Chapter 0891

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Chapter 0891: Bright Cicada True Fruit

Qi Shisanxing’s eyes gleamed with bright lights, “It truly is the real deal. Ning Cheng, please teach it to me quickly. This kind of technique is something amazing. If someone comes knocking at my doors for a fight, I can simply scare them to death with just the first bridge.”

Ning Cheng replied with a resigned tone, “You’ll need to use this spirit technique with the Seven Bridges Realm Book….”

Ning Cheng paused halfway as he felt something wrong. He had just used the spirit technique with a ‘casual’ wave of his hand. If it worked in such a way, why did he need the Seven Bridges Realm Book? Most likely, his strength was just too bad, requiring the assistance of the Seven Bridges Realm Book for assistance.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng patted Qi Shisanxing on the shoulder and said, “Okay, I will teach you the spirit technique for the first bridge. If you can learn it, I will then let you learn the second bridge. But if you can’t even learn the first bridge, don’t ask me about the second bridge. Also, don’t leak any information about the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique.”

Qi Shisanxing rubbed his hands and spoke with excitement, “Naturally, I would never reveal…..”

But before Qi Shisanxing’s words ended, a ray of light, as if escaping from something, rushed over from a distance. The figure hadn’t arrived yet, but Ning Cheng and Qi Shisanxing could smell the stench of blood.

Ning Cheng knew the cultivator escaping towards them, Yan Xishuang of the Seven Star Sacred Shrine. Yan Xishuang currently sported a dishevelled look with blood oozing out from multiple wounds. Even her aura felt highly unstable. From this, both understood that she suffered some severe injuries. Behind Yan Xishuang, they also noticed two other lights chasing after her. The aura of these two people didn’t lose out to the grey-robed cultivator Ning Cheng just killed. Both were half-step Dao Sculpting cultivators.

If this continued, sooner or later, these two would catch up to Yan Xishuang, given her current state.

Yan Xishuang had also noticed Ning Cheng and Qi Shisanxing from a distance. Maybe she had already realised that there wasn’t any point in continuing to escape. Therefore, her voice arrived before her, “Two friends, I have two dao fruit trees. If you two are willing to help me out, I can give you one of them.”

“Dao fruit trees?” Qi Shisanxing cast his gaze at Ning Cheng. A dao fruit tree was just too precious. But he also knew that they couldn’t fight against those two with their current strength. Moreover, Ning Cheng had just finished off a half-step Dao Sculpting cultivator, and by the looks of it, also took a severe hit. As such, their strength simply wasn’t enough to stop two half-step Dao Sculpting cultivators chasing after her.

But by this time, Yan Xishuang had already closed in the distance between them. Seeing that the other two were about to catch up, Ning Cheng took out the Starry Sky Wheel without hesitation and said, “Get on.”

While speaking, the long spear in his hand shot out countless spear patterns that blasted towards the two half-step Dao Sculpting cultivators who hadn’t yet caught up to them.

Qi Shisanxing and Ning Cheng have worked together for a few months already, which meant that they both could read each other’s actions. Therefore, as soon as Ning Cheng brought out the Starry Sky Wheel, he rushed up. Yan Xishuang also had no choice at all. Faced with two half-step Dao Sculpting cultivators, while she sported severe injuries, it would be a miracle if she could escape death. Therefore, she also rushed forward without hesitation.

The two half-step Dao Sculpting cultivators had just arrived when Ning Cheng’s spear patterns intercepted them. The killing intent in Ning Cheng’s spear pattern ignored the spacial distance. It abruptly appeared in front of the two half-step Dao Sculpting cultivators. Even if it wasn’t enough to injure the two half-step Dao Sculpting cultivators, it could at least stop them for a few moments.

Ning Cheng didn’t intend to fight those two anyway; all he aimed was for a moment of pause. As the two half-step Dao Sculpting cultivators paused out of surprise, Ning Cheng had already taken control of the Starry Sky Wheel and disappeared into the distance.

The two tried to catch up but couldn’t. Even the Human-faced Poison Centipede couldn’t catch up to the Starry Sky Wheel’s speed. Therefore, the two half-step Dao Sculpting cultivators could only dream about it.

“Thank you for your help. I’m Seven Star Sacred Shrine’s disciple, Yan Xishuang.” Although Yan Xishuang got on the Starry Sky Wheel, she still felt worried. Under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t worry about Ning Cheng or Qi Shisanxing. But currently, she had some severe injuries that prevented her from using most of her strength.

