Chapter 0857

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Chapter 0857: Once you enter, you never return

Zhong Wuchen, wasn’t the Ancient Shadow Temple related to this fellow? To learn the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique, this fellow even tried to build the Bridge of Coping within the Ancient Shadow Temple. However, even after expending tremendous resources, he couldn’t learn the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique’s first bridge. Later, after understanding that he couldn’t comprehend the first bridge of the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique in the Ancient Shadow Temple, he immediately left. He didn’t even bother building replicas of the following bridges.

“The Seven Bridges Holy Emperor built the first bridge here, and I know it very well. If we….”

“Wait-Wait…..” Ning Cheng interrupted Zhong Wuchen’s words, “Brother Zong, you said that the Seven Bridges Holy Emperor built the first bridge here? Is this place not the underworld?”

Zhong Wuchen laughed, “Dao friend probably doesn’t know much about the Grand Essence Seven Bridges. The origins of the Grand Essence Seven Bridges are indeed related to the underworld. The Seven Bridges Holy Emperor experienced some near-death moments in the war. He comprehended the peerless Seven Bridges Spirit Technique after returning to Grand Essence Realm. It’s a pity that even after Seven Bridges Holy Emperor spent his entire remaining life, he could only comprehend up to the fifth bridge. As for the Other Shore Bridge and the Reincarnation Bridge that comes later, he couldn’t learn even one bit of it.”

“Brother Zhong, so you’re saying that the First Bridge of Coping here is also a fake? Did the Seven Bridges Holy Emperor build it to take control of the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique?” Ning Cheng asked in confusion.

Zhong Wuchen nodded, “Yes, the First Bridge of Coping here is also a fake. But here you can comprehend the real Seven Bridges Spirit Technique, and it’s not a fake…..”

As soon as Zhong Wucheng said this sentence, he immediately felt something wrong about it. But before he could react, Ning Cheng’s long spear suddenly materialised, and he cast the Sunset’s Dusk.

The setting sun looked infinitely beautiful, just nearing dusk. It was a Laws of Time-related spirit technique that carried with it a hint of artistic conception. As the long spear came out, it brought a dao charm-filled spear intent that caused the surroundings to freeze immediately.

“Ling Zhe, if you don’t hand over Grey Toottoot today, I will burn your soul for eternity….” After the setting sun-like dao charm-filled spear intent locked on to the long-haired man, Ning Cheng’s killing intent immediately erupted with full force.

He was sure that this man in grey robes and long hair wasn’t Zhong Wuchen. If it were Zhong Wuchen, he would have never discussed it with him. Moreover, since Zhong Wuchen could build such a powerful and terrifying place like the First Bridge of Coping, it meant that his cultivation far exceeded him. How could it not be better than him?

Moreover, Zhong Wuchen modelled the First Bridge of Coping in the Ancient Shadow Temple based on the first bridge. If Zhong Wuchen couldn’t perceive the First Bridge Spirit Technique here, he wouldn’t have set up the Ancient Shadow Temple or built the first bridge’s replica.

With such a genius-level talent as Zhong Wuchen, he would never return here for the second time. Especially once he realised that he couldn’t comprehend the first bridge’s spirit technique here.

Ning Cheng had purposefully added the words ‘also a fake’ while speaking and the other party too replied with the words ‘also a fake’ unconsciously. It indicated that this fellow had seen the Ancient Shadow Temple’s First Bridge of Coping. Apart from Zhong Wuchen, the only other person alive that should have known about it was the ghost cultivator Ling Zhi. However, Ling Zhi had already shaped his body. Successfully evolving from a ghost cultivator to a human cultivator.

This grey-robed man indeed was Ling Zhi. When Ning Cheng cast the Sunset’s Twilight, he understood that it contained the Laws of Time. Moreover, before he could even break free from Ning Cheng’s Laws of Time, Ning Cheng had even said his name.

The grey-robed man was a ghost cultivator who had just formed his corporeal body after many years. Even his essence spirit hasn’t made a perfect connection with the newly-formed corporeal body. Therefore, it would have been a strange sight if it could have avoided Ning Cheng’s Sunset’s Twilight under such conditions.

