Chapter 0798

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Chapter 0798: Eternal

Ning Cheng felt a little regret in his heart. He had come out looking for a chance to reach the Eternal Realm when his cultivation had almost reached the full-circle of Life and Death Realm in the Temple of Time. But now it looks like he might have come out a bit too early.

After taking out a high-quality Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill and swallowing it, Ning Cheng once again waved his hands and brought out another pile of Permanent Essence Pills. In comparison, the Permanent Essence Pills contained a much purer concentration of Starry Sky Essence Qi.

He had just swallowed the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill when the terrifying concentration of celestial essence inside him suddenly started raging.

Even the Starry Sky Essence Qi vortex that formed above Ning Cheng’s head became more violent. The vortex even started growing in size as it sucked in more and more Starry Sky Spiritual Qi from the surroundings.

The pile of Permanent Essence Pills next to Ning Cheng quickly started to disappear at speed visible to the naked eye. It turned into a stream of Starry Sky Spirit Qi that poured into the vortex.

The powerful stimulation from the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill helped Ning Cheng sense the dao charm much more clearly. At the same time, the burst of Spirit Qi from the pill also helped Ning Cheng sense the existence of the barrier to the Eternal Realm.

Ning Cheng did not hesitate and stimulated every bit of celestial essence inside of him to rush over. But despite Ning Cheng eagerly wanting to step into the Eternal Realm, and even when triggering every scrap of celestial essence, the barrier to the Eternal Realm didn’t even ripple. Rather, he couldn’t even touch it.

Ning Cheng lamented at such an experience. He had gathered so many cultivation resources, used the Mysterious Yellow Formless cultivation method, and even used the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill. Yet, Ning Cheng still found it difficult to break down the barrier to the Eternal Realm. Without such help, would he have even sensed the wall blocking his path to the Eternal Realm?

However, Ning Cheng had no choice but to break through to the Eternal Realm today. Chuan Xinlou hadn’t come out to find him yet, not because Chuan Xinlou felt afraid of him, but because Chuan Xinlou wanted to stabilise his cultivation first. Perhaps he might even comprehend a new spirit technique during this retreat. Once Chuan Xinlou’s cultivation consolidated fully, even if he didn’t understand a new spirit technique, Chuan Xinlou would immediately head out to find Ning Cheng.

If he did not advance to the Eternal Realm, defending against Chuan Xinlou would only remain as a pipe dream.

Once, twice, a dozen times. Even if Ning Cheng absorbed more Starry Sky Essence Spirit Qi, he couldn’t even create the slightest ripple in the barrier to the Eternal Realm.

Days later, Ning Cheng took out another high-quality Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill and swallowed it. After the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill went down, the celestial essence within his body once again exploded with high intensity. But just like before, he still couldn’t touch the threshold of the Eternal Realm despite the barrier’s growing clarity.

Ning Cheng took in a deep breath, and this time took out the three top-quality Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills before swallowing them whole. If these three pills couldn’t loosen the barrier to the Eternal Realm, he decided to stop trying for now.

The next moment, the three pills swallowed by Ning Cheng exploded like a supernova. The violent spirit power, in just an instant, flooded all of Ning Cheng’s meridians and even his dantian. It even reached his Sea of Consciousness in the next moment. Wave after wave of Pill Spirit Dao Charm suddenly swept through Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness. It felt like a never-ending wave that swept through his Sea of Consciousness and engulfed all his thoughts.

At this moment, the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort automatically appeared and blocked the terrifying eruption of power, lest the terrifying spiritual power shattered the Sea of Consciousness.

As a wave of tearing pain washed over, Ning Cheng opened his mouth and spat out a large mouthful of blood.

Ning Cheng felt as if the pain and eruption of spiritual power within his body would eventually tear him apart. Even if it did not, it would still tear apart his meridians. This kind of shock generated from the release of Pill Spirit Dao Charm had almost turned him into an idiot. Meanwhile, the word ‘fast’ could no longer describe the Starry Sky Essence Spirit Qi swirling outside his body at this moment. It had virtually transformed into a solidified tornado.

Blood beads started to form on Ning Cheng’s body surface. He vaguely felt that if not for being a body-refining expert with a Starry Sky Body, this level of horrifying Spirit Qi would have already blown up his body. Never even in his dreams had he imagined that three top-quality Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills would produce such horrific effects. Frantically operating the body-refining cultivation method to consume the destructive force, Ning Cheng once again gathered all the celestial essence. He then directed all of it towards the barrier to the Eternal Realm.

Whether he successfully passed this life or death tribulation, he understood that he only had one chance.

Ning Cheng now felt the existence of the barrier to the Eternal Realm, which remained calm and unwavering till now, even more clearly. At this moment, even the dao charm coming from it started to grow clearer within his consciousness…

Angry Axe Trace, Spear Trace, Traceless Spear Trace…

Maximal Flame, Sunset’s Twilight, Time Wheel, None-to-depend-on…

When he finally got to touch the cultivation barrier to the Eternal Realm, his celestial essence power almost instantly blew through it. The next instant, everything turned clear, regardless of if it were skills, spirit techniques, dao charms….

“Boom…” With a violent tremor, the barrier suddenly crumbled like a sandcastle crumbling to the ground. The celestial essence power about to tear apart his meridians once again transformed back into raging Essence Qi that filled up his entire body, looking for a vent to rush out.

