Chapter 0920

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Chapter 0920: The Ruthless Maiden

It quickly turned into a one-sided slaughter in a fight as these cultivators could cast spells, and the Blue True Hope Tribe couldn’t form their circles to channel Power of Hope.

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness swept out, and he felt shocked. His spiritual consciousness, which could only stretch out to a range of a thousand meters, had suddenly enhanced. At this moment, his spiritual consciousness readily stretched out to two thousand meters. He could still stretch it out a lot further with a bit of exertion.

But, more importantly, he felt a little more aura of laws in the originally lawless heaven and earth.

Whatever was going on, Ning Cheng knew that he had to leave while he could.

As he rushed out of the wooden house, he found that the man from the Hope Tribe, who had saved him earlier, was currently facing a siege from two cultivators. Although the protective Power of Hope around him had enough power to resist, one of the two cultivators had already retrained him. At the same time, the other one’s hook-shaped weapon shot straight towards the man’s head.

Ning Cheng, who wanted to dash out, didn’t even think before taking out a spear-type dao artefact and shooting it out.

In a place with the laws broken and almost non-existent along with a severely weakened spiritual consciousness, a spirit artefact would only limit the use of his strength.

“Boom….” Ning Cheng’s spear and his opponent’s hook clashed, causing a rather intense essence qi explosion. Whether one looked at the strength of his spirit essence or the power of his spiritual consciousness, this cultivator simply couldn’t compare to Ning Cheng.

Therefore, that one strike from Ning Cheng’s spear had blown away the cultivator. But before the cultivator could even hit the ground, Ning Cheng’s spear traces exploded onto his body.

It was just that in such a place with weak and broken laws, Ning Cheng’s spear traces didn’t contain too much power, especially this far away from him. Moreover, the other party’s strength wasn’t shallow either. As such, these spear traces couldn’t tear through the cultivator but only left a few deep wounds.

The other cultivator, who had suppressed the man from the Hope Tribe, quickly retreated by a few feet on seeing Ning Cheng blowing away his companion. He was afraid that Ning Cheng and this Hope tribesman would surround him.

“Thank you for saving me.” The Hope tribesman gratefully thanked Ning Cheng after noticing that he escaped from certain death.

Ning Cheng smiled, “No need to thank me. You also saved me back then.”

This Hope tribesman obviously wasn’t a person with a kind heart. However, hearing Ning Cheng’s words, his face immediately turned a little red. It was because when he had pulled Ning Cheng up back then, he didn’t count it as having saved Ning Cheng. In any case, he had also tied Ning Cheng up and brought him to the Hope Tribe.

“I’m called Qiao Yi.” The Hope Tribesman spoke up once again.

“I’m Ning Cheng.” Ning Cheng had a good impression of this Qiao Yi who had helped him once and didn’t hide his name. “Why did so many people come here to sneak attack today? How come your king didn’t foresee it?”

“Not good. The king is in danger…..” When Qiao Yi heard Ning Cheng talk about his king, he immediately remembered the king’s situation and turned around to leave.

However, he quickly recalled something and hurriedly looked at Ning Cheng again and spoke up with a pleading urgency, “Ning Cheng, I want to save my king. Can you help me?”

Ning Cheng didn’t hesitate and responded, “Since you saved me then, of course, I can help you a little. It’s just that there are too many dharma cultivators here, and I’m not a match against them. So after I help you, I need to escape quickly. I’m afraid that your Blue True Hope Tribe might……”

Ning Cheng wanted to say that the Blue True Hope Tribe might not survive, but he refrained.

“Thank you, thank you…..” Qiao Yi turned around and immediately left. It seemed as if he didn’t care at all about the cultivators killing through his Hope Tribe, nor did he seem to care about what Ning Cheng said.

Following behind Qiao Yi, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel somewhat puzzled. How could the Blue True Hope Tribe live here for so many years if it was so weak and easily killed?

