Chapter 1000

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Chapter 1000: Distant stars look at each other over countless miles

Even without Ning Cheng’s reminder, Liu Fanglin clearly understood what happened. She quickly unfolded her figure and rushed out at full speed, just behind Ning Cheng.

In the Burial Shadow Blue Sands, the ones that could genuinely be called Burial Shadow Fiends were those that cried out ‘Ji Ang Mu Lu’. She had heard that even Dao Essence experts would die to this particular fiend. Even if Ning Cheng’s Seven Bridges Spirit Technique went against the heavens, Ning Cheng’s cultivation was still at the Dao Sculpting level. After all, just because you can kill 100,000 ants did not mean that you could kill a tiger.

At this moment, the Burial Shadow Fiend chasing behind Ning Cheng seemed to have gone crazy. Even if it encountered other cultivators along the way, it didn’t care about them at all and chased after Ning Cheng with single-minded fury.

Seeing the Burial Shadow Fiend appear seemingly out of nowhere, the people along the way immediately dispersed. Only Ning Cheng and Liu Fanglin frantically rushed through the raging blue sands, clearly feeling the Burial Shadow Fiend getting closer and closer to them.

“Dao Friend Liu, I don’t think we can outrun it. If we continue to push through like this in the Burial Shadow Blue Sands, we’ll become food for that Burial Shadow Fiend.” Ning Cheng decided to stop running and immediately called out to Liu Fanglin.

After all, no matter what method he thought of, he needed Liu Fanglin’s help. If Liu Fanglin didn’t help and continued running, he would have to block the Burial Shadow Fiend alone, almost guaranteeing his death.

In a place like the Burial Shadow Blue Sands, the faster he and Liu Fanglin pushed themselves, the more energy reserves they would consume. Unlike the Burial Shadow Fiends, who hardly consumed any energy in such a place. It wasn’t hard to imagine what would happen when it caught up to them in such a one-sided consumption. In any case, he and Liu Fanglin were far from a match for the Burial Shadow Fiend in terms of speed.

As soon as Ning Cheng stopped, he cast the First Bridge of Coping.

Hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Liu Fanglin didn’t hesitate for even half a moment and immediately turned back and rushed into the First Bridge of Coping. She knew very well that if she wasn’t on Ning Cheng’s Bridge of Coping, she might not even have the chance to defend. The Burial Shadow Fiend chasing them would finish her off in just a moment.

Seeing Liu Fanglin’s decisiveness, Ning Cheng secretly praised her, and his body also disappeared in a flash. The next instant, he appeared in the middle of the First Bridge of Coping.

The Burial Shadow Fiend chasing after them wasn’t something that he could casually deal with, even when using the First Bridge of Coping. However, he had no choice but to enter the Bridge of Coping to try and deal with it.

Ning Cheng and Liu Fanglin had just entered the Bridge of Coping when a heart-stopping aura assaulted them. Without even a moment of delay, whatever gave off that aura rushed into the First Bridge of Coping.

The same blue-coloured irregularly shaped blob, but with more arms and legs hanging out of its body, suddenly appeared on the bridge. However, this Burial Shadow Fiend was different from the Burial Shadow Fiends that Ning Cheng had reaped before. Despite standing on Ning Cheng’s First Bridge of Coping, the bridge had no effect on it at all. It suddenly opened its mouth without warning, and everything seemed to get sucked into it.

Ning Cheng gave a furious roar, and his long spear absorbed all of his spirit essence and blasted out. At the same time, a dozen time wheels also shot into the Burial Shadow Fiend’s mouth. This wasn’t all; he even unleashed his Law-Break Spirit Technique and the Laws of Time at full power. Defence was the stupidest approach in the face of such a powerful Burial Shadow Fiend. 

Fortunately, Liu Fanglin also knew how to spot opportunities. At the same time Ning Cheng made his move, her amorphous green sword transformed into numerous green rings filled with dao charm.

These green rings immediately shot forward and bombarded the Burial Shadow Fiend’s body without a single miss. However, the Burial Shadow Fiend only paused for a moment before giving out a hiss. The next moment, one of its hands that hadn’t moved at all suddenly extended and slapped down against Ning Cheng’s First Bridge of Coping.

The First Bridge of Coping’s dao rhythm-filled yin winds rolled up to defend, but they couldn’t stop that slap for long. It dissipated in just a few moments, and the pale white bridge’s body started to crack.

