Chapter 1026

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Chapter 1026: Crazy Collection

Ning Cheng immediately focussed on the exquisite jade vase in Jing Xihua’s hands as it continuously absorbed one of the Origin Auras. He couldn’t help but sigh internally. Everything was ready before this fellow came here.

Ning Cheng immediately put the thought aside and immediately took out the Immeasurable Gourd. The only item on him that could hold such a thing was the Immeasurable Gourd. As for the jade bottles and jars that he had previously refined to store things, Ning Cheng had enough self-awareness to know that those couldn’t hold the Primal Chaos Aura.

However, before taking out the Immeasurable Gourd, Ning Cheng had also primed the Mysterious Yellow Bead. If the Immeasurable Gourd couldn’t collect the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura, he would immediately activate the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Unfortunately, he also understood that if he used the Mysterious Yellow Bead to suck in the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura, they would immediately fuse with the space in the Mysterious Yellow Bead, with not even the slightest bit left.

Fortunately, the Immeasurable Gourd seemed to exist specifically to contain the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura, as just as Ning Cheng took it out, it trembled violently. Then, a thought of containing something emerged in Ning Cheng’s mind, and the mouth of the Immeasurable Gourd suddenly became larger.

The huge mouth of the gourd then appeared suspended directly over the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura, appearing as if it was a bottomless pit, seemingly waiting for Ning Cheng to give an order.

At this point, how could Ning Cheng not know that the Immeasurable Gourd wanted to suck in the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura? His spiritual consciousness immediately communicated with the Immeasurable Gourd, giving it the instruction to collect the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura. He even gave it the order to separate the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura into its individual five elements. However, Ning Cheng didn’t really care if it could separate it or not at this moment.

“Boom!” A massive explosion erupted as the space in front of the giant mouth suddenly contracted sharply. Then, Ning Cheng was shocked to see the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura in the huge spherical restriction acting like water breaking through the dike, frantically rushing out and into the Immeasurable Gourd.

In just a moment, a massive whirlpool appeared around the Immeasurable Gourd’s mouth. It immediately snapped Ning Cheng back to his senses while still feeling ecstatic in his heart.

He had guessed that the Immeasurable Gourd could collect the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura. However, he never expected the Immeasurable Gourd to be so powerful and heaven-defying. Looking at the Immeasurable Gourd’s absorption speed, it would only take around half an hour to completely collect the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura from the spherical restriction.

However, as he collected it, Ning Cheng understood that he wouldn’t be left alone for half an hour. Not to mention the shadow, even the other holy emperors who entered the spherical restriction wouldn’t let him go.

While the Immeasurable Gourd frantically absorbed the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura, Ning Cheng immediately made a few hand seals, and the vortex expanded slightly. It immediately sucked in more Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura. However, this time, it wasn’t all sucked into the Immeasurable Gourd but was also sent into the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

In just half an incense stick’s worth of time, the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura here got reduced by nearly half. Although this place had an enormous quantity of Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura, Ning Cheng had harvested it too much and too quickly, exposing the vortices. Even if the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura could make others ignore their surroundings, people couldn’t ignore this situation.

Immediately, every single pair of eyes fell on Ning Cheng’s Immeasurable Gourd. Nobody noticed that most of the suction power came from the Mysterious Yellow Bead; instead, they all felt that the Immeasurable Gourd was sucking in the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura.

Everyone had come here to grab the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura, but Ning Cheng’s method of grabbing it was too overbearing. As such, it was impossible not to arouse people’s jealousy.

Several Dao Transformation Holy Emperors rushed toward Ning Cheng in just a moment simultaneously. Ning Cheng even saw a Dao Essence Holy Emperor grabbing at him.

Ning Cheng gave a furious roar, and a spiritual consciousness attack swept out wildly, while dozens of time wheels also blasted out.

Although rudimentary, the spiritual consciousness attacks and the time wheels were both great killing moves. Even if they couldn’t kill the Dao Transformation Holy Emperors rushing over, they were still more than enough to delay these Dao Transformation Holy Emperors for a few breaths of time.

