Chapter 0991

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Chapter 0991: Killing in the Mission Hall

Ning Cheng knew the Void Star Sect would not stop looking for him. Therefore, he left Heaven Essence Sacred City in secret to avoid unnecessary headaches and didn’t take the teleportation array. In fact, except for Jian Sanshan and a few trusted people, no one even knew that he had already left the city.

Ning Cheng hadn’t guessed wrong. Not long after he left, the dark-faced sect master of the Void Star Sect located Ning Cheng’s inn. Not just the Void Star Sect but other sects and forces also found out about it and rushed to visit Ning Cheng.

However, no one guessed that Ning Cheng would leave so suddenly. After all, Ning Cheng still had to wait for the Pill Union to show Ning Cheng the list of things the different forces wanted to send him to gain his support. Who knew that Ning Cheng wouldn’t even wait for the benefits to pour in and just sneak out of the Heaven Essence Sacred City?


“Respected seniors, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning has already left Heaven Essence Sacred City. As to where he is heading, we have no idea about it, nor has he spoken about it.” Xin Xiu stood at Ning Cheng’s suite entrance and explained to a group of cultivators wanting to meet Ning Cheng.

“Just say that Void Star Sect’s Sect Master Wu Bufeng has come to pay a visit.” Wu Bufeng already had a dark face, but his face turned even darker after listening to Xin Xiu’s words. Any darker and black water might start dripping down his face.

When others heard that Ning Cheng wasn’t in Heaven Sacred City, they all said a few polite words, left a few customary gifts and then left. However, Wu Bufeng didn’t. He had to convince Ning Cheng to help them refine the Renewing Heaven Ripple Bone Pill.

Wu Bufeng also had Percy and the skeletal-like Ancestor Kang beside him.

Xin Xiu showed a slight frown and said again, “Senior Wu, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning is truly not in Heaven Essence Sacred City. Moreover, my Junior Apprentice Brother and I will be leaving this inn in a few moments. If Senior Wu doesn’t believe me, then please go inside and check for yourself.”

After saying this, Xin Xiu opened the suite’s entrance restrictions and stepped aside.

Wu Bufeng grunted. He had investigated Ning Cheng’s past after leaving the Alchemy Discourse Public Square and understood that Ning Cheng wasn’t a person who he could threaten. Therefore, if he dared to verify it, he would no longer be able to ask Ning Cheng for anything.

“Bufeng, let’s leave it here. I have lived for so many years; waiting for another hundred or so years wouldn’t mean much.” Ancestor Kang, who stood quietly at the side, suddenly spoke up.

He didn’t know what kind of person Ning Cheng was, but he was sure that Ning Cheng wasn’t someone who ate hard rocks from the information he received. If Ning Cheng could be threatened, he would have already given in to Man Huishan a long time ago.

Wu Bufeng gritted his teeth. He started to regret not helping Ning Cheng during the alchemy challenge. He also understood what Ancestor Kang meant; they had no choice but to wait.

“Let’s go.” Wu Bufeng swallowed a mouthful of anger and regret, but in the end, he didn’t dare enter the suite to search for Ning Cheng.


“Hearing Junior Apprentice Sister Ruxue say that you had fallen, I decided to kill Lifeless Poisonhand and Heartless Monk to avenge your death. Fortunately, the heavens took pity on me and let me live long enough to stay by your side.” In the Grand Essence Ruins’ Mission Hall, Yan Ji stood beside Ning Cheng and spoke up in a trembling tone.

But if she had not joined a sect to improve her cultivation to avenge Ning Cheng, how could she have reunited with Ning Cheng? At this moment, the task of capturing Heartless Monk had long since come down, while she now stood beside Ning Cheng.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Ji….” Ning Cheng grabbed Yan Ji’s hand, feeling guilty about what Yan Ji had gone through because of him. No matter how dangerous it is, I have to help Yan Ji find the Exquisite Star Golden Concealed Leaf.

“Hehe, it’s the funniest joke I’ve ever heard. Someone talking about killing Heartless Monk and Lifeless Poisonhand in the Grand Essence Ruins’ Mission Hall.” A gloomy and miserable sounding voice emerged. Even though it was broad daylight, the entire hall turned grim and cold.

