Chapter 1009

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Chapter 1009: He’s not a Dao Essence Pill Sage

Wu Bufeng nodded. “Yes, we did agree to the two high-grade spirit veins. But because of our haste, we forgot to bring them with us. I will have to trouble Pill Sage Ning to come to Void Star Sect with us, not let Pill Sage Ning run around in vain. My Void Star Sect will also provide you with a surprise.”

Surprise your old bones. Ning Cheng cursed at him internally. Even an idiot could tell that this ‘surprise’ would be them trapping him in the Void Star Sect for countless years to refine pills for them.

When Wu Bufeng changed his mind at the Alchemy Discourse and refused to help him, Ning Cheng already understood that Wu Bufeng was a cunning bastard. Because he no longer believed in Wu Bufeng’s character, Ning Cheng chose not to push them with a sky-high demand. He even let Wu Bufeng propose the ‘compensation’ for his services, only to not pay back even half of what he vowed.

But still, he never expected this fellow to steep so low in shamelessness. The Void Star Sect was also one of the largest sects, yet they had to return to the sect to pick up the two high-grade spirit veins? Even a kid wouldn’t believe it.

Ning Cheng wouldn’t think much of it if it was the former matter. He could chalk it up to his poor positioning during the negotiation phase. But he did feel a little worried when Wu Bufeng refused to take out the spirit veins and instead asked him to come to the Void Star Sect to collect them.

Although he did want the spirit veins, he would never agree to this even if they offered it for free. After all, if he went there, he would definitely lose all his freedom, possibly even his life. Because of this, he felt perturbed that Wu Bufeng would do an about-turn and forcibly take him captive. His only hope was Gong Yangdi right now, who hopefully could make the Void Star Sect think twice.

Thinking of this, he quickly showed an expression of surprise, cupped his fists and said, “Many thanks, Sect Master Wu. I have long heard of the reputation of the Void Star Sect, I never thought I would be able to go and see it…..”

After saying that, Ning Cheng looked at Liu Fanglin with some hesitation.

Liu Fanglin saw Ning Cheng looking at her, and her eyes suddenly turned red. “Ning Cheng, I don’t care about you anymore, Go by yourself if you want. I’m just a bitter person anyway.”

Ning Cheng hurriedly said, “Don’t be like that, Fanglin. I won’t go to the Void Star Sect for the time being. But after I finish helping with your things, can I go to the Void Star Sect then?”

After saying that, Ning Cheng didn’t wait for Liu Fanglin to speak before taking the initiative to apologise to Wu Bufeng. “Sect Master Wu, I’m really sorry. I have some urgent matters to take care of and have to leave immediately. Once I take care of my things, I will definitely make a trip to the Void Star Sect.”

He secretly thanked Liu Fanglin in his heart. Fortunately, this woman was smart enough to know he didn’t want to go. But he also couldn’t make it too obvious in front of Wu Bufeng.

He already knew that refining this pill for the Void Star Sect would be playing with fire, but the risk still went beyond Ning Cheng’s prediction. He had underestimated Wu Bufeng’s shamelessness. He even thanked Wei Qi a little; if not for those three coming over, he wouldn’t have invited Gong Yangdi. And without Gong Yangdi, he felt sure that the Void Star Sect wouldn’t even speak of reason.

At this moment, he only hoped that Wu Bufeng still held some caution in his heart. After all, even though the Void Star Sect gained a Dao Perfection powerhouse, they still couldn’t claim themselves as the king of the Grand Essence Realm. At the very least, he was still a Dao Essence Pill Sage in everyone else’s eyes.

A trace of disappointment flashed on Wu Bufeng’s face. But, just as Ning Cheng predicted, since Gong Yangdi was here, he couldn’t take any direct action. After all, he knew that he was overreaching a bit. Although they managed to detoxify the poison out of Ancestor Kang, it would still take him at least a few dozens to a few hundred years to completely restore his vitality and cultivation. But more importantly, Ancestor Kang didn’t speak.

“Then, I will wait for Pill Sage Ning at the Void Star Sect.” Wu Bufeng said with a smile. “Pill Sage Ning, once you’re free, you’ll be able to find my Void Star Sect as long as you come to the Grand Essence Sea’s Void Mist Mountains.”

“Sect Master Wu’s words, I’ll take note of them.” Ning Cheng replied politely.

