Chapter 1030

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Chapter 1030: Trapped in Soul Sea Border City

“It’s you!?” Deacon Xia recognised Ning Cheng before his gaze twitched and moved to the black arrow.

The black arrow buzzed and vibrated, with a 5-coloured light flashing around the black arrow. A similarly colourful bow quickly materialised around the arrow, causing endless killing intent to sweep out and lock Deacon Xia in place.

“Stop!” Deacon Xia flipped his hand, and a jade strip appeared in it. “This has the way to get out of this place. If you dare shoot the arrow, everyone will die here. Without a way out, nobody under Dao Essence can get out of the Grand Essence Mountain Range…….”

Ning Cheng’s heart sank. He wasn’t surprised that Deacon Xia knew what he wanted, but shocked because Deacon Xia could still move under his 5-Coloured Star Splitting Arrow’s lock.

Since he had obtained the 5-Coloured Star Splitting Arrow, Deacon Xia was the only one who could move under this sanguine arrow’s lock. Even though the arrow intent hadn’t been fully unleashed, his current cultivation level was far higher than his earlier use of the 5-Coloured Star Splitting Arrow.

“I’ll give you the jade strip……” When Deacon Xia finished speaking, he threw the jade strip toward Ning Cheng. There was no restriction on the jade strip, so Ning Cheng could clearly scan the contents, which was indeed the route out of the Grand Essence Demon Vein. But to read the content, Ning Cheng had to forcibly control the 5-coloured Star Splitter Arrow’s killing intent; otherwise, the jade slip would have disintegrated. Luckily, he had only brought out the arrow, so the killing intent wasn’t enough to backfire on him.

Otherwise, pulling back or trying to control the arrow’s killing intent would have seriously injured him.

“Boom!” Unfortunately, when Deacon Xia sensed Ning Cheng pulling back the 5-coloured Star Splitting Arrow’s killing intent, a light flashed around him, and he disappeared without a trace.

Ning Cheng sighed and put away the 5-coloured Star Splitting Arrow. He understood that Deacon Xia had prepared for something similar to happen. If Ning Cheng wanted to keep the jade strip intact, Ning Cheng would have to pull back his trump card, which would allow Deacon Xia to escape.

The fact that Deacon Xia would rather escape than dare to attack him also showed that he, Ning Cheng, had chosen the right time. In other words, Deacon Xia was too heavily injured to continue fighting. Unfortunately for Ning Cheng, Deacon Xia was a decisive fellow. Otherwise, if he had been a moment late with taking out the jade strip, he might not have been able to take it out.

At the same time, Ning Cheng guessed that Deacon Xia recognised the 5-coloured Star Splitting Arrow, which allowed him to take measures before the arrow’s killing completely locked him down.

But even if he forced Deacon Xia into escaping, Ning Cheng wasn’t even a bit happy with the development. He had made the mistake of believing that the jade slip was real before even confirming it. Moreover, not only did Deacon Xia not die, but it also exposed his 5-coloured Star Splitting Arrow. Fortunately, he still had his disguise on, giving Ning Cheng some small consolation.

Grabbing the jade slip and pouring his spiritual consciousness inside, a clear and detailed map with various routes and markers appeared in front of him. Looking at the map, he found that he wasn’t too far away from the closest marker. It should be the real deal.

This time, Ning Cheng decided to use the Starry Sky Wheel and advanced full speed ahead towards the marker closest to him.

Without a direction, he wouldn’t dare to use the Starry Sky Wheel or advance at full speed, apprehensive of unexpected ambushes at any time. But now that he had a direction, he naturally wouldn’t be concerned about it. With the Starry Sky Wheel’s speed, even if top-level demonic beasts chased after him, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to catch up with him.

Since this route map came from Deacon Xia, Deacon Xia must also know about all its locations. Therefore, there was a high probability that once Deacon Xia recovered from his injuries, he would prepare an ambush around one of those locations. Therefore, he had to quickly move as far away as possible while Deacon Xia was still recovering from his injuries.

Ning Cheng’s prediction was spot on, but fortunately, he didn’t meet Deacon Xia again because of his speed. Even if some demonic beast blocked his way, Ning Cheng could still leave them behind with the Starry Sky Wheel’s crazy speed.

