Chapter 0929

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Chapter 0929: I’m just welcoming you.

The location marked on the jade strip was very remote. With Half-cliff Sacred City filled with spiritual consciousness restrictions, Ning Cheng searched for a full hour before finding it.

It was at the corner of a small street, hidden behind a low and dilapidated door. As if afraid of being discovered by others.

Ning Cheng had just entered when a fierce aura enveloped him. Despite not feeling any killing intent within it, Ning Cheng decided to not move further in and simply spoke up in a deep voice. “I want an invitation to the congratulatory ceremony for the marriage between 9-revolutions Sacred Dao Pond and 7-star Sacred Sect. I heard that they sell them here.”

“Ordinary invitations are no longer available. There is only a high-grade gold invitation, which costs 100,000 high-grade spirit crystals.” A slightly gruff voice emerged, but it was impossible to see the other party’s face clearly.

Ning Cheng didn’t even try to negotiate and directly took out a storage bag before throwing it over. “100,00 high-grade spirit crystals. Where is the invitation?”

He, anyway, wanted a high-class invitation. If he received an invitation that only allowed him to spectate from the outside, he definitely wouldn’t be able to meet that woman.

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness swept over the invitation he received and immediately put it away before turning to leave.

“Is there an invitation to the 9-revolutions Sacred Dao Pond’s ceremony here?” Ning Cheng had just turned around when a woman’s voice with a slight hint of magnetism arrived.

Definitely an expert. Ning Cheng’s heart tightened. He had seen too many powerhouses in the Land of Broken Laws. Therefore, as soon as this woman appeared, Ning Cheng understood that this woman definitely was a powerhouse. Even if she hadn’t reached Dao Confirmation’s second step, she was still an existence close to the second step.

The woman had a veil covering her face, but Ning Cheng could still feel a noble and holy aura from her.

The man who sold the invitation to him also seemed to have sensed the other party’s strength. He hurriedly spoke up, “I only had one left, which I sold to this friend. I no longer have any invitations left; please accept my apologies.”

“You wait…..” The woman suddenly turned around and called out to Ning Cheng, who was about to leave the premises.

Ning Cheng stopped warily and cupped his fists before replying without any hint of condescension, “I wonder what this friend has to say?”

“Sell your invitation to me. I’ll pay whatever price you paid.” The woman looked at Ning Cheng and said in an unquestionable tone.

Ning Cheng truly wanted to say, “Is your ass whiter than other people’s faces?” Luckily, he managed to hold himself back. He understood that he most likely would never be able to go to the 9-revolutions Sacred Dao Pond if he really dared to say that.

“Sorry, I don’t intend to sell this invitation. I also happen to have no shortage of spirit crystals.” Ning Cheng clasped his fists for a moment longer and refused without hesitation.

When the woman heard Ning Cheng’s refusal, she frowned for a moment. The next moment, her momentum suddenly pressed down, instantly enveloping Ning Cheng.

Feeling that the other party’s incomparably powerful aura, Ning Cheng secretly sighed. Roaming around with low strength in this place could truly induce depression. If his power was higher, he could have used his momentum to press right back, crushing the other party to death as well.

Ning Cheng struggled to muster his spirit essence. But was still unable to break free from the other party’s bindings. However, because of Ning Cheng’s resistance, powerful spacial fluctuations instantly spread out.

“Stop it. Quickly stop it. If you don’t stop, none of us will be able to escape. Attacking someone in Half-cliff Sacred City is a capital offence.” The voice in the dark could no longer feign ignorance and hurriedly roared out.

Seemingly knowing that she couldn’t make a move here, the woman gathered her oppressive aura and said coldly. “A little Eternal ant, yet able to stand under my momentum. Looks like you do have some discipline. But if it’s just that, hand over the invitation, and I will let you go this once.”

Ning Cheng naturally understood that the other party did not dare to make any moves against him. But having been chased around by Man Huishan for so long, he was already feeling suffocated in his heart. Now, as soon as he came out, someone had once again threatened him in the same matter. It caused more bitter feelings to rise up in his heart, “This father will never hand it over. What will you do, bite me?”

He even dared to kill the Barbarian Dragon Clan’s Ninth Prince. How could he be threatened by a woman? Just now, this woman’s aura had only managed to suppress him because of his lack of caution. If this woman dared to use her aura to stop him again, he would instantly use Law Break to break free from the suppression and escape. Unless this woman didn’t want to live anymore, she would never dare hunt him down in Half-cliff Sacred City.

When this woman heard Ning Cheng’s words, she felt so furious that her body visibly trembled. Since she started cultivating, she had never met anyone who dared to use words like ‘this father’ while speaking to her.

Seeing that two were on the verge of a fight, with Ning Cheng wanting to leave and the woman wanting to attack, the person who sold the invitation secretly cried out in anguish. If he had not sold Ning Cheng the invitation, he would never have bothered whether these two lived or died. But he did sell the invitation to Ning Cheng. Therefore, once these two people caused any trouble, officials would also come to investigate him.

Thinking of this, the man in the shadows hurriedly said, “Actually, there is a better way. This invitation is a high-class invitation. Meaning, you can bring one additional person with you. Therefore, both of you can enter as long as you cooperate.”

When the female cultivator with the veil covering her face heard this, she didn’t make any more moves. Instead, she immediately moved to block Ning Cheng’s way out.

Ning Cheng understood what the other party’s actions meant; he had to agree with what the person who sold the invitation said and wanted to share the invitation with him.

Ning Cheng also felt a little helpless. He understood that he had no other choice but to agree. This woman’s power went beyond him; meaning, he couldn’t simply refuse her after hearing that method. If this wasn’t Half-cliff Sacred City, perhaps someone would have already killed him for it.