Ning Cheng had only rescued Yan Xishuang because he knew her and knew that Yan Xishuang was trustworthy. Since she said she would take out a dao fruit tree, she would keep her word.

What he currently lacked right now the most was a dao fruit tree. He did obtain a thunder-attributed dao fruit tree previously. But even if he planted it in a pile of Law Soil and used Wood Origin Crystals to nourish it, it could only help stop the tree from withering. As for wanting to restore its life force, it would still take a lot of time. As such, he couldn’t even think of obtaining a dao fruit from it any time soon.

Lately, Ning Cheng kept feeling the urge to put the half Wood Origin Bead into the Mysterious Yellow Bead and then plant the tree. However, Ning Cheng always chose to give up on it in the end. The Mysterious Yellow Bead was his biggest ace card. If the inner world couldn’t form because of the lack of half a Wood Origin Bead, he would lose out big time.

Now that Yan Xishuang had a dao fruit tree to share, he naturally wanted one. He guessed that Yan Xishuang found the trees due to the Azure Lotus fragment. But what puzzled Ning Cheng was that Yan Xishuang’s strength should have far surpassed ordinary half-step Dao Sculpting experts. So why would she get chased by two half-step Dao Sculpting cultivators?

Qi Shisanxing secretly praised Yan Xishuang’s beauty and spoke up with cupped fists. “I’m Qi Shisanxing of Profound Mood Spirit Gate. I didn’t expect that someone would dare to chase and kill someone from the Seven Star Sacred Shrine.”

“They had appearance changing masks. If I hadn’t fought with two other people while snatching the trees, I wouldn’t have cared about those two.”

Ning Cheng didn’t care about what Yan Xishuang said, as he knew that Yan Xishuang did have that kind of strength. But at least he now understood why Yan Xishuang got chased around by two half-step Dao Sculpting cultivators. Qi Shisanxing, however, felt shocked on hearing that Yan Xishuang wouldn’t have taken two half-step Dao Sculpting experts seriously under ordinary circumstances. This level of strength was too scary, right? He then glanced at Ning Cheng unconsciously. Without Ning Cheng’s help, he wouldn’t have come out of that place even after another ten thousand years. When did the cultivators outside become so powerful?

Yan Xishuang didn’t explain. Instead, she took out a tree exuding a powerful aura of dao charm and placed it on the floor. “This is the tree. Since you saved me, you can keep it.”

“That’s a Bright Cicada True Fruit Tree.” Qi Shisanxing immediately recognised it.

Ning Cheng’s eyes also lit up. It indeed was a perfect and fully formed Dao Fruit Tree. The tree was only three feet tall, but what attracted his attention were the hundred Bright Cicada True Fruits hanging on the tree.

Ning Cheng also understood Bright Cicada True Fruits’ role and knew that it was a rare dao fruit. Moreover, these fruits were one of the few Dao Fruits that could help Holy Emperors condense more spirit essence. But more importantly, one could refine them into Bright Cicada True Pills, spirit pills highly suitable for cultivation.

Generally, after a cultivator successfully entered the Dao Confirming Realm, they would only use dao fruits and other medicinal pills to perceive the dao charm. They might also occasionally use them as assists in perceiving spirit techniques, at most use them for healing. Unfortunately, only very few people had access to pills that could assist in cultivating spirit essence.

It’s not that no one wanted to do it, but mainly because there weren’t many pills that could help Holy Emperors condense spirit essence. Even if it could help Dao Confirming Holy Emperors speed up their cultivation, ordinary spirit pills could potentially affect the perception of dao charm. In other words, if one wanted to improve one’s strength artificially, it would, in most cases, end up decreasing their perception of dao. As such, everyone could clearly distinguish between gains and losses by themselves.

However, this wasn’t the case with the Bright Cicada Spirit Pill refined from the Bright Cicada True Fruit. The Bright Cicada Spirit Pill could not only assist a Dao Confirming Holy Emperor in improving their cultivation speed. It would also not have any effect on the Holy Emperor’s perception of dao charm. That is, using the Bright Cicada Spirit Pill would not only improve one’s cultivation; it would also not affect your perception of Dao. In some cases, depending on the grade of the pill, it might even deepen the perception of your dao.

“Ji He, you’re an Alchemy Master. Hurry up and put away the tree.” Qi Shisanxing quickly reminded Ning Cheng.

