Chapter 0894

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Chapter 0894: A Classical Curse

When the middle-aged man saw Cen Caixuan’s hesitation, he also sighed. “Perhaps now is not the time for us to go picking people. Perhaps people might not even care about this matter. That Ji He has already stayed here for quite a long time, which means he knows that you’re here. Yet, he still hasn’t come here to see you….”

Hearing this, Cen Caixuan suddenly realised something. Ji He was, by no means, a stupid person. He should have come over or at least inquired about this matter no matter what happened. So, why hasn’t he come over yet?


At this moment, the counting of divine grasses had come to an end, and Ning Cheng also slid down to 5th place with his 940 low-level, 300 mid-level and 93 high-level divine grasses. But despite the case, he now had a qualification card to participate in the Grand Essence Great Meet.

After Ning Cheng paid one-fifth of the divine grasses, he showed no intention of exchanging the rest of the divine grasses for stuff. As a Dao Sculpting Pill Deity, having divine grasses was much better than any other cultivation resource. Ning Cheng even rejected the advances from sects and other individuals who wanted to acquire the rest of the divine grasses.

Some people even came by to purchase Ning Cheng’s qualification card to participate in the Grand Essence Great Meet. But still, Ning Cheng rejected them without any hesitation. I paid many divine grasses just for this qualification card; why would I sell it off?

By the time Ning Cheng received and put away the qualification card, Qi Shisanxing finally walked over with a smile. “Congratulations, you got your wish. There shouldn’t be any problem with your strength if you want to enter the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring. But there is one thing you urgently need to address right away.”

“What?” Ning Cheng looked at Qi Shisanxing with a suspicious look.

Qi Shisanxing showed a schadenfreude-filled smile. “Your fiancée Cen Caixuan is looking at you, indicating that the Cen Clan hasn’t completely forgotten you. Regardless of whether the Cen Clan has forgotten you or not, you no longer have any past with them after you came out of the mystic realm. But it also creates a big problem. Whether you’re acting or not, you should go there; otherwise, it will only increase suspicion. Besides, you don’t have to care about your ‘fiancée’ either. I asked around about her. She’s already heavily involved with Guo Haoge of the Grand Essence’s 12 Sacred Children and doesn’t care about your life and death.”

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness following Qi Shisanxing’s gaze and quickly noticed Cen Caixuan looking at him. He didn’t want to talk nonsense with this woman, but he was also not out of danger yet. He couldn’t let others doubt his identity over such trivial matters.

Just when Ning Cheng was about to walk up to her, his expressions suddenly changed.

“What’s wrong?” Qi Shisanxing quickly noticed something wrong about Ning Cheng and promptly asked.

“I already met Qi Baiyi of the Grand Essence’s 12 Sacred Children, and he didn’t die yet. Didn’t think he could run away.” Ning Cheng whispered.

Since the Human-faced Poison Centipede pursued him like a deranged creature, Ning Cheng thought that Qu Baiyi and Huo Erqi must have already fallen to it. Only now did he realise that Qu Baiyi hadn’t died. From the looks of it, Huo Erqi might have also survived.

“The Grand Essence’s 12 Sacred Children have their ace cards. Maybe they all have escape talismans. It’s quite normal that they haven’t died.” Qi Shisanxing explained through a sound transmission.

Ning Cheng nodded, and his spiritual consciousness vaguely swept towards the 9-revolving Sacred Dao Pond area once again. But this time, he did not see the woman with a scarf covering her face.

“I’ll go over. You don’t have to worry.” Ning Cheng signalled Qi Shisanxing to ignore him and took the initiative to walk towards Cen Caixuan.

“Remember, Ji He was quite stupid when facing his fiancée. Don’t drag things out….” Qi Shisanxing couldn’t help but send Ning Cheng another voice transmission to help him out.

Before Ning Cheng reached Cen Clan’s place, a middle-aged man greeted him with a smile on his face. “Ji He. It truly is a happy event that you came out of the mystic realm. Truly a great occasion. After taking care of a few things, you and Caixuan can go to Cen Clan’s Corner City to celebrate. Caixuan had long wanted to find you, but because of the fear of influencing your divine grass count, she didn’t dare to come to meet you.”

