Chapter 0939

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Chapter 0939: Yan Ji wakes up

Ruo Xi tried to rationalise the reason she heard. “Ning Cheng burned his essence blood and longevity and even used a Brust Spirit Pill which shattered his meridians. I can’t say if he will die because of it, but his cultivation will stop here. If he wants to take it further, it’s……”

“Senior, please save him.” Shui Yueke quickly went down on her knees and begged Ruo Xi to save Ning Cheng.

Shui Yueke understood that she would have never walked out of 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Pond alive if not for Ning Cheng. What’s more, the bottle of pills Ning Cheng gave her was also nothing less than priceless to her.

Ruo Xi shook her head. “I went to all that trouble to bring him out is only because he helped me enter 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Pond. He also helped reinvigorate a talisman. So what I did was only returning one of the favours I owed to him. But the truth is, even if I could help him, I would have already done it before you even asked. I honestly can’t help him in such a condition.”

“Fortunately, his Sea of Consciousness is quite odd. Under the effects of Burst Spirit Pill and burning his essence blood and longevity, his Sea of Consciousness should have been the first thing to collapse. Yet, his Sea of Consciousness did not collapse; it even contains a strange aura. If I tried to forcibly wake him up, it would only make matters worse for him. I have a feeling that if he has any chance to recover, it would be because of that strange aura flowing through his Sea of Consciousness.”

Ruo Xi had purposefully not mentioned one more thing. That is, the strange aura she felt flowing in Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness was none other than Origin Aura. She could tell that Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness didn’t conform to other people’s Sea of Consciousness. It wasn’t only tough and resilient, it also made it impossible for people to investigate it from the outside. If she forcefully tried to probe Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness, it would immediately turn Ning Cheng into a cripple. Therefore, she chose to not do it and also didn’t mention the Origin Aura.

“Then, can I ask how long would it take for Senior Apprentice Brother Ning to wake up?” Shui Yueke quickly asked.

Ruo Xi remained silent for some time as she processed a few other things before sighing, “Maybe a day, maybe a hundred years. He might also never wake up.”

“Ah….” Shui Yueke almost shrieked.

Ruo Xi continued, “Ning Cheng should be a Dao Sculpting Pill Emperor. But when I looked at his ring, it only contained ordinary pills and low-grade spiritual grasses. Those won’t help him in any way. So I suggest that you don’t disturb him when you take him with you. Also, don’t try to seek out pills for him. Just leave him as he is right now.”

“Senior, are you going to leave?” Shui Yueke asked in a shocked voice. What would she do with Ning Cheng and Yan Ji when this powerful senior left?

Suddenly, she recalled Ning Cheng mentioning about refining pills in a True Spirit World. It meant that Ning Cheng had at least one True Spirit World. The pill that Ning Cheng hurriedly tried to refine back then was the Burst Spirit Pill. It showed that he had access to high-grade spirit grasses to make it on the spot.

But since the senior in front of her mentioned that Ning Cheng’s ring didn’t have anything good, it meant that Ning Cheng hid the True Spirit World in another place. Most likely, deep within his Sea of Consciousness.

But could one even store a True Spirit World within the Sea of Consciousness?

Ruo Xi said in a faint voice, “How can I leave before I get my things back? But even if I recovered my things, I will still have to leave to get back to where I should be.”

“Then, can you at least help save Senior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji?” Shui Yueke no longer bothered with showing respect. If she couldn’t convince her to save Yan Ji, it would be useless to regret once she left.

From what she heard, this senior owed Ning Cheng at least one more favour. Therefore, even if her words and actions offended this senior, she would have to ask for it even if it got her killed.

Ruo Xi then looked at Yan Ji but then immediately frowned. “This woman’s foundation is pretty much ruined. She wouldn’t live for long….”

Shui Yueke’s heart sank. She knew that Yan Ji’s foundation had suffered some severe injuries. But hearing this senior’s words, she couldn’t help but feel bad for Yan Ji in her heart.