A terrifying backlash erupted, and Ning Cheng spat out a mouthful of black blood. Even his body got blown back.

Liu Fanglin didn’t fare any better than Ning Cheng and got blown away just like Ning Cheng. However, instead of a mouthful of blood, she vomited out a stream of blood. She fully understood that that slap would have directly killed her if not for Ning Cheng’s First Bridge of Coping before it even made contact. The two had gone all out, yet the only thing they achieved was to get blown away with severe injuries. Fortunately or unfortunately, it also prevented the Burial Shadow Fiend from rushing up to swallow them.

Ning Cheng sucked in a cold breath. He understood that with his and Liu Fanglin’s strength, even if he added the Second Bridge, they most likely couldn’t kill this true Burial Shadow Fiend.

But just when Liu Fanglin was about to fall into the blood river, Ning Cheng immediately formed a hand seal. The blood river suddenly erupted with a powerful force and sent him and Liu Fanglin to the opposite side of the bridge.

“Hurry up…..” Ning Cheng took the lead and rushed into the Second Bridge of Looking Homewards. Liu Fanglin quickly gathered her wits and also ran into the second bridge. Unfortunately, the First Bridge of Coping made a ‘crack’ sound and shattered into tiny fragments just when she entered the second bridge.

The Burial Shadow Fiend crossed the ruined First Bridge of Coping and quickly reached the Second Bridge of Looking Homewards’ bridgehead. The bridge’s dao rhythm only stopped it for less than half a breath before it continued to rush in unimpeded.

Liu Fanglin’s hair now looked dishevelled, and her robes had more tears on them than before. However, Ning Cheng wasn’t in the mood to admire her and focused everything he had on trying to come up with any kind of countermeasure.

The Five-coloured Star Splitting Arrow should be able to take it out, but Ning Cheng didn’t dare to use it right now. Not to mention that Liu Fanglin was still with him, but more importantly, because of Ding Si. Ning Cheng had a vague feeling that Ding Si wasn’t too far from them, snooping in the dark, looking for an opportunity to strike. If he took out the Five-coloured Star Splitting Arrow right now, it would mean actual death.

Liu Fanglin didn’t care about her revealing situation and anxiously retreated to Ning Cheng’s side. “Do you have a way to block this fiend for three breaths? Just three breaths…..”

Ning Cheng didn’t even ask why she needed him to block it for three breaths and immediately cast the None-to-depend-on Spirit Technique.

“None to depend on, the bellowing yellow sands…..”

“Skinny horses on the west wind road, intertwined with tear-filled robes…….”

“None to depend on; the heart has been abandoned…..”

“Distant stars look at each other over countless miles; better to turn around and stay away from each other…..”

The None-To-Depend-On Spirit Technique was an authentic Heart Dao Spirit Technique. Plus, after he gained a deeper understanding of his Returning-To-One Dao, his perception of the None-To-Depend-On Spirit Technique had also grown deeper.

Since the Seven Bridges could kill ordinary Burial Shadow Fiends, a Heart Dao Spirit Technique should also work against them. After all, the first few bridges of the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique were also a type of Heart Dao Spirit Technique. It’s just that his Seven Bridges hadn’t yet reached perfection, and his cultivation was also not enough to fully control it, which is why he couldn’t use it to stop that fiend.

None-To-Depend-On definitely couldn’t stop this Burial Shadow Fiend either. Still, it was one of Ning Cheng’s perfected great spirit techniques. Plus, its power wasn’t any lesser than his Sunset’s Twilight. Moreover, after having a more profound comprehension of his Returning-to-One Dao, he gained an even deeper appreciation of None-To-Depend-On.

Unfortunately, before Ning Cheng could finish the full chant, the Burial Shadow Fiend shattered the Second Bridge with a slap, just like it did with the First Bridge.

However, west wind suddenly rose up from the ruins at that exact moment, followed by bellowing yellow sands. An ancient road then appeared, along with a setting sun.

This time, Liu Fanglin was a little slower, as Ning Cheng’s instant cooperation had thrown her off her thoughts. Moreover, she never imagined that Ning Cheng could use such a poignant Heart Dao Spirit Technique. Even though Ning Cheng’s spirit technique wasn’t directed at her, she had already fallen into the spirit technique without realising it, delaying her reaction even more.

“None to depend on, the bellowing yellow sands…..”

“Skinny horses on the west wind road, intertwined with tear-filled robes…….”

