Chapter 0840

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Chapter 0840: Somebody from Butterfly Mountain

Ning Cheng felt even more sure that the material that made up this Nirvana Spear was something extraordinary. Even after upgrading the Celestial River Flame to such an extent, it still couldn’t melt this Nirvana Spear. Just what grade of flame would it require to melt it?

Regardless of the grade, the current Celestial River Flame couldn’t refine it. Ning Cheng could only put away the Nirvana Spear and concentrate on studying the teleportation array.

After touching the Laws of Space, Ning Cheng had a completely new understanding of the Dao of Arrays. Moreover, with the several years of prior research into the Dao of Arrays, coupled with the integration of the Laws of Space, Ning Cheng’s understanding of the Dao of Array increased rapidly. The level of Dao of Arrays that he couldn’t break past in the last few years, Ning Cheng managed to blow by it in just a month after integrating it with the Laws of Space. It meant that Ning Cheng had now become a real Array Dao Master. With enough materials, he could now easily arrange array formations beyond Starry Sky Grade 9.

But the more you learn, the more you discover your ignorance. This sentence felt too appropriate for Ning Cheng. Even if recreating it wasn’t possible, Ning Cheng at least felt confident enough to tinker with its coordinate matrix. That way, he could reach somewhere near its initial coordinates.

But after reaching the level of an Array Dao Master, Ning Cheng realised how ridiculous his previous idea was. Even if he somehow climbed to the peak of Array Dao Master-level, he couldn’t touch the teleportation array’s coordinate-matrix as he initially thought. At least not without the blueprints of the original array.

After hesitating for a long time, Ning Cheng decided to take out the array pattern. Ning Cheng had had initially thought of using this array pattern if he couldn’t complete the long-distance teleportation array. However, in his heart, he still wanted to keep it.

But at this moment, he understood that he couldn’t complete this teleportation array in a short time, meaning that he had no choice but to use this array pattern. He didn’t feel worried about consuming the array pattern. Rather, he felt more concerned if this array pattern was of a sufficient grade. If the level of this array pattern weren’t adequate, then even if he used it, it wouldn’t recreate this teleportation array.

Opening the jade box, Ning Cheng raised his hand and brought out the almost-invisible circular array pattern. The array pattern then slowly fell onto the defunct teleportation array. Just like a stone thrown into a calm lake, ripples immediately started to emerge from the centre of the array pattern and moved outwards. In just a few breaths, all the structures within this teleportation array immediately appeared in Ning Cheng’s mind.

The array base, array heart, and even the aspects of the Laws of Space used in this array appeared in Ning Cheng’s mind. Ning Cheng also found himself unknowingly immersed within all this knowledge. Some of the vague pieces of knowledge also started to grow clearer under the influence of this array pattern. Countless ideas about the Dao of Arrays that Ning Cheng had never even thought of began to emerge and fuse into what he already knew.

Under the influence, Ning Cheng subconsciously threw out one array flag after another. In just a few moments, the defunct teleportation array in front of him started to change. An hour later, the ripples from the array pattern finally disappeared, and Ning Cheng suddenly woke up. He no longer felt disappointed. On the contrary, this experience had brought him many pleasant surprises. Moreover, with the help of this array pattern, he had completed the re-arrangement of the teleportation array. At this point, as long as he put down the required Permanent Essence Pills into the array slots, he could activate the teleportation array at any instant.

Ning Cheng sighed. For this teleportation array, he had spent too many years. And now, he finally completed it. Moreover, because of this teleportation array, his understanding of the Dao of Arrays had also improved significantly.

After sealing the teleportation formation under the Thorn Tooth Lake, Ning Cheng then returned to Stately River Star. Even if he wanted to leave, he needed to first carefully consider the situation with Luofei and Ruolan.


Ning Cheng hadn’t reached Stately River yet when his spiritual consciousness picked up Cang Caihe standing on the public square outside the Star-protecting Grand Array. Not only Cang Caihe, but he also saw Ning Ruolan and Luofei, and even Ning Ruoqing standing there. Even Gongxiu Zhu and Bei Junyi, the ones in charge of Stately River Star and Mysterious Yellow Celestial River’s affairs were also standing there.