When the cultivators around them, who were handing over their missions, heard this voice, they couldn’t help but get out of the way.

A moment later, Ning Cheng and Yan Ji saw a Daoist holding a whisk in his hand. This Daoist freely moved his gaze between Ning Cheng and Yan Ji and from top to bottom several times.

Other people generally used whisks made out of hair from demonic beasts. But the individual threads on the whisk in this Daoist’s hand seemed to be made out of intestines. Therefore, when Yan Ji saw the whisk in this Daoist’s hand, she subconsciously stepped back.

Other Daoists gave off a feeling of immortality when holding a whisk. But this Daoist had a repulsive and evil aura around him.

“And who are you?” Ning Cheng held Yan Ji’s hand and asked in a cold voice. Yan Ji currently had a severely damaged foundation and no cultivation to speak off; therefore, when this Daoist’s momentum came crashing down, it immediately affected Yan Ji.

“You don’t know me?” The Daoist looked at Ning Cheng in confusion, even thinking that Ning Cheng was joking.

Some cultivators in the distance, who didn’t know Ning Cheng, secretly shook their heads. In their minds, Ning Cheng had already become a dead person. After all, he dared to question Daoist Gutless, one of the four ‘No’s of Grand Essence Ruins. If they didn’t count the Faceless Woman, Daoist Gutless was the most malicious of the remaining three. Moreover, this person had a disgusting habit of killing women and refining their intestines into his whisk.

“How old are you? Why should I know you? Are you a Dao Essence expert or a Dao Fusion powerhouse?” Ning Cheng replied with a sneer. This fellow was an early-stage Dao Raising Holy Emperor, essentially nothing in his eyes. What gave him the right to act so arrogantly?

After all, in Heaven Essence Sacred City, even Dao Essence and Dao Fusion experts would have to line up to make friends with him. As for Dao Raising? Hehe, they could only stand aside and watch from a distance.

However, Yan Ji quickly recalled this Daoist’s identity and whispered to Ning Cheng. “This person is Xian Wuchang  and known as Daoist Gutless. Along with Lifeless Poisonhand, Heartless Monk and Faceless Woman, they are the four ‘No’s of Grand Essence Ruins.”

Ning Cheng had heard about Grand Essence Realm’s four ‘No’s and fought with Lifeless Poisonhand and Heartless Monk. From what he knew, Man Huishan had already killed off Lifeless Poisonhand, while Heartless Monk had escaped to the depths of the Grand Essence Ruins. Moreover, since Man Huishan had already found Ning Cheng, he had also taken down the mission of capturing Heartless Monk.

He never expected to see another of those four ‘No’s, Daoist Gutless, in this place. Were Daoist Gutless, Heartless Monk and Lifeless Poisonhand friends?

“Hehe, this girl is right. My whisk is made from the intestines of beautiful women and countless precious materials. Lifeless Poisonhand even gave his own sister’s intestines to help me refine it. So, in a way, he could be considered a relative of mine. Since you want to kill Lifeless Poisonhand, I will have to help him. Although your cultivation isn’t good, I can at least refine your intestines and add another thread to my whisk…..”

As soon as Daoist Gutless finished speaking, an oppressive aura erupted from his body and blasted toward Ning Cheng and Yan Ji. He already knew that Lifeless Poisonhand had died; he was just using it as an excuse to force them into submission.

However, he couldn’t make any open moves as he was still in the Grand Essence Ruins’ Mission Hall. Therefore, he wanted to use his aura to suppress Ning Cheng and Yan Ji to the point that they would flee. That way, he could then chase them out and finish them off.

Unfortunately, Ning Cheng didn’t react as expected. Instead, he brought out his spear when he heard Daoist Gutless’ last words.

Daoist Gutless wanted to force Ning Cheng and Yan Ji to flee to the Grand Essence Ruins before making his move; Ning Cheng had already understood it. But when Ning Cheng heard he wanted to kill Yan Ji and refine her intestines into his whisk, his spear had already shot towards Daoist Gutless.

Daoist Gutless’ momentum got scattered by Ning Cheng’s killing intent and quickly spread out in all directions. It even cracked one of the display formations that showed mission information.