“Okay, I agree. But I’m the main, and you’re the plus one. Otherwise, don’t even think about it.” Ning Cheng hesitated slightly before agreeing to the proposal.

When he had previously scanned the invitation, he had already seen that he could bring one additional person with him.

The woman nodded, “Alright, I agree.”

She didn’t care at all about who was the main and who was the plus one, as long as she entered the 9-revolutions Sacred Dao Pond.

Only after the two agreed did they walk out of the premises together.

“The invitation is for the day after tomorrow. We’ll be in touch the day after tomorrow.” After Ning Cheng finished speaking, he quickened his pace. He had to find a place to stay first before doing anything else.

The woman seemed to have not heard Ning Cheng’s words as she sped up a few steps and followed him.

Ning Cheng stopped and calmly looked at the woman with the veil on her face and said as slowly as he could, “I need to find a place to stay; what are you doing following me? Since I said that we would go together the day after tomorrow, we will go together the day after tomorrow. If you don’t trust me, then figure out another way by yourself.”

The woman took in a deep breath and seemed to have forcibly suppressed the discomfort in her heart. She then spoke up, “I don’t quite trust you.”

Hearing such a direct response made Ning Cheng a little speechless. He ignored the woman again and walked directly towards a nearby inn.

“Two guests, the inn is full. Please go to the next one.” An attendant stopped Ning Cheng.

The woman didn’t say anything. She knew that Ning Cheng wouldn’t be able to find a place to stay. She had already asked several businesses before, and none had an empty room.

Ning Cheng was familiar with this kind of thing, so he naturally wouldn’t leave just because of this fellow’s words. He took out a storage bag and threw it in front of the fellow and said, “Find me a better room, and you can keep the extra ones.”

The attendant was about to refuse when his spiritual consciousness swept through the storage bag. When he saw 50,000 spirit crystals inside, he immediately changed his tone and said, “I can only help you to look around. If there really is nothing, then there is nothing I can do.”

Ning Cheng didn’t say anything; he just waved his hand, indicating that he should hurry up and get on with it. He guessed that the attendant wasn’t telling any lies. He gave 50,000 spirit crystals to let the attendant provide some of it to those who had previously booked a room. It was only natural to compensate other people with spirit crystals when asking them to vacate the room.

The attendant quickly turned around and went inside. In just half an incense stick worth of time, the attendant returned with a smile on his face and cupped his fists towards Ning Cheng. “A friend just now decided to vacate their room. I have already finished with the formalities for you two. Please head on to Suit No. C59.”

As he spoke, the fellow took out two jade cards and handed them to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng knew that this fellow had misunderstood and thought that this woman with a veil on her face was with him. He didn’t say anything and directly put the two jade cards away and went upstairs.

The woman with the veiled face couldn’t help but secretly admire Ning Cheng in her heart. How could she have not thought of such a simple solution?

When Ning Cheng went upstairs, the woman didn’t follow him upstairs. Instead, after Ning Cheng walked away, she also took out a storage bag and handed it to the fellow and said, “Help me find a room as well. It’s all yours.”

With the previous experience, the attendant naturally grabbed the storage bag with delight and went upstairs to change rooms. As expected, not long after, the attendant returned once again after clearing out a suite.


After Ning Cheng entered the room, he began to rearrange the restrictions within the room. An incense stick was worth time later and just before he finished setting up the restrictions, the restrictions covering the door activated.

When Ning Cheng saw the woman outside, he opened the restrictions somewhat helplessly. He asked, “I believe you already have a place to stay now. There are still two days left to go to the congratulatory ceremony. What are you doing here now?”

The woman, with a flash, entered Ning Cheng’s room and swept it with her spiritual consciousness for a while before taking out a communications pearl and handing it to Ning Cheng. “Exchange communication pearls. I’m still not quite sure about you.”

Ning Cheng sneered and said, “If you don’t feel at ease, then come in and stay with me. I’m very generous.”

The woman hesitated for a moment and surprisingly nodded, “Okay. There are two rooms here anyway.”

After saying that, she directly collected her communication pearl and walked towards one of the rooms.

Ning Cheng looked dumbfounded at this woman with a veiled face, with millions of alpacas running through his heart and mind. Did you not hear the sarcasm in my words? Fuck, anyone could tell I was mocking you.

The woman looked so noble and saintly, yet she did something like sharing a room with an unknown male cultivator. One truly can’t rely on one’s feelings alone; feelings aren’t reliable at all.

Looking at this woman walking towards one of the rooms by herself, Ning Cheng really couldn’t help himself and stretched out his middle finger and shook it at her back.

But Ning Cheng didn’t expect this woman to suddenly stop, turn back and frown at Ning Cheng. “You’re sticking out your middle finger because you despise me and want to curse at me, right?”

Ning Cheng’s hand shook a bit, and he hurriedly put his finger down. This was a gesture from Earth; how did this woman know? Thinking of the other party’s terrifying cultivation level, Ning Cheng smiled, “No, it just means that it’s an honour to live with you. Sticking out your middle finger is to welcome you, to offer a warm welcome.”

The woman shook her head, “No, I once teamed up with a person to deal with a pretty boy[1]. That person then extended his middle finger to that pretty boy; it wasn’t a good gesture.”

Ning Cheng felt startled in his heart. Could it be that this person had also come from Earth, just like him? He couldn’t think of anything else and quickly asked, “May I ask what was that person’s name?”

[1] The exact phrase is ‘小白’, which means ‘attractive young man (in a derogatory sense’/pretty boy/gigolo’.

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