Chapter 0993

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Chapter 0993: Green spaces in blue sands

Burial Shadow Blue Sands suppressed one’s spiritual consciousness, but it had no effect on one’s spirit essence. However, once someone stirred up their spirit essence, the faster the agitation, the greater the obstructing force one would face inside.

The cry ‘Ji Ang Mu Lu’ grew clearer and clearer behind him, which caused Ning Cheng to feel an acute threat of death. Suddenly, figures rushed past Ning Cheng, each with stronger cultivation than him. Looks like many people come here despite the danger.

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness forcibly broke through the shroud of blue sand behind him, just in time to see a Dao Raising Holy Emperor swept away by an invisible force. In just a moment, the holy emperor’s aura disappeared.

Ning Cheng no longer dared to hold back and immediately cast a Spiritual Consciousness Storm, forming a Spiritual Consciousness domain around him. Although it still consumed a lot, at least it weakened the surrounding restriction. Plus, it also helped Ning Cheng’s speed to rise sharply.

Ning Cheng quickly shot past the holy emperors who had run past him. But just when he was about to breathe a sigh of relief, a chill suddenly ran down his back. In the same instant, a pitch-black mouth suddenly opened up beneath him from within the blue sands and quickly clamped down on him. Ning Cheng couldn’t even detect the mouth till it had almost closed up with him inside.

“Katcha…..” Lightning splashed everywhere as the mouth struck Ning Cheng’s Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort and disappeared. The backlash from the chaotic spirit essence caused a sharp pain to erupt in Ning Cheng’s heart.

Ning Cheng quickly brought out his long spear, and his spiritual consciousness expanded. However, it didn’t detect anything at all. Apart from the whistling and tumbling blue sands, Ning Cheng couldn’t see anything in his surroundings.

Ning Cheng secretly drew in a cold breath. Fortunately, he had not put away the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort. Otherwise, he might have lost his life. Even if he could escape, he would have suffered severe injuries.

Seeing that this place had a threat that he couldn’t even sense made Ning Cheng even more cautious.

Thankfully, maybe because of the heightened caution and the careful precautions, nothing attacked Ning Cheng as he ran in the opposite direction for almost half a day. Ning Cheng also no longer felt that terrifying sense of death anymore and finally slowed down.

Suddenly, Ning Cheng sensed a dense spirit essence around him, and by the time his gaze swept over, he found himself standing in front of a lake. The air still had some blue sand swirling through it, but it was weaker and less dense. Moreover, the closer one moved to the lake, the less blue sand there was. By the time he reached around a hundred metres from the lake’s edge, he no longer found any blue sand. In fact, he could now clearly see the opposite shore of the lake, which was full of verdant grass and even a few trees.

This was Ning Cheng’s first time seeing such greenery and turquoise since entering Burial Shadow Blue Sand.

However, Ning Cheng didn’t make any sudden moves. Instead, he carefully stretched out his spiritual consciousness and started to observe the surroundings. After about half an incense stick-worth of time, he finally understood that this place, in fact, was an array formation. As for the lake in front of him, it formed the base of the formation. This formation weakened the effect of the blue sand prevalent within Burial Shadow Blue Sands. In other words, it created a slightly safer zone amid danger.

After understanding that this place was an array formation, Ning Cheng drew in another cold breath. Ning Cheng had already experienced the danger of this place from which he could only escape or barely protect himself.

Yet, this formation actually blocked and even weakened the blue sand around it. Just what kind of strength, or better yet, just what level of cultivation was needed to create this formation?

Ning Cheng carefully walked around this lake and walked to the opposite side, and saw a path of stones stretching into the distance before his eyes.

After confirming that this path had no danger, Ning Cheng put away the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort and stepped onto the stone path.

The moment Ning Cheng stepped onto this path, the power suppressing his spiritual consciousness suddenly disappeared, and a vast verdant land appeared in front of his eyes.

Surprisingly, he also noticed several cultivators inside. Ning Cheng even saw the white-robed woman among those cultivators.