In his heart, however, he felt slightly relieved. Since Wu Bufeng said that, he wouldn’t choose to use force against him, at least not for now. But he also never expected the Void Star Sect, a mysterious sect, would be in the Grand Essence Sea. By the way, did a mountain range even exist in the Grand Essence Sea?

“Everyone leave; there’s no need for everyone to gather here.” Ancestor Kang suddenly spoke up with indifference.

The cultivators gathered outside the Spirit Thunder Tower heard Ancestor Kang’s voice very clearly in their ears. But no one dared disobey the words and immediately returned to wherever they came from. Even if they discussed it among themselves, they did it through whispers and direct voice transmissions.

“Brother Ning, farewell.” It wasn’t until this time that Percy spoke, giving Ning Cheng his farewell. He knew that this moment marked the end of his friendship with Ning Cheng.

Only after the three people from the Void Star Sect had gone far away did Gong Yangdi cautiously ask. “Brother Ning, was that the Void Star Sect’s Dao Perfection powerhouse?”

Compared to Ning Cheng refining the Renewing Heavens Ripple Bone Pill, the appearance of a Dao Perfection Holy Emperor was even more shocking to him.

Ning Cheng nodded, “It should be.”

At this moment, he wasn’t in the mood to say anything.

Gong Yangdi could feel that Ning Cheng was in a bad mood. Therefore, he casually spoke a few words before offering to leave.

After sending Gong Yangdi away, Ning Cheng then said to Liu Fanglin. “Senior Apprentice Sister Liu, many thanks for your help. Otherwise, I’m afraid I would have had to face quite a lot of bad luck.”

Liu Fanglin also understood Ning Cheng’s meaning. But she shook her head and said, “I should be the one to thank you. If not for me, you wouldn’t have chosen to stay here for the refinement.”

As Liu Fanglin compared what happened before and after, she had already developed an approximate idea. It should be the Void Star Sect that first came to Ning Cheng to refine the pills, but Ning Cheng must have refused the first time. This time, Ning Cheng purposely showed up to let the Void Star Sect find him.

“No wonder they are a mysterious sect. If any of the ten sects dared to do such a thing, they would have been attacked by the crowd a long time ago.” Qi Shisanxing said disdainfully.

Ning Cheng just shrugged and didn’t say anything.

He was like a child holding gold across the street, so it wasn’t strange for the Void Star Sect to take advantage of it. What’s more, he was the one who rejected the Void Star Sect before and even let the Void Star Sect know that he was refining those pills for Liu Fanglin and not the Void Star Sect.

Ning Cheng spoke up after a while, “What do you want to do now?”

Qi Shisanxing hesitated before speaking, “I’m going back to the Grand Essence Ruins. I must find the Grand Essence Spirit Thunder.””

Liu Fanglin bit her lips, “I’m going to do something, and when I’m done, I’ll come back to you for help.”

Ning Cheng knew what Liu Fanglin meant by ‘help’. It was to help her with her examination. Why would he be in the mood to consider why Liu Fanglin would come to him for help after she finished her business? He simply wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Liu, Thirteen, immediately leave this place once we exchange communication beads. The Grand Essence Ruins’ Public Square isn’t suitable for residing long term. Even if Senior Apprentice Sister Liu wants to find a place to detoxify the poison, find someplace else.” Ning Cheng finished speaking and handed both the detoxification pills to Liu Fanglin. “The two pills are for you.”


Percy sat quietly in a corner on an airship headed to the Grand Essence Sea. His expressions, however, looked terrible, almost enraged. His Sect Master had not only crossed the river using the bridge but also burned the bridge to ashes and upended the river. If he met Ning Cheng in the future, he no longer had the face to call himself Ning Cheng’s friend.

Wu Bufeng glanced at Percy and said, “Percy, do you think I went a bit too far?”

Percy hesitated for a moment, stood up and bowed before speaking. “Sect Master, I think you should have at least given those spirit veins to Ning Cheng on the spot.”

Wu Bufeng replied with a deep voice, “I didn’t give it to him for a purpose; it’s just…….”

Ancestor Kang’s voice came in time, “It’s just that you want to ask why I didn’t let you take Ning Cheng by force, right?”

“Yes,” Wu Bufeng gave a respectful reply. “Ning Cheng is a Dao Essence Pill Sage who removed Ancestor Kang’s Ripple Bone Poison. If we had a sitting Dao Essence Pill Sage permanently, our Void Star Sect…….”

