Chapter 0931

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Chapter 0931: Trading for the Dark Void Milk

Only when Ruo Xi was rushing out of the inn with Ning Cheng that she remembered to ask, “Thank you for helping me. I still don’t know your name?”

Ning Cheng showed a slight smile, “My name is Cheng Nianqiong. By the way, how did your stuff end up in 9-Revolutions Sacred Dao Pond?”

“One of their sect’s disciples was seriously injured and needed my stuff to heal. Plus, the 9-Revolutions Sacred Dao Pond also had the Extreme Heaven Rain Trace that I needed…..” Ruo Xi spoke with a sigh.

Ning Cheng felt happy in his heart but looked at Ruo Xi with a calm gaze, “Are you saying that the 9-Revolutions Sacred Dao Pond has the Extreme Heaven Rain Trace? Did they give it to you then?”

Ruo Xi nodded, “That woman is powerful and very scheming. She was frank and generous when she discussed it with me. Before she even saw my things, she took out two bottles of Extreme Heaven Rain Trace and gave them to me. She also said that if it wasn’t enough, they would think of another way.”

Ning Cheng immediately understood what was going on in his heart and said, somewhat speechlessly, “So you gave them your treasures?”

Ruo Xi gave a ‘hmph’ and said with some helplessness in her tone. “I thought that someone who was so dry and straightforward would definitely return the items to me after saving that person. Besides, I desperately needed the Extreme Heaven Rain Trace. Plus, the 9-Revolutions Sacred Dao Pond was also somewhat similar to my sect in status.”

“But what I hadn’t expected was that a sect of such magnitude wouldn’t bother with having even half a face. The sect simply didn’t bother taking out my things after learning that I was a rootless person. They even sent a Dao Fusion expert who said I would need to wait for a few more days. But I understood that I wouldn’t get my stuff back. Since I wasn’t as strong as the other party, I had no choice but to leave.”

Ning Cheng also felt some sympathy for Ruo Xi. He could tell that this woman wasn’t a bad person at heart. It was only because of her good nature that she had been bewitched by other people’s pretence of sincerity and generosity. Ending with her losing her stuff.

In some ways, Ruo Xi’s character was similar to his. If the other party acted with such open-mindedness and honesty, he would have also felt embarrassed to even bother thinking about any schemes.

“Won’t you be recognised if you don’t bring your veil and go to 9-Revolutions Sacred Dao Pond?” Ning Cheng then pointed to the incomparably beautiful face of Ruo Xi and spoke up with some worry, feeling both an incoming disaster and also some pity. The 9-Revolutions Sacred Dao Sect had already set her up for a significant loss from what he understood.

With her cultivation level, even if she was at the Dao Essence Realm, Ning Cheng didn’t feel it would be easy for her to get back her stuff from 9-Revolutions Sacred Dao Pond. But more importantly, 9-Revolutions Sacred Dao Pond definitely would have a few Dao Fusion powerhouses. Once someone discovered her, she might end up losing her life.

Ruo Xi shook her head, “They can’t recognise me. This is my original appearance. When I traded with them, I used a different face.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I would go and share this information with the 9-Revolutions Sacred Dao Pond?” Ning Cheng looked at Ruo Xi with a smile.

Ruo Xi spoke up with a soft voice, “You may look a little vulgar, but I believe in my eyes. You’re not the type of person who would go around spreading information about me….”

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel a bit happy when he heard those words and thought, ‘At least this beauty has a good eye; she knows that I’m not a villain.’

“Besides, you spent a lot of money to enter the 9-Revolutions Sacred Dao Pond. I believe that you didn’t do that just to go and congratulate two factions on their marriage. In other words, you have your own things to do inside there, so you won’t go around telling them about me. Not to mention that……” Ruo Xi said and then looked at Ning Cheng with a faint smile, “I’ve always been by your side.”

Ning Cheng felt depressed beyond belief; the woman’s last words should be the truth. If he had even shown the slightest bit of such intentions, there probably wouldn’t even be any bones left of him. Even if she had a good heart, I’m afraid this woman wasn’t easy to fool.