A man and a woman stood opposite them. The two looked arrogant as if they wanted to pick a fight with Cang Caihe and the others.

But it didn’t seem like a big deal to Ning Cheng. If it were something urgent, Cang Caihe would have already sent him a message. However, Ning Cheng still felt a little unhappy about it. Coming to his Stately River Star and even forcing the proud Cang Caihe to come out, this man and woman didn’t seem to understand what modesty meant.

Putting away the Starry Sky Wheel, Ning Cheng and Chasing Bull landed on the public square outside the Stately River Star together.

Cang Caihe and the others also noticed Ning Cheng as soon as he returned. Ji Luofei and Ning Ruolan quickly came up, and Ning Cheng could also see the longing in Ji Luofei’s eyes.

Seeing that Ning Ruolan had already reached the Celestial Gatherer Realm, Ning Cheng also felt very happy. No amount of cultivation resources would be of any help if one couldn’t use it. Since Ruolan managed to reach the Celestia Gatherer Realm, it showed that she truly worked hard in seclusion.

Ning Ruoqing also felt very happy on seeing Ning Cheng. She immediately arrived in front of Ning Cheng with one step before speaking up with joy, “You’ve returned, and my cultivation has also recovered by a lot. When that Lou-something[1] returns, I’ll slap him to death.”

Cang Caihe and the others also came over to greet Ning Cheng. But Ning Cheng quickly said to Ning Ruoqing, “We’ll talk about these things later…..”

Ning Cheng had just greeted everyone. But before he had the time to ask who the man and woman were, the woman snorted and said, “Finally, someone who can talk. Are you Ning Cheng?”

Ning Cheng didn’t even bother to answer the woman’s question. Instead, he simply glanced at the man and woman standing on the public square.

Not only did they look young and arrogant, they even had high cultivations. However, this man and woman didn’t look like the kind of hegemonic-level experts he had met before. Moreover, their bodies didn’t have any indication of any experience within the starry skies, yet they both had such high cultivation. How could Ning Cheng not feel surprised?

Ning Cheng had gone through numerous trials within the starry skies. But despite owning the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he had only reached the early-stage Eternal Realm after so many years.

Moreover, besides this man and woman looking arrogant and having high cultivation, they both also had eye-catching appearances.

Although ‘eye-catching’ wasn’t an appropriate word to describe the man, in Ning Cheng’s eyes, this man indeed embodied this word. Not only did he have exquisite facial features, but he even seemed to have a supple skin like that of a young woman. But judging from his aura and the Adam’s Apple, Ning Cheng knew for sure that he wasn’t a woman posing as a man.

As for the woman, she was no less inferior to the man. She even looked younger than him. However, she had a tall stature and a surging chest. Combining her curvy figure with a face that only the word ‘pretty’ could describe, it created quite a visual shock to the onlookers.

If not for her arrogant expression, and eyes that only seemed to see the sky, this beautiful face would have given people a very likeable impression of her at first sight.

“Brother, these two people say that they’re from Butterfly Mountain. They have been here for many days, and they talk as if someone owes them a planet.” Ning Ruolan whispered from the side.

“Butterfly Mountain?” Ning Cheng showed a slight frown. He knew that it was a place even the big-four Starry Sky Emperors feared to some extent. Moreover, Duan Gantai also claimed to have come from Butterfly Mountain. But he had nothing to do with any of these people. So, why did these people come here?

Cang Caihe also frowned on seeking Ning Cheng frown and quickly spoke up, “They have been here for just over half a month and said that they came here to look for you. Because you weren’t here, I didn’t let them inside. Today, they said that if you didn’t return to see them, they would leave but Butterfly Mountain would list Stately River Star as an unwelcoming place.”

Ning Cheng’s expressions improved a bit when he heard that these people hadn’t done anything. As for Butterfly Mountain listing Stately River Star as an unwelcoming place, Ning Cheng didn’t care about it at all. His Stately River Star didn’t need to court behind others, even if it was Butterfly Mountain.