In 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Sect, she held a much higher status than Yan Ji, who never even received the opportunity to come to 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Peak. She only knew that Yan Ji lived on the outskirts of the sect. As such, she had never expected that Yan Ji’s situation would be this serious. However, based on Yan Ji’s condition, she could tell that Yan Ji worked very hard to cultivate.

Ruo Xi then glanced at Shui Yueke and continued. “She has outstanding spirit roots and is also quite young. It would have allowed this girl to cultivate much faster than others, but it wouldn’t have destroyed her foundation. She must have used many low-grade and inferior pills to boost her cultivation quickly. It definitely accelerated her cultivation in the short term, but…….”

Ruo Xi didn’t continue, but Shui Yueke naturally understood what she meant. Yan Ji was so eager for success that she didn’t think twice about using the cheapest pills and other harmful resources. It’s not that she willingly did such a thing, but mainly because she couldn’t afford the more expensive and better quality resources. In the end, that inability to obtain good resources ended up harming her.

“Fortunately, it’s not impossible to save her since she doesn’t have high cultivation. It might even improve on her current foundation…..”

Shui Yueke immediately looked at Ruo Xi with eyes full of expectation. Of course, she and Yan Ji weren’t friends, nor did they have any relationship. But since Ning Cheng went to such great lengths to save her, it meant that Yan Ji truly was someone important to him. Ning Cheng had saved her life, so no matter what, she had to help him out in any way she could. At least, she could tell Ning Cheng that she did everything she could, instead of bowing her head down in shame and having nothing to say.

Ruo Xi understood Shui Yueke’s intent and continued, “I can save her. I have a dao fruit that can re-establish her broken foundation and drive away impurities to purify her meridians. However, this dao fruit is so valuable that even I wouldn’t willingly use it on myself. So giving it to her is, to be honest, a bit of a waste……”

Shui Yueke became elated when she heard that this senior had a dao fruit that could save Yan Ji. But when she said she wouldn’t even use it for herself, Shui Yueke understood that this dao fruit might not be something she could afford. Perhaps even a hundred Yan Jis also couldn’t compare to this one dao fruit. Thinking of this, Shui Yueke let out a sigh and no longer spoke.

This kind of heaven-defying dao fruit, Shui Yueke truly couldn’t ask for it.

“If Ning Cheng was awake, I could have made a deal with him. I wouldn’t even mind taking a little bit of loss, but it would at least repay the favour. But Ning Cheng’s ring doesn’t have anything that I like. As for the spirit pill that I want, I didn’t see a single one either….”

Ruo Xi looked at Shui Yueke and shook her head. She didn’t feel it worth giving a Sacred Marrow Fruit that she treasured to just a tiny cultivator at the Life and Death Realm. But although she didn’t want to do such a thing, she also didn’t want to owe Ning Cheng.

Shui Yueke suddenly recalled the bottle of Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pill that Ning Cheng had given her. Fortunately, the bottle still contained nine more Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pills.

Shui Yueke didn’t hesitate and took out this Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pill Bottle and handed it to Ruo Xi. “Senior, I still have a bottle of Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pills, nine in total…..”

“Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pills?” Ru Xi’s eyes flashed with surprise. She truly wanted to help save Ning Cheng. It certainly involved the intention of returning the favour Ning Cheng had done for her. However, it didn’t necessarily mean that she did not want Ning Cheng’s Empyrean Consciousness Transformation Pills. It’s just that Ning Cheng’s cultivation level was still too low, and she didn’t think that Ning Cheng would put his storage device deep within his Sea of Consciousness. One had to know that treasures that one could store in the Sea of Consciousness weren’t ordinary at all.

“Ok, I agree. This is a Sacred Marrow Fruit.” Without hesitation, Ruo Xi took out a jade box and handed it to Shui Yueke. In the same motion, she took the jade bottle from Shui Yueke’s hand.

Based on the current price, the nine Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pills in Shui Yueke’s hands weren’t even enough to buy the skin of her dao fruit. However, even a thousand pieces of gold wouldn’t be worth anything if you didn’t need it. What she needed right now the most was the Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pill. The Sacred Marrow Fruit was undoubtedly an exceptionally valuable treasure, but it wasn’t that useful for her.

