Chapter 0849

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Chapter 0849: The powerhouse on the edge of the defensive array

Tao Xing and You Cheng, who still hadn’t died, looked at Ning Cheng and how he wiped out the powerful Gui Hui with just one move and went into shock. Under the eyes of such an expert, they wanted to gang up on him after bringing him to the sacrificial array here. From this, they understood that even if they hadn’t met the two Eternal cultivators here, they would have never left this place alive.

Nalan Ruxue already knew that Ning Cheng’s cultivation exceeded hers. But even she didn’t expect Ning Cheng to be so powerful. He killed an Eternal cultivator with just a simple move of his hand. It only indicated that Ning Cheng was also, at the very least, an Eternal cultivator.

“Senior….” The other middle-stage Eternal male cultivator, who wore a weird hat, spoke with clattering teeth. He always killed others without blinking an eye, but he never found himself in such a situation.

Ning Cheng had no thoughts about sparing this fellow at all and once again blasted out with an axe fist. Suppressed under Ning Cheng’s domain, the axe intent made short work of the middle-stage Eternal cultivator who just begged for mercy.

Ning Cheng raised his hand and threw out a few fireballs. After just a few breaths, he and Nalan Ruxue were the only ones left in front of the defensive array. The rest of the cultivators, whether they died or not, also turned into nothingness under Ning Cheng’s fireballs.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning…..” Nalan Ruxue spoke up with surprise. Ning Cheng hadn’t disappointed her; he truly was a powerhouse wherever he went.

“I’m going to start breaking the array now. I will need your help with it.” Ning Cheng told Nalan Ruxue.

Nalan Ruxue nodded, “Okay, I will do my best to help.”

Ning Cheng pointed to the defensive array in front of him, “For this array formation, I will first set up an attack-focussed formation. Once the attack formation breaks open a little gap, you can then help me in breaking the array. This defensive array is an attribute-infused defensive array. Well, more specifically, it’s a fire-attributed defensive array. Therefore, when I start breaking the array, I will need your essence blood…..”

Nalan Ruxue shuddered. She thought back to the naked female cultivator from before, and her blood that kept dripping into the formation.

She didn’t understand array formations at all. But she knew that using essence blood to break an array would change it into a sacrificial array. Just like for what Tai Xing and others had brought her here, and what she saw with her own eyes. She would have to take off her clothes and lie on the defensive array so that the defensive array could absorb her essence blood from her orifices.

Once she did that, she would no longer have the chance to get off the defensive array. That is, not until it had its fill of essence blood.

She looked at Ning Cheng blankly in disbelief. Ning Cheng seemed to have become a stranger. It was utterly different from the Ning Cheng in her memory. At any rate, she and Ning Cheng were people who were at least familiar with each other. Why would he treat her in such a manner?

Ning Cheng didn’t seem to care about Nalan Ruxue’s changing emotions at all. After he finished talking, he began to take out array flags and threw them down one after another.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, will I have to take off my clothes and use my essence blood for the sacrificial array like that woman…..” Nalan Ruxue couldn’t help but ask with a quivering voice.

Ning Cheng didn’t even turn his head and said in a flat tone, “Yes, you can rest assured that I will not let you fall. After finishing with this, I will give you a lot of cultivation resources. If there are any Wood Origin Crystals here, it would truly help me a lot. I hope you can help me with it.”

While talking, he continued to put down array flags.

Nalan Ruxue’s heart seemed to have died, and she spoke up with a slightly-hoarse tone, “I’ll help you. As for whether I will fall or not, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning doesn’t need to worry about it. Since I still owe you from back then, I will pay you back for it today.”

Ning Cheng threw down the last array flags and said with joy in his eyes, “Many thanks, Junior Apprentice Sister Ruxue. Just go to this place and start undressing. I will attack from the side and forcibly power the sacrificial array…..”

Ning Cheng also brought out the Celestial Purgatory Spear after speaking and pointed it one direction.

Nalan Ruxue walked to the place pointed by Ning Cheng in a daze and slowly took off her outer robe.

But just when Nalan Ruxue took off her first piece of clothing, Ning Cheng suddenly dropped an array flag and stepped out. The Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear in his hand brought forth endless void spear intents and blasted towards a particular location near the defensive array.

“Swish-Swish….” Hidden killing arrays around Ning Cheng suddenly surged with endless spacial killing lights, which then quickly formed into a killing pattern. Then, following the direction of Ning Cheng’s Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear, they instantly broke through the spacial distance and blasted onto the adjacent reef wall.

“Boom-Boom-Boom…..” Terrifying Essence Qi erupted, and empty black holes seemed to form one after another. Moreover, these black holes contained endless killing intent.

The killing intent within these black holes clashed with the killing array rolled up by Ning Cheng and filled with the entire chamber with killing intent.

The sluggish Nalan Ruxue stared at Ning Cheng who seemed to have gone mad. She couldn’t understand what Ning Cheng was doing anymore. However, she understood that her location was safe and that the killing arrays did not pose any threat to her.

“Bang…..” With a muffled explosion, Ning Cheng’s body suddenly went flying upside down, and he even spat out a mouthful of blood.

“What a cunning bastard. Setting up killing arrays within the entrapment array to divert this old man’s attention……” With this voice, a black-skinned, almost naked man appeared within Ning Cheng’s killing array. The knife lights and flames within the entrapment and killing array rained down but didn’t seem to hurt him at all.

However, Ning Cheng’s Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear had nailed itself to this man’s throat, with black blood slowly sliding down the spear shaft.

