Chapter 0913

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Chapter 0913: Man Huishan’s Pursuit

After being swept into the void, the broken, crumbling fragments of the spring disintegrated without a trace left behind. The Mysterious Yellow Pearl also followed these fragments and entered the vast emptiness.

After Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness swept out, he saw nothing but the void around him. He immediately came out of the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

Sure enough, after coming out, Ning Cheng no longer felt any of the previous teleportation power. From the looks of it, he had truly fallen into the void with the remains of the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring. This place had no coordinates or directions or even anything in sight. Except for the vast emptiness of the void and the occasional meteorite passing by in the far distance, Ning Cheng saw nothing.

Just when Ning Cheng started to think if this place was the Bright Void or the Dark Void, a void ship unexpectedly crossed the edge of his spiritual consciousness.

Ning Cheng quickly brought out the Starry Sky Wheel and followed it. But just after activating the Starry Sky Wheel, a clear directional map appeared on the Starry Sky Wheel’s astrolabe, to Ning Cheng’s amazement.

After he had refined the Starry Sky Wheel back then, the four great starry skies’ coordinates had also appeared on the Starry Sky Wheel’s astrolabe. That huge surprise in itself made Ning Cheng feel as if he had won the lottery. He never considered that even after leaving that place, the Starry Sky Wheel would still show the star coordinates of the void outside the Grand Essence Realm.

From this, Ning Cheng understood that the Starry Sky Wheel truly wasn’t an object originating from the four great starry skies. It likely came from here or somewhere on the same level as the Grand Essence Realm. As Ning Cheng’s gaze fell on the Starry Sky Wheel’s astrolabe, he decided to not chase after the flight-type weapon that he had noticed before.

The Starry Sky Wheel showed the location of the Grand Essence Realm, which seemed to be very far away from where he was right now. Also marked on the Starry Sky Wheel’s astrolabe were some unoccupied dead planets and some large slabs of lands without any life.

However, at the left corner of the Starry Sky Wheel’s astrolabe, a greyish coloured area marked as ‘Land of Broken Laws’ attracted Ning Cheng’s attention.

‘The Land of Broken Laws’, Ning Cheng had a reasonably good idea about it. It was a place where the laws of heaven and earth had shattered to bits. One could even consider it as a place devoid of any laws of heaven and earth. As such, spirit techniques and abilities related to laws became useless in that place. Not only could one not use any techniques, but even flight-type artefacts would also lose their ability to fly within that place.

In such a place, even a seasoned cultivator would find it extremely difficult to survive. Moreover, since it had no laws, it also meant no essence aura for cultivation.

Ning Cheng shook his head; he naturally wouldn’t go to the Land of Broken Laws. Moreover, at this moment, his appearance had fully recovered. So, he decided to disguise himself and return to the Grand Essence Realm to continue his search for Yan Ji. If he still found no news about Yan Ji, he decided to head towards the Grand Essence Ruins and study array formations. Perhaps one day, he could restore the teleportation formation connecting the Grand Essence Sea to the Night Essence Celestial River’s Thorn Tooth Lake.

But just as Ning Cheng started to adjust the direction of the Starry Sky Wheel, a familiar sense of crisis appeared in his consciousness. Ning Cheng had felt the same sense of crisis once before, during the Grand Essence Great Meet. He later confirmed that it wasn’t an illusion as Man Huishan had truly come for him at the Heaven Essence Sacred City’s public square.

Ning Cheng had used ten bottles of Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pills to make a deal with the Star Stepping Pagoda Master at that time. If he hadn’t, he most likely would have become another dead soul under Man Huishan long before today.

Fortunately, Ning Cheng’s celestial essence had now fully transformed into spirit essence, allowing his strength to soar wildly. Even against a true Dao Sculpting cultivator, Ning Cheng had enough confidence to put up a fight. Even if he couldn’t defeat them, he could easily escape.

Unfortunately, despite the spike in strength, Ning Cheng was still an Eternal Starry Sky Emperor right now. Against someone like Man Huishan, Ning Cheng didn’t even have the slightest thought of fighting. Even if his strength increased by a hundred times, he didn’t feel that he could even block a single attack from Man Huishan. He knew that he had no chance of fighting back against a Second-step Dao Confirming Holy Emperor like Man Huishan.