At this moment, his dao laws turned clearer, and even the direction of his dao became clear. It felt as if it gradually had started to return to one…

Still operating the Mysterious Yellow Formless, and still quenching his body through the body-refining cultivation method, a loud explosion suddenly sounded out from somewhere above his head. From this, Ning Cheng understood that the thunder tribulation would descend at any moment now.

Ning Cheng didn’t think that consuming the three pills together would help him break through the Eternal Realm’s cultivation barrier in just one stroke. Therefore, despite the energy from the pills almost tearing through his body, the reward still made him happy.

As the seemingly endless lightning arcs rained down, Ning Cheng roared and rose into the sky. He felt incredible power coursing through his body, which bolstered his confidence and emotions to a whole new level. Such a level of strength was something Ning Cheng had never experienced before in his life. He never thought that after just entering the Eternal Realm, his spirit techniques’ dao charm would become so sharp.

At this moment, even without experiencing the thunder tribulation, Ning Cheng felt sure that he could quickly kill Qiao Jierui using just Sunset’s Twilight. He wouldn’t need to incorporate None-to-depend-on in it.


Endless and thick lightning arcs rained down, but Ning Cheng didn’t even bother to keep count. He had been through a lot of soul-terrifying thunder tribulations. Therefore, when facing this particular thunder tribulation, he felt no fear at all.

“Bang-Bang-Bang….” These thick lightning arcs struck Ning Cheng’s body, disintegrating all his robes and drawing blood. However, Ning Cheng remained expressionless. He didn’t even bring out the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort.

“KaKaKaKa……” Sounds of bones cracking continued to emerge.

Initially, because of the fury of the Eternal Emperor Continuance Pills, Ning Cheng had already pushed his body-refining cultivation method to almost its limit. But now, with the descent of those endless lightning arcs, Ning Cheng’s body-refining method quickly broke past its previous threshold.

Ning Cheng’s body started to tremble violently as his bones rapidly reassembled, and his cracked skin quickly came together.

When the second wave of lightning arcs fell, Ning Cheng’s bones had already finished reassembling. His forged body also advanced to the next level, upgrading to a late-stage Starry Sky Body.

Feeling the damage from lightning arcs lessening, Ning Cheng rushed up and shot out a powerful punch. He decided to use his fists to fight against the continuous barrage of lightning arcs to absorb the thunder source aura while enjoying the thunder tribulation from his heart and soul.

It had been a long time since he enjoyed such a feeling. Ning Cheng liked it so much that he wished that this tribulation lingered around for a long time.

The subsequent waves of thunder tribulation descended with even more power, so much so that it felt no different from a thundering waterfall. Even Ning Cheng didn’t know it, but he had unknowingly entered the source of these dense and terrifying lightning arcs.

Fortunately, this time there was no one like Cang Caihe watching from the side. In any case, even Cang Caihe wouldn’t have believed that someone could have invoked such a terrifying thunder tribulation. Moreover, no one would have ever thought that someone would show such an ecstatic expression when facing such an ordeal.

Ning Cheng could feel his body-forging cultivation growing steadily within this thunder tribulation, and could also clearly feel his strength growing powerful with each passing moment. At this point, Ning Cheng even started praying for this thunder tribulation never to end. Let it keep falling like this; keep making him stronger.

“Boom-Boom” With another explosive sound, the broken planet under Ning Cheng’s feet started to crack apart under this horrifying thunder tribulation.

“Bang….” With a dull explosion, the planet under Ning Cheng’s feet finally broke apart. Then, under the next wave of thunder tribulation, it exploded into countless meteorite fragments that dissipated into the starry sky.

The moment the broken planet under Ning Cheng’s feet exploded, Ning Cheng’s thunder tribulation also dissipated. However, no starry sky cloud formed over his head, nor did any starry sky spirit rain fell. Ning Cheng had already gotten used to it. He understood that thunder tribulations rarely conjured such a phenomenon. At most, it would rain down some more powerful lightning arcs from time to time.

In any case, he held no fear towards such a bombardment, the stronger the lightning arcs attacking him, the stronger it would make him. One day, it wouldn’t be a thunder tribulation attacking him, but him bringing the fight to the thunder tribulation.

After converging his aura, Ning Cheng cleaned himself thoroughly and put on a set of clean robes. Then, he stood still for a few moments within the starry sky.

How many years had it been since the bright light from the Mysterious Yellow Bead brought him to the Graceful Star Mainland? He had experienced countless life and death trials and went through many life experiences. After so many lessons, he finally advanced to the Eternal Realm today. Within the starry sky, he now had enough strength to speak. Now that he reached the Eternal Realm, even if Chuan Xinlou stabilised his cultivation, so what?

Ning Cheng raised a hand and with just a gesture cast the Time Wheel. It seemed as if it had formed naturally within his palm before shooting out as a grey shadow.

“One day, when I raise my hand, time will flow backwards, and the starry sky would come to a standstill.” Ning Cheng thought to himself with full conviction as he looked at the vast starry sky before him and took in a deep breath

If he could bring an entire starry sky to a standstill, he no longer would need to work so hard to cultivate. At that point, he could easily swim through the universe’s starry skies with his loved ones without any worry.

He believed in it, and he would achieve it one day.

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