“So, as long as you get the Dark Void Milk, you can reinvigorate the child talisman?” Ning Cheng couldn’t help but test the waters as he thought about the two bottles of Extreme Heaven Rain Trace.

“Yes.” Ruo Xi replied in a very crisp manner.

The place where Ruo Xi found the Dark Void Milk was the Thousand-storied Merchant House. But by the time Ning Cheng and Ruo Xi arrived, the area had long been packed with people.

After squeezing into the Thousand-storied Merchant House, Ruo Xi quickly walked up to the fifth floor. As soon as she entered the fifth floor, however, her face changed slightly. When Ning Cheng saw the change in Ruo Xi’s expression, he immediately understood that it might not be a favourable development.

Sure enough, with a few steps, Ruo Xi walked to the innermost exquisite-looking counter and pointed to an empty slot before asking, “Where’s the Dark Void Milk?”

The man at the counter raised his head somewhat absent-mindedly. But when he saw Ruo Xi’s beautiful face, he immediately straightened up. He replied very politely, “This customer, someone had already purchased that Dark Void Milk not too long ago.”

“Ah….” Ruo Xi let out an audible ’ah’, and anxiety started filling her body.

She searched for the Dark Void Milk for a long time and knew that it was an almost impossible item to come across. She was only casually browsing through the merchant houses of Half-cliff Sacred City and never truly expected to see the Dark Void Milk on sale in one of the stores.

She was afraid that someone else might purchase the Dark Void Milk when she gathered enough spirit crystals. Unexpectedly, even after lowering herself to borrow spirit crystals from Ning Cheng, she was still a step too late.

“Oh, that’s the customer who purchased it.” The fellow at the counter finally found his voice despite looking at Ruo Xi’s alluring face.

Ruo Xi immediately turned around and saw a fierce male cultivator who had just come down from the sixth floor and was about to walk down from the fifth floor. She didn’t even think about it and went straight after him.

Ning Cheng, however, didn’t follow them out; instead, he looked at the store assistant with a smile and asked, “What type of item is the Dark Void Milk? Is it very precious?”

The store assistant wasn’t as polite to Ning Cheng as he was to Ruo Xi. He replied with a calm tone, “A bottle is worth 7.4 million high-grade spirit crystals. Would you consider it as precious?”

When Ruo Xi saw that Ning Cheng didn’t follow her out, she hurriedly rushed in again and dragged Ning Cheng out with her. Ning Cheng was the one with spirit crystals, so even if she found the other party, she did not have any spirit crystals to pay for it. Even if she wanted to exchange for it, she truly didn’t have any treasures on her comparable to the Dark Void Milk.

“Fellow Daoist, please stop.” By the time Ruo Xi dragged Ning Cheng out of the Thousand-storied Merchant House, the man with the fierce face had just walked out of the building.

When this man heard someone call out to him, his spiritual consciousness immediately swept out, while his expressions also turned ice-cold.

Ning Cheng, with his Eternal-level cultivation, involuntarily winced when this spiritual consciousness swept over. However, he could tell that this man’s strength hadn’t reached the second step of Dao Confirming. If he guessed it right, this fellow should be a Dao Transformation expert.

However, when the fierce man saw Ruo Xi called him, his face eased slightly. But his tone remained cold, “Did you call me?”

Ruo Xi hurriedly stepped forward and cupped her fist, “Yes, I have some matter to take care of and want to make a deal with this fellow daoist. I wonder if you can spare some time?”

“Sorry, I don’t deal with strangers.” After saying that, the man turned around and started to leave.

Ruo Xi felt even more anxious, but there was nothing she could do. But Ning Cheng suddenly stepped forward and said, “I have something that this friend desperately needs; you can take a look at it. I guarantee you will be interested.”

The fierce man supposedly at the Dao Transformation Realm turned back and stared coldly at Ning Cheng. “Just an Eternal ant, and you dare say that you have something I urgently need? If this wasn’t the sacred city, I would have already killed a big talker like you.”