Ning Cheng took in a deep breath and decided against going to the Grand Essence Ruins for now. But just as his gaze swept away from the Starry Sky Wheel’s astrolabe, an abrupt bright spot appeared at its corner.

Ning Cheng felt sure that this bright spot didn’t exist when he looked at the Starry Sky Wheel’s astrolabe before. But now, a bright spot had suddenly and inexplicably appeared on it. Moreover, it moved towards him with shocking speed.

Someone was coming after him. Ning Cheng took in another deep breath and forced himself to calm down. Then, he quickly took control of the Starry Sky Wheel and pushed it to its current limits. The originally still Starry Sky Wheel instantly cut through the void and disappeared.

Ning Cheng had a vague suspicion that the one chasing after him was Man Huishan. But he felt equally confused as to how Man Huishan found his location.

Sure enough, after Ning Cheng drove the Starry Sky Wheel in a different direction, the bright spot behind him also quickly changed directions towards him. Seeing this, Ning Cheng frantically poured more spirit essence into it and pushed the Starry Sky Wheel beyond the previous limits. But even then, the bright spot behind it gradually shortened the distance between them.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank. Comparing the speeds, he estimated that this bright spot would catch up to the Starry Sky Wheel in less than half a month.

“Chasing Bull, take control of the Starry Sky Wheel and rush towards the Land of Broken laws. Don’t worry about spirit crystals.” Ning Cheng immediately called out Chasing Bull to control the Starry Sky Wheel.

The Land of Broken Laws restricted the use of law-related spirit techniques and even one’s cultivation. Moreover, the higher the cultivation level, the greater the restriction. If it was truly Man Huishan chasing after him, a place that restricted law-related spirit techniques might be the best option.

“What about you, Master?” When Chasing Bool saw Ning Cheng’s expressions, he understood that the matter at hand was an extremely urgent one. Yet, during such a critical situation, Ning Cheng decided to give him control of the Starry Sky Wheel. Didn’t his master already know that the lower the cultivation level of the one driving the Starry Sky Wheel, the slower its speed?

“I have something to do.” After Ning Cheng spoke that one sentence to Chasing Bull, he immediately entered the True Spirit World.

Ning Cheng truly had to take care of something. That is, he had to finish that top-grade starry sky battleship that old man Kong He left incomplete.

Fortunately, Kong He had almost completed the entire top-grade battleship. Meaning, it wouldn’t take Ning Cheng more than two or three days to finish the remaining work.

At this moment, Ning Cheng even felt a little grateful towards old man Kong He. If it weren’t for the old man letting him enter his cabin and study for a while, Ning Cheng wouldn’t have known where to even start with this kind of high-tech starship. Technology was something that you understood or you didn’t. There wasn’t anything like an epiphany in technology.

In just two days, Ning Cheng finally completed this top-grade starry sky battleship.

After completing this top-grade battleship, Ning Cheng finally felt some relief. The Land of Broken Laws wouldn’t allow flight-type artefacts to operate or even allow one to use flight-related techniques. In other words, it would reject and suppress all law-related fluctuations. However, technological products were different; their use wasn’t dependent on laws or cultivation level.

Once he entered the Land of Broken Laws, he could change to this top-grade starship. In any case, Ning Cheng didn’t believe that a Dao Essence expert like Man Huishan would use a lowly technological product.

As Ning Cheng walked out, the bright spot catching up on the astrolabe kept growing brighter and brighter as it moved closer to him.

“Leave the rest to me. Just keep feeding spirit crystals to the Starry Sky Wheel.” Ning Cheng said as he took out a ring and gave it to Chasing Bull before controlling the Starry Sky Wheel.

Under Ning Cheng’s control, the Starry Sky Wheel’s speed increased by more than double. The shortening distance between them and the bright spot also slowed down once again. As Chasing Bull fed spirit crystals to the Starry Sky Wheel from the side, it also provided an additional boost to the Starry Sky Wheel’s speed.


Ning Cheng had guessed correctly. The one chasing after him was none other than Man Huishan. The reason Man Huishan had come here was due to the better-than-normal knowledge he had about the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring. When that great expert set up the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring’s formation, his Barbarian Dragon Clan’s Man Suotian vaguely knew its potential location.

