Chapter 0785

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Chapter 0785: Terrible Price

He knew that Ning Cheng coveted his star veins, but he didn’t expect that Ning Cheng would use such a trick. Should he bid for the key or not?

For Duan Gantai, if Ning Cheng’s didn’t set a high asking price, he would rather not destroy it. He had obtained a lot of good things from the Guardian Temple, so he didn’t want to give up on the Temple of Time.

Shui Wuchang’s voice trembled a bit as she spoke, “The reserve price for this Perpetual Moon Time Key is ten Star veins. Each price increase shouldn’t be less than one Star Vein….”

Even if she had some idea about the reserve price being star veins, her voice still cracked a bit when quoting the price. She had never seen anyone using star veins as an incremental unit for bidding.

Duan Gantai clenched his fists. He had already steeled himself that if Ning Cheng placed an asking price of more than 10 Star Veins, he would rather let it get destroyed. It wasn’t the same as the previous instance where he ‘purchased’ the first key for 20 Star Veins. He had no choice but to purchase that key at that time; otherwise, Ning Cheng might have found a way to enter the Temple of Time by himself.

But if the Temple of Time’s key got destroyed, he wouldn’t get anything from it, nor would Ning Cheng. Yet unexpectedly, Ning Cheng put a starting price of ten Star Veins, an amount still within the scope of his willingness to purchase it. This bastard truly had a cunning mind.

Ning Cheng had thoroughly deliberated about the base price of ten Starry Sky Spirit Veins. He knew that if the price were too high, Duan Gantai most likely wouldn’t compete for it at all. The bastard wasn’t only insidious, but also decisive. Therefore, he had to put a price that would make it hard for Duan Gantai to choose giving up on it. At the same time, it wasn’t also an excruciating price. With Duan Gantai’s possible net worth, ten Starry Sky Spirit Veins was just the right amount.

Once the price of ten Starry Sky Essence Spirit Veins emerged, everyone in the auction venue felt shocked. This price would even shut down those influential people sitting in private booths. Ten Star Veins, even they wouldn’t take out such a sum easily.

At this time, the auction venue remained rather quiet. Everyone wanted to see if anyone would bid 11 Star Veins.

Duan Gantai did not bid. 11 Star Veins wasn’t something too painful for him, and he would even willingly take out 11 Spirit Veins to purchase the Perpetual Moon Time Key. However, he didn’t like the feeling of someone scheming against him, especially by Ning Cheng. Only Duan Gantai had the right to plot against others, how could he let other people calculate against him?

Even if he wanted to buy this key, he would do it on his terms. He would never let others control the flow. Purchasing the first Perpetual Moon Time Key previously, he had done that because of a lack of choice. But now, he was not without options.

Even after a few minutes, no one offered a bid; even Duan Gantai remained silent. Ning Cheng, however, couldn’t sit still. He truly didn’t want to destroy this Perpetual Moon Time Key. He only did this to force Duan Gantai to bid on it. But he didn’t think that Duan Gantai wouldn’t place a bid for 10 Star Veins, which made him feel a little jittery.

If Duan Gantai didn’t bid, he would have to destroy the Perpetual Moon Time Key. Duan Gantai might not lose much, but he would lose a lot. Maybe if he made an offer to let Duan Gantai have all three Perpetual Moon Time Keys, he might just get to extort many good things from Duan Gantai in return.

Ning Cheng was just about to send Duan Gantai a message, threatening him to bid or the key really would be destroyed. But at this time, Duan Gantai took the initiative to send Ning Cheng a message. “Brother Ning, this little brother might not lack wealth right now, but he doesn’t like people threatening him. If Brother Ning can take back the key now and make a private deal with this little brother later, this little brother might just agree to your demands. Otherwise, both of us will lose a lot here.”