After Qiao Yi led Ning Cheng around the public square, two giant trees suddenly appeared in Ning Cheng’s eyes. Ning Cheng had observed this public square many times but had never seen these two huge trees before. Seeing Qiao Yi rush through the gap between the giant trees and disappear, Ning Cheng quickly followed.

Once inside, it was as if Ning Cheng had entered another world. A burst of spell fluctuations and essence qi explosions came through, and he even found a bit of blood floating around in the air. Immediately afterwards, Ning Cheng saw a dozen cultivators fighting against a beautiful woman. Ning Cheng knew this beautiful woman; she was that Aunt Li he had seen when monitoring Lan Bing’s room earlier.

He then noticed the dozen or so corpses, both male and female, lying on the ground. Most of them were people from the Blue True Hope Tribe, but they also contained a few cultivator corpses.

The beautiful woman was covered in blood. She was in a mess, and even the clothes on her body had disintegrated beyond recognition. Although a white light blasted out every time she fought back, there were simply too many cultivators surrounding her.

“I’ll kill you, you bastards…..” Qiao Yi roared in anger on seeing the tragic scene before him and rushed forward like a raving lunatic.

A little further away, a white mist swirled around, with seemingly something in its centre. A moment later, Ning Cheng noticed Lan Bing sitting on the opposite edge of the fog, seemingly oblivious to the outside world. One could say that if the beautiful woman hadn’t blocked these cultivators, they would have already rushed over and killed Lan Bing. Or at least had captured her.

The mist seemed to contain an endless amount of law powers. From its looks, it seemed as if this mist devoured the laws of heaven and earth to empower itself.

Ning Cheng sighed. He had already guessed a few things. If he didn’t assume wrongly, this fog should be from the Bestowing Lawless Fruit or something related to it. Most likely, it was time for the Bestowing Lawless Fruit to mature. Combining it with the carnage along the way, the Hope Tribe seemed to have not known that it would end up creating such a commotion.

Qiao Yi had already rushed in and still had the Power of Hope’s protection, which meant he would be fine for a while. On the contrary, the one in most danger was the beautiful woman. By the time Ning Cheng looked at her, he already knew that she wouldn’t last for more than a few breaths if he didn’t take action.

He had come to help Qiao Yi. Now that Qiao Yi had already started, Ning Cheng naturally wouldn’t just stand by and watch. Taking out the long spear, he immediately cast a few spear shadows and rushed to the beautiful woman’s side.

Whether it was because of the ripening of the Bestowing Lawless Fruit or something else, his spiritual consciousness’s strength had improved significantly in this place. However, despite his spiritual consciousness’s enhancement, his strength was still far from enough to allow him to cast any spirit technique.

But despite the situation, once the spear traces entered the fray, it instantly blew off the arm of a cultivator about to kill the beautiful woman. The next moment, Ning Cheng’s spear cut through an almost invisible trail that immediately severed the now-armless cultivator’s head.

Ning Cheng took out a person as soon as he arrived. However, it was still not enough to change the situation. Rather, it only changed the problem with the beautiful woman from precarious to slightly less perilous.

“You’re a cultivator; how dare you help this bunch of Hope believers, scum…..” A middle-aged male cultivator cursed out in anger when he saw Ning Cheng using a cultivation technique to kill one of their own.

The beautiful woman also didn’t expect Ning Cheng to come over and help her out. But before she could thank Ning Cheng, several more spell lights blasted on her.

At that moment, Lan Bing, sitting at the opposite edge of the white mist, suddenly stood up. Her hands then started making strange mudras while she chanted something in an unknown language under her breath.

Ning Cheng, who was just about to strike, suddenly felt a wave of coldness around him. It felt as if an invisible hand had wrapped around him, wanting to squeeze him to death. At this moment, whatever little spirit essence he could muster got sealed away, along with the slight bit of spiritual consciousness he could use after a month’s cultivation. A vague prayer-like hymn started to ring within his ears, making it almost impossible for him to refuse or even put up a resistance.

“Don’t kill Ning Cheng……” The beautiful woman had just called out these words when endless white blades started to rain from the sky.