The setting sun in his eyes hadn’t even gone down yet before he heard the sound of his body tearing apart.

“Boom…..” Ling Zhi took decisive action. He didn’t know if Ning Cheng got scared from his words, but he knew that he would die tonight. Therefore, at this moment, he didn’t even try to put up a resistance and immediately blew himself up.

As the violent celestial essence force raged, Ning Cheng could only grab at Ling Zhi’s ring in anger before flying out.

After the self-detonation force subsided, a huge pothole appeared in the location where Ling Zhi stood a few moments ago. It showed that the Grand Essence Ruins’ laws were of a much higher grade than those of the starry skies. Even with Ning Cheng’s strong body, his hands still received numerous bloody scars as he grabbed at Ling Zhi’s ring during the explosion. Yet, the place where Ling Zhi blew up only created a huge pit.

Ning Cheng didn’t care about Ling Zhi, and his spiritual consciousness immediately swept into Ling Zhi’s ring. Ling Zhi’s ring could store life, but Ning Cheng felt disappointed. He didn’t see Grey Toottoot in Ling Zhi’s ring.

Since Ling Zhi blew up because of his actions, it also meant that clues leading to Grey Toottoot have also disappeared. He couldn’t even ascertain it was still alive or dead.

With a sigh, Ning Cheng put away Ling Zhi’s ring. Then, without any hesitation, he stepped on to the First Bridge of Coping.

As soon as Ning Cheng stepped onto the Bridge of Coping, the scene around him suddenly disappeared. Endless yin winds started to sweep over, and Ning Cheng once again felt that the yin winds would blow away his essence spirit at any time. Moreover, it happened under the protection of the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort’s thunder rays. If not for the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort, Ning Cheng suspected that his essence spirit would have collapsed.

Ning Cheng immediately thought of retreating, but the path at his back had already disappeared when he looked back. There was nothing else around him except for the chaotic yin winds.

“Ka-Ka…..” The Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort creaked under the onslaught of the yin winds. Even if Ning Cheng continued to pour in his spiritual consciousness and celestial essence, the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort kept shrinking.

Ning Cheng had experienced countless dangerous situations in the past. However, he still found cold sweat dripping down his face in this situation. He didn’t even know if he should resist it or not.

“Woo-Woo” As the sounds grew more and more gloomy, Ning Cheng even started hearing sounds of rolling waves. After he forced his spiritual consciousness out, he finally saw the source of these rolling waves. It was just like the First Bridge of Coping within the Ancient Shadow Temple. But the blood river under the bridge raged with more violence, and it even contained a bloody aura that assaulted one’s senses. This bloody aura even washed away Ning Cheng’s protective domain.

Except for the blood river raging under the bridge, he saw no path in front of him or behind him. Even when using his spiritual consciousness to observe the situation at his front and back, Ning Cheng didn’t dare to move. Once he took a wrong step and fell into the blood river, he would have no choice but to enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

The Mysterious Yellow Bead still lacked the Wood Origin Bead. Therefore, once he entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead in a place like the Grand Essence Realm, someone might just sense the Mysterious Yellow Origin Aura.

Just as Ning Cheng started to grow anxious, he suddenly felt the Seven Bridges Realm Book in this True Spirit World tremble slightly.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help it. Therefore, after feeling the tremble from the Seven Bridges Realm Book, he didn’t hesitate to take it out.

As soon as the Seven Bridges Realm Book came out, it rushed out of Ning Cheng’s hand and started to hover right over the bridge before automatically opening. At the same time, the pages of the book began to buzz and shake. The next moment, Ning Cheng could only look in surprise as the endless yin qi from the First Bridge of Coping and the blood river under the bridge quickly flew into the Seven Bridges Realm Book.

The Seven Bridges Realm Book kept absorbing the yin qi and the aura from the blood river like a bottomless pit. It happened so suddenly that Ning Cheng had a hard time believing that this plain-looking book had such an ability. It had gone beyond every expectation he had of it.

In just a few moments, Ning Cheng felt a difference around him. No matter the direction, the terrifying yin winds here could no longer bind him. As long as he wanted, he could exit the First Bridge of Coping at any time.

