Chapter 1042

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Chapter 1042: Help with Alchemy

Ning Cheng introduced Ba Meng to Sheng Huotian. Ba Meng had admired Sheng Huotian for a long time; therefore, hearing Ning Cheng introduce him, he quickly stood up and bowed with the utmost respect, “Ba Meng greets Elder Brother Huotian.”

Ba Meng was friends with Ning Cheng, but Sheng Huotian had risen to fame thousands of years earlier and was a living legend in his eyes. Moreover, although both were in the Dao Essence Realm, Ba Meng was only in the early-stage Dao Essence Realm, while Sheng Huotian had long since reached the full circle of the Dao Essence Realm. Thus, appropriate respect needed to be shown.

Sheng Huotian hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Ning Cheng and I have been friends for a long time, so let’s skip all this formality and just call each other by our names from now. Just call me Huotian; the same also applies to Ning Cheng. Besides, I estimate Ning Cheng’s cultivation will surpass us in a few years.”

Sheng Huotian wasn’t speaking nonsense. What cultivation level was Ning Cheng at when he first met him, and what cultivation level is he at now? It might have been a few years, but the progress has been explosive, to say the least.

“Huotian, what are you going to do in the future?” Ning Cheng no longer remained polite and asked him by name.

Sheng Huotian sighed, “The Pill Union has been my home for as long as I remember. I just did what I liked to do in the Pill Union, researching some pill recipes. But now, I’m a little disappointed. I decided to leave the Pill Union and look for an opportunity to reach the Dao Fusion Realm.”

Ning Cheng remained silent. He understood what Sheng Huotian meant. That is, Sichen Qiutian no longer stood by his, Sheng Huotian’s, side and was slightly biased in handling things.

Sheng Huotian didn’t guess wrong; even Ning Cheng could see the impropriety in the room. Based on Sichen Qiutian’s cultivation and experience, it would be impossible for someone like him to know anything about Cai Daopeng’s involvement. Yet, he didn’t step in to stop it. One reason could be that he didn’t want to get involved in the strife between the two, but the other could be that he had written off Sheng Huotian’s case as hopeless, while Cai Daopeng would still be the mainstay of the Pill Union.

“Union Master is dedicated to the Dao of Alchemy and rarely gets involved in other things. I also concentrate on the Dao of Alchemy, but I’d rather not spend the rest of my life amidst this kind of rivalry.” Seeing Ning Cheng’s silence, Sheng Huotian still explained.

Ning Cheng suddenly thought of the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Competition, “Then, can’t you come with us to the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Competition?”

Sheng Huotian shook his head and said, “That’s absolutely impossible. It’s already extremely difficult to bring one more person to the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Competition, let alone two. The Union Master already has to take a heavy responsibility for bringing you along, and if you add me, it will definitely not be allowed.”

Ning Cheng once again fell silent. He couldn’t help in this matter at all. Even if he chose not to go to the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Competition, Sheng Huotian wouldn’t be able to attend the Grand Change Realm.

“Brother Huotian, who is plotting against Ning Cheng?” Ba Meng broke the silence and asked.

Sheng Huotian’s face turned solemn, “I suspect the Star Stepping Tower’s master is involved in it. When she first arrived in the Heaven Essence Sacred City, the Star Stepping Tower Master showed immense strength. I have also seen her taking action a few times in the past. That woman in my room; her cultivation method’s flow is somewhat similar to the Star Stepping Tower Master.”

Ning Cheng’s mind instantly recalled the woman in black robes with a veil on her face from the Star Stepping Tower. He still suspected that she might have come from Earth. If she came from Earth, it would be a case of old folks meeting old folks, only to stab each other in the back.

“No matter what, you must be careful with that Star Stepping Tower Master. That woman not only has a high cultivation level but also has a top-class scheming mind. Otherwise, she couldn’t have taken over the best spot in Heaven Essence Sacred City.” Seeing Ning Cheng pondering, Sheng Huotian once again informed him.

