Chapter 0937

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Chapter 0937: Seething in anger[1]

Ning Cheng also felt similarly shocked. The Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pill could expand the Sea of Consciousness and strengthen the spiritual consciousness. He knew about this for a long time as he refined these pills and used them to cultivate his Sea of Consciousness.

What he never expected was that in such a pond that devoured spiritual consciousness, the effect of cultivating with Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pills produced two times better results than outside. In other words, the bottom of this pond was naturally suitable for tempering spiritual consciousness and expanding the Sea of Consciousness. Realising this, Ning Cheng tried to stretch out his spiritual consciousness. Before, he couldn’t even penetrate the surface of the pond with his spiritual consciousness. But at this moment, weirdly enough, he could actually see the situation outside with ease.

Ning Cheng and Shui Yueke had just hidden and taken the Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pill when three figures landed in front of the white building.

Ning Cheng felt sure that at least one of them was a Dao Raising powerhouse among these three people. Even if he went through the perfect spirit essence transformation, he wouldn’t dare fight against a Dao Raising expert. They were simply not on the same level.

Shui Yueke’s voice transmission came over, “Senior Brother Ning, we have to stop them here. We cannot let them take away Senior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji. One of them, Elder Nan Rong, is already at the Dao Raising Realm. So we need to be careful.”

“Why do you want to help me this much?” Ning Cheng asked in a puzzled manner.

Shui Yueke gave a calm reply. “Even if you didn’t come looking for me, I might have snuck away on my own. Do you know how my sister died?”

Without waiting for Ning Cheng to ask, Shui Yueke spoke up with a hate-filled tone. “My sister’s name is Shui Yuexin. She was a warm and compassionate person. In fact, Peng Shan’s and my sister Yuexin were actually a couple. But I only found out about it after my sister had fallen. I just knew that Peng Shan wanted to please Yuexin’s master to ask her hand in marriage and that he gave her a very precious thing. But it wasn’t until today that I learned that the thing he gave her was the Law Soil.”

After speaking of this, Shui Yueke remained silent for a long time before continuing. “The truth is, my sister had asked Peng Shan for the Law Soil, not for her own use, but to give to her teacher. Do you know who her teacher was? It’s Shi Tianhe.”

“Shi Tianhe? Isn’t she one of the nine saints of your 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Sect? And also the vice-matriarch? Your sister can actually worship her as her teacher?” Ning Cheng asked in amazement. However, he felt more surprised that Shui Yueke had called Shi Tianhe her full name instead of a respectful address.

Shui Yueke gave a cold snort. “Did you think that she treats every disciple sincerely? In the 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Sect, only those with the surnames Shi, Shu and Na are the ones who are truly in control. Only they can cultivate the real 9-Revolution Sacred Dao. Even if others had strong or even heaven-defying qualifications, the rest of the disciples would never have the chance to cultivate the 9-Revolution Sacred Dao. I recently learned that the disciples not from the three clans are nothing more than nutrients for the 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Ponds. However, only a very few at the top know about these secret matters.”

Ning Cheng already had a vague feeling that something was wrong with the sect. But he still couldn’t believe that a sacred sect with a reputation like the 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Pond would actually do something so sinister.

“My sister had a colourless pure wind-attributed spiritual root and also had a high level of comprehension. Shi Tianhe noticed it and took her under her tutelage. Just this moment alone would have been the happiest thing for both of us sisters. But before my sister died, she sent me a soul message. It was only because of her that I came to know what was going on.”

Shui Yueke’s transmission now had a hint of sadness, but she continued. “My sister and I were twins. Sometimes, under special circumstances, we can communicate with our souls through a secret technique. Although she didn’t tell me about her interaction with Peng Shan, I could already guess a few things. After I came out of the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring, Shi Tianhe told me about the sect’s intention to marry me away to Ying Yongxuan of the 7-star Sacred Sect. However, I chose not to ask about it. I did eventually agree to it, however, even though I didn’t like Ying Yongxuan.”

“Subsequently, I had only been in secluded cultivation for a few months when I received a soul message from my sister. My sister told me that she was about to die and was forced into a spirit union with a female cultivator called Shi Yueyun. She said that she was locked up in a white building to scour her spiritual roots and soul. And also mentioned that if she didn’t willingly agree to it, the sect would exterminate our entire clan along with us two……”

Shui Yueke’s tone grew sadder and sadder. “I used everything I had to find my sister. But then, while feigning hurt, Shi Tianhe told me that Yuexin was so eager to shape her Dao that her Sea of Consciousness imploded. She even said that her spiritual soul had also shattered. She then let me see my sister’s remains, which looked exactly as Shi Tianhe had said. I cried out in grief, no longer having the heart to cultivate.”

“If my sister had not sent me that soul communication, I would have really believed that bitch’s words. But even if I wanted revenge, I could only bury the hatred in my heart, not daring to give anything away. After that, I kept searching for that white building my sister spoke of, and finally, one day, I found this place. Initially, I wanted to find evidence to show the world of 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Pond’s sinisterness. But I never thought that the marriage would come so quickly.”

Ning Cheng finally understood why Shui Yueke had openly come out and refused the marriage. He also understood why Shui Yueke had chosen Peng Shan. First, Peng Shan was someone Shui Yuexin liked, and the second was because Peng Shan’s identity would also provide her with some protection.

Ning Cheng sighed and said, “I really didn’t expect 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Pond to turn out to be such a nasty nest. But I think even if you publicised these things, no one would believe you. Rather, you’ll only die faster. I’m sure that even if Peng Shan is willing to help you, his Flaming Feather Spirit Mountain won’t provide any help.”

