Chapter 0869

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Chapter 0869: I’m stupid, I have a lot of points

Without a second bid, Ning Cheng obtained this tree at the price of 200,000 points without any dispute.

Kong Ning and Peng Ruimei could only sigh at this. In any case, they and Ning Cheng didn’t know each other very well. Therefore, after failing to persuade Ning Cheng with their advice, they also naturally felt helpless.

The moment Ning Cheng transferred the 200,000 points, a ring containing the Dao Fruit Tree also reached him. Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness scanned the ring, and after confirming the Dao Fruit Tree inside, he immediately took a jade box and put the ring into the jade box before throwing it into his True Spirit World.

Ning Cheng believed that Kong Ning and Peng Ruimei wouldn’t lie to him; therefore, even if he purchased something from the Heartless Monk, he would have to remain cautious with it. Because of this, he had placed a lot of restrictions on the jade box. After putting the ring into the jade box, even if the Heartless Monk did something to the Dao Fruit Tree, he could go back and take care of it slowly.

Regardless of whether someone wanted to cheat him or create trouble for him, except for the few cultivators who coveted Ning Cheng’s points, most cultivators no longer paid any attention to Ning Cheng.

As the exchanges went on, Ning Cheng skipped his turn when it reached him.

Ning Cheng never made any moves even when the exchange reached the last seat. Most of the people got what they wanted and started to leave one after another.

Seeing Kong Ning still wanting to talk, Ning Cheng understood her thoughts, and stopped her with the words, “Junior Apprentice Sister Kong Ning, you should go back first. You can pay back the points you owe me later.”

Kong Ning was at the full-circle Eternal Realm. Now that she obtained a Dao Fruit, Ning Cheng already guessed that she wanted to go into secluded cultivation immediately. She didn’t leave because she worried about the points she had borrowed from Ning Cheng.

“Many thanks, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning.” Kong Ning quickly thanked him. She indeed had the same thoughts as Ning Cheng. Kong Ning wanted to go into secluded cultivation immediately and advance to the Dao Sculpting Realm as quickly as possible. Moreover, since Kong Ning owed Ning Cheng points, she intended to return it to Ning Cheng once she returned and took up a Dao Sculpting task.

But before leaving, Kong Ning once again passed on a voice transmission to Ning Cheng. To let Ning Cheng stay cautious of the Heartless Monk.

Peng Ruimei and Ning Cheng also quickly said their farewells and left in different directions.

Ning Cheng didn’t leave right away. Instead, he walked over towards the Quest Hall’s merchant house’s silver floor to see if it had suitable long spears.

It was Ning Cheng’s first time visiting the Quest Hall’s business floors. He had never even entered the black floor at the ground level. Therefore, after arriving right in front of the silver floor’s entrance, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but marvel at what he saw.

Talismans, divine grasses, raw materials, weapons, cultivation methods……

Spear-type weapons were quite affordable in this place with the cheapest costing only a few thousand points, while the costliest about a few hundred thousand points. However, not to mention the long-spears that cost a few thousand points, Ning Cheng wasn’t even satisfied with those priced at a few tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of points.

After hesitating, Ning Cheng eventually left the building with only a hundred thousand points left on his card. He used the rest to purchase artefact-crafting raw materials and divine grasses for alchemy.

Instead of spending many points to buy spirit artefacts long spears, Ning Cheng felt that purchasing the raw materials and then crafting the spear by himself was a much better option. In any case, he could already refine top-grade dao artefact spears, and this Celestial River Flame had also reached spirit grade. Therefore, it wouldn’t take much time to upgrade his artefact-crafting proficiency to another level.


Within Beyond Heaven Path’s residence, Fei Er did not have to wait for long. Ran Haosen hurried over, and Yuwen Qianping also followed in after a while.

“Elder Brother, Junior Apprentice Sister Qianping didn’t guess wrong. That fellow truly came to the Grand Essence Public Square.” Ran Haosen spoke eagerly before taking a seat.

When Fei Er heard this, the killing desire in his eyes flashed a bit before dying out. He then waved his hand and spoke with a flat tone, “Haosen, remember to calm yourself no matter what you encounter. Besides, it’s just an ant that we could kill at any moment.”

