Chapter 0945

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Chapter 0945: Ning Cheng sculpts his Dao.

Yan Ji immediately sensed something wrong. She could feel an incomparably pure aura coming from Ning Cheng’s body, and it felt as if a supreme dao rhythm flowed through him.

Immediately afterwards, she saw Ning Cheng’s eyes trembling slightly once again. Was he about to wake up? However, Yan Ji didn’t feel any joy from sensing these changes in Ning Cheng. Instead, she felt a sense of desolation and even despair.

If Ning Cheng woke up earlier before she fell into this mess, she would have been the happiest. But now, she couldn’t feel any joy at all. She knew that as soon as Ning Cheng woke up, people here would immediately kill him.

If alone, she could have committed suicide if pushed to the limits, but she couldn’t bear to drag Ning Cheng down with her.

“Boom….” As Yan Ji hesitated on what to do, two more aftershocks from the chaotic battles blasted onto her body.

The violent force immediately swept Yan Ji into the air. She spurted another mouthful of blood before falling at the foot of a hill. The shockwaves punctured her lungs, making it that she could no longer breathe. But even then, she still clung to Ning Cheng. She even tried to shield Ning Cheng with whatever part of her body she could move.

Slightly salty blood flowed into Ning Cheng, and Ning Cheng suddenly stood up. However, his eyes had still not opened yet.

His dao intent was still in the process of forming, and he didn’t even know that Yan Ji had fainted right at his feet. He didn’t even know that dozens of cultivators were still fighting a bloody battle all around him. At this moment, his entire being was immersed in the formation of his dao rhythm.

“Heaven and earth consist of the mysterious yellow, the universe and the great desolace. The mysterious yellow created the origins; the origins gave birth to all things. Everything has a Dao; the Daos form the laws of nature, form the laws of chaos, form the suns, the moons and the stars. Heaven and earth remain desolate, but my Dao will returning it to one…..”

Rolling dao patterns formed out of thin air and spread out around Ning Cheng’s body. Then, a heavenly dao-like dao rhythm started to sound out as if coming from the heavens beyond. All the cultivators still in mid-fight heard this dao rhythm. They couldn’t help but stop fighting and listen to this heavenly dao-like sound that seemed to originate from the world itself……

The dao rhythm went from simple to complicated, and then from complicated to simple again……

All of them could feel this dao rhythm; some even sat down on their knees to feel this dao rhythm that they felt belonged to the heavenly dao.

“Between the opening of heaven and earth, there existed the aura of the mysterious yellow. Then came the universe and the great desolate. The mysterious yellow carried with it the vitality that coalesced into various origins. These origins, in turn, gave birth to all living beings. All living beings formed their own dao, but these Dao are still contained within heaven and earth. They are contained within the bounds of nature itself.”

“Dao coalesced from the primal chaos aura, formed the laws of heaven and earth, which then shaped the suns, the moons, and the stars, filling the universe with starry skies. The worlds came into existence in silence and do not depend on anything for their survival. My own grand dao also exists between this heaven and earth. But my grand dao goes against the tide, letting all things return to one…..”

As the aura of dao rhythm spread out, it was as if heaven and earth had suddenly split. First, however, the aura grew more and more astonishing, which transformed into a majestic momentum.

More and more cultivators came over because of this spreading heaven and earth dao rhythm. Some cultivators even sat gazing at the ground, trying to understand the dao rhythm. But even more, they began to realise what Ning Cheng was doing.

“He’s sculpting his dao; he’s actually sculpting his dao in this place!?”

“That’s not right; his aura already seems to be that of a Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor…..”

After understanding that Ning Cheng was trying to shape his dao, some greedy cultivators immediately took out their weapons and blasted at Ning Cheng. Since Ning Cheng had chosen to shape his dao here, he must have dao fruits on him, and at the very least, he must have numerous treasures on him.

When a cultivator was shaping his dao, his defences would be at their weakest.  Therefore, striking him at his most vulnerable point would undoubtedly mean a much greater chance of success.

It wasn’t just one cultivator who understood this point. And in just a moment, more and more cultivators rushed up at Ning Cheng with weapons.

It was just that the dao rhythm around Ning Cheng’s body continuously grew stronger and stronger. As a result, it managed to block the incoming attacks from the artefacts; some even got blasted away by Ning Cheng’s dao rhythm.

