Chapter 0924

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Chapter 0924: Entering the valley and taking an oath.

After chatting with the silver-haired woman along the way, Ning Cheng learned that the silver-haired woman was called Carole, a receptionist of sorts in this place. She usually didn’t have much going on here as people rarely came out of their caves to hang around.

He also learned that the valley master was called Sikou Zhiyuan and was the most powerful expert here. He supposedly treated everyone in the valley fairly. As for the dark-skinned middle-aged man from before, his name was Eddy. He was one of the valley’s guardians. Eddy was also a top powerhouse before he came to the Valley of Peace.

Along the way, Ning Cheng also noticed some of the cultivator caves, which all looked very ordinary. Only a few of them had some faint fluctuations around them. Carole said that one could easily live in these slightly lower-level cultivator caves after paying ten million spirit crystals for as long as one wants. But if you want to live in a better cultivator cave, you would need to make a regular deposit of a generous amount of spirit crystals.

Besides, some of the cave complexes were personally set up by several powerful masters. They had hints of different heaven and earth laws. However, unlike the caves near the periphery, these caves weren’t accessible. They not only required a payment of a certain amount of spirit crystals every year but also required other special permissions from the Dao Fusion experts.

As for the Dao Fusion experts, the valley had quite a few. Some even regularly came out of seclusion in the Valley of Peace to discuss the dao with everyone. However, only those with sufficient funds can come to hear their dao sermons. Some experts from outside even deliberately entered the Land of Broken Laws just for these dao discussions.

When Ning Cheng heard this, his heart grew more and more amazed. Only now did he realise that more than one Dao Fusion expert resided in the Valley of Peace. Moreover, there were even people who deliberately entered the Land of Broken Laws.

On the other hand, Man Huishan’s expressions turned unsightly. The stronger the Valley of Peace was, the harder it would be to achieve his goal.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Carole, did you just say that there are people here who deliberately entered the Land of Broken Laws?” Ning Cheng truly couldn’t help himself and ask.

He had always thought that all those who had entered the Land of Broken Laws had come here involuntarily. Who would be so bored as to enter this place purposely? Even if it was Man Huishan, he only came here to hunt him down.

Man Huishan grunted with disdain. Ignorant little ant. What was so unusual about purposefully coming to the Land of Broken Laws? Although he had entered this place while chasing Ning Cheng, he also planned to explore it later. It was just that he didn’t expect Ning Cheng to be so slippery to the point that he had even lost his way.

Carole said gruffly, “Naturally, there aren’t just one or two people who entered the Land of Broken Laws on purpose. There have been quite a few. It’s just that most of these people have fallen. Not many had the luck of finding the Valley of Peace.”

Ning Cheng asked in confusion, “Senior Apprentice Sister Carole. I’ve been in the Land of Broken Laws for quite some time now. Although it does have some dangers, they shouldn’t be enough to kill those powerful experts, right?”

Carole chuckled, “That’s because you’ve only been in here for a short time, and you’re also quite lucky to not fall into a deadly place. If you live long enough in the Land of Broken Laws, you will find that what you’ve seen till now is just the tip of the iceberg that is the Land of Broken Laws.”

Ning Cheng still kept thinking about ways to get out of this place. Therefore, when he heard this, he spoke up in an even more polite tone, “I ask Senior Apprentice Sister Carole to enlighten me.”

Carole continued, “The Land of Broken Laws is, as the name implies, a place that has lost its laws. The laws of this place had shattered a long time ago. No one knows why or when. Any strand of law would also eventually dissipate into nothingness. Besides, whichever place you enter, you will find your spiritual consciousness suppressed the moment you step into the Land of Broken Laws. Even operating your spirit essence wouldn’t be possible. But sometimes, if you’re unlucky, you might end up suppressed in a truly lawless place.”

