Chapter 0952

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Chapter 0952: The Bei Clan

Bei Bai, who didn’t even put Ning Cheng in his eyes earlier, now could even dare to move at all under Ning Cheng’s suppression. He felt that just Ning Cheng’s killing intent could immediately tear him into pieces as soon as he moved.

“What do you want……” Bei Bai spoke in a frightened and trembling voice; the weakness he felt showed through.

Ning Cheng suddenly took a step forward, reached out and squeezed Bei Bai’s neck. Then, picking him off the ground, he said, “Did you forget what I asked already?”

Only then did he remember what Ning Cheng had asked and replied with trepidation. “It was from a male cultivator called Wu Qihong and a female cultivator named Xin Xiu who sold it to us.”

Ning Cheng gave a cold laugh and squeezed his hand slightly. His killing intent had fully locked Bei Bai in place. “Where are those two? If you say you don’t know, you can reincarnate; I’ll even help you with it.”

Ning Cheng didn’t believe anything Bei Bai said. Xin Xiu and Wu Qihong were long-time rogue cultivators. If they didn’t even have this much intelligence and directly put up the Empyrean Consciousness Pills for sale with their real names, the two would have died a long time ago. How could they have even reached the Eternal Realm otherwise?

As for Bei Bai’s lies, Ning Cheng didn’t even bother to reveal them and directly threatened to kill and destroy him.

“I’m Bei Clan’s….”

Before Bei Bai could even finish his sentence, an arrow of blood spurted out from his mouth. Ning Cheng had shattered two of his meridians.

“I said, they’re in my Bei Clan….” Bei Bai no longer dared to use his Bei Clan to threaten Ning Cheng and revealed Xin Xiu and Wu Qihong’s whereabouts.

Ning Cheng’s thoughts churned in an instant. Regardless of how Xin Xiu and Wu Qihong ended up with the Bei Clan, the fact that Bei Clan didn’t kill them until now indicated an undeniable intent.

At best, Wu Qihong and Xin Xiu were ordinary Eternal cultivators. Such cultivation made them essentially useless to the clans here. However, they did have one use; that is, these two were Ji He’s junior apprentice brother and sister. They had received Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pills from Ji He. Since Bei Clan kept Xin Xiu and Wu Qihong, it only meant one thing. They wanted Ji He to come to their door and deliver the pills in exchange for them.

Taking a step back, even if Ji He didn’t come, the Bei Clan wouldn’t lose anything. It wouldn’t make a difference to anyone whether they imprisoned two rogue cultivators. No one would even care if they lived or died.

“How dare you. A mere Tier 8 Pill Emperor dares to make a move in the Hundred Herb Tower…..” A stern rebuke emerged, and a harsh killing intent came crashing down on Ning Cheng.

This fellow didn’t even wait for Ning Cheng to make a move, and a majestic momentum raged through space. Suddenly another magnificent momentum emerged out of nowhere. When the two forces collided, it immediately caused a colossal spirit essence explosion that shook the hall.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Hundred Herb Tower had powerful protective formations and restrictions, this exchange would have immediately turned the tower into dust.

A powerful spiritual consciousness suddenly swept out with an icy voice. “If you dare make a move in the Hundred Herb Building again, I will obliterate both of you.”

As the powerful spiritual consciousness swept over, Ning Cheng’s grip on Bei Bai loosened, and Bei Bai fell to the ground.

Everyone within the tower turned quiet. Facing the spiritual consciousness of a Dao Fusion expert, who would dare to move? Although the Hundred Herb Tower didn’t belong to anyone anymore, this place still had its own experts guarding it.

“Brother Jian, what’s the meaning of this?” The one who had just attacked Ning Cheng was a Dao Raising Holy Emperor. When he saw that the one who stopped him was Jian Sanshan, his expressions turned a little ugly. He had initially noticed that Ning Cheng’s cultivation level wasn’t as good as him. So he wanted to help out Bei Bai and give the Bei Clan a good impression. It’s just that he never expected Jian Sanshan to block him.

Don’t look at the fact that Bei Bai came from the Bei Clan. Jian Sanshan’s reputation was at the same level as Bei Clan, perhaps even higher. People knew of Bei Clan, not because of its strength but because it had a Dao Transformation Pill Deity. It opened up a few channels to get precious spirit grasses and pills.

