Chapter 1034

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Chapter 1034: The Grand Karmic Spirit Technique

Ning Cheng watched Jiang Mann suspiciously, “Dao Friend Jiang, no one else here. Even your cultivation is superior to mine. Since you’ve identified the presence of the Five-Elements Primal Chaos Aura on me, why didn’t you forcefully seize it? Why choose to exchange with me?”

Despite what he said, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but doubt Jiang Mann’s intentions for exchange. After all, the Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura wasn’t an ordinary thing. In fact, very few things he knew of could be of the same value.

Jiang Mann’s face turned serious after hearing Ning Cheng’s words, “Dao Friend Ning, so you mean to say that if you meet a cultivator with a lower cultivation and you want something from him, you will choose to rob it?”

Ning Cheng smiled, “I have my own principles in dealing with things, but I won’t stoop so low as to rob others. Don’t tell me that your principles are the same as mine?”

Jiang Mann replied with a hint of admiration, “There aren’t many cultivators like Dao Friend Ning who live by their own principles. But that’s not the point. The thing is, I cultivate the Dao of Karma; therefore, I believe that if I robbed Dao Friend Ning today, someone would rob me in the future. After all, karma encompasses everything, and the cycle of retribution will always close upon itself.”

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel a bit impressed. As a Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor and having spent considerable time in the Grand Essence Realm, he naturally had heard about the Grand Dao of Karma. It was counted as one of the realm’s most powerful Grand Dao and ranked among the top ten known Grand Daos.

After all, everything in existence had some form of connection to the cycle of cause and effect. In fact, the only reason Ning Cheng’s Grand Dao wasn’t involved with the Dao of Karma wasn’t because of his strength but because of the heaven-defying nature of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, which put it above this Grand Dao.

An idea suddenly appeared in Ning Cheng’s consciousness. He owned the Mysterious Yellow Bead and might become a top powerhouse. Did it mean there was already a karmic connection between him and the Mysterious Yellow Bead before he came into contact with it? Maybe the karma between him and the Mysterious Yellow Bead was so supreme that it surpassed all other types of karma.

Ning Cheng quickly put this idea aside and cupped his fists, “I heard that the Grand Dao of Karma is one of the strongest Grand Dao in the world. Congratulations to Brother Jiang.”

Jiang Mann showed a bitter smile and shook his head, “I’m just gilding my face with gold. Although I did say that I’m cultivating the Dao of Karma, the truth is that I haven’t even touched the edge.”

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but ask doubtfully, “Brother Jiang should be a Dao Raising Holy Emperor, right? As a Holy Emperor in the Dao Raising Realm, how could Brother Jiang not even touch the edge of the Dao of Karma?”

Jiang Mann looked at Ning Cheng seriously and asked, “Has Dao Friend heard of the universe’s Ten Great Spirit Techniques?”

Ning Cheng recalled what he had heard before and immediately replied, “Are you talking about Yin-Yang, Essence’s Spirit Thunder, Origination’s Spirit Light, Beginning’s Spirit Trace and the Change’s Incorporeal?”

“Dao Friend Ning is only partially right. Although I do not know about all the top ten spirit techniques, I know that the Yin-Yang Spirit Technique and the Spirit Thunder Spirit Technique are not among the top ten.” Jiang Mann said categorically.

Ning Cheng didn’t know much about this, so when Jiang Mann talked, he quickly asked, “I hope Brother Jiang can teach me about it.”

Jiang Mann obliged but continued solemnly, “I don’t know much about the first and second-ranked spirit techniques, but I do know that the Change’s Intangible Spirit Technique is second only to them, while the Karmic Spirit Technique is ranked fourth.”

Ning Cheng had always considered the Grand Change Realm the first among the five grand realms, so he thought the Change’s Intangible Spirit Technique should also be the first-ranked spirit technique. He never expected that, according to Jiang Mann’s words, the Change’s Intangible Spirit Technique would only be ranked third.

“What about the other great spirit techniques?” Ning Cheng asked again.