“Die for me…..” The man raised his hand and grabbed at Ning Cheng.

As soon as that person made the grabbing motion, every inch of space around Ning Cheng seemed to have solidified. Ning Cheng, however, managed to free himself forcibly before retreating after grabbing Nalan Ruxue.

But Ning Cheng quickly discovered that no matter how far he withdrew, no matter how fast he retreated, he would still stay locked in place with the space frozen around him.

“Rip…..” With a strange ripping sound, the robed covering Ning Cheng’s upper body got pulled off by the grasp. But at the same time, five deep and bloody mouths opened up on his chest.

A latent concussion then hit Ning Cheng’s chest, and he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood. Feeling horrified, Ning Cheng frantically condensed and blasted out with as many Time Wheels as he could in such a situation.

“Huh…..” Not only was this person a formidable body-forging cultivator, but he can also use a Laws of Time-related spirit technique?

“Bang-Bang-Bang…..” The Time Wheels blasted onto the man and immediately caused bursts of bloody mists. However, man’s vitality didn’t seem to weaken even by a bit.

With another bang, Ning Cheng immediately felt the surrounding repressive power dissipating. He could now finally retreat but ended up smashing into the opposite reef. Only after the reef turned into debris, did his body stop.

Ning Cheng wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and put down Nalan Ruxue. He finally got a good look at the black-skinned man standing opposite to him. Two chains had bound him to a stone wall that connected to the array formation. It meant that there was no way for him to rush up and continue to deal with Ning Cheng.

The bloody mouths created by the Time Wheels and the Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear in his throat painted a bleak picture. But Ning Cheng knew it well that this person was still much stronger than him.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning…..” Nalan Ruxue finally understood that Ning Cheng had already realised that there was a powerhouse hiding here. He asked her to enter the sacrificial array just to keep her safe from the killing array he arranged. She suddenly felt ashamed. A few moments ago, she had doubted Ning Cheng’s intentions once again.

“Put your clothes on. This fellow is powerful.” Ning Cheng’s gaze remained fixed to this man. Even if chains bound this person to the array formation, he might have to use the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow to kill him. Besides, Ning Cheng also understood that if he hadn’t attacked this fellow first, this fellow would have already captured him.

The man raised his hand and pulled out the Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear. The moment he took it out and squeezed, the Celestial Rainbow Purgatory Spear, which Ning Cheng couldn’t retrieve in time, broke.

“You might have a cunning mind, but you wouldn’t survive for long. Tell me, how did you find me? I’m sure that even if Dao Sculpting experts came here, they wouldn’t be able to find me.” The man stared at Ning Cheng and asked with a cold voice. He didn’t even try to stop the bleeding from his throat.

He truly felt puzzled by this. Ning Cheng was just an Eternal cultivator. How could he find his hiding spot?

“You should also answer one of my questions. Who locked you in here?” Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness immediately connected with the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow and asked with a calm voice.

He was also worried that there might be another cultivator stronger than this fellow spying on them from the side. Even if he managed to kill this fellow, others might sweep in to reap the benefits.

The man seemed to know what Ning Cheng felt worried about, and spoke with a disdainful tone, “Apart from myself, who can lock me here? But even if I sealed myself here, I can still kill an ant like you. Besides, you even brought such a useful woman for the sacrificial array. As for you, I can always search your soul if you don’t want to answer my questions…..”

After the man finished speaking, the chains locking his body fell off, and at the same time, the surrounding space trembled again. Ning Cheng didn’t even think of anything else and brought out the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow.

The majestic and boundless killing intent burst out abruptly, and even the killing power condensing around the man got swept away by a black-coloured arrow that appeared out of thin air.

As monstrous killing intent permeated through the surrounding space, one could only see a grew-coloured death aura everywhere. Moreover, this deathly aura kept condensing before eventually condensing into one point.

The entire space seemed to have disappeared at this moment, replaced by a single arrow, a dark, almost jet-black, arrow. As the killing intent around it grew thicker, the deathly aura coming from it also grew heavier. In just a short moment, a five-coloured bow appeared around the black-coloured arrow.

Ning Cheng’s face paled, and even his body trembled. However, his eyes remained calm. Even after ascending to the middle-stage Eternal Realm, the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow’s suction power remained horrific.

“Five-coloured Star Splitter……” The man’s eyes flashed with a trace of despair. If not for Ning Cheng stalling for time, he could have escaped in time before the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow’s imposing aura swept everything away. But now, locked under this violent killing intent, he could only wait for the arrow to arrive.

Before today, he had never felt as desperate as now. He had attracted many female cultivators with water-attributed spiritual root to this place. But he didn’t expect that today, he would end up attracting a cultivator with the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow.

If he knew about it beforehand, he would have rather spent thousands of years more on this by himself than take such a risk.

Space continued to compress, while he burned every available drop of essence blood in his body. However, the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow’s killing intent continued to condense. Except for the despair in the eyes of this man, only silence remained within this area.

It’s not that he didn’t want to beg for mercy. He knew that with the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow to such an extent, the cultivator would no longer be able to control it.

Even Nalan Ruxue, who hid behind Ning Cheng, could feel everything tremble around her. The grey-coloured deathly aura terrified her even more. She watched Ning Cheng’s hair gradually turn grey, but she couldn’t do anything to help him even if she pushed herself to the limits.

“Shoo…..” The black-coloured arrow finally tore through the void, taking along the endless grey-coloured deathly aura with it. The man seemed to have given up and closed his eyes, letting the terrifying deathly repression over him finally come to an end.

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