Jian Sanshan, on the other hand, was also a Dao Transformation Pill Deity. However, more importantly, he was the only Dao Transformation Pill Deity who could refine the Harmonious Heavenly Pill.

Jian Sanshan stood beside Ning Cheng and spoke with a calm tone, “Ning Cheng is my friend. So if you make a move against him, it’s the same as making a move against me.”

Ning Cheng only nodded to Jian Sanshan before turning to Bei Bai lying on the ground and said in a cold voice, “Lead the way.”

“Ah….” Despite being saved by a hidden Dao Fusion powerhouse, Bei Bai still had an innate fear of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng’s cold glare intensified. “Lead the way to your Bei Clan. Doesn’t your Bei Clan want the Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pill? It just so happens that I have a few of them.”

This time, Bei Bai heard the words clearly. He immediately felt a burst of joy rip through his heart. This fellow thought that restraining him would sweep away his Bei Clan. Now that this fellow wanted to look for death, what else did he have to hesitate about?

Thinking of this, Bei Bai quickly stood up and started moving without even saying a word. Fortunately, this fellow had only shattered two of his meridians, not all of them. So, although it caused his strength to regress, it didn’t affect his movements.

Ning Cheng immediately followed. It’s not that he never thought that the Bei Clan might have a Dao Essence expert. But Ning Cheng believed that even if they had a Dao Essence expert, he could still escape without much effort.

Besides, a clan like the Bei Clan had almost no chance of having a Dao Essence expert. Just take the Barbarian Dragon Clan as an example. Apart from a rumoured Dao Perfection powerhouse, the highest cultivation level among its members was only Dao Essence.

“Brother Ning, I’ll come with you.” Jian Sanshan decided to tag along with Ning Cheng.

Seeing Ning Cheng’s puzzled expression, Jian Sanshan showed a faint smile. “The Bei Clan only has one Dao Transformation Holy Emperor. So it’s not even considered a mid-sized clan. The reason why they are somewhat famous is that they also have a Dao Transformation Pill Deity.”

As soon as Ning Cheng heard Jian Sanshan’s words, he understood a few things. First, Jian Sanshan wasn’t necessarily coming to help him deal with the Bei Clan. Instead, it was because of Bei Clan’s Dao Transformation Pill Deity. A Dao Transformation Pill Deity had the connections to call in many experts for help. But with Jian Sanshan, another Dao Transformation Pill Deity, next to him, there would be far fewer of those responding to the other Dao Transformation Pill Deity’s call for help.

It was just like the Dao Raising Holy Emperor who had attacked Ning Cheng at the Hundred Herb Tower to curry favour with the Bei Clan. But seeing Jian Sanshan step forward to help, this Dao Raising Holy Emperor had immediately left without a single word of bullshit.

“Then, many thanks, Brother Jian.” Ning Cheng clasped his fists and thanked him. Since this Bei Clan only had a Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, he didn’t have to fear them at all. If worse came to worse, he could use the Five-coloured Star Splitting Arrow to finish this Dao Transformation Holy Emperor. As for the rest of them, the Bridge of Coping would be more than enough.

Feeling Jian Sanshan’s good intentions, Ning Cheng also didn’t refuse his involvement.


Engraved Wood Creek’s Bei Clan, ten million miles away from Heaven Essence Sacred City.

An ordinary person would find it impossible to cover such a distance in their lifetime. But for Holy Emperors, travelling ten million miles was nothing more than walking to their backyard. It wouldn’t take long at all.

There were no telling how many clans like the Bei Clan existed in the Grand Essence Domain. But the main reason why people considered the Bei Clan as above the rest of the similarly-sized families was their three pill deities. Moreover, the most accomplished one among them had even become a Dao Transformation Pill Deity.

A Dao Transformation Pill Deity was an existence that even the ten major forces would want to recruit.

At this moment, the Bei Clan was in the midst of celebrations. Their clan’s Dao Transformation Pill Deity, Bei Laili, had just received an invitation to come to the Heaven Essence Sacred City for the Alchemy Discourse. Plus, Bei Laili had also made a breakthrough in his research on the Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pill’s recipe.