Jiang Mann sighed, “Although I cultivate the Grand Dao of Karma, I only know about the name of the Grand Karmic Spirit Technique. Even after all these years, I haven’t gained any understanding of it. As for the fifth-ranked spirit technique of the ten great spirit techniques, I have no idea about it. But I know a few things about the sixth, seventh and eighth-ranked spirit techniques. The sixth-ranked spirit technique is the Reincarnation Spirit Technique, the seventh in the Beginning’s Spirit Trace, and the eighth is the Origination’s Spirit Light.”

Ning Cheng asked in surprise, “Dao Friend Jiang, as far as I know, the Reincarnation Spirit Technique is the seventh bridge of the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique. How come it’s considered as the sixth-ranked spirit technique while the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique isn’t even mentioned among them?”

Dazzled by the ten great spirit techniques, Ning Cheng didn’t catch Jiang Mann’s implication. That is, since he tried to comprehend the Grand Karmic Spirit Technique, it also meant that he had the corresponding cultivation method.

Jiang Mann laughed, saying, “I don’t understand these rankings myself. Besides, I only obtained this information from others. Maybe the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique is the ninth-ranked spirit technique or maybe the tenth-ranked. It’s just that no one I know can say for sure.”

Ning Cheng didn’t ask again. He understood that since the Reincarnation Spirit Technique was taken out and separately placed on the rankings as the sixth-ranked spirit technique, the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique should definitely be in this list of top ten spirit techniques.

“Dao Friend Jiang, I have a bit of Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura. It’s just that even if I give it to Dao Friend Jiang, Dao Friend Jiang might not have anything to store it.” Ning Cheng finally answered Jiang Mann’s words positively. He concluded that Jiang Mann was a person worthy of his trade.

But to be on the safe side, Ning Cheng didn’t mention how much Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura he could exchange. He understood that Jiang Mann wouldn’t treat him poorly since he cultivated the Dao of Karma.

Jiang Mann immediately took out a black crystal made of unknown materials and handed it to Ning Cheng. “Dao Friend Ning, this is a Karma Dao Crystal that I obtained due to a fortuitous encounter. It also contains hints about the Grand Karmic Spirit Technique. I will lend this to Brother Ning for ten thousand years for a trace of Brother Ning’s Fire-attributed Primal Chaos Aura.”

“Brother Mann……” Mu Yueping almost yelled out in surprise from the side when she saw Jiang Mann take out the black jade. She knew that this was the most valuable thing for Jiang Mann.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but look in shock at the black crystal in Jiang Mann’s hand. If this truly was the crystallisation of Karmic Dao Insights, then his Primal Chaos Aura was far from enough to initiate the exchange. Even if Jiang Mann imposed a time limit, it would still not be enough. After all, Jiang Mann mentioned that the Grand Karmic Spirit Technique inside was the fourth-ranked great spirit technique.

Jiang Mann waved his hand at Mu Yueping and said to Ning Cheng with a smile, “Dao Friend Ning, I cultivate the Grand Dao of Karma because of this dao crystal. Although the origin of this dao crystal is unknown, I can stake my life that it contains insights into the Grand Karmic Spirit Technique. Unfortunately, my qualifications are insufficient, as even after tens of thousands of years of enlightenment, I can’t even reach the edge of it. Truth be told, trading ten thousand years in exchange for a trace of Brother Ning’s fire-attributed Primal Chaos Aura can even be considered as me taking advantage of you.”

Ning Cheng didn’t accept the dao crystal but asked seriously, “Dao Friend Jiang, then how will I return this dao crystal to you after ten thousand years?”

Satisfied with Ning Cheng’s response, Jiang Mann nodded and said, “I cultivate the Grand Dao of Karma, so this dao crystal naturally has my karmic imprint on it. After ten thousand years, this dao crystal will automatically escape Brother Ning’s hands and return to me.”

Ning Cheng’s face had a faint smile as he heard those words. Looks like Jiang Mann is really confident. But was he confident that he couldn’t crack his karmic seal in ten thousand years? Besides, even if he couldn’t crack it, he could throw the dao crystal into the Mysterious Yellow Bead, and the dao crystal wouldn’t be able to escape.