A few breaths of time was more than enough for Ning Cheng. He didn’t hesitate, threw out the teleportation array flags he had already prepared, and put away the Immeasurable Gourd. The teleportation array flags immediately created a spatial ripple, and in just a few breaths, it swept Ning Cheng away.

All Array Formation experts were capricious, especially ones who could use teleportation arrays to escape. The Dao Transformation Holy Emperors who could only grab at the air could only watch Ning Cheng as he teleported away. However, no one went after Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng didn’t escape with all the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura here. At most, he had escaped with a little more than a half; there was still a lot of it left here. It just depended on whether they could take it away or not. Everyone had to rely on their abilities to take as much as possible. So even if they knew that Ning Cheng had taken away a majority of it, no one went after Ning Cheng. After all, staying here, they could still get something, but to chase after Ning Cheng, who could tell if they could even catch up to him?

It’s just that there were not many cultivators who could really take away the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura like Ning Cheng. After all, they didn’t have any treasures to store the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura, nor did they have the means to protect themselves like Ning Cheng. Therefore, they could only stay in the spherical restriction for a few breaths before an invisible torrent burst open their Sea of Consciousness and turned them into cold corpses.


Ning Cheng knew that those people wouldn’t be the first to chase after him. Therefore, after teleporting out of the Five Elements Star, he immediately activated his Twin Wings of the Heaven Clouds to their full power and instantly moved far away from the Five Elements Star. He then took out the Starry Sky Wheel and whistled away.

It didn’t matter if it was the Dao Essence powerhouse in the Five Elements Star or the shadow that devoured cultivators’ dao rhythm, foundation and spiritual roots. Both were something he couldn’t deal with right now. Besides, why would he wait around with the thing he wanted in his hand? As for taking care of the grudge with the Cheerful Treasure Chamber of Commerce, that was also something he had to put off for now. He would take care of it later.

From the time Ning Cheng teleported out of the Five Elements Star to when he took out the Starry Sky Wheel and walked away, it was less than three breaths. He didn’t even put away the teleportation array and chose to abandon it and escape quickly.

Facts proved that Ning Cheng didn’t make a mistake. Just as his figure disappeared, an incomparably huge hand grabbed his teleportation array and crushed it into pieces.

Unfortunately, Ning Cheng had escaped too quickly. Therefore, although this giant hand contained a powerful aura of law, it wasn’t quick enough to catch Ning Cheng.

Deep within the Five Elements Star, a slightly solid-looking shadow trembled violently at this sight. Condensing that hand had consumed too much of his strength and turned his solidifying body illusionary again. However, only he knew he was trembling not because he had consumed too much essence aura but because of his anger towards Ning Cheng.

To obtain this star containing the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura, he had paid a heavy price of giving up his physical body and cultivation. His Essence Spirit had guarded this place for countless years, only to have all its plans destroyed by an ant just when he was about to succeed.

But what made him angrier was that he couldn’t crush this ant.

Unfortunately, he condensed that giant hand a moment too late. This caused it to feel even more regret; it should have told the Cheerful Treasure Chamber of Commerce to push the auction date further. That way, dealing with these ants would have become much easier after gaining more strength.

Even at the expense of collapsing its newly condensing body, Ning Cheng had still managed to escape. As such, it could only vent its anger on the cultivators still on the Five Elements Star.

As one holy emperor after another died to its rage, and with the Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura dissipated too much, more and more people understood that the momentum was gone. Realising this, the remaining crowd fled out of the Five Elements Star one after another. Even if the shadow wasn’t willing to let them escape, it could only watch as the many cultivators escaped.

Not only did its giant coalesced hand not crush that Dao Sculpting ant, but it also allowed even more people to escape. Therefore, it seared Ning Cheng’s appearance into its memory; this ant had robbed it of its Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura; one day, it would cut this ant into pieces and eat it one by one. Otherwise, it would never be able to calm the anger in its heart.


After escaping with the Starry Sky Wheel, Ning Cheng quickly changed his appearance to that of a middle-aged scribe and returned to the Broken Spear Spirit City for the third time.

He didn’t want to return, but he didn’t want to travel alone to the Grand Essence Domain. After going over all the available options, he decided to take one of the Void Ships and travel back. Otherwise, with his strength alone, he might not be able to cross the Grand Essence Demon Vein. Besides, Xu Yan mentioned early on that it would take at least a year to get to the Grand Essence Sea through the Grand Essence Demon Vein. Moreover, crossing the Grand Essence Demon Vein would only bring one to the edge of the Grand Essence Sea.