The First Bridge of Coping suddenly started to tremble ever so slightly under his feet. But before Ning Cheng could react, the Bridge of Coping under his feet suddenly blurred. Ning Cheng didn’t have time to think about it, and immediately urged the Twin Wings of Heavenly Clouds to move to the other side.

Ning Cheng had just crossed the Bridge of Coping when the Bridge of Coping he was just standing on disappeared completely, just like a mass of melting ice and snow.

The book not only absorbed the Yin Qi and the bloody aura tumbling around in the blood river, but even the Bridge of Coping….

The blood river turned into dry grey-black grit and the Bridge of Coping, which stood here for countless years had also disappeared.

After absorbing everything, the Seven Bridges Realm Book made a buzzing sound, seemingly wanting to fly away.

Ning Cheng quickly rushed over and grabbed the Seven Bridges Realm Book that seemingly wanted to run away.

But after Ning Cheng caught the Seven Bridges Realm Book, it became quiet. Immediately, Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness swept into the Seven Bridges Realm Book.

At this moment, a faint bridge appeared on the first page, which previously contained no words. The bridge looked very pale and wasn’t stable. Still, Ning Cheng could vaguely read the bridgehead’s characters, the First Bridge of Coping.

Although these characters still looked very vague, they contained a potent dao charm that he had felt from the First Bridge of Coping that had just disappeared.

What’s going on? The Seven Bridges Realm Book still kept trembling slightly, as if it wanted to escape from his grasp. Ning Cheng didn’t care that this place was still within the Grand Essence Seven Bridges and quickly let his spiritual consciousness penetrate it. He then immediately started to refine the Seven Bridges Realm Book once again.

Ning Cheng couldn’t find any clue in this wordless book before. But after the first bridge appeared this time, and when Ning Cheng started to refine the Seven Bridges Realm Book again, it immediately showed a reaction.

A trace of dao charm and a spirit technique’s law started to pour into Ning Cheng’s mind….

The First Bridge of Coping started to grow clearer in Ning Cheng’s mind, and Ning Cheng even felt as if he stood in the middle of the First Bridge of Coping once again. The blood river rolled around beneath it, while yin winds ran rampant above it. A row of black characters also appeared before his eyes…..

“There’s no return to life, no retreat from death; once you enter, you never return.”

“There’s no looking homewards, no reincarnation, only the river of blood to wash away your sins…”

A new spirit technique gradually grew clear in Ning Cheng’s mind, and the dao charm also slowly formed. Just like the foundation for a tall building, it slowly stabilised within Ning Cheng’s mind.

Ning Cheng knew that he was still too far from cultivating this spirit technique. But he felt a one-of-a-kind magnificent ambition to look down at the whole world in disdain. It felt as if he now fully controlled the First Bridge of Coping. Anyone who stepped on to the First Bridge of Coping would have no choice but to prostrate themselves and confess to their guilt. As long as he wanted, the other party would willingly step into the blood river to wash away all their sins.

It truly was a supreme spirit technique. This spirit technique could easily affect people’s emotions before they even got injured.

As a few days passed by, Ning Cheng gave out a sigh and opened his eyes. He finally understood the real face of this Seven Bridges Spirit Technique.

The Seven Bridges Spirit Technique was, in truth, a weapon, and this weapon was called the Seven Bridges Realm. When this weapon had no owner, it would turn into a wordless book called the Seven Bridges Realm Book.

The Seven Bridge Realm was a weapon, but also a spirit technique. It was a complimentary pair of spirit technique and weapon. If you only learned the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique without the Seven Bridges Realm, you would never be able to use the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique. Even if you could cast it through a miracle, it would lack both form and spirit.

Therefore, if you want to cultivate the Seven Bridge Spirit Technique, you must first have the Seven Bridges Realm. Only then would it not die out or extinguish, and even follow you into reincarnation. But if one fails in cultivating the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique fully, even if you ‘owned’ the Seven Bridges Realm, the understanding of the spirit technique would disappear. At that point, the Seven Bridges Realm would again transform into the Realm Book and automatically go into hiding.

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