Although Wu Bufeng wanted to forcibly take Ning Cheng, since Ancestor Kang didn’t speak, he didn’t dare. Dao Fusion experts were strong, but a single Dao Fusion cultivator didn’t mean much within the Grand Essence Realm.

Wu Bufeng didn’t continue, but Ancestor Kang and Percy understood his meaning.

Ancestor Kang sighed. “If Ning Cheng truly was a Dao Essence Pill Sage, taking him away would not be an issue. It would be worth the risk for my Void Star Sect. But he’s not a Dao Essence Pill Sage…….”

“Ah….” Wu Bufeng and Percy both gasped in surprise and looked at Ancestor Kang in confusion.

Ning Cheng was a Dao Essence Pill Sage; they had seen it with their own eyes. Not only did they witness it with their own eyes, but even the Pill Union’s Union Master Sichen Qiutian also acknowledged Ning Cheng as a Dao Essence Pill Sage. He even issued him with the Dao Essence Pill Sage’s golden token.

Why did Ancestor Kang say Ning Cheng wasn’t a Dao Essence Pill Sage?

Ancestor Kang replied with a solemn tone. “Ning Cheng must have gone to the Land of Broken Laws and encountered some amazing opportunities. Because when he was about to fail in refining the Six Yin Soul Pills, he took out a Bestowing Lawless Fruit and added it to the pill furnace.”

“Ancestor Kang…..” Wu Bufeng felt even more surprised. Ancestor Kang was no doubt a Dao Perfection powerhouse. But back then, Ancestor Kang didn’t have any cultivation to speak of; so his gaze shouldn’t have been stronger than his.

Seeming to understand Wu Bufeng’s thoughts, Ancestor Kang shook his head. “I couldn’t see his movements at all. And I also believe that Ning Cheng knew that no one could see his movements. But I’ve seen the Bestowing Lawless Fruit. So, as soon as he took out the Bestowing Lawless Fruit, I could feel its aura. When his refinement was about to fail, he forced the dissipating laws of Six Yin Soul Pills to converge with the Bestowing Lawless Fruit.”

Percy didn’t have much knowledge about this fruit, but Wu Bufeng obviously knew what the Bestowing Lawless Fruit was, and he took a deep breath on confirming it. Six Yin Soul Pill was invaluable, but Bestowing Lawless Fruit was even more valuable than the pills. In the words of ordinary mortals, Ning Cheng had exchanged gold for clay. Which not only was extravagant but also felt too defeating, right?

“If not for a lover, then Ning Cheng must have a good reason to want to go to the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Competition this much. But one thing is certain, Ning Cheng is only a Dao Transformation Pill Sage, not a Dao Essence Pill Sage. Therefore, no matter how talented and accomplished a Dao Transformation Pill Sage Ning Cheng is, it’s not enough for my Void Star Sect to risk it all to get him.” Ancestor Kang said in a soft voice.

Ning Cheng had no idea that he had invariably saved himself from a disaster by taking out the Bestowing Lawless Fruit.

“I just suspected that he had concealed a part of the Renewing Heavens Ripple Bone Pills, but I never imagined that he wasn’t a Dao Essence Pill Sage.” Wu Bufeng replied in a daze. Ning Cheng refined a whole batch of Six Yin Soul Pills, yet he only formed six Renewing Heavens Ripple Bone Pills. After all, the latter was of a much lower grade when compared to the former. Moreover, some of the pills were of a worse colour, making him suspicious.

“Then, since we misunderstood Ning Cheng, let’s return the two high-grade spirit veins to him.” Percy quickly spoke up. 

Wu Bufeng sneered. “Misunderstood him? Did you think Ning Cheng is as idiotic as you, that he was sincere in refining pills for my Void Star Sect? If that woman by his side wasn’t also poisoned by the Ripple Bone Poison, would he have stayed in the Grand Essence Ruins’ Public Square to help refine pills? Besides, why do you think he could extort that spirit vein from Wei Clan? Wasn’t it because he borrowed the name of my Void Star Sect?”

“Then, what if Ning Cheng comes to my Void Star Sect after helping his dao companion?” Percy felt Ning Cheng was still a friend worth making and felt guilty for their actions. There was another sentence he didn’t dare to say; why did Ning Cheng refuse to refine the pills initially, and who was to blame for it? When he needed their help the most, our Void Star Sect could have helped him, but instead, they refused. After all, it would be strange for Ning Cheng if he actively looked for them to help refine the pills.

Wu Bufeng replied calmly, “If he really comes, he will be a member of my Void Star Sect.”

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