“I’m leaving. You can keep this flight-type artefact.” As Ruo Xi finished speaking, her body started to fade away, and in just a few moments, she disappeared without a trace. She didn’t even explain the preciousness of the Sacred Marrow Fruit to Shui Yueke.

Ruo Xi had just left when a spirit sense message suddenly appeared in Shui Yueke’s consciousness, containing instructions on how to control the flight-type artefact. She understood that this unnamed senior had sent it to help her quickly refine the artefact.

Shui Yueke sighed and opened the jade box while also controlling the airship, speeding away randomly.

A white, almost transparent fruit lay secured in the jade box. Moreover, as soon as she opened the box, a fragrant scent emerged. Just a whiff of it made Shui Yueke feel as if her soul had become a lot lighter.

Even an idiot would realise the value of this dao fruit by now, let alone Shui Yueke, who came from 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Pond.

At this moment, Shui Yueke even wanted to take a bite out of this fruit. She felt sure that she would almost instantly shape her Dao once she consumed the Sacred Marrow Fruit. Not only that, but it would even enhance her future cultivation potential significantly.

As the refreshing fragrance continued to spill out, Shui Yueke forcibly held back her greed and desire. Instead, she quickly sent the dao fruit into Yan Ji’s mouth before she could change her mind.

The moment the Sacred Marrow Fruit touched Yan Ji’s lips, it turned into a gurgling stream and flowed into Yan Ji’s body.

A faint black gas suddenly started to flow out from Yan Ji’s body in just half an incense worth of time. As the black gas dispersed, the death qi coalescing within Yan Ji’s body also quickly dissolved, and Yan Ji’s body started to grow more vibrant with life.

Another half an incense stick worth of time later, large beads of sticky filth started to seep out of the pores on Yan Ji’s body. Shui Yueke frowned at this; only now did she realise how many inferior resources Yan Ji had consumed in the past.

She then saw Yan Ji’s eyes flutter faintly and understood that Yan Ji would wake up at any moment. Understanding the situation, she quickly raised her hand and laid down a few concealment restrictions to cover up Ning Cheng. She was afraid that Ning Cheng’s current condition would severely shock Yan Ji’s mind. It might even give her severe psychological trauma.

A few breaths later, Yan Ji finally opened her eyes. Seeing Shui Yueke sitting not far from her, she quickly called out, “Senior Apprentice Sister Shui, are you here to bring me to the spirit union?”

Shui Yueke showed a warm smile and pointed to the filth covering Yan Ji’s body. “We’re currently on an airship and running for our lives. You should head over to the inner cabins and clean yourself. I will fill you in on the details later.”

“Ah…” Only then did Yan Ji realise that she was covered in filth. She instantly rushed into the inner cabins with a red face. Only after entering the cabin did Yan Ji realise that Senior Apprentice Sister Shui must have saved her. As for why Shui Yueke rescued her, she couldn’t figure it out.

Yan Ji took an entire incense stick worth of time to clean herself thoroughly and changed into a goose yellow robe before coming out. As soon as she came out, she bowed to Shui Yueke. “Although I don’t know why Senior Apprentice Sister Shui saved me, this Yan Ji will always forever remain grateful to Senior Apprentice Sister Shui.”

After cleaning herself, Yan Ji realised that her foundation had somehow reformed once again. But more importantly, she felt as if her qualifications had risen by a whole level. The lightness and the endless potential that her body revealed made her somewhat unable to believe that it was her own body. She had to find out what had happened.

Shui Yueke looked at Yan Ji in shock. Truthfully, Yan Ji’s beauty had already surpassed her before this transformation. But at this moment, Yan Ji had become even more stunningly beautiful. She looked like a tender morning lotus with fresh morning dew drops still clinging to it. Perhaps no one in the entire 9-Revolution Sacred Dao Pond could compare to her right now. But more importantly, because she stood near Yan Ji, she also noticed a faint but unique scent from Yan Ji.

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