Ran Haosen nodded before eventually sitting down. However, he felt very disapproving of those words. Remain calm no matter what happened? Who was the one who slapped the Spiritual Tea Table to pieces yesterday? However, he wouldn’t speak any of this aloud.

“Qianping, as for you, since you didn’t do anything, did something happen?” Fei Er also sat down and asked Yuwen Qianping.

Yuwen Qianping nodded before also sitting down. Compared to Ran Haosen, she truly looked calm. At least she didn’t show the slightest fluctuation in her mood till now.

“This person is called Ning Cheng. He obtained a large amount of Law Soil from the Broken Land. Moreover, the grade of the Law Soil he obtained was also quite high, as he got 1.5 million points in exchange for it…..”

“What?” Even Fei Er, who told Ran Haosen to calm down, couldn’t help but shout and interrupted Yuwen Qianping’s words, “Law Soil worth 1.5 million points?”

Yuwen Qianping spoke up with a cautious tone, “Yes, it’s truly Law Soil worth 1.5 million points. I’ve already confirmed this matter through multiple sources.”

“Where did he go? Has he already left the Grand Essence Public Square?” Fei Er had already forgotten about what ‘calm’ meant. He thought of the same thing as the others. Since Ning Cheng could take out 1.5 million points worth of Law Soil, he most likely had more Law Soil.

Yuwen Qianping sighed and continued, “No, he didn’t leave the Grand Essence Public Square, but went to the Grand Essence Quest Hall’s merchant house to participate in the Dao Confirming Exchange. The Dao Confirming Exchange has already ended, but Ning Cheng didn’t leave the Quest Hall’s merchant house. I guess that he’s still inside the merchant house and buying things. I have a few people keeping an eye on the entrances to the Quest Hall’s merchant house.”

Fei Er stood up eagerly and said without hesitation, “We will go to the Quest Hall’s merchant house immediately.”

At this moment, he had wholly forgotten what he had said a few moments ago, about being calm no matter what happened.

Yuwen Qianping shook her head and said, “Elder Brother, this Ning Cheng is a bit weird. He entered with the daughter of Flaming Feather Spirit Mountain’s Sect Master Peng Qiyuan, Peng Ruimei. Moreover, he also seems to have a friendship with River Luo Sacred Sect’s Disciple Kong Ning. He even lent Kong Ning some points at the exchange.”

Hearing that Ning Cheng entered with Flaming Feather Spirit Mountain’s Sect Master’s daughter and had a friendship with River Luo Sacred Sect’s disciple, Fei Er finally calmed down. He sat down once again, and frowned, but didn’t speak.

Whether it was the Flaming Feather Spirit Mountain or the River Luo Sacred Sect, their small Beyond Heaven Path couldn’t compete against any of them.

“But I think this person’s friendship with Peng Ruimei and Kong Ning is just average.” Yuwen Qianping said with affirmation.

Fei Er’s eyes lit up, “Why?”

Yuwen Qianping explained, “Because, after the exchange meeting, Kong Ning had spoken to him about paying Ning Cheng the points she owed sometime later. She then quickly left, and also didn’t invite Ning Cheng to the River Luo Sacred Sect. The same was true for Peng Ruimei. She also didn’t invite Ning Cheng to Flaming Feather Spirit Mountain.”

“Even so, aren’t they friends?” Fei Er frowned.

Yuwen Qianping smiled slightly, “There are many types of friends. There is a type of friend who pays attention to your news every day. Then there is also a friend who, even if you suddenly disappeared for no reason, would only think of it as an accident for a long time, let alone investigate why you disappeared.”

Fei Er slapped his forehead and laughed, “Qianping, it’s a blessing that I have you in my Beyond Heaven Path.”

He wanted to kill Ning Cheng publicly before. But if his Beyond Heaven Path had to grow vertically, it might be best to sneak in and kill Ning Cheng now.

Whether it was because Ning Cheng knew Peng Ruimei and Kong Ning, or because of the Law Soil on Ning Cheng, they couldn’t quickly act on Ning Cheng in public.

“If he does anything, I will get to know about it immediately.” Yuwen Qianping didn’t care about Fei Er’s words and still spoke with a calm voice.

“He should leave the Grand Essence Public Square immediately.” Ran Haosen spoke up with a harsh tone.


