Chapter 1006

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Chapter 1006: Going to your graves and apologising

Wei Clan? Ning Cheng stood up and walked out of the chamber with Qi Shisanxing. Wei Clan arrived quite quickly; did he really manage to find someone to help him in only a day?

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness swept out and saw three people outside. He knew Wei He and Wei Jingbing but didn’t know the third one with the highest cultivation, a Dao Essence Holy Emperor.

Potentially facing a Dao Essence Holy Emperor, Ning Cheng didn’t dare to open the restriction casually. Instead, his spiritual consciousness swept further to see if he could find an escape path if this Dao Essence Holy Emperor decided to make a move here.

However, Ning Cheng didn’t expect that he would once again find a familiar person instead of an escape route. Void Star Sect’s Percy.

Since Percy’s here, Percy knows that he was staying in this place. But because he couldn’t muster enough face to see him, he couldn’t come up to meet him. But more importantly, since Percy was here, the dark-faced and slender-eyed Sect Master of Void Star Gate should also be on the way here.

Ning Cheng knew that the Void Star Sect wouldn’t take much time to reach his suit. Therefore, Ning Cheng took a pill and handed it to Liu Fanglin. “You should take this pill first.”

“What is it?” Liu Fanglin didn’t understand why Ning Cheng gave her a pill. Even though she knew that Ning Cheng had many top-quality pills, it still didn’t make sense to her.

“It can suppress your Ripple Bone Poison and prevent its toxicity from spreading.” Ning Cheng babbled.

His pill had nothing to do with detoxification. Rather, its only function was to help Liu Fanglin conceal the overflowing aura of the Ripple Bone Poison. This way, no one else could see it.

He had to do this because the poisoned fellow from the Void Star Sect might recognise that Liu Fanglin had also been afflicted with the Ripple Bone Poison. If it happened, it would immediately lower his negotiating power.

After giving the pill to Liu Fanglin, Ning Cheng sent a message to Gong Yangdi, inviting him for a friendly visit. If the Void Star Sect didn’t arrive at his door on time, he would at least have Gong Yangdi to help him.

Liu Fanglin was a Dao Raising Pill Deity. Therefore, when Ning Cheng gave her the pill, she understood it wasn’t a detoxifying pill. Fortunately, she understood Ning Cheng’s intent. He gave it to her, not for detoxification but to cover up the poisonous aura overflow.

Still, seeing Ning Cheng walk over to open the restriction, Liu Fanglin hurriedly shouted. “Don’t. They have a Dao Essence…….”

Whether Liu Fanglin agreed or not, Ning Cheng had already opened the suite’s restriction. Liu Fanglin sighed on seeing this and didn’t continue. Instead, she could only stand behind Ning Cheng with Qi Shisanxing.

As long as Ning Cheng didn’t open the suite’s restrictions, these people wouldn’t dare to break the suite’s restrictions. But now that Ning Cheng had opened them, they had no choice but to leave things up to fate.

The first one to walk in was the Dao Essence Holy Emperor. He glanced at Ning Cheng before his gaze moved on to Liu Fanglin. An imperceptible trace of eagerness flashed in his eyes. Following this Dao Essence Holy Emperor were Wei He and Wei Jingbing. Wei He nodded towards Ning Cheng, signalling everyone knew each other.

“Why did you attack my Wei Clan’s people?” The Dao Essence Holy Emperor’s gaze quickly returned to Ning Cheng. As for Qi Shisanxing, he ignored him.

As Wei Jingbing mentioned, Ning Cheng only had a Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor’s cultivation. But Ning Cheng defeating Wei Jingbing with such cultivation had truly shocked him. If they weren’t currently in the Spirit Thunder Tower, he would have immediately whisked Ning Cheng away to force out all his secrets. Unfortunately, they were in the Spirit Thunder Tower, which meant that his Wei Clan had to tread carefully.

Ning Cheng casually walked towards the chairs in the living room and sat down, then said with a smile, “Everyone, let’s sit down and talk.”

He wasn’t in a hurry anyway; he also didn’t want to start an open conflict with the other party, at least not until Gong Yangdi arrived. However, he still felt a bit puzzled. It was reasonable to say that his fame should have already reached this place. It was understandable that Wei Jingbing didn’t know he was a Dao Essence Pill Sage. But shouldn’t Wei He and this Dao Essence Holy Emperor already know about him? This made Ning Cheng feel a bit defeated even before starting.