Ning Cheng felt slightly relieved. Since this white-robed woman had also fled here, it meant that this place should be safe for the time being.

He sped up and walked towards them. Judging by their appearances, these people have been inside Burial Shadow Blue Sand for longer than he had, so they should know more about this situation. Perhaps he could even inquire about this ‘Ji Ang Mu Lu’ and if anyone here knew about the Exquisite Star Golden Concealed Leaf.

However, Ning Cheng quickly sensed something wrong with the situation. He had also noticed several corpses among the cultivators. They seemed to have died not too long ago. There were even two corpses beside the white-robed woman.

Seeing Ning Cheng coming over, the white-robed woman’s eyes flashed with surprise. She seemed a bit confused about how someone with Ning Cheng’s cultivation could escape to this place?

Ning Cheng only nodded to her on noticing her gaze but remained quiet. Earlier, this white-robed widow had warned him of danger during her escape, which had definitely helped him. As such, he felt very grateful to her in his heart. But he also had no idea about the current situation.

Soon, however, the white-robed woman’s expression turned grave. She didn’t have the time to respond to Ning Cheng. Standing opposite her were five Dao Transformation Holy Emperors. Looks like these five were facing off against the white-robed woman.

“Take out your storage ring and get lost.” A chilling voice fell on Ning Cheng’s ear. It belonged to one of the five facing the white-robed woman.

Ning Cheng didn’t think he had the strength to face off against one Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, let alone five Dao Transformation Holy Emperors. But he also did not eat mud.

“You want my storage ring?” Ning Cheng asked as he looked at the five Dao Transformation Holy Emperors opposite him despite the odds. At this moment, he fully understood in his heart where the corpses on the ground originated. These people had obviously escaped from that Burial Shadow Fiend. But after arriving here, they were taken out by these people who came here first.

As for why this white-robed widow was still alive, one didn’t need to be a genius to figure it out.

Ning Cheng subconsciously took two steps back. Could he escape if he couldn’t defeat them?

“You can’t go out; you will undoubtedly die if you go out.” The white-robed woman’s voice rang out in his ears.

“What?” Ning Cheng subconsciously asked.

The white-robed woman looked at Ning Cheng suspiciously. “Don’t you know the terrifying nature of Burial Shadow Fiends in this place?”

Ning Cheng showed a slight frown before replying. “Didn’t we escape from the Burial Shadow Fiend already?”

“Haha…..” The Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, who wanted Ning Cheng to hand over his storage ring, laughed as if he had heard the funniest joke. The next moment, he suddenly rushed towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng was just a Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor. Therefore, facing a Dao Transformation Holy Emperor rushing up to him, no one bothered to move.

This Dao Transformation Holy Emperor obviously didn’t put Ning Cheng in his eyes and didn’t even bring out his weapon. Instead, he only stretched out his hand to grab Ning Cheng.

As he stretched out his hand to grab Ning Cheng, the space underneath it immediately came under its control. A moment later, his powerful momentum rushed down to suppress Ning Cheng and make him unable to move.

Replaced with an ordinary early-stage Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor, the powerful suppression from a middle-stage Dao Transformation Holy Emperor would have rendered the latter completely immobile.

But Ning Cheng simply gave a cold laugh internally. Did this fellow think that he was a second-step Dao Confirming Holy Emperor to actually use this eagle-catching-chicks method to deal with him?

Just when Ning Cheng was about to take out his spear to defend, another figure rushed into the area from the outside. This Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, who was about to grab Ning Cheng, immediately stopped in his tracks when he saw this figure rushing in.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Fanglin? You’re here too?” The newly arrived figure immediately noticed the white-robed woman and called out with a tone of surprise.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Hou Fu……” The white-robed woman replied, but her attention remained on the five Dao Transformation Holy Emperors.

“Are they robbing people who rushed in here?” The late-arrival Hou Fu quickly understood the situation and stared dangerously at the five Dao Transformation Holy Emperors.