A vast and majestic aura then suddenly crashed down on Daoist Gutless. He felt that the entire sky had suddenly changed around him, and even his breathing stalled. He even got the illusion that everything around him would turn into a wasteland if he dared to move.

Was this the aura of a Grand Dao? Before Daoist Gutless could react, Ning Cheng’s spear appeared right before him, ignoring the space between them.

Daoist Gutless no longer dared to treat Ning Cheng as a mere ant, and the whisk in his hand suddenly transformed into a net. From a distance, it looked like intestines crisscrossing in the air.

“Boom…..” Spirit essence stirred up the space as the spear ripped through the surroundings with a roar that shook the entire Grand Essence Ruins’ Mission Hall.

“Stop……” Daoist Gutless instantly understood that he wasn’t a match for Ning Cheng even before exchanging a single blow.

Dao Raising Holy Emperors were already famous experts in the Grand Essence Ruins. Since when did this place have another person even more powerful than him?

However, Ning Cheng acted as if he hadn’t heard it, and his spear tore through the net made out of intestines. That net made him feel nauseated just by looking at it. The next moment, his spear paused as it cut through space and a setting sun appeared at the spear tip.

Timeless heaven and earth, setting sun existing in the dusk.

The time between heaven and earth disappeared, leaving behind only the dusk’s setting sun.

This was the re-sublimation of Ning Cheng’s Sunset Twilight. After casting the Sunset’s Twilight, time no longer existed in heaven and earth; there was only the twilight of life.

Time stood still as Daoist Gutless stared wide-eyed at the growing waning sun, utterly unsure of what to do next.

As a stabbing pain came from his brow, the dusk before him disappeared, and time began to flow again in heaven and earth. He suddenly screamed out in horror, “No…..”

“Poof…..” Blood, viscera and twinkling lights exploded as Ning Cheng’s spear blasted open Daoist Gutless’ head.

Daoist Gutless’ hideous-looking essence spirit rushed out of his body and was about to flee out of the hall when Ning Cheng’s flames rolled over. With another tearing cry of misery, Daoist Gutless’ essence spirit and spirit soul turned into nothingness.

The entire exchange only took a few breaths, but those few breaths were enough for Ning Cheng to kill Daoist Gutless, a Dao Raising expert.

“Who dares to kill in my Grand Essence Ruins’ Mission Hall?” Ning Cheng had just killed Daoist Gutless when a powerful aura crashed down on Ning Cheng, followed by a shadow that landed in front of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng slightly waved the spear in his hand and swept away the powerful aura before pulling Yan Ji backwards. Only then did he glance at the person in front of him. This person was a male cultivator wearing the official uniform of the Grand Essence Ruins’ Mission Hall and had a Dao Transformation cultivation.

“How dare you kill in my Mission Hall?” After this man landed, he stared at Ning Cheng with strong killing intent in his tone.

Only at this moment did the rest of the people in the Mission Hall react. The arrogant and unbeatable Daoist Gutless had died; moreover, killed in the Grand Essence Ruins’ Mission Hall no less. It was the most shocking event to happen in the Grand Essence Ruins.

“Come with me, don’t make me do it.” The man’s domain stretched out and instantly sealed all paths for Ning Cheng. It even locked down the space within the Mission Hall.

Ning Cheng, however, replied with an indifferent tone, “Are you sure you want me to come with you?”

The man gave a cold snort and was about to take out an artefact when he heard the chatter of the onlooking cultivators. “I recognise him; that’s Ning Cheng. The one wanted by Holy Emperor Barbarian Dragon.”

“What? That’s him?  He still dared to come to the Grand Essence Ruins? Dares to even kill people here?”

“Something’s not right; I heard that Ning Cheng was only an Eternal Starry Sky Emperor. How could he kill Daoist Gutless so easily?”

The Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, who was about to make his move, suddenly flinched after hearing the surrounding chatter. He quickly changed his tone and asked in caution, “Are you Pill Sage Ning?”

“That’s right, I’m Ning Cheng.” Ning Cheng gave a simple nod and pointed at Daoist Gutless’ ring on the ground. “Consider that ring as compensation for the loss suffered by your Grand Essence Ruins’ Mission Hall.”

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