“Ji He greets Senior Taihe.” Ning Cheng quickly cupped his fists and greeted this middle-aged man. Qi Shisanxing had already introduced some of the main characters of the Cen Clan to him. It’s only because of his help did Ning Cheng know that this middle-aged male cultivator was called Cen Taihe, Cen Caixuan’s uncle.

Cen Taihe immediately noticed how Ning Cheng called out to him and felt it a bit off from the usual. However, before he could speak, he saw Ning Cheng’s gaze falling on Cen Caixuan behind him.

Before he had the time even to register his surprise, he heard a slightly subtle but vocal voice call out from behind. “Caixuan, the Grand Essence Great Meet is about to start. You and I can go to the Heaven Essence Sacred City first, and I will take you to the Heaven Essence Auction to see if there is anything there that catches your eye.”

As soon as Cen Taihe heard this voice, he didn’t need to look back at all. His heart sank. He knew that Guo Haoge of the Grand Essence’s 12 Sacred Children had arrived. This Guo Haoge didn’t come early or late, but just in time.

Cen Caixuan looked at Guo Haoge with surprise. She didn’t expect Guo Haoge to treat her this softly today. Even if Guo Haoge was a short, thin and black-eyed person, she still considered Guo Haoge the most handsome person. Ji He might have obtained many divine grasses, but how could it compare to Guo Haoge? One had to know that Guo Haoge was not just River Luo Sacred River’s disciple but also one of the Grand Essence’s 12 Sacred Children.

Ning Cheng’s eyes flashed with a trace of disappointment, and he stared at Cen Caixuan with slight anger. However, internally he felt relieved to find an excuse to not make a fool out of himself. It looks like this Ji He didn’t have good eyes, falling for a woman who didn’t even care about him.

However, Ning Cheng soon felt something wrong with the situation. He could feel Guo Haoge looking at him with a hint of provocation and challenge.

Seeing Guo Haoge taking the initiative to hold Cen Caixuan’s hand, Ning Cheng understood that this kid wanted to provoke him deliberately. His actions saying, ‘even if I took you fiancée, what can you do to me?’

But then combining it with Cen Caixuan’s happy expression, Ning Cheng understood that Gao Haoge didn’t think anything of Cen Caixuan. From the looks of it, Guo Haoge came here not because he went out of the mystic realm and felt a crisis of someone else pursuing Cen Caixuan. But rather because someone asked him to do so.

Ji He just came out of the Mystic Realm, and even before that, Ji He kept a low profile. How could he have any enemies? Ning Cheng’s gaze then trailed towards 9-revolving Sacred Dao Pond. Sure enough, he saw Shi Yishuang looking at him with contempt.

Understanding that Shi Yishuang must be the one behind it, Ning Cheng sneered inwardly. He wasn’t Ji He, so what about Ji He’s fiancée and other things. Ning Cheng didn’t care about it at all. As for Shi Yishuang, he chose to ignore her entirely. Shi Qionghua was his wife, not Shi Yishuang.

Cen Taihe looked at Ning Cheng and Guo Haoge awkwardly. At this time, he did not dare to say anything. He could still afford to play around and even provoke Ji He, but his Cen Clan cannot afford to provoke one of the Grand Essence’s 12 Sacred Children.

“Presumably, you’re Ji He? Congratulations on getting a Grand Essence Great Meet Qualifications Card. The Grand Essence Great Meet is a very dangerous competition, not a place for children to play. I heard that you know Caixuan. If you want, I can help you transfer this qualification card. After all, having one in your hand will be quite troublesome to you.” Guo Haoge spoke with a sarcasm-laden tone when he saw Ning Cheng’s gaze on him.

Cen Caixuan had already woken up from her initial happiness, and her expressions turned a little ugly. In any case, she was still Ji He’s fiancée. But now, she stood here holding hands with another man in front of her fiancée. It was a bit too much. She wanted to take her hand away from Guo Haoge, but she also felt very reluctant. Moreover, Guo Haoge had quite a firm grasp.