With the dao rhythm still in mid-formation, the dao rhythm chants continued uninterrupted. And the vast aura rolled up by the dao rhythm continued to grow more and more majestic and grand.

After the dao rhythm around Ning Cheng blasted away several cultivators who attacked him, Ning Cheng suddenly opened his eyes. It felt as if the cultivators attacking him were nothing more than air in Ning Cheng’s eyes. At this moment, his gaze seemed to reach far into the vast and endless void, and a dragon-like chant came out of his mouth:

“When I sculpt my Dao, I’m not bound by heaven and earth!”

“When I sculpt my Dao, I will rise above the laws of heaven and earth!”

“When I sculpt my Dao, my mysterious yellow will return to one!”

“When I sculpt my Dao, I will step on top of all tribulations!”

“When I sculpt my Dao, the laws will reform, spirit techniques will reshape!”

“When I sculpt my Dao……”

“When I sculpt my Dao……”


As Ning Cheng chanted out his dao rhythm, the dao rhythm of heaven and earth started to roll, just like a raging tide. The spirit aura here was nearly non-existent. Yet, amid the rolling dao rhythms, an endless spirit aura started pouring in as if it was water being sucked by a giant whale.

Golden ripples made out of various dao rhythms started to form and surround Ning Cheng’s body. As more dao rhythms rolled over, the golden waves around him transformed into a golden glow. Suddenly, the golden light shot out in all directions. Powered by the aura of the dao rhythms, it completely obscured this part of the universe.

All the cultivators who came here froze in shock. Was this a chant of a Dao Sculpting cultivator? What kind of Dao was this? Not only were the chants so astonishingly majestic, but even the tone of dao enlightenment was so arrogant. Daring to be unbound from heaven and earth, daring to step above all tribulations, override the laws, reshape the rules, and recreate spirit techniques?

Sunset’s Dusk, None-to-depend-on, Time Wheel, Seven Bridges Spirit Technique……

Spear intent, axe intent, law-related spirit techniques……

Dao of Pills, Dao of Formations, Dao of Artefacts, even the barely touched Dao of Talismans……

Five-coloured Star Splitting Arrow, Celestial River, Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort, Seven Bridges Realm Book……

By the end, even the Mysterious Yellow Bead appeared amidst the golden glow of the dao rhythms……

These spirit techniques, artefacts, and dao intents were like memories that kept coalescing out within these golden dao rhythms.

If one said that the sound of Ning Cheng’s dao attestation shocked everyone, then Ning Cheng’s golden dao rhythms turned everyone’s eyes red.

“That’s the heavenly fire, Celestial River Flame, but also the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort. That one, the one that transformed from black to colourless and resting on the multicoloured longbow, it’s actually the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow…..”

“Oh heavens, I can’t believe I saw the Seven Bridges Realm Book…..”

All the cultivators went crazy. Yan Ji’s Heavenly Fragrance Body already made them fight each other to death. But the silhouettes of the spirit techniques and artefacts that Ning Cheng’s dao attestation coalesced drove them insane.

Even if Ning Cheng’s dao rhythm grew more powerful, no one was willing to wait any longer. At this moment, almost every cultivator swarmed towards Ning Cheng.

No wonder this cultivator created such a huge commotion in shaping his dao. No wonder this cultivator had a golden light protecting him while sculpting his dao. It was because he had so many heaven-defying treasures and had so many terrific opportunities. If these opportunities had appeared on them, they could do the same.

Thousands of attacks blasted towards Ning Cheng. Although the golden light produced by Ning Cheng’s dao rhythm was powerful, it couldn’t withstand the combined attacks of so many powerful people.

However, because of these attacks, the coalescing dao rhythm came together instantly at this moment. The next instant, Ning Cheng let out a roar and the golden dao rhythm around him dissipated immediately.

“My Returning to One Dao, complete!”

A burst of clouds appeared out of thin air in the sky, and these clouds quickly converged around Ning Cheng’s body. The next instant, the aura from Ning Cheng’s body started to rise uncontrollably, growing exponentially powerful with each passing moment.