If he didn’t follow the fleet of Void Ships, he might not even be able to find the nearest transmission array after reaching the Grand Essence Sea. As for not taking the teleportation array and going directly across the Grand Essence Sea to the Grand Essence Domain, Ning Cheng didn’t even give it a single thought.

After all, the Grand Essence Sea covered the second largest area in the Grand Essence Realm, behind only the Grand Essence Ruins.

Not to mention that he didn’t even know how much time it would take to cross the Grand Essence Sea, but even if it was within his acceptable range, he still wasn’t strong enough to cross even the Grand Essence Sea by himself.

Although many people went to the Five Elements Star, Ning Cheng still found many people flowing into the city after returning. However, one glance was enough to tell him that the number of strong people flowing in had reduced significantly. Apart from a handful of Dao Transformation Holy Emperors, Ning Cheng didn’t see a single Dao Essence Holy Emperor.

Ning Cheng didn’t linger around and immediately headed towards the void airships parked in the Broken Spear Spirit City. Fortunately, most of the void airships were going to the edge of the Grand Essence City. Moreover, most of these void airships carried the banner of different Chambers of Commerce, meaning that these void airships were also for doing business apart from transporting people.

As one of the largest Chamber of Commerce in this place, the Cheerful Treasure Chamber of Commerce naturally had its own fleet of void ships.

However, Ning Cheng didn’t choose any void airships belonging to the Cheerful Treasure Chamber of Commerce. This Chamber of Commerce gave Ning Cheng a very bad impression. What’s more, Ning Cheng still has a large amount of Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura on him right now.

Therefore, Ning Cheng chose the Sea Sky Pavilion Chamber of Commerce’s void ship. The Sea Sky Pavilion Chamber of Commerce wasn’t much weaker in this area compared to the Cheerful Treasure Chamber of Commerce. It’s just that the Sea Sky Pavilion Chamber of Commerce’s main business didn’t originate from this remote edge of the Grand Essence Realm but from the Grand Essence Sea. Another point was that Sea Sky Pavilion Chamber of Commerce’s void ship would depart in a day.

The price of travelling from Broken Spear Spirit City to the edge of the Grand Essence Sea was two million high-grade spirit crystals, which could be considered quite a high price. Two million spirit crystals for Ning Cheng didn’t mean much, but for the rogue cultivators struggling at the edge of the Grand Essence Realm all year round, it was a huge sum of money.

Moreover, the price of two million spirit crystals was only for the medium-tier rooms. The top-tier rooms cost three million, while even the lowest-tier room also cost one million spirit crystals.

Ning Cheng didn’t ask for the top-tier room, nor did he ask for the lowest-tier room. With only a year to go, he paid two million spirit crystals and chose the medium-tier room.

As the day passed quickly, Ning Cheng finally boarded the ship and found that the remaining rooms had increased. In just one day, the price of medium-tier rooms had risen from two million to three million spirit crystals. Not only that, but more and more powerful people also started to pour onto the ship.

Ning Cheng didn’t casually release his spiritual consciousness, nor did he bother to inquire about the reason. Instead, he calmly walked into his room, immediately activated the restrictions, and hung the words ‘Do not disturb, in seclusion’ outside the room.

Although he didn’t ask around for a reason, he understood what might have happened. The cultivators who had home to the Five Elements Star had returned. Because of him this time, quite a few people have managed to escape from the Five Elements Star, and many of them should have gotten some Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura. It’s most likely because of these late arrivals that had obtained some Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura that indirectly caused the prices to increase and the sudden inflow.

After all, once they brought this Five Elements Primal Chaos Aura to the Heaven Essence Sacred City in the Grand Essence Domain, they could sell them at a shocking price.

Ning Cheng secretly sighed; with so many uninvited guests, this trip to the Grand Essence Sea would be chaotic. Unfortunately, he didn’t have another choice at this time. The chaos would be even greater if he took a different void ship. In fact, there was even a chance that the fellow from the Five Elements Star would come after him.

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