“I just asked you if you are Ning Cheng?” Seeing Ning Cheng ignore her, the woman frowned and spoke up once again.

Ning Cheng only gave a calm reply, “That’s right. I’m Ning Cheng. I have nothing to do with your Butterfly Mountain and from now on, my Stately River Star doesn’t want to have anything to do with your Butterfly Mountain. So, the two of you can leave.”

The woman snorted again, “Then I’ll tell you if we have anything to do with you. My name is Duan Qian, and I come from Butterfly Mountain. This man here is my cousin Yin Xiushan, also from Butterfly Mountain. We came here to find you for one thing, where is that thief Duan Gantai?”

Ning Cheng understood from this woman’s words that she was just a little madam. From the looks of it, she always stayed at home under secluded cultivation. She rarely came out and seldom interacted with people. A person old enough to ask for Duan Gantai’s whereabouts wouldn’t go around asking about it while calling him a thief. Wouldn’t everyone know that she wanted to capture Duan Gantai? If she had a friendly relationship with Duan Gantai, she would have at least spoken a little politely.

Ning Cheng, who had initially felt a bit angry, felt his anger melt away slightly after understanding that she was just a little madam. If he truly felt anger against such an ignorant person, it would only mean finding faults with himself.

Ning Cheng gave a calm reply, “How should I know where Duan Gantai went? He is him, and I’m me. Stately River Star doesn’t have the person the two of you are looking for, so I won’t be sending you off.”

Hearing Ning Cheng’s disrespectful tone, Duan Qian’s face turned cold. It felt as if her pretty face had a layer of frost covering it. Usually, they only needed to say two words, ‘Butterfly Mountain’, and they would receive respect from everywhere. People would even treat them as gods wherever they went. Unexpectedly, a small Stately River Star dared to talk to them like this.

If it weren’t for the strict orders they received before coming, they would have already attacked Cang Caihe even if he didn’t give them a reason to attack. They wouldn’t have waited for over a dozen days outside Stately River Star before taking action.

“According to the information we obtained, you and Duan Gantai have an excellent relationship. You even worked together several times and were even seen together at the auction in Devil Domain. Duan Gantai also disappeared after the auction in Devil Domain. Are you sure you want to hide information about him from us? Offending my Butterfly Mountain, don’t blame me for reminding you of the consequences. Maybe the next moment, your Stately River Star will turn into powder. If you see my words as a threat, that’s also fine by me.” Duan Qian, who felt very dissatisfied with Ning Cheng’s attitude, spoke with a sneering voice.

Ning Cheng’s expressions turned cold. He didn’t want to butt heads with these two inexperienced homesitters. But that didn’t mean that they could threaten his Stately River Star. He replied with a cold voice, “Get the fuck out of here. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

So what if you came from Butterfly Mountain? If you have any ideas about my Stately River Star, then don’t blame me for sending it right back at you.

“Courting death……” Duan Qian almost trembled in anger when she heard Ning Cheng daring to tell her to fuck off. When had she ever suffered such grievance even back at home, let alone in a small place like Stately River Star?

As Duan Qian’s domain stretched out with her murderous aura, Yin Xiushan who stood next to her also felt equally angry. Although he hadn’t said a word so far, he still felt pissed off with Ning Cheng.

Stately River star was just a puny planet. How could it dare tell his Butterfly Mountain to fuck off?

Want to take action, huh? As the two murderous domains stretched out, Ning Cheng’s domain also erupted at full force. He wasn’t a gentle or soft-spoken person like Cang Caihe.

“Crack…..” Even if Duan Qian and Yin Xiushan’s two domains superimposed over each other, under Ning Cheng’s domain, they couldn’t even block it for a moment before instantly shattering.

The expression of the two changed immediately, and two dao law-filled light rays appeared on top of their heads.

“Stop.” Just when the fight was about to start, a scolding voice washed over them followed by a blue light descending on the public square outside Stately River Star.

[1] The word ‘Luo-something’ refers to Chuan Xinlou.

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