Eddie in his eyes. This fellow even directly called out Chuan Xinlou’s name.

Duan Gantai, however, felt even more shocked. He already knew that Ning Cheng was an extremely powerful individual. But he did not expect Ning Cheng to have such an insane level of power. If he had to go against Eddie, although he could fight, he would lose after a few rounds and would have had to escape eventually.

Eddie stared at Ning Cheng for a while, and then suddenly a name popped up in his head. Mysterious Yellow Sect’s Sect Master Ning Cheng.

He had never personally seen Ning Cheng, but even he couldn’t count the number of times he heard about Ning Cheng’s deeds. He had heard from others that Ning Cheng wasn’t afraid of Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor, and had even fought with Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor more than once.

A person who fought against Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor more than once, yet still alive, and not even losing a bit. Even if he had to think with his toes, he understood what monster of a person he was currently facing.

“I get it, so it’s Sect Master Ning of Mysterious Yellow Celestial River. No wonder you’re so powerful. This Eddie truly acted disrespectfully.” After Eddie realised Ning Cheng’s identity, he immediately felt relieved. He felt quite afraid of losing to an unknown fellow. With Ning Cheng’s prestige, a person so powerful that he didn’t even fear Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor, how could he pay any attention to Eddie? Even if Ning Cheng told Eddie to fuck off, it wouldn’t become a big deal.

Ning Cheng, Sect Master Ning? Yue Chengfei, however, felt even more shocked than Eddie. Although he didn’t know that Ning Cheng had a grudge against Yue Clan, he had heard of Ning Cheng’s reputation a long time ago. Moreover, after deciding to let the Yue Clan return to Striking Order Starry Sky, he specifically gave orders to everyone. Not to provoke one person under any circumstances, the person named Ning Cheng.

But now they haven’t even established themselves in Striking Order Starry Sky when they seem to have already started a feud with Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng simply ignored Eddie, who still was standing in shock on the side. He didn’t even answer Eddie’s words. Instead, he set his sights on Yue Chengfei, “Is your last name Yue?”

Yue Chengfei quickly stepped forward and cupped his fists before speaking, “Yes, I’m Yue Chengfei, from Culmination Starland’s Yue Clan. Greetings Sect Master Ning.”

He took things seriously at this point and directly omitted the words ‘this emperor’ while speaking.

“Does your Yue Clan still want to take control of Striking Order Starry Sky?” Ning Cheng spoke with a calm tone.

Yue Chengfei felt extremely uncomfortable hearing Ning Cheng’s words and tone. But he still spoke up, but with even more caution, “We didn’t know that Sect Master Ning was still in Striking Order Starry Sky. Otherwise, I would have never offended Sect Master Ning. My Yue Clan and I will immediately quit any thoughts over Striking Order Starry Sky.”

Seeing Ning Cheng in Lucky Heaven City, Yue Chengfei quickly made a realisation. He thought that Ning Cheng wanted to take over Striking Order Starry Sky. Although his Yue Clan was the largest Talisman Clan within the starry skies, he still did not dare to start a fight with Ning Cheng.

As for Aunt Xu, who stood behind Ning Cheng, she felt a surge of blood rushing through her body, and looked at Ning Cheng with extreme respect. She would have had to hang her head low and carry out orders against her will till her death, but now the entire scene had reversed the moment Ning Cheng arrived. The person who she would have had to bow down and serve just a few moments ago now stood in front of Ning Cheng with his head bowed and speaking in a low voice.

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