Chapter 0842

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Chapter 0842: The Powerful World

Ning Cheng hesitated and said, “I’m afraid this won’t work. I don’t know where I would end up, and I want to find Yan Ji.”

The True Spirit World was not the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Moreover, the laws inside it were even worse than the Stately River Star. Ning Cheng suspected that his destination most likely was a high-grade positional place. What if something happened that caused the True Spirit World to collapse? If it were just Ruolan and Luofei, he could still bring them into the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

But if he took many people, and once something went wrong, don’t say whether he could bring others into the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Even if he had this ability, just the knowledge of the Mysterious Yellow Bead would cause untold risk to others, even if it were people closest to him.

Besides, even he had no idea how long he would be away. Li Lingfan, Luo Ziyan and the others could stay in Stately River Star and cultivate, which would be a much better option than following him. At least they could roam the starry sky here to gain experience rather than just wander around with him. Besides, unless he had enough power to protect him and them simultaneously, they would have no choice but to stay inside the True Spirit World.

“Brother, my cultivation is still low. But the Stately River Star is as stable as a mountain on this side of the starry sky. Therefore, I think that staying here and cultivating would help me progress faster than following you. Maybe, you and sister-in-law can go first.”

Ruolan hesitated for a while before speaking up. She understood her big brother’s meaning. Most likely, the place he was heading this time was a bit too dangerous even for him. Therefore, following her big brother with her cultivation would only hold him back. It’s better to stay here and cultivate and wait until her strength improves.

Ji Luofei, who hadn’t spoken till now, also took the initiative to speak up. “I will soon reach Heaven Seated Realm, so you don’t have to worry about Ruolan staying here alone. With everyone staying in Stately River Star, it would be for the better.”

Ning Cheng felt a tug at his heartstrings. He wanted to find Yan Ji and then return immediately. He also had two similar Breaking Boundary Talismans and knew that the teleportation array would take him somewhere far away. Theoretically, it should be possible to return with the Breaking Boundary Talisman. He could bring Ruolan and Luofei safely with him, but it would become a lot more dangerous if he had any more people.

Moreover, it wouldn’t be of much help to them in cultivation. Ning Cheng had many cultivation resources in the True Spirit World. But the laws of the True Spirit World couldn’t even compare to the laws of ordinary planets and stars of this part of the starry skies.

As an Eternal-level expert, Ning Cheng had started to gain an understanding of the Laws of Heaven and Earth. From this, he also understood that these laws determined the height a cultivator could reach.

“I will also stay in Stately River Star. I will continue with my seclusion since I still can’t remember many things. But if anyone dares to come here and cause trouble, even if it’s that Luo-whatever, I will strike him down.” Ning Ruoqing spoke with full seriousness. Compared to the time when she first came to Stately River Star with Ning Cheng, her thinking had grown a lot clearer.

“Okay. Then, I’ll return as quickly as possible. Ruolan and Luofei, since you haven’t reached Heaven Seated Realm yet, don’t leave Stately River Star casually.” Ning Cheng then took out three rings after speaking. He had already prepared enough cultivation resources for the people here.

After the three of them put away the rings, Ning Cheng took out a white band and a jade box before handing it to Ning Ruolan.

“What’s this?” Ning Ruolan took the two things in confusion.

Ning Cheng pointed to the white band and said with some caution, “This weapon is called the Serene Water Nine Pattern Loop, and is quite a high-grade weapon. Since Luofei has the glaze scroll, I’m giving this to you. As for that jade box, it contains an Origin Dragon Soul. Wait till your cultivation reaches a higher level before refining the dragon soul. But even then, use it only as a means for self-protection and nothing else.”

The glaze scroll was also of a very high level. Since Ning Cheng gave it to Luofei, it meant that it also had a self-protection component to it. As for Ruolan, he hadn’t given her any good weapon till now. Therefore, this time, Ning Cheng left both these things to Ruolan, as her cultivation was the lowest of the group.

Ning Cheng had taken this Serene Water Nine Pattern Loop from Wu Yuankong and had also experienced its power. Therefore, he felt it appropriate to leave it with Ruolan. As for the Origin Dragon Soul, after Ning Cheng obtained it, Ning Cheng hadn’t refined it even once. Since he didn’t need such a powerful assistant right now, he decided to give it to Ruolan.

Ning Ruoqing’s cultivation exceeded him. Therefore, most of what Ning Cheng left for Ning Ruoqing were some star veins, space crystals, time stones and other law-related materials.


After Ning Ruolan and others once again went into secluded cultivation, Ning Cheng and Cang Caihe began to re-strengthen the defensive array around Stately River Star. Advancing to the rank of Array Dao Master, plus with the materials with him, Ning Cheng would naturally go all out to upgrade the defensive array of Stately River Star before leaving.

Two months later, Ning Cheng left the Stately River Star once again.

Before leaving, however, Ning Cheng also gave a part of his cultivation resources to Cang Caihe, and at the same time, repaired Sifting Orchid in Stately River Star. Sifting Orchid had returned to its original five-star battle disc’s appearance in just one day. Moreover, since Ning Cheng fixed it himself, he now knew everything about it.

With Ning Cheng’s current cultivation, he didn’t need Sifting Orchid for travel. As such, Ning Cheng only repaired it out of nostalgia. Plus, Sifting Orchid had saved his life on many occasions.

As for the unfinished top-grade Starry Sky Battleship, Ning Cheng had no time for it right now and left it untouched within the True Spirit World.



Ning Cheng was awakened by the seawater lapping over his face and drank a few mouthfuls of the salty seawater unconsciously before coughing it out. He had never thought that he would pass out during teleportation with his current cultivation. However, he did pass out.