Ning Cheng smiled lightly and suddenly took out a jade bottle and flicked it over, “Friend, take a look at the item first. If you think it’s good, then we’ll talk. If it really has no use to you, then just pretend that I didn’t say anything just now.”

The man reached out and grabbed Ning Cheng’s jade bottle. He gave a cold snort and opened the jade bottle to let his spiritual consciousness sweep inside. In just an instant, his expressions flickered a bit while his voice also turned into a whisper. “The two of you and I can head to the inn in front to talk.”

He didn’t return the jade bottle in his hand to Ning Cheng.

Ruo Xi also glanced at Ning Cheng in amazement. Her spiritual consciousness had also swept out and seen the thing inside the jade bottle. Ning Cheng’s jade bottle only contained one pill, but the pill carried a refreshing aura that expanded one’s Sea of Consciousness. She couldn’t help but look back at Ning Cheng with disbelief. How precious was a pill that expanded the Sea of Consciousness? How could a tiny Eternal cultivator have such a pill?

A few moments later, this Dao Transformation cultivator walked into the inn. When Ning Cheng and Ruo Xi followed him in, the inn’s attendants had already prepared a private booth for them. From this, it was evident that the attendant had recognised the fierce man as a mighty expert.

When a Dao Transformation expert walked into the inn, he didn’t even need to say anything, and a private booth magically emptied for this man. Ning Cheng glanced at Ruo Xi beside him and couldn’t help but make a contrast. Ruo Xi was most likely even stronger than a Dao Transformation expert. Yet, she had to follow the approach of an Eternal cultivator and pay 50,000 spirit crystals for a room.

It was as if Ruo Xi didn’t notice Ning Cheng’s gaze. In any case, she didn’t feel the need to explain this to Ning Cheng.

When Ning Cheng and Ruo Xi both sat down in the booth, the fierce-looking fellow raised his hand and activated the booth’s restrictions. He then placed the jade bottle in his hand on the table and looked at Ning Cheng before speaking, “How many of these pills do you have? Take them all out.”

Ning Cheng looked at Ruo Xi speechlessly. Why does everyone act stupid when one’s cultivation level was higher? Would it kill you not to be so shameless as to demand the other party comply with your every whim?

Ruo Xi somewhat understood the intent behind Ning Cheng’s gaze. She blushed slightly and transmitted a message to Ning Cheng, “You think of a way to bring out the Dark Void Milk, I will give you a bottle of Extreme Heaven Rain Trace.”

As soon as Ning Cheng heard Ruo Xi’s words, he understood that Ruo Xi had realised that he also had a child talisman. However, he didn’t care as he found the woman’s personality a little agreeable and that she didn’t do things too excessively.

He didn’t answer Ruo Xi but looked at this fierce-looking man and said in a flat tone, “Since this is an exchange, it’s only natural for both parties to agree. You didn’t ask me what I wanted, nor did you take out anything. Yet, you want to take out everything?”

Hearing Ning Cheng daring to speak to him in such a tone, the fierce-looking man’s eyes narrowed. The next instant, his aura swept out, intending to cover the two.

A Dao Transformation cultivator wanting to suppress him with aura alone, Ning Cheng gave a cold snort. However, before he could even react, the Dao Transformation cultivator’s aura seemed to have met an invisible barrier and forcibly pushed away.

With a soft “bang”, the jade table in the middle of the three disappeared without a trace.

The cultivator’s face changed, and he suddenly stood up, staring at Ruo Xi in shock, “Dao Essence ….”

Ruo Xi simply sat there without a change in expression, nor did she reply to this Dao Transformation cultivator’s words.

“It was my fault just now.” The Dao Transformation cultivator quickly reacted. He waved his hand and took out another jade table to replace the disintegrated one. However, cold sweat started to trickle down his back. The previous exchange told him that Ruo Xi’s cultivation level wasn’t low. The truth was, even other Dao Transformation experts on the same level as him couldn’t force him to submit. Let alone his peers, even peak Dao Transformation experts couldn’t suppress him this easily. Yet, this unearthly woman had suppressed him in an instant, indicating that she was at least a Dao Essence powerhouse.

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