He knew that every sect, big or small, would covet this tree. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that even major sects might go to war over this tree. But he also knew that Ning Cheng needed this tree more than anyone else. Ning Cheng was an Alchemy Master, which meant that he required various dao fruits for training. Maybe he could even become a Pill Sage because of this tree.

Seeing Ning Cheng put away the tree, Yan Xishuang glanced at Ning Cheng with some confusion before shifting her gaze to Qi Shisanxing once again. Qi Shisanxing seemed to be a disciple from the top ten sects, but who was this Ji He? Why would he let this Ji He put away the tree?

Immediately, she recalled something and focussed on Qi Shisanxing. “Ah, you’re the son of Profound Moon Spirit Gate’s Sect Master Qi who got lost in the Grand Essence Mystic Realm sixty thousand years ago….”

No one had any idea about how many cultivators had entered the Grand Essence Mystic Realm and never came out. But as the son of the Spirit Gate’s Sect Master, Qi Shisanxing had quite the fame attached to him. As such, almost every disciple from a prominent sect knew about him.

Qi Shisanxing showed a broad smile, “Am I?”

Yan Xishuang felt slightly relieved when she heard that the other party truly was Qi Shisanxing despite his response. Qi Shisanxing was quite a famous disciple from the top ten sects and had a good reputation, so he most likely wouldn’t mistreat her. She exchanged a few words with Ning Cheng and Qi Shisanxing before taking the initiative to enter the inner cabin area and choose a cabin to go into seclusion.

“This time, I obtained a good harvest. After you finish your spirit essence transformation, you better find a way to become a Pill Sage after coming out. Let me bask in your light for some time.” With Yan Xishuang gone, Qi Shisanxing spoke with the same smile.

Ning Cheng took out a jade strip and engraved the first bridge’s spirit technique before passing it to Qi Shisanxing. “You can go and study the first bridge by yourself. I want to break into that fellow’s ring.”

Pill Sage Min Kong’s ring would take a lot of time to open. But Ning Cheng believed that he could easily break open the ring from the half-step Dao Sculpting cultivator he had killed earlier.

Qi Shisanxing eagerly grabbed Ning Cheng’s jade strip and quickly picked a corner to sit down and study the First Bridge of Coping. In the face of such a prestigious spirit technique, who would bother about appearances?

As the Starry Sky Wheel continued to fly towards a set destination, the previous two half-step Dao Sculpting cultivators had already disappeared. During this time, Ning Cheng had also opened the ring from the cultivator swallowed up by his Bridge of Coping. When Ning Cheng saw the piles of divine grass in the ring, he couldn’t help but marvel.

Although most of these divine grasses were only at the low and middle level, he also found a few high-grade divine grasses. Ning Cheng had obtained most of the divine grasses from Pill Sage Min Kong’s medicinal garden. Yet, this fellow still managed to find so many divine grasses after entering the Grand Essence Mystic Realm.

That’s not it, Ning Cheng quickly understood. He immediately thought back to his conversation with Xiong Cang. This fellow couldn’t find so many grasses by himself. Most likely, just like Xiong Cang, he snatched these divine grasses by intercepting and killing other cultivators. Only then could one accumulate so much. Sure enough, Ning Cheng immediately found a bunch of broken rings from other cultivators in a corner.

Ning Cheng smiled; no matter how much this fellow obtained, it belonged to him now.


A few days later, Ning Cheng finally finished sorting out the divine grasses and found the surrounding space’s pressure starting to increase. From the looks of it, Qi Shisanxing spoke correctly. When the time’s up, Grand Essence Mystic Realm’s worldly laws will begin growing in strength.

At this time, Yan Xishuang also walked out from the inner cabin. She had almost fully healed her injuries. Sensing Yan Xishuang walking into the cabin, Qi Shisanxing reluctantly put away the jade strong containing the First Bridge of Coping Spirit Technique.

After Yan Xishuang came out, she thanked Ning Cheng and Qi Shisanxing once again. When she had thanked them back, she still felt quite nervous. But now that her strength had almost recovered, she started to understand that Ning Cheng and Qi Shisanxing truly were upright figures. They didn’t bully her for more, even after the deal.

“We’ve arrived. Haha, I’ve been trapped here for over 60,000 years, and I really can’t wait to get out.” Qi Shisanxing’s spiritual consciousness swept out and found the teleportation array within range. He immediately stood up and laughed.

Ning Cheng immediately stopped the Starry Sky Wheel. After Yan Xishuang and Qi Shisanxing went out, he was just about to put away the Starry Sky Wheel when he saw the familiar back once again.

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