“Boom…..” Ning Cheng’s dao rhythm finally took shape, and he successfully stepped into the Dao Sculpting Realm. At the exact moment, the incoming attacks also disappeared along with the dao rhythm protection around him.

“Yan Ji?” The first thing Ning Cheng saw wasn’t the cultivators surrounding him and attacking him in desperation. Rather, he saw Yan Ji lying at his feet, without any signs of breathing.

Yan Ji was covered in blood, with her life and death unknown. But Ning Cheng felt a fresh fragrance coming from her body. As a Dao Sculpting Pill Deity, how could Ning Cheng not know that this was the Heavenly Fragrance Body?

Even though Ning Cheng had woken up while coalescing his essence spirit, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t figure out what had happened. Most likely, Yan Ji had carried him all the way to this place to escape. But people ended up discovering her Heavenly Fragrance Body. In other words, these people had come here to snatch her.

Unfortunately, while people tried to snatch Yan Ji, he invariantly stepped on a different path of dao sculpting than others. First, he started shaping his dao by letting his essence spirit go through nirvana. After that, his essence spirit fused with his physical body. Only then did he truly succeed in shaping his dao. But because of this different path, he woke up late. No, maybe he would have woken up even later.

Ning Cheng carefully picked up Yan Ji and fed her two pills. He understood that the blood that had flowed into his mouth earlier was Yan Ji’s blood. If it wasn’t Yan Ji’s blood, he might have still been in a muddled state of confusion.

After sending the pills into Yan Ji’s mouth, Ning Cheng’s cold gaze swept over the surrounding cultivators. Apart from a single early-stage Dao Raising expert, there were eleven more Dao Sculpting cultivators. The rest were all at or below Eternal Realm.

“Hand over the woman in your hand and all your artefacts, and I will keep you safe.” The Dao Raising cultivator had come late. So, when he saw Ning Cheng awaken, he immediately crossed over the crowd’s heads and landed in front of Ning Cheng.

A Dao Raising expert had arrived here. Therefore, no matter how many cultivators were around, no one dared to stand up and oppose him.

Ning Cheng took a deep breath. He didn’t reply to this Dao Raising expert’s words. But instead, his spirit sense swept out, and a seven-page book appeared above his head.

“It truly is the Seven Bridges Realm Book….” A greedy voice rang out.

Ning Cheng finally spoke up with a slight chill in his tone, and his indifferent words rang out within everyone’s heart. “Since you came here, then don’t bother to leave…..”

The Dao Raising cultivator replied with disdain, “A mere gnat who just shaped his dao thinks he’s the master of heaven and earth. Die then…..”

As he spoke, this Dao Raising cultivator raised his two hands, and a red light suddenly emerged as it tore through space. Space started to visibly freeze under this red light.

Ning Cheng remained indifferent. Even if this light froze everything around him, he could still move freely. But without waiting for this red glow to spread out, Ning Cheng stepped forward with his left foot, waved his right hand, and said softly, “The First Bridge, Bridge of Coping……”

The Seven Bridges Realm Book suspended over his head suddenly opened as if a gale had blown past it. A rolling yin wind suddenly rose out of thin air. Then, a pale white stone arch bridge emerged from the sky with a’ clunk’. One could see five prominent dragon-shaped characters at the bridge’s head, “First Bridge, Bridge of Coping”.

Beneath this pale white arch bridge was a river of blood that looked real. The smell of blood filled the air, and the dozens of cultivators surrounding Ning Cheng couldn’t help but look at this pale white Bridge of Coping and the blood river running underneath it. Only astonishment plastered their faces.

“Arriving at the Bridge of Coping, why don’t you all go on your way…..” Ning Cheng’s voice boomed out with a rolling dao rhythm. His spirit essence had grown unknown times more powerful than when he had swallowed the Burst Spirit Pill and burned his essence blood and longevity. What’s more, at this moment, not only had his spirit essence grown strong, his dao rhythm was no longer at the Eternal level.

“No return from life, no retreat from death, once you enter Coping, you never return…..”

A low simple-minded voice emerged from the Bridge of Coping and began to fill the space. Hearing this voice, none of the cultivators standing just beyond the Bridge of Coping could stay still. They all started to cross onto it with confusion filling their minds and hearts.

After hesitating for a moment, even the Dao Raising expert also stepped onto the Bridge of Coping.

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