Seeing Guo Haoge’s expression, Ning Cheng felt the urge to laugh. Guo Haoge’s appearance and the way he spoke brought up an image of another person in Ning Cheng’s mind. Song Jiang from Water Margin. Short, black and ugly.

Ning Cheng wanted to retort, but he gave up when he remembered Ji He’s supposed character.

Seeing Ning Cheng turning around and slowly leaving, Cen Caixuan suddenly felt a sense of guilt and emptiness.

Guo Haoge laughed, “I will also participate in the great meet this time. In case I meet you at the Heaven Essence Sacred City’s battle stage, I promise to spare your life for Caixuan’s sake.”

Someone had asked him to ridicule Ji He. Otherwise, as one of the Grand Essence’s 12 Sacred Children, he wouldn’t have come here to do such boring things. As for Cen Caixuan, hehe, if he wanted, he could take her right here and now. He didn’t care about her, even a bit.

Ning Cheng finally stopped. He glanced at Guo Haoge with a calm gaze and said, “It’s not your fault that you look ugly, but it just doesn’t feel right for you to try and look scary with your face. Well, it only shows that your father loves you a bit too much. Instead of pushing you to the margins, he even gave you a way to live.”

How could Guo Haoge even understand Ning Cheng’s classic and earthly curse words in just a short period? He couldn’t fully digest the words when Ning Cheng suddenly looked at the sky and then looked at Guo Haoge with a smile and said, “I had my heart on the bright moon, but the bright moon……. Alas.”

Before he finished speaking, the smile on Ning Cheng’s face instantly converged. He quickly turned around and left.

People counted Guo Haoge among the Grand Essence’s 12 Sacred Children. Plus, the River Luo Sacred Sect had even raised him. It meant that he naturally wasn’t a fool. Even if he hadn’t experienced the classical curses from Earth, he quickly put two and two together after some time. He never thought that someone would use such vicious words without a bit of poison in them.

“You’re looking for death.” After understanding the intent behind Ning Cheng’s words, Guo Haoge finally felt flames of anger rising towards Ning Cheng. Even his murderous aura started to flow out suddenly.

“What, want to fight? I’ll accompany you.” Qi Shisanxing saw Guo Haoge’s current state and immediately walked over.

Seeing Qi Shisanxing walk over, Guo Haoge’s anger suddenly calmed down. He wasn’t afraid of facing Qi Shisanxing, but he didn’t want to start here. As one of the 12 Sacred Children, he cannot be the one to start a fight in such an open place.

Seeing that Guo Haoge did not dare to continue, QI Shisanxing sneered disdainfully, patted Ning Cheng’s shoulder and smiled. “Ji He, why didn’t you finish that sentence just now? That sentence sounded truly beautiful. What about the bright moon?”

Ning Cheng pretended to sigh, “But the bright moon shines on shit.”

“Haha….” Qi Shisanxing covered his stomach and laughed. He truly couldn’t figure out how Ning Cheng thought of it, but he loved it.

Qi Shisanxing couldn’t help but laugh even louder when he thought of how Ning Cheng treated the twelve Sacred Children as shit. Not only Qi Shisanxing but the people around them who heard this sentence also couldn’t help but laugh. Guo Haoge’s face turned blue with anger, and by now, he had already started to regard Ning Cheng as a dead person in his heart.

It didn’t matter if Ning Cheng hid in the Profound Moon Spirit Gate. As long as he dared to go to the Heaven Essence Sacred City to participate in the Grand Essence Great Meet, he would have a way to kill Ning Cheng.

Knowing that he couldn’t do anything to Ning Cheng in this place, Guo Haoge, who almost vomited blood out of anger, turned around and also left. He didn’t even bother with Cen Caixuan.

Cen Taihe sighed as he looked at Guo Haoge’s back. For him, even if Ji He wanted to return to the Cen Clan right now, he would never dare accept it. After offending Guo Haoge, would his Cen Clan still dare to have a relationship with Ji He?

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