Seeing Ning Cheng sitting down, Liu Fanglin and Qi Shisanxing sat beside Ning Cheng. The three people from the Wei Clan also seemed to have realised that Ning Cheng couldn’t jump to the sky, so they all sat down.

“Answer what I just asked.” Wei Clan’s Dao Essence Holy Emperor didn’t seem to be a man of patience. Evidenced by the fact that he immediately spoke up with a stern tone after sitting down.

Ning Cheng didn’t immediately reply. Instead, his spiritual consciousness swept into the Spirit Thunder Tower and saw Gong Yangdi hurriedly walking inside, and only then did he speak up, “You know, I also wanted to ask you something. Why does your Wei Clan want to go against me? Is your clan not afraid of extermination?”

This Dao Essence Holy Emperor was taken aback by Ning Cheng’s arrogant words. But he quickly reacted. No matter how big Ning Cheng’s background was, in this place, Ning Cheng had no choice but to let him trample on him.

“Pa……” The Dao Essence Holy Emperor slapped the tea table in front of him into smithereens. “How dare you, did you think that being in the Spirit Thunder Tower, I, Wei Qi, can’t do anything to you? Believe it or not, even if I kill you right here, I would only have to make some concessions to the Spirit Thunder Tower.”

Ning Cheng indifferently replied, “I don’t believe it.”

Wei Qi suddenly stood up. But before he could even do anything, an even colder voice emerged. “Not to mention you, Wei Qi, even your entire Wei Clan can’t touch Brother Ning.”

Gong Yangdi felt quite happy in his heart. Although Wei Clan might have some status in the Grand Essence Domain, it was nothing more than wasted farts for someone like him. At best, they only had two Dao Essence Holy Emperors. What’s more, they were both ordinary early-stage Dao Essence cultivators. So even if they pushed themselves, this would remain their limit for the rest of their existence.

Besides, he also knew Wei Qi, who could only greet him politely when they occasionally met. Yet, such a person had dared to be rude to Pill Sage Ning. It was essentially a heaven-sent opportunity for him, especially since Wei Clan didn’t have any status in the Grand Essence Ruins’ Public Square. Thus, Gong Yangdi felt Ning Cheng would owe him a favour as long as he could brush away the Wei Clan.

“Brother Gong…..” Wei Qi immediately recognised Gong Yangdi standing at the entrance and almost jumped back with a shocked expression. He could remain arrogant in front of Ning Cheng, but he could never dare be arrogant in front of someone like Gong Yangdi.

Gong Yangdi ignored him and looked at the pile of debris before showing a cold smile, “Fellow Daoist Wei truly has a big temper. Smashing things in Brother Ning’s residence as soon as you lost your anger. Good, very good.”

Wei Qi’s heart sank. He naturally knew the strength and connections of Gong Yangdi and his background. But he also knew that this person would never offend others for no reason. Could it be that something big happened when he was in seclusion? He couldn’t help but subconsciously glance at Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng was just a Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor; how could he be a brother to Gong Yangdi?

Sitting by Ning Cheng’s side, Qi Shisanxing and Liu Fanglin’s mouths and eyes opened up in shock and surprise. No wonder Ning Cheng didn’t fear the Wei Clan and even dared to let Wei Qi inside. It turned out that he knew Gong Yangdi. What kind of person was Gong Yangdi? He was the Deacon-in-charge of the entire Grand Essence Ruins’ Public Square, the one who could call for wind and rain with just a snap of his finger.

“Brother Gong, I didn’t know that you and Ning Cheng were acquainted. But this fellow kidnapped Wei He’s dao companion; because of which, I ended up chasing him here to demand justice from him.” No matter what relationship Ning Cheng had with Gong Yangdi, Wei Qi had to try and justify his actions using the overarching truth.

Ning Cheng laughed, “Oh, enlighten me, will you; who is this person I abducted?”

“That’s her. She is Wei He’s dao companion, and you abducted her. We came here just for this matter.” Wei Jingbing pointed at Liu Fanglin sitting beside Ning Cheng.

“Bullshit!” Liu Fanglin suddenly stood up and pointed at Wei Jingbing with a blue face. “Your Wei Clan is nothing but a pack of beasts and shameless bastards. My husband is Tu Qinfei of the Heavenly Star Pill Sect. Your Wei Clan and Heavenly Star Pill Sect secretly killed Tu Qinfei and forced me to marry into the clan, a clan of vile spawns…..”