“None to depend on; the heart has been abandoned…..”

“Distant stars look at each other over countless miles; better to turn around and stay away from each other…..”


As a breath passed by in what seemed like an instant, Ning Cheng’s angry roar erupted in Liu Fanglin’s ears. “Still not doing it; what the hell are you waiting for?”

No wonder he felt so angry. He can’t withstand the terrifying aura of that Burial Shadow Fiend at all. Even his None-To-Depend-On Spirit Technique was about to shatter!

Liu Fanglin finally got a jolt to her heart; she felt so regretful that she almost cried out. She quickly took out a bead and started to activate it. It gave out an increasingly terrifying aura as she poured more seals into it.

As a second breath of time passed, Ning Cheng spat out another mouthful of blood. The west wind disappeared, and the yellow sand stopped bellowing.

The ancient road shattered as the third breath of time passed, and the sunset faded.

The Burial Shadow Fiend broke free from Ning Cheng’s None-To-Depend-On in just three breaths and opened its mouth to swallow Ning Cheng and Liu Fanglin.

Ning Cheng gave out a sigh. Liu Fanglin’s bead was simply garbage at this point. Even if it contained an incalculable amount of power, it didn’t have any practical use. It took at least three breaths to activate the bead, but the opponent would have already killed them and left in those three breaths. It was why he believed that it had no practical use.

But more importantly, the three breaths of time that he had managed to get using the None-To-Depend-On got wasted by this woman. Ning Cheng looked at Liu Fanglin with an anxious expression before facing the Burial Shadow Fiend bearing down on them. He could only wave his hand, cast the Second Bridge of Looking Homewards once again, and push it towards the Burial Shadow Fiend.

Unfortunately, this newly cast Second Bridge of Looking Homewards disappeared into the Burial Shadow Fiend’s giant mouth like mud falling into the sea. Yet, the Burial Shadow Fiend’s huge mouth didn’t pause for even a moment as it came ever closer to them. Feeling the overwhelming aura of death, Ning Cheng sighed again and cast the Spiritual Consciousness Devourer.

He didn’t like to use this type of spiritual consciousness devouring technique. Even though he had the Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pill to resolve the side effects, he did not want to use it.

But facing a life-and-death crisis right now, he simply had no choice but to use it.

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness rolled towards the Burial Shadow Fiend and suddenly realised that his spiritual consciousness simply couldn’t detect it. How could he devour something which his spiritual consciousness couldn’t even detect?

Seeing the Burial Shadow Fiend’s giant mouth about to completely close in on him and Liu Fanglin, Ning Cheng no longer thought of anything else. He immediately cast the Dark Nether Spirit Devourer into the void before him.

A terrifying and violent suction erupted from his spiritual consciousness, and Ning Cheng spat out another few mouthfuls of blood. This time, the blood was pitch black. Then, a seemingly endless quantity of spiritual consciousness poured into him.

Ning Cheng’s Starry Sky Sea of Consciousness suddenly made a clicking-like noise that almost made Ning Cheng’s soul fly out in fright. He had never experienced such a powerful spiritual consciousness backlash. Was his Sea of Consciousness about to collapse again?

Ning Cheng wanted to forcibly stop the Spiritual Consciousness Devourer. However, the violent backlash from the Spiritual Consciousness Devourer made him powerless.

Enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead, Ning Cheng suddenly thought. However, he realised that he couldn’t even enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead. The power from that violent backlash had completely suppressed his Sea of Consciousness to the point that he couldn’t even use the slightest bit of his spirit sense.

He was going to die in this place. Ning Cheng reluctantly realised as thoughts of impending death rose up in his heart.

At this moment, he no longer had any energy to even care about the Burial Shadow Fiend. The previous attack had stopped the Burial Shadow Fiend, but it was only for a moment. However, in that one moment, the Burial Shadow Fiend realised that Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness was something good. As a result, it wanted to devour it even more.

Just when the Burial Shadow Fiend had bound Ning Cheng and was about to devour his Sea of Consciousness, Liu Fanglin’s bead successfully activated, and she quickly threw the now-activated bead into the Burial Shadow Fiend’s mouth.

The Burial Shadow Fiend didn’t even look at this tiny bead; its big mouth continued to clamp down on Ning Cheng. The next instant, ‘Boom-Boom-Boom……’ terrifying and majestic explosions rang out from inside the Burial Shadow Fiend’s body.

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