“Once bound in such a place, not to mention your spiritual consciousness and spirit essence, you will find it difficult even to move a finger or even breathe. These places pop up randomly, like a harmless-looking mud puddle. If you’re not careful and step on it without thinking, you will drown in that mud puddle. If you somehow step into a lawless vortex, the vortex would slowly strip your flesh and blood before eventually grinding down your soul into nothingness. Not to mention about unknowingly stepping into a dangerous place, it wouldn’t matter even if you stood still in a relatively safe place. The field you’re standing on might suddenly turn into a vortex or a swamp…..”

Ning Cheng then suddenly recalled how he got trapped in the swamp that tried to suck him down. At that time, the connection to his spiritual consciousness and spirit essence had suddenly disappeared. As such, he somewhat understood what Carole meant. Man Huishan had also entered the swamp to catch him at that time, but Man Huishan could still use a part of his spiritual consciousness. It should most likely have been the result of Man Huishan having a higher cultivation level than him.

As Carole continued, he learned that these sudden appearances of suppressive forces weren’t of the same strength. If Man Huishan had entered a more powerful lawless area, then perhaps even he could only wait for death.

“I once encountered some strange people when I entered. They said they were from the Hope Tribe. Are these people not bound by the Land of Broken Laws?” Ning Cheng carefully asked. He didn’t know if the people who came to snatch the Bestowing Lawless Fruit came from the Valley of Peace.

After hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Carole’s tone turned a little gruff, “The Hope Tribe is a unique existence in the Land of Broken Laws. However, they always keep to themselves and are extremely wary of others. Our Valley of Peace also keeps a distance from them and makes sure not to cross paths. I’ve heard that even if a Dao Fusion expert entered the Hope Tribe’s lair, they would find all of their powers dissipating under their Power of Hope. So, if you see anyone from the Hope Tribe in the future, avoid all interaction with them.”

After Carole said this, Ning Cheng felt reasonably sure that the cultivators who had sneaked up on the Hope Tribe weren’t people from the Valley of Peace. There seemed to be another gathering place for cultivators in the Land of Broken Laws.

By this time, Carole had brought Ning Cheng and Man Huishan to the place that looked over the administration of the valley. Ning Cheng only saw a white-haired old man. But even with the nearly non-existent laws here making this white-haired old man’s cultivation invisible, Ning Cheng could still feel this white-haired old man’s strength. It felt as if this old man’s every movement carried a sense of harmonious aura with it. It reminded Ning Cheng of Holy Emperor Extreme Void, who had also given Ning Cheng a similar feeling.

The white-haired old man remained seated on the ground with his head lowered as if healing or pondering over something difficult. Beside this old man was a black cat lying lazily.

An ancient altar was a couple of feet away behind this old man, which gave bursts of soul-stirring fluctuations that would make any person nervous.

“Senior Ran, these two are just today to go through the formalities of entering the valley.” Carole bowed and spoke to the white-haired old man with a soft tone.

The white-haired old man slowly raised his head, swept a glance at Ning Cheng and Man Huishan, and said in a light tone, “State your names and pay ten million high-grade spirit crystals each.”

“You’re Senior Ran….” Man Huishan cried out in shock, clearly recognising the white-haired old man.

The white-haired old man seemingly knew what Man Huishan wanted to say. Man Huishan must have seen him outside this place, which was why he looked so surprised. The old man, however, wasn’t surprised. Many people here knew him from outside. As such, his tone remained flat as he said, “Anyone who knows me knows that I am Senior Ran.”

Seeing that the white-haired old man didn’t intend to say anything else, Man Huishan also knew better than to say anything else.

Ning Cheng simply took out the storage bag containing ten million spirit crystals and handed it over. He then spoke up with a respectful voice, “Junior Ning Cheng. Please accept these ten million spirit crystals.”

Like Ning Cheng, Man Huishan could only declare his name and hand over ten million spirit crystals.

“Ning Cheng, do you have any grudges against the people in the valley? If not, you can go now. If there is, you have to say it.” The white-haired old man collected the spirit crystals that they handed over and asked unhurriedly.

Ning Cheng didn’t choose to hide it and spoke up, “I have a grudge against Man Huishan. It was he who chased me into the Valley of Peace.”