Ning Cheng initially wanted to threaten Duan Gantai with a few words. But after hearing Duan Gantai’s words, he immediately felt upset. He replied with a cold voice, “Brother Duan, you said you don’t like other people threatening you, but did you think I like people threatening me? If you want to bid on it then go for it, I don’t mind destroying it.”

Going back and forth so many times, taking back his words and items, and even find Duan Gantai for another deal, all for ten Star Veins. Duan Gantai, you can stop dreaming.

Duan Gantai truly felt shocked as he heard Ning Cheng’s words. He felt afraid of Ning Cheng’s desperation, which would lead to the destruction of the Perpetual Moon Time Key.

Shui Wuchang’s voice broke the silence in the venue, “Since no one bid for the Perpetual Moon Time Key; the house will start the countdown….”

When Duan Gantai heard the word ‘countdown’, he understood that he had to make a choice. He didn’t like people threatening him, but he also had set his sights on the Temple of Time for a long time. He had sought for the Temple of Time long before the Guardian Temple and coveted it much more than the Guardian Temple. However, before he could even get his hands on it, someone wanted to destroy all chances of entering it right before his eyes. How could he let this happen?

Just when Duan Gantai clenched his fists and agreed to succumb to Ning Cheng’s threat, a sudden voice sounded in the auction hall, “I’ll give 11 Star Veins.”

Did someone put in a quote? Not only Duan Gantai, but even Ning Cheng froze. He set a base price of ten Star Veins to pit against Duan Gantai. He never thought that others would bid on it, especially with such an insane base price. Now, not only did Duan Gantai not bid on it, but someone else had put up a quote.

After a brief silence, the auction venue once again turned restless. Someone had truly bid 11 Star Veins for a key.

Shui Wuchang also felt a bit relaxed. In truth, although she realised that this key did not belong to her, but to destroy the Perpetual Moon Time Key that once belonged to her, she truly would have felt a little bit sad. Now that someone bid on it, she naturally felt relieved and then spoke up in a loud voice. “Booth 7 offers 11 Star Veins. Is there anyone else willing to offer a higher price? 11 Star Veins, going once….”

Ning Cheng gave out a deep sigh, with Duan Gantai’s scheming mind, he wouldn’t put up a bid now. Even when Shui Wuchang called out the three countdowns, Duan Gantai did not put up a quote. In the end, the key went to the owner of Booth 7.

However, it wasn’t a bad thing for Ning Cheng either. He didn’t have to worry about the identity of the person who bought the Perpetual Moon time Key from Booth 7, nor did he care about it. It was now Duan Gantai’s headache. As long as Duan Gantai wanted something from the Temple of Time, he must coordinate with the person from Booth 7.

“Congratulations to this friend from Booth 7 for winning the Perpetual Moon Time Key.” With Shui Wuchang’s congratulations, the Perpetual Moon Time Key, which only had one offer, finally went to its new owner.

Although only one person bid on it, it was the highest price ever offered in an auction, which surprised everyone.

Shui Wuchang once again raised a jade box. “The next item for auction is a set of six Accordance Heavenly Pills. That’s right, not one Accordance Heavenly Pill, but a set of six Accordance Heavenly Pills. Moreover, each one is a top-quality pill. If I’m not wrong, only Culmination Grand Starry Sky’s Premier Pill Emperor Cang Caihe can refine pills of such quality….”

The previous items were too far away from ordinary cultivators. But these Accordance Heavenly Pills had an extraordinary connection to the cultivators in the lobby.

But what troubled these cultivators was why someone would put up these pills as a group? Wouldn’t it be better to bid for each separately?

“The base price of this group of Accordance Heavenly Pills is 60 million Perpetual Moon Pills. Each price increase must not be less than one million Perpetual Moon Pills. The auction starts now.”

The moment Shui Wuchang finished announcing the price, the quotes on the screen rapidly changed.

At the same time, cultivators seated in the lobby started to look for partners. After all, there were 6 Accordance Heavenly Pills. So even if six people joined together to bid, each would get one.