“Do it, keep the woman alive if you can, kill her if you can’t…….” Seeing another Dao Transformation Holy Emperor joining in, and this man and woman even knew each other, the five no longer showed the same patience and rushed up. As for Ning Cheng, they ignored him. He wasn’t worth anything in their eyes.

The white-robed woman and Hou Fu immediately brought out their weapons. Unfortunately, although the two joined forces, the other side had five. Meaning they were utterly out-matched before they could even start fighting.

Ning Cheng knew that he had to take action instead of standing by and watching. The only reason those five had not put him in their eyes was because of his cultivation level. Once these five finished off the white-robed woman and Hou Fu, they would immediately turn their attention to him.

Therefore, the moment those five surrounded the white-robed woman and Hou Fu, Ning Cheng moved and immediately brought out the Seven Bridges Realm Book. Fighting against such people, he couldn’t hold back in the slightest.

The pale-white First Bridge of Coping solidified out of thin air in just an instant. And as it solidified, it sucked in and merged with the Yin Qi of the Seven Bridges Realm Book, quickly forming a stone arch bridge with Yin Qi rolling around it.

The tumbling river of blood under it also grew majestic, looking just like a river flowing backwards and seeping directly into one’s heart and soul.

The pale-white arch bridge instantly swallowed all the seven Dao Transformation Holy Emperors in battle, and a powerful collapsing force came through. Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness ached, and he spat out a mouthful of black blood.

“This is the First Bridge of Coping in the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique…..” One of the Dao Transformation Holy Emperor spoke out in shock on seeing the five large words etched onto the pale-while arch bridge’s side. ‘First Bridge of Coping.’

Ning Cheng could acutely feel his Sea of Consciousness surging as if the next moment, the First Bridge of Coping would collapse, exploding his Sea of Consciousness. However, the people trapped within the First bridge of Coping hadn’t even moved yet.

“If you two don’t hurry up, the three of us will be nothing but grasshoppers on a string.” Seeing the white-robed woman and Hou Fu standing there in bewilderment, Ning Cheng gave an angry shout and rushed onto the First Bridge of Coping. He also brought out his spear and ran towards the nearest Dao Transformation Holy Emperor.

He dared to use the First Bridge of Coping to envelop these seven people because he was sure that the white-robed woman and Hou Fu would join forces with him.

Not waiting for Hou Fu to recover from the shock, the white-robed woman knew precisely what Ning Cheng meant. She quickly stimulated her weapon to the maximum possible limit and rushed towards one of the five Dao Transformation Holy Emperors surrounding her. She also promptly sent a stern message to Hou Fu to attack.

No matter Ning Cheng’s intentions, she had no choice right now other than to work with him. If Ning Cheng fell, she and Hou Fu would definitely fall to the five surrounding them.

Hou Fu quickly sobered upon receiving the order and switched his weapon to his War Dragon Pill Cauldron and shot toward one of the Dao Transformation Holy Emperors.

With the white-robed woman and Hou Fu quickly joining in to help, the pressure on Ning Cheng suddenly weakened. Yin winds started to flow over the First Bridge of Coping with more force, and the river of blood under the Bridge of Coping began to rumble. The next instant, the blood river rushed up and pounded onto the chests of those five Dao Transformation Holy Emperors like a giant hammer.

With the help of Ning Cheng’s First Bridge of Coping and Ning Cheng taking on one of the five with his weapon, the pressure on the white-robed woman and Hou Fu also lessened. Although they still felt pressured, it wasn’t the same as facing the five simultaneously.

In just a matter of a few breaths, Ning Cheng, the white-robed woman and Hua Fu managed to gain the upper hand with the help of the First Bridge of Coping.

However, Ning Cheng understood that this upper hand was only temporary. He anxiously transmitted a message to the white-robed widow and Hua Fu. “My Bridge of Coping can only suppress them for a dozen breaths. We need to take out at least one of them within this time.”

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