Qi Shisanxing, who kept quiet until now, suddenly interjected, “Wei Clan is truly a family of vile spawns. Wei He, one day I will personally skin you alive and get justice for my sister.”

Wei He’s face turned blue, but he kept his lips shut and didn’t utter a squeak.

Wei Qi’s body, on the other hand, surged with killing intent. However, he didn’t dare to make a move in this place. If not for Gong Yangdi, he would have already burned this place down, disregarding the consequences. But since Gong Yangdi was here, he wouldn’t dare make a move even if someone gave him ten thousand times more courage.

Feeling Wei Qi’s killing intent, Gong Yangdi also frowned slightly. He wanted to make friends with Ning Cheng, and this was the perfect opportunity. However, he also didn’t want to immediately deal with the Wei Clan, despite them being nothing but a bunch of ants to him. The best outcome would be if he could scare away Wei Qi and then deal with them later.

But at that moment, another voice rang outside Ning Cheng’s suite. “Pill Sage Ning, long time no see. Void Star Sect’s Wu Bufeng requests for an audience with you.”

Three people gradually appeared standing at the entrance. Percy, the dark-faced Sect Master Wu Bufeng, and the skeletal elder.

Wu Bufeng?

Not only did this name shock Wei Qi to the core, even Gong Yangdi felt a little surprised. Gong Yangdi only knew that Ning Cheng was a Dao Essence Pill Sage. But only because of the broken pieces of news he obtained while managing the Grand Essence Ruins’ Public Square. He didn’t know about Void Star Sect’s request for pills.

What kind of person was Wu Bufeng? He was the sect master of one of the mysterious sects, the Void Star Sect. But more importantly, he was a Dao Fusion powerhouse. Why would such a person personally come here to request an audience with Ning Cheng?

Despite the shock, Gong Yangdi quickly understood why; Ning Cheng is a Dao Essence Pill Sage. However, Wei Qi and the others couldn’t understand this development. At this moment, the shock wasn’t the only thing in Wei Qi’s heart; fear had also started to set in and seeped into his soul. After all, a Dao Fusion expert, even an early stage one, could wipe out hundreds of Wei Clans with just a wave of his hand.

Wu Bufeng, on the other hand, breathed a sigh of relief as he felt Ning Cheng’s attitude towards them had grown more than a few grades better when compared to the Alchemy Discourse. After seeing the three of them walk in, Ning Cheng also stood up and spoke with a smile, “It turned out to be Sect Master Wu. Please come in and make yourselves comfortable.”

Wu Bufeng’s trio had naturally noticed the shattered tea table in front of Wei Qi, but they were here to ask for Ning Cheng’s services. Therefore, they curbed their curiosity even if they didn’t know what was happening.

Wei Qi finally sobered up and quickly bowed and greeted Wu Bufeng. Then, he cupped his fists towards Ning Cheng and said, “Pill Sage Ning, since you have a guest today, we will not disturb you.”

“Do you want to visit again another day?” Ning Cheng said with an indifferent tone.

Cold sweat started to seep out of Wei Qi’s forehead, “I dare not, I dare not…….”

He had clearly heard Wu Bufeng address Ning Cheng as ‘Pill Sage’ and quickly made a few speculations in his heart. As such, he desperately wanted to go out and investigate Ning Cheng clearly before even thinking of doing anything.

Ning Cheng laughed, “Dare not?”

“Pa…..” Ning Cheng’s expressions suddenly turned furious, and he smashed the tea table in front of him as well, “I think that you, Wei Qi, very much dare to do so.”

A chill ran through Wei Qi’s heart. Ning Cheng dared to smash the table in front of the Void Star Sect’s Sect Master and Gong Yangdi; that was enough to show Ning Cheng’s enormous confidence.

“Pill Sage Ning, please forgive my actions. It’s all a misunderstanding.” Wei Qi bowed and admitted his mistake without asking for a reason.

Ning Cheng acted as if he didn’t see it and still said to himself, “Coming to me to snatch a beauty and even damaging my top-grade artefact. What use is your apology? What if I had levelled your Wei Clan over a misunderstanding? Would everything become alright if I went to your graves and apologised?”

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