After flying at full speed for nearly nine months, the Starry Sky Wheel finally broke out of the Grand Essence Demon Vein, and the Grand Essence Sea appeared within the range of Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness. Sure enough, from Ning Cheng’s vantage point, it looked as boundless as people described it; even his spiritual consciousness couldn’t sweep through a tiny corner of it.

Ning Cheng felt relieved, put away the Starry Sky Wheel, and changed his disguise to a bearded rogue cultivator.


From the edge of the Grand Essence Demon Vein to the edge of the Grand Essence Sea lay a deserted section of tens of thousands of miles. It didn’t belong to any demonic beast or cultivators, nor did anyone live there.

Passing through this deserted section, Ning Cheng eventually reached the edge of the Grand Essence Sea, where he saw a defensive formation, the entrance guarded by four cultivators. Above the defensive formation were the words ‘Soul Sea Border City’. This made Ning Cheng feel relieved. Travelling that deserted expanse made him afraid that he wouldn’t find anyone to ask about how to get to the Grand Essence Domain. From what he knew, if he had to cross the Grand Essence Sea, it would take him many years. He might not even make it through.

The four cultivators guarding the entrance looked at Ning Cheng with some doubts. It was rare to see someone coming here from the Grand Essence Demon Vein alone.

“Several dao friends, may I ask if there is a teleportation formation here that will take me to the Grand Essence Domain?” Ning Cheng walked to the four cultivators guarding the entrance, clasped his fists, and asked politely.

Of these four cultivators, the one with the highest cultivation was an Eternal-level cultivator. Seeing how polite Ning Cheng was, he quickly bowed and replied, “Yes, there is. If this is your first-time entering Soul Sea Border City, you will need to pay 10,000 high-grade spirit crystals; in the future, you will only need to pay 100 spirit crystals for each visit. There is a teleportation tower inside where you will find a teleportation array dedicated specifically for the Grand Essence Domain.”

Everyone understood that Ning Cheng had come here for the first time.

Ning Cheng felt quite happy. He didn’t say another word, paid 10,000 spirit crystals in exchange for a jade card and entered the defensive formation. Because of the recent clash with Deacon Xia, Ning Cheng wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. He wasn’t sure if Deacon Xia had sent news about him to this place. But according to his guess, even if Deacon Xia had sent a message in advance, it wouldn’t have been known to everyone.

Entering the defensive array, Ning Cheng realised that this was a simple border city, with rows and rows of merchant buildings and makeshift markets. There were also quite a few cultivators coming and going, and although it wasn’t as big or as prosperous as a sacred city, it wasn’t any worse than the Broken Spear Spirit City.

“Teleportation Tower” Ning Cheng quickly noticed the three clear characters far in the distance.

Ning Cheng didn’t wander around and walked toward the teleportation tower.

“Wait……” A Dao Sculpting cultivator stopped Ning Cheng just when he was about to enter the teleportation tower.

Ning Cheng quickly said, “I want to go to the Grand Essence Domain; why are you stopping me?”

The Dao Sculpting cultivator cupped his fists towards Ning Cheng and spoke politely, “This dao friend, please forgive me, but for various reasons, the teleportation tower is not open to the public for three months. It cannot send you to the Grand Essence Domain.”

Ning Cheng’s heart tightened, and he quickly asked, “Why?”

This Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor smiled and said, “Not only the teleportation tower but even the defensive array of the Soul Sea Border City will not allow people to go out for three months. Of course, it’s possible to come in. My friend, you don’t have to worry; more than two months have passed since this order, and in less than half a month, the restrictions will lift, and the teleportation tower will be open to the public again.”

After hearing this Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor’s words, Ning Cheng already guessed a few things. Most likely, it had something to do with Deacon Xia. If he guessed it correctly, then Deacon Xia would reach this place in less than half a month. That bastard knew how to calculate; he even estimated the approximate time he would arrive here. He must have been the one who asked to close the teleportation tower for three months.

Ning Cheng was sure that once this three-month period ended, the teleportation tower’s guards would be screening everyone heading to the Grand Essence Domain for Deacon Xia. No wonder he didn’t see anyone outside the Soul Sea Border City; they were restricted from going out. In other words, no matter how much he wanted to leave this place, he couldn’t. At least not without creating a huge commotion.

Ning Cheng slowly took a deep breath and said with clasped fists, “This dao friend, may I ask where the City Lord of the Soul Sea Border City lives? Can I find him in the City Lord’s mansion? I’m a core disciple of River Luo Sacred Sect and have something urgent that I need to report to the sect in person.”