The moment when the teleportation array below Thorn Tooth Lake had activated, it had thrown him into a void that underwent countless spacial transformations with every breath. Under the effects of such insane spacial conversions, even Ning Cheng couldn’t hold on. Moreover, if not for being a body-forging cultivator with a late-stage Starry Sky Body, he would have turned into dust while passing through those terrifying spacial transformations.

After waking up, Ning Cheng quickly spat out the seawater still in his mouth and couldn’t help but feel a little afraid. Such a thing had happened most likely because he failed to understand the complexities of that array formation. A real expert in the Dao of Arrays wouldn’t let the teleporting person pass out mid-way through the spacial transformations.

From this, Ning Cheng understood that even with the help of that array pattern, he hadn’t completed the full layout of the teleportation array.

But those weren’t the issues Ning Cheng had to consider right now. As his spiritual consciousness swept out, he found him floating in a sea with nothing else but seawater all around him. Regardless of the direction, he only saw a boundless ocean, and even his spiritual consciousness couldn’t sweep to the edge.

But what shocked Ning Cheng, even more, was that this area didn’t even contain a scrap of Starry Sky Spirit Qi. No, rather, there seemed to be a light but different aura permeating the world, which appeared to be of a higher grade than the Starry Sky Spirit Qi. However, this kind of aura couldn’t help him in cultivation. It was like the Spiritual Qi present on Earth. The level of Spiritual Qi was almost equivalent to nothing and wasn’t very helpful to cultivation.

Ning Cheng then immediately looked at his body. Because of the incorrect activation of the teleportation array, his body looked full of void scratches. But what made Ning Cheng a little happy was that he didn’t lose his cultivation.

But just when Ning Cheng decided to rush out of the seawater, a terrifying scream came from somewhere in the sky above him.

Following that, white shadow smashed onto the surface of the sea hundreds of miles away from Ning Cheng. The loud ‘Boom’ almost ruptured Ning Cheng’s eardrums. Fortunately, Ning Cheng had quickly stretched out his domain to protect himself. He understood that this loud boom was a remnant of energy fluctuations from a battle.

A moment later, a terrifyingly huge wave parted the sea, as if someone had forcibly torn the sea with two hands. The power contained within it was so high that the surface of the sea couldn’t recover for a long while.

This scene left a truly long-lasting impression in Ning Cheng’s mind. The two waves, tens of thousands of feet high, looked like a recently opened ravine. But then a moment later, Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness spotted a red-haired figure quickly passing over this chasm.

The next moment, one of the huge waves swept over Ning Cheng and shattered Ning Cheng’s domain in an instant.

“Bang…..” The violent wave then blasted onto Ning Cheng’s body. Ning Cheng, who still had a lot of scars covering his body, got tossed into the air just like some of the nearby fishes and flew out like a broken kite.

Ning Cheng spurt out mouthful after mouthful of blood and couldn’t even resist at all.

As the waves finally started to calm down, Ning Cheng’s body followed the waves and fell into the seawater once again. Fortunately, he didn’t have to face another one of those terrifying waves. Ning Cheng wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth but didn’t rush out of the sea and stayed still amongst the scattered debris and dead fish around him.

Eventually, the seawater returned to the original state once again, and it felt as if the previous incident had never happened. Ning Cheng clenched his fists. Although he was only at the early-stage Eternal Realm, he was fully capable of sweeping through the starry skies’ positional plane. However, in this place, just the aftermath of someone’s fight had almost killed him.

Small, he was still too tiny. What the hell was this place where the Starry Sky Essence Qi was so thin, yet cultivation so perverted? Just that red-haired figure’s passage had created such a formidable threat to him.

“Gu-Gu” Ning Cheng’s stomach gurgled, and immediately a feeling of hunger washed over him.

Even if Ning Cheng remained still in the seawater, he felt taken aback by this sensation. How could he feel hungry? After reaching the Essence Building Realm, the feeling of hunger had disappeared from his body. Rather, it got supplemented with Starry Sky Spirit Qi. He rarely ate any food and only did so on special occasions or to taste some rare delicacy.

But now he felt hungry in this place. What the hell was going on?

Ning Cheng quickly took out an airship-type dao artefact he had refined previously and threw it onto the surface of the sea before finally flying out and landing on it. After cleaning himself up, Ning Cheng immediately focussed on healing his injuries. But the recovery speed of his wounds in this place wasn’t as fast as it was in the four grand starry skies.

Not just that, when he absorbed Permanent Essence Pills, he felt a little less hungry, but his cultivation remained unchanged.

Ning Cheng felt a bit confused because of it. However, after some time, he vaguely realised that this should be because of the laws of heaven and earth here. From the looks of it, the worldly laws in this place were much more robust than those in four grand starry skies’ positional plane. Which also meant that cultivating with Permanent Essence Pills would produce a much weaker result.

Perhaps cultivating in this place needed a higher-grade Essence Qi source. Ning Cheng immediately thought of the crystal given to him by Yi Jiufeng before she left. He quickly took out that crystal and tried to absorb it. In just a few breaths, the crystal turned into ash in Ning Cheng’s hands.

Ning Cheng sighed and threw away the ash in his hand. He finally understood what was going on. After absorbing the crystal, Ning Cheng did feel a lot less hungry, and his cultivation also improved by a slight bit. Moreover, he even felt his celestial essence starting to change. It felt as if it was transforming into another type of Essence Qi, one stronger than celestial essence.

“No wonder that red-haired fellow was so powerful. He wasn’t using even a bit of celestial essence, but a higher-grade power.” Ning Cheng murmured to himself.

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