Shui Yueke collected her grief and anger, “I also understood that later. I also understood that once I rejected Ying Yongxuan, I was already a dead person walking. They definitely wouldn’t let me off. At best, I would also walk the same fate as my dead Yuexin. Forced into a spirit union by the 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Pond.”

After saying that, Shui Yueke fell silent. She was clear that even if she and Ning Cheng hid under this pond, it would be difficult to tell if they could even escape with their lives. Ning Cheng also didn’t speak again. He naturally understood Shui Yueke’s thoughts. If the 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Pond activated their formations, leaving without the Opening Heaven Child Talisman would become challenging.

A few breaths later, Ning Cheng suddenly spoke up. “Senior Apprentice Sister Yueke, I’m going to enter my True Spirit World to do a little something. Just wait for me.”

After saying that, Ning Cheng didn’t wait for Shui Yueke’s consent and entered the True Spirit World. He had to refine a pill. Since he was in a difficult situation, he had to make some preparations.

What Ning Cheng was going to refine was the Burst Spirit Pill. A pill that would provide him with a very frightening power burst. The Burst Spirit Pill was a Dao Sculpting Spirit Pill, which allowed a cultivator’s strength to soar ten or even dozens of times higher. However, it also had dreadful consequences.

Once the power boost ended, the cultivator’s meridians, Sea of Consciousness and even the essence spirit would start to crack apart. Turning into a cripple would be the best-case scenario, with most facing an almost immediate death.

Ning Cheng decided to refine the Burst Spirit Pill to be only used as a last resort. With a sect like 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Sect, they could use Yan Ji to threaten him once he got caught. In that case, there was a high probability that they would also strip his spiritual roots and force him into a spirit union. Even if he were to die, he would never willingly go through with it.

An incense still later, Ning Cheng came out of the True Spirit World. Only when she saw Ning Cheng come out did Shui Yueke breathe in a sigh of relief. Obviously, Shui Yueke didn’t think that Ning Cheng coming out would change anything. But with two people together, she could at least find some psychological comfort and gain more courage.

“I don’t think they will leave for now. Do we stay in hiding here?” After Ning Cheng came out again, Shui Yueke sent him another transmission.

Ning Cheng was about to reply when suddenly his body trembled. Sensing Ning Cheng’s change, Shui Yueke’s spiritual consciousness hurriedly swept out and saw Ji Pingzhong walking over.

Upon seeing Ji Pingzhong, Shui Yueke immediately understood why Ning Cheng was trembling. It was about the spirit union, all because Ji Pingzhong had come over.

Even she didn’t think that 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Pond would go through with the spirit union at this time. Especially with an external entity rampaging through the sect.

The restrictions on the white building opened, and Ji Pingzhong followed the black-bearded man from Desolate Spirit Palace along with three female cultivators from the Sacred Dao Pond.

Ning Cheng could no longer hold back as he shoved a talisman into Shui Yueke’s hand and suddenly rushed out. Even if he faced a more powerful opponent, he would never stand by and watch Yan Ji forced into a spirit union before his eyes.

When Shui Yueke saw that the talisman in her hand was a teleportation talisman with strong fluctuations, she understood Ning Cheng’s intent. That is, Ning Cheng told her to immediately use the talisman to take her and Yan Ji away in case he couldn’t make it. Shui Yueke didn’t look closely at the talisman either, and with a sigh, also rushed out following Ning Cheng.

As soon as Ning Cheng rushed out, the five people walking towards the entrance of the white building immediately spotted him. Ji Pingzhong and the black-bearded man were merely surprised. But the three female cultivators from 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Pond were not just shocked but appalled.

They had already noticed the two beneath the pond with the Spirit Devouring Lotuses. But they never expected that they would manage to rush out of it alive.

The black-bearded man didn’t make a move. He could see that Ning Cheng’s cultivation wasn’t worth mentioning. Besides, his only job was to protect Ji Pingzhong. The female cultivators from 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Sect quickly calmed down, snorted coldly and raised her hand to shoot out several sword lights.

While Ning Cheng’s heart burned with fire, his mind, however, turned clear and calm with each passing moment. He had already swallowed a Burst Spirit Pill and started burning his essence spirit and even his longevity.

In just an instant, a terrifying and raging aura exploded out from Ning Cheng’s body. His strength and aura quickly broke past the limits of the Eternal Realm and entered the Dao Sculpting Realm. But it didn’t stop and continued to rise wildly. It seemed that Ning Cheng’s body would blow apart under this surging power in the next moment.

“Law Break…..” Ning Cheng didn’t even look at the sword lights shooting towards him or even the female cultivator from 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Sect who cast them. Instead, he raised his hand and punched.

The next moment, the Dao Raising female cultivator who cast the sword light felt her spirit technique weaken significantly. A ripple that couldn’t be seen but could be felt spread out in the surrounding area. It felt like a force opposite of heaven and earth bearing down on her from the sky, a power that completely suppressed her spirit technique.

Even the black-bearded cultivator, who simply stood at the side, felt shocked as he felt the changes around him. He could actually feel the laws around him weakening without limit, which also forced his strength to lower in proportion to the weakening laws. He even subconsciously brought out his defensive artefact.

“First Bridge, Bridge of Coping…..” Ning Cheng didn’t stop moving forward and pointed forward with his hand, manifesting a pale white stone arch bridge after weakening the laws.

However, as these five words emerged, a trace of blood also started to spill out from the corner of Ning Cheng’s mouth. He had used the Burst Spirit Pill and burned his essence blood and longevity. But facing a Dao Transformation expert and a Dao Raising expert, he still suffered a heavy backlash after casting Law Break, followed closely by the First Bridge of Coping.

[1] The actual title is an idiom, ‘Hair stands up in anger and tips off one’s hat’. But since it feels a bit long and odd, I decided to use an English equivalent idiom, ‘Seeing in anger’.

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