In the end, a group of six people purchased this set of Accordance Heavenly Pills for a price of 230 million Perpetual Moon Pills. Not everyone in the lobby had the same wealth as Ning Cheng or Duan Gantai. Therefore, even though six people teamed up to purchase this item for more than 200 million Perpetual Moon Pills, people still considered those six as rich among rich.

Ning Cheng had put up this set of Accordance Heavenly Pills for precisely this reason. Selling it for more than 200 million Perpetual Moon Pills also made him very satisfied.

For the following seven or eight auction items, although good-quality treasures, Ning Cheng did not place any bids. Moreover, Ning Cheng also noticed that Duan Gantai hadn’t put in a quote since the start of the auction.

“The next item up for auction is a top-grade Starry Sky Spirit Fruit. I believe many people here have already guessed it. That’s right. It’s the Starry Sky Radish Grass that we had advertised. The Starry Sky Radish Grass is a treasure essential to refining the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill. A pill that would help a Life and Death expert to advance to the Eternal Realm. I believe many people here came specifically for this supreme fruit, the Starry Sky Radish Grass.”

Shui Wuchang hit the nail on its head with her words. Just like Heaven’s Mandate cultivators requiring Accordance Heavenly Pills, the Starry Sky Radish Grass was a treasure that every Life and Death expert dreamed of owning.

Not to mention about others, Ning Cheng and Duan Gantai had explicitly come here for the Radish Grass. Although people considered Accordance Heavenly Pills as precious treasures, it wasn’t something particularly valuable to the powerhouses seated in the auction venue. Even a low-level Pill Emperor can refine these pills as long as one had access to corresponding starry sky spirit grasses. However, the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills was not something ordinary Pill Emperors can refine. Even if a Pill Emperor who could refine it, the main ingredient required for the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill, the Starry Sky Radish Grass, wasn’t readily available.

Therefore, as soon as the Starry Sky Radish Grass came out, Duan Gantai immediately put aside the matter of the Perpetual Moon Time Key. Even if he wanted to negotiate with the cultivator who bought the key, he would have to wait till after he gets his hands on the Starry Sky Radish Grass. Moreover, he speculated that Ning Cheng might have also come here for the Starry Sky Radish Grass. In any case, he would never allow Ning Cheng to obtain this Starry Sky Radish Grass.

Just as Ning Cheng and Duan Gantai readied themselves, the other cultivators also mentally prepared themselves to fight for the Starry Sky Radish Grass.

Shui Wuchang showed off the jade box with the Starry Sky Radish Grass in her hands. “The base price of this Starry Sky Radish Grass is one million Permanent Essence Pills. Each price increase shall not be less than one hundred thousand Permanent Essence Pills. The bidding starts now.”

This price immediately discouraged many cultivators from competing. Even if one was a Life and Death cultivator, not many could take out millions of Permanent Essence Pills. The starting price of this Starry Sky Radish Grass was just too high.

If an Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill had a starting price of a million Permanent Essence Pills, many people would have still accepted it. But who would dare put a starting price of one million Permanent Essence Pills for a Starry Sky Radish Grass?

But despite having a sky-high starting price, some people specifically came to the auction for purchasing this Starry Sky Radish Grass. Besides, if someone could buy the Perpetual Moon Time Key for 11 Star Veins, what was a million Permanent Essence Pills?

Every cultivator who reached the Life and Death Realm dreamt of advancing to the Eternal Realm. But only a few opportunities existed to enter the Eternal Realm. If missed, one might never get another chance.

“1.1 million Permanent Essence Pills.”

“1.3 million Permanent Essence Pills.”


“2.1 million Permanent Essence Pills.”

“2.2 million ….”

The price of this Starry Sky Radish Grass quickly reached 2.4 million Permanent Essence Pills. This price was already very high, but someone suddenly called out a quote at this time. “I’ll give 3 million Permanent Essence Pills, this Starry Sky Radish Grass, I want it.”

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