The old man pointed at the altar and said indifferently, “Go to the altar and make an oath with your essence soul. The oath is as follows: I, Ning Cheng, swear on my essence spirit that I shall not deal with Man Huishan in any way or under any pretext for a thousand years. If I violate this oath, let my soul get destroyed immediately.”

Ning Cheng was dumbfounded. He was only an Eternal cultivator. Deal with Man Huishan, was he crazy? Plus, he was the one who had to guard against Man Huishan.

“Senior, it’s Man Huishan who is chasing after me, not me who is chasing Man Huishan.” Ning Cheng said helplessly.

The white-haired old man didn’t even bother to answer Ning Cheng this time; he just closed his eyes and didn’t say anything.

Ning Cheng had no choice but to stand in front of the altar and repeat the old man’s words. This kind of oath seemed very powerful. But in fact, it did not affect him. What sort of cultivation did Man Huishan have? Within a thousand years, could he even become a match for Man Huishan? It would already be a stroke of fortune if Man Huishan didn’t come looking for him.

After Ning Cheng finished taking the oath, the old man then asked Man Huishan, “Man Huishan, do you have any grudges against the people in the valley? If not, you can leave now. If there is, you have to state it.”

Man Huishan cursed in his heart. Aren’t you talking nonsense? Without a grudge, would I have chased Ning Cheng to this place? But facing such a powerful person, Man Huishan still did not dare to speak the thoughts in his heart. In other words, he had no choice but to speak up with honesty, “I am chasing Ning Cheng and also have a grudge against him.”

The old man pointed to the altar once again and said the exact words, “Go to the altar and make an oath with your essence soul. The oath is as follows: I, Man Huishan, swear on my essence spirit that I shall not deal with Ning Cheng in any way or under any pretext for a thousand years. If I violate this oath, let my soul get destroyed immediately.”

When Ning Cheng heard this, he immediately felt overjoyed. This oath worked in his favour, especially since Man Huishan came here specifically to hunt him down. As long as he took the oath, within a thousand years, even if Man Huishan gained ten thousand times more courage, he would never dare to deal with him.

The altar also didn’t look like an ordinary one. Therefore, once Man Huishan swore an oath in front of this altar, then even he wouldn’t dare to break it.

Man Huishan opened his mouth but didn’t say anything. He naturally knew that as long as he swore that oath, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to Ning Cheng for a thousand years. Even if both of them stood outside the Valley of Peace side-by-side, he, Man Huishan, wouldn’t dare to deal with Ning Cheng,

How could he be willing to do this?

“Senior Ran, then is it alright if I don’t live in the valley anymore?” Man Huishan had some regrets in his heart. He shouldn’t have thought of staying here.

The white-haired old man nodded, “That’s alright. But you will have to forfeit the spirit crystals and leave the Valley of Peace only after you take the oath.”

You still had to take the oath even if you didn’t live in the valley? Man Huishan was, at the very least, a Dragon Emperor. As such, he couldn’t help but feel stifled as he looked at the altar and then at Ning Cheng, who stood gloating in the distance. After a moment, he could only helplessly walk up to the altar before bowing and taking the oath. “I, Man Huishan, swear on my essence spirit that I shall not deal with Ning Cheng in any way or under any pretext for a thousand years. If I violate this oath, let my soul get destroyed immediately.”

When Carole saw the two of them finish their oaths, she immediately came up. She said to Ning Cheng, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng. Do you still have extra spirit crystals for the valley master’s dao sermon in three days? If so, I suggest you buy a Dao Listening Plaque. You’ll obtain a lot more than you can imagine in return.”

Since Ning Cheng addressed her as Senior Apprentice Sister, she unknowingly treated Ning Cheng as a Senior Apprentice Brother. Most of the cultivators staying here did their own things, and rarely did anyone come out to talk with her for such a long time like Ning Cheng.

Although she spoke about it for Ning Cheng, one could still see a hint of yearning and envy on Carole’s face. From this, Ning Cheng understood that this kind of dao sermon was something that she also wanted to attend.

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