However, Ning Cheng didn’t intend to do so; if he couldn’t learn the Grand Karmic Spirit Technique in ten thousand years, it would be useless to keep it for more time. Besides, both sides were doing this exchange legitimately, so he wouldn’t do such a shameless thing.

“How do I give Dao Friend Jiang the fire-attributed Primal Chaos Aura?” Ning Cheng appreciated Jiang Mann’s way of conducting business. After all, even though it was a completely honest transaction, Jiang Mann never asked how much fire-attributed Primal Chaos Aura he wanted, giving all the initiative to him.

Jiang Mann turned even more serious, “It will take us a month to reach the Secret City from here. Brother Ning can just inject a trace of the Primal Chaos Aura into my purple mansion.”

“Okay.” Ning Cheng agreed without hesitation. One month was enough time for Jiang Mann to refine that fire-attributed Primal Chaos Aura trace.

“May I ask Dao Friend Mu about the attribute of your primary spiritual root?” Ning Cheng didn’t directly bring out the fire-attributed Primal Chaos Aura but instead asked Mu Yueping a question.

Mu Yueping replied, feeling a bit suspicious, “My primary spiritual root is gold.”

Ning Cheng immediately said, “How about this? I will use a trace of fire-attributed and a trace of gold-attributed Primal Chaos Aura in exchange for ten thousand years of Brother Jiang’s Karmic Dao Crystal.”

When Jiang Mann heard Ning Cheng’s words, he knew Ning Cheng didn’t want to take advantage of him. In fact, it was still him taking advantage of Ning Cheng. Although the Grand Karmic Spirit Technique had a heaven-reaching reputation, it was impossible to comprehend. And even though he mentioned that his qualifications were low, in fact, until now, he really hadn’t seen anyone with better qualifications than him, Jiang Mann.

How could Ning Cheng understand it if he couldn’t comprehend the Grand Karmic Spirit Technique for tens of thousands of years?

“Then, wouldn’t this…” Nevertheless, Jiang Mann was very impressed with Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng waved his hand and said, “Dao Friend Jiang is too polite. I can’t be too stingy in the face of such hospitality. Dao Friend Jiang and Dao Friend Mu should prepare to receive the Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura.”

“Brother Mann, I will accept it later.” Mu Yueping quickly replied.

When Ning Cheng heard Mu Yueping’s words, he knew what Mu Yueping meant. Mu Yueping was afraid that both of them would get caught up in refining the Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura and would be backstabbed by Ning Cheng.

Jiang Mann obviously also understood Mu Yueping’s meaning, but he waved his hand and said, “No need, we’ll just trouble Dao Friend Ning to protect us while we refine the Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura.”

After saying this, Jiang Mann also took out an orientation jade strip and gave it to Ning Cheng while handing the airship’s control to Ning Cheng.

Jiang Mann said and did these things because he believed in Ning Cheng and could stop Ning Cheng even if Ning Cheng had other thoughts. Refining the Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura was just a matter of refining; it wasn’t secluded cultivation.

Mu Yueping heard Jiang Mann’s words and understood Jiang Mann’s meaning. She nodded and said, “Okay. Then, I will have to trouble Dao Friend Ning.”

Ning Cheng didn’t say anything and directly took out what was agreed. Then, grabbing a strand of fire-attributed Primal Chaos Aura, he slapped his palm onto Jiang Mann’s forehead. Then, he grabbed the other strand of metal-attributed Primal Chaos Aura with the other hand and placed it onto Mu Yueping’s forehead.

Feeling that the Primal Chaos Aura given to them by Ning Cheng was much more than just one strand as agreed, Jiang Mann couldn’t help but feel overjoyed. But not waiting for him to feel grateful towards Ning Cheng, the raging fire-attributed Primal Chaos Aura rushed into his purple mansion. In just a moment, he found himself unable to do anything apart from refining this influx of Primal Chaos Aura.

Jiang Mann’s heart sank slightly. The elation he felt before had long since disappeared because he saw that Mu Yueping, like him, was also completely incapable of doing anything.

In other words, if Ning Cheng took action now, he and Mu Yueping couldn’t resist. After all, Ning Cheng had given them so much Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura at once, leaving them completely vulnerable, which made him start doubting his decision.

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