The head of the clan, Bei Qianhai, and a group of elders from Bei Clan were still congratulating Bei Laili on the successful breakthrough. They were even preparing to send people to serve Bai Leili in Heaven Essence Sacred City.

Bei Qianhai had a white and beardless face, and just like Bei Bai, his eyes were long and thin. Most likely, it was because of the Bei Clan’s cultivation method. Plus, there was also an invisible but hostile aura around him.

Just at this moment, a panicked figure rushed in.

When Bei Qianhai saw this panicked figure, he frowned slightly, and his face sank. His Bei Clan wanted to rush towards the ranks of the great clans of the Grand Essence Domain, which meant that there had to be established rules for things. Running into Bei Clan’s family hall in such a panic would cause the Bei Clan to never step onto that stage.

“Deacon Meng…..” A Dao Raising Holy Emperor sitting beside Bei Qianhai took the initiative to settle this matter without waiting for the clan head to speak.

The deacon who rushed in didn’t wait for this person to continue before speaking up in more panic. “I just received news from Heaven Essence Sacred City that Young Lord Bai had his meridians scrapped.”

“What?” Anger erupted on Bei Qianhai’s face, and he suddenly stood up.

Regardless of their ambitions, Bei Clan was a decently reputable pill clan; how could someone dare scrap Bei Bai’s meridians? Bei Bai was his ‘nephew’ to the public, but only he knew that Bei Bai was his son. So how could he, Bei Qianhai, put up with someone scraping his son’s meridians?

“Elder brother, my Bei Clan has a good reputation in the Grand Essence Domain. Since this person dares to scrap Young Lord Bai’s meridians, he must have an unusual background…..” A black-faced man spoke up in a grave voice.

The black-faced man didn’t need to remind him. Bei Qianhai had also realised it and calmed down. His son’s meridians had been ruined, so he would definitely take revenge. However, before taking revenge, he had to find out the other party’s origins.

“Go and find out who that bastard is?” Bei Qianhai’s cold, stern voice seeped out of his clenched jaw.

But before Deacon Meng could answer, the people in the hall heard a series of clicks as someone opened the forbidden restrictions outside the entrance. The next instant, a voice filled with chill emerged, “No need to check, I’m coming in.”

Xin Xiu and Wu Qihong had suffered because of their connection to him. As such, Ning Cheng wouldn’t remain polite when he came to this Bei Clan. His Spiritual Consciousness Chop had already shattered Bei Clan’s forbidden restrictions and defensive formations. In fact, before the Bei Clan could even sense Ning Cheng’s arrival, Ning Cheng had already noticed the Bei Clan’s movements.

This was how powerful a spiritual consciousness attack would be when combined with the Dao of Arrays.

Once Ning Cheng’s voice emerged, all the people in the hall clearly saw the people walking in.

There were, in total, three people. Ning Cheng had walked in with Bei Bai’s neck still in his hand, and surprisingly, also carried a woman on his back. The corners of Bei Bai’s mouth also overflowed with blood, and both his breath and aura felt chaotic. It was apparent that the news of his meridians being scrapped wasn’t a lie. A moment later, Jian Sanshan walked in and stood next to Ning Cheng without any expressions.

“Jian Sanshan? What do you mean by this? My Bei Clan has nothing to do with you; how dare you…..” The first person Bei Qianhai recognised was naturally not Ning Cheng, but Jian Sanshan standing beside Ning Cheng.

Jian Sanshan showed a faint smile, “Clan Master Bei, you may have made a mistake here; I’m not involved in it and just passing by. By the way, let me introduce Clan Master Bei to this person. This is Ning Cheng.”

Hearing Jian Sanshan’s words, Bei Qianhai’s cold and stern gaze again fell on Ning Cheng. Even if this Ning Cheng had Jian Sanshan as his backing, so what? His Bei Clan didn’t fear a Jian Sanshan.

“Can you tell me what my Bei Clan had done to offend this friend? Why was this friend so ruthless to even scrap Bei Bai’s meridians?” Bei Qianhai calmed down and even spoke in a relatively respectful tone as if the person in Ning Cheng’s hand wasn’t Bei Bai.

Before learning Ning Cheng’s identity, he didn’t want to make any rash moves.

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