After saying his ‘origin’, Ning Cheng stopped talking. No matter how far away the River Luo Sacred Sect was from here, River Luo Sacred Sect was ultimately one of the top ten sects in the Grand Essence Domain. A Dao Fusion Holy Emperor from the River Luo Sacred Sect could easily trample on the Soul Sea Border City during a casual walk after a meal.

Hearing Ning Cheng ‘self-report’ his sect, the Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor at once straightened and replied, “City Lord Yu is in the City Lord’s mansion…….”

Ning Cheng had noticed that the City Lord’s mansion wasn’t too far from the teleportation tower. Therefore, without waiting for the other party to say anything further, Ning Cheng thanked him, turned around, and sprinted towards the City Lord’s mansion.


Half an incense stick later, Ning Cheng was already sitting in the guest room of the City Lord’s mansion, thanks to his identity as a disciple of the River Luo Sacred Sect.

The City Lord of Soul Sea Border City, Yu Xing, was a middle-aged man with a strong water-attributed dao rhythm circulating him. Ning Cheng could feel that this person’s cultivation level wasn’t weaker than Deacon Xia’s.

“You are a disciple of River Luo Sacred Sect?” Yu Xing stared at Ning Cheng and asked in a deep voice.

Ning Cheng replied without being condescending, “That’s right, I’m from River Luo Sacred Sect……”

Without waiting for Ning Cheng to continue, Yu Xing waved his hand, “There is no need to explain to me which disciple you are because I happen to have a disciple of River Luo Sacred Sect here. I will let you two meet to know if what you say is true or not.

After Yu Xing finished speaking, he raised his hand and threw out a message talisman.

Hearing those words, Ning Cheng’s heart turned cold. He didn’t expect his luck to be so bad that there was a disciple of the River Luo Sacred Sect here. If Yu Xing wanted him to produce evidence, he would have taken out Guo Haoge’s identity card. Since Guo Haoge died to him, his identity card had also naturally fallen into his hands. But in front of people from the River Luo Sacred Sect, Ning Cheng naturally couldn’t impersonate him.

Yu Xing’s spiritual consciousness remained on him at all times. From this, Ning Cheng understood that he couldn’t make any unnecessary moves. Once he showed any indications of escape, Yu Xing would finish him off.

“This time, the matter of the Five-elements Star appearing at the edge of the Grand Essence Realm has made the entire Grand Essence Domain take it seriously. As a result, most sects have sent people over to check out the situation. As one of the top sects in the Grand Essence Domain, the River Luo Sacred Sect sent two disciples to check it out in succession. Really shows the importance of this discovery.” Yu Xing smiled and tried to make small talk.

He had long since guessed that Ning Cheng was an imposter. If he was a disciple sent by the River Luo Sacred Sect, how come he didn’t come out from the teleportation array but rather from outside the defensive array of his Soul Sea Border City?

Ning Cheng smiled faintly but didn’t answer Yu Xing’s words. Internally, however, he was anxiously thinking of a solution to this predicament. Unfortunately, even if he came up with more solutions, the difference between his strength and Yu Xing’s was an insurmountable gulf. Yu Xing was a Dao Essence Holy Emperor, someone who could casually kill him in a second, so what could he use to resist?

“City Lord Yu, are you looking for me?” A clear and crisp voice came, and a beautiful and refined female cultivator appeared outside the guest room.

When Ning Cheng saw this female cultivator, his heart almost burst with happiness. That’s because the one who showed up was none other than Kong Ning, who at this point had become a Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor. Seeing Kong Ning, Ning Cheng wanted to speak; he wanted to tell Kong Ning that he ‘was’ from the River Luo Sacred City. But then Ning Cheng found that he couldn’t make a sound. The restrictions inside Yu Xing’s mansion forbade all sound transmissions. Unless Ning Cheng used his spiritual consciousness to forcibly break these restrictions, it wouldn’t be possible to send any sound transmissions.

When Yu Xing saw Kong Ning enter, he smiled and said, “Yes, this dao friend claims to be from the River Luo Sacred Sect. Since you’re from the same sect, I had to let you two meet and catch up.”

“He’s from the River Luo Sacred Sect?” Kong Ning glanced at Ning Cheng and spoke up in doubt.

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