Ning Cheng never even thought of leaving the Grand Essence Public Square. But he did come out of the Quest Hall’s merchant house. Ning Cheng initially wanted to purchase an attack-type weapon; instead, bought many artefact-crafting and alchemy materials. Next, he decided to change his Quest Card, and then rent a cave.

No matter who wanted to deal with him, as long as he was still in the Grand Essence Public Square, the other party would never dare to act openly.

“This dao friend, this monk Ju Mei wishes to greet you.” Ning Cheng had just walked out of the Quest Hall’s merchant house when a fat monk with a cheery smile greeted him and gave Ning Cheng a one-handed ceremonial greeting.

Heartless Monk? Ning Cheng felt secretly wary. However, he still asked with a puzzled look, “Pardon me, but why is this master looking for me?”

The Heartless Monk touched his bald head and put on an even more naive expression before speaking up with a slight embarrassment. “I came here to thank you properly. Those 200,000 points truly saved my life. If it weren’t for this dao friend, I’m afraid I’d still be in dire straits.”

Ning Cheng spoke with a light tone, “Master Ju Mei is just too polite. Your Dao Fruit Tree only costs 200,000 points, which isn’t too expensive at all.”

“No, no, I know my tree. Because I didn’t take good care of it, the life force of the Dao Fruit Tree is about to fall apart. This Dao Fruit Tree is my lifeblood. Now that the tree is with this dao friend, I wanted to stay here and wait for this dao friend to come out. I just wanted to ask this dao friend to treat my Dao Fruit Tree kindly. Of course, I believe that since dao friend has purchased this Dao Fruit Tree, it will survive.” The Heartless Monk spoke with a sincere tone.

Ning Cheng showed a slight smile, “It seems that the master has said something wrong just now. This Dao Fruit Tree no longer belongs to the master, but mine. As for the reason I bought this Dao Fruit Tree, well it’s because I like to drink tea.”

The smile on Heartless Monk’s face bloomed even more brightly, and he continued, “Yes, yes, I was wrong. This Dao Fruit Tree belongs to this dao friend. But dao friend, what is the relationship between you buying this Dao Fruit Tree and drinking tea?”

Ning Cheng chuckled and said, “Because I heard that using a Dao Fruit Tree to kindle a flame will create a more refreshing and fragrant spiritual tea. Plus, I don’t have many points to spend, so I just wanted to give it a try. If the master has nothing else to talk about, then I’ll be taking my leave now.”

“Did you just say that you bought the Dao Fruit Tree not to save it, but to burn it and make spiritual tea?” The Heartless Monk opened his mouth and looked at Ning Cheng blankly. Even his eyes lost focus for some time. However, the innocence on his face made it so that no one would bear the thought of him deceiving them.

Ning Cheng didn’t seem to care that the Heartless Monk’s cultivation far exceeded him, and patted the Heartless Monk on his shoulder. “Of course, you didn’t think that I bought this Dao Fruit Tree because I could save it, did you? Even if I somehow obtained many points, I’m not so stupid to do such a thing. Goodbye.”

Looking at Ning Cheng’s disappearing back, the Heartless Monk lowered his head, and his eyes filled up with killing desire. A tiny ant had dared to put a Spiritual Consciousness Imprint on him, making him look like an utter fool.

“Isn’t that Heartless Monk? How could this person be familiar with the Heartless Monk?” Somewhat farther away from Ning Cheng, the blonde-haired Fei Er frowned. Even as Beyond Heaven Path’s leader, he would never dare to underestimate the Heartless Monk.

Standing next to him, Yuwen Qianping leaned slightly and said, “Heartless Monk sold a Dao Fruit Tree in the exchange meeting, and he bought it.”

“He even dared to buy things from the Heartless Monk?” Fei Er’s eyes betrayed his surprise.

Yuwen Qianping smiled, “Not only did he dared to buy from the Heartless Monk, but he also snatched a cultivation method from Lifeless Poisonhand at the exchange meeting.”

“No wonder this person dared to kill people from my Beyond Heaven Path, turns out he’s an idiot[1].” Fei Er muttered to himself, and then sneered, “Since he’s nothing but an idiot, let’s go up now.”

[1] The characters ‘浑人’ means a lot of things depending on the context. The individual characters translate to ‘muddy person’, but it’s also a slang term that can mean ‘son-of-a-bitch/ asshole/ rascal/ idiot/ fool’. I decided to translate it as ‘idiot’ because of the context.

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