However, Man Suotian didn’t know the second entrance to the Extraterrestrial Spirit Spring. Rather, he only knew the general area within the void where the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring was situated.

After Man Suotian reached Dao Perfection, he naturally told Man Huishan about this place.

Man Huishan waited for more than four years at the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring’s teleportation formation. But not seeing any sign of Ning Cheng, he gave the task of keeping an eye over it to a few elders of the Barbarian Dragon Clan. As for him, he came to search the general area of the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring’s location in the void. He guessed that since Ning Cheng hadn’t come out till now, Ning Cheng would most likely come out from this location if he didn’t go through the teleportation formation.

He regained his patience and waited here for over an entire year. But then suddenly, he felt a hint of Mysterious Yellow Origin Aura. But before he could even investigate the source of this wisp of Mysterious Yellow Origin Aura, it had disappeared.

Then, a bright spot of the Starry Sky Wheel appeared on his Void Positional Disk. At this moment, he had already started rushing towards it to check it out. But a moment later, the bright spot’s speed increased explosively and fled in a direction opposite to him. This action allowed Man Huishan to confirm with 90% surety that this bright spot was Ning Cheng, who escaped from the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring.

Initially, Man Huishan could still close the gap between the bright spot he assumed was Ning Cheng and him. He even thought that Ning Cheng was now nothing more than a lamb under his knife. But unexpectedly, two days later, the bright spot he chased after suddenly sped up. It made Man Huishan extremely depressed, but he once again accelerated his flight-type weapon.

Now he not only suspected that Ning Cheng had the 5-coloured Star Splitting Arrow on him. He even started to imagine that Ning Cheng had something akin to the Mysterious Yellow Origin on him. If Ning Cheng truly possessed the Mysterious Yellow Origin, then his benefits would be even more immeasurable.

Luckily, although Man Huishan’s thought process brought him here, he didn’t think about the possibility of Ning Cheng possessing the Mysterious Yellow Bead. In any case, Mysterious Yellow Origin didn’t necessarily equate to the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

For Man Huishan, the Mysterious Yellow Origin and the 5-coloured Star Splitting Arrow were more than enough to go crazy and chase after Ning Cheng with all his might.

Another few days passed by, and the distance between Ning Cheng and him kept shortening. By this time, he could even touch Ning Cheng’s Starry Sky Wheel with his spiritual consciousness. However, he still felt as if something wasn’t right, as the place Ning Cheng headed to was the Land of Broken Laws.

But after confirming that Ning Cheng truly was moving towards the Land of Broken Laws, Man Huishan, instead, sneered. Even if you went to the Land of Broken Laws, what could you do? Even in the Land of Broken Laws, he could still crush a tiny Eternal cultivator as if he were crushing an ant.

Ning Cheng’s outer expression only showed calmness, but internally, he grew more and more anxious. He could now clearly see Man Huishan’s flight-type weapon on the astrolabe. At this speed, Ning Cheng started to worry that Man Huishan might just manage to stop him before he could even enter the Land of Broken Laws.

Even Chasing Bull, who always liked to patronise Ning Cheng, didn’t speak any nonsense at this moment. Instead, he wore a worried expression as he continued to feed the Starry Sky Wheel with spirit crystals.

I can’t let this continue. Ning Cheng had just thought of it and immediately started burning up his spirit essence and spiritual consciousness. The next moment, the Starry Sky Wheel accelerated even more.

When Man Huishan saw the Starry Sky Wheel continue to accelerate from afar, a cold smile started to creep upon his face. It was nothing more than wishing for death in his eyes. With this kind of acceleration, by the time he caught up, Ning Cheng wouldn’t even have the ability to breathe. At that point, Ning Cheng would have no other option but to accept death.

As he continued to close the distance, the silhouette of Ning Cheng’s Starry Sky Wheel also started to grow clearer within Man Huishan’s spiritual consciousness. By this moment, Man Huishan could now clearly see the Starry Sky Wheel without even using the Void Direction Disc.

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness also swept out and saw Man Huishan rapidly closing the distance between them. At this moment, Man Huishan stood at the front end of his flight-type weapon with his murderous aura fully unleashed. Even with a considerable distance between them, it still made Ning Cheng’s breathing incomparably difficult.

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