A wave of miserable screams rang out continuously in Ning Cheng’s ears. The next moment, Ning Cheng saw all the cultivators surrounding the beautiful woman getting torn to shreds under the endless blade lights. At that exact moment, the white blades also started to rain down in him.

One after another, the blade lights blasted at his body, tearing through his clothes and carving out one bloody wound after another.

Ning Cheng’s heart chilled a little. He felt sure that if he wasn’t a body refiner with a perfected starry sky body, these blade lights would have already shredded him apart.

“Bing’er, don’t kill Ning Cheng. STOP IT!” The beautiful woman yelled.

Lan Bing, however, didn’t stop. Rather, she even increased the power within the blade lights. These blades couldn’t threaten his life. But as the energy within them started to grow stronger, it turned his body into something akin to a blood-stained rag. However, the scene of being bound by a powerful force and unable to fight back gave Ning Cheng a deep feeling of frustration.

“Your majesty, I beg you to spare Ning Cheng.” Qiao Yi even fell to his knees.

However, Lan Bing still didn’t have any thoughts of stopping. She continued forming mudras, and those white lights still continued to rain down.

Ning Cheng finally felt some regret in his heart. He had long since known that the Hope Tribe wasn’t as simple as it looked on the surface. And now, it really seems to be the case. If this continued, even the starry sky body wouldn’t be able to withstand the constant punishment.

“Poof…..” Finally, Lan Bing stopped chanting as another blade light drew out a blood mist from Ning Cheng’s body.

Qiao Yi immediately ran to Ning Cheng’s side and lifted him up with both hands, “Ning Cheng, are you alright?”

After Lan Bing stopped chanting and forming mudras, he could finally use a bit of his spirit essence. He casually took out a robe and put it on his body which had long been dyed red with blood, before answering Qiao Yi’s question. “I’m fine. I’ll be taking my leave now. Let’s meet later if fate wills it.”

Ning Cheng quickly used his spiritual consciousness to carve a teleportation formation deep under his feet as he spoke. After establishing the teleportation formation, he slowly headed towards the exit, coming out from between the two giant trees. Inside that place, he finally felt a threat, a threat strong enough to take his little life.

He had clearly come to help, but Lan Bing had shown him no mercy and came after him with the intent to kill, which increasingly made him feel the ruthlessness of this woman. Even after killing the other cultivators around him, Lan Bing mobilised those hope-powered blade lights to attack him.

Yet, despite the threat he felt, Ning Cheng set up a teleportation array inside to get a few Bestowing Lawless Fruits on his way out. He owed Qiao Yi, not Lan Bing. Since she injured her to such an extent, he naturally wouldn’t return without exacting some compensation.

When Ning Cheng walked out between the two giant trees, all that met his eyes were corpses. Except for Hope Tribe members still alive, the cultivators who had come in had been shredded to death by the hope-powered blade lights without exception.

Qiao Yi followed after him and said apologetically to Ning Cheng, “I’m sorry, her majesty only acted like that out of anxiety for my Hope Tribe’s crisis. That’s why she mobilised the sacred image’s Power of Hope to attack these cultivators. She actually didn’t mean to target you.”

Ning Cheng only smiled and patted Qiao Yi’s shoulder, “It’s alright, I can understand. If I want to go out of the Land of Broken Laws, can you provide me with a better map?”

Looking at Ning Cheng’s face covered in blood and blade wounds everywhere, Qiao Yi couldn’t help but feel guilty. He shook his head and said, “After coming inside the Land of Broken Laws, I’m afraid there is no way to get out. I also don’t have a map of this place.”

“Forget it if you don’t have one. I’ll take my leave first then.” After Ning Cheng finished speaking, he quickened his pace and quickly walked out of the Hope Tribe’s vast green plane and crossed through the canyon.

All along the way, all Ning Cheng saw were corpses of Hope Clan’s people and couldn’t help but sigh a little in his heart. The law of the jungle applied everywhere, even in the depths of the Land of Broken Laws. Wasn’t he also preparing to return and steal the Bestowing Lawless Fruit?

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