“I understand.” Ning Cheng nodded. He never once underestimated this Star Stepping Tower Master.

Just then, the restriction on the residence’s entrance rang, and Ning Cheng saw Profound Aquatic Palace’s Cen Ruxuan standing near the entrance. Noticing her, he immediately said, “She’s here to find me to refine pills. Xin Xiu, you bring her to the pill house next door.”

It was very important to help the Profound Aquatic Palace and the Silver Dragon Clan refine pills. After all, whether Ning Cheng became a true Dao Essence Pill Sage depended on the materials they provided. A Dao Essence Pill Sage had to have a thorough understanding of the Dao of Alchemy and a profound understanding of the laws of the Grand Daos of heaven and earth. In other words, if you didn’t even understand what the words “Dao Essence” meant, it would be nothing more than a joke if you went to refine a Dao Essence Dao Pill.

Ning Cheng was only a Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor, but the reason he could refine the Six Yin Soul Pills, besides his higher level of perception of the Returning-to-one Dao at the Alchemy Discourse, was only because of the Bestowing Lawless Fruit.

Without the Bestowing Lawless Fruit, Ning Cheng was sure he couldn’t have refined even an ordinary Dao Essence Dao Pill back then, even if he gained a higher understanding of the Returning-to-one Dao.

Now that Cen Ruxuan was here, Ning Cheng wanted to see what kinds of pills she wanted him to refine. However, he would refuse if it was one of those few but extremely difficult to refine Dao Essence Dao Pills. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to keep his promise but that he simply couldn’t refine it.

He would take up the request only if it were ‘ordinary’ Dao Essence Dao Pills.


Cen Ruxuan felt quite happy learning that Ning Cheng wanted to meet her alone in the pill house. It meant he would definitely help her refine the pills she needed.

“I hope Union Master Sheng’s health has improved.” Even though Cen Ruxuan wanted to immediately get to the point, she still had to ask Ning Cheng about Sheng Huotian’s situation.

Ning Cheng had taken Sheng Huotian out of the Pill Union, which she naturally learned about right after it happened.

Ning Cheng smiled, “Union Master Sheng is still recuperation. I believe he will recover in time. I wonder what kinds of pills Senior Apprentice Sister Ruxuan wants me to refine this time. The Profound Aquatic Palace has greatly helped me, so Senior Apprentice Sister, just ask.”

What I want are just those words. Cen Ruxuan thought with a smile on her face before speaking up, “I want some Extreme Profound Heavenly Ice Pills along with some Celestial Origin Heavenly Pills.”

Ning Cheng felt slightly relieved; those two pills were both Dao Essence Dao Pills, but not the kind that was too difficult to refine. It’s just that the primary dao fruit for the Celestial Origin Heavenly Pill was an ingredient almost impossible to find. Because of this, although the Celestial Origin Heavenly Pill wasn’t the most difficult to refine, it was one of the most valuable Dao Essence Dao Pills.

Celestial Origin Heavenly Pill was a dao pill that could help a Dao Transformation Holy Emperor sense the dao rhythms of the Dao Essence Realm. Its value was precious enough to make any Dao Transformation Holy Emperor crazy. Even if a Celestial Origin Heavenly Pill only gave the Dao Transformation Holy Emperor a small chance to become a Dao Essence Holy Emperor, it was still an opportunity they would put their life on the line to obtain.

As for the Extreme Profound Heavenly Ice Pill, it was much simpler to refine. It aided in enhancing one’s perception of ice-attributed spirit techniques. What’s more, although classified as a Dao Essence Dao Pill, it could even be used by early-stage Dao Transformation cultivators. As such, this pill was the best practice for Ning Cheng.

“I wonder how many furnaces Senior Apprentice Sister Ruxuan has?” Ning Cheng asked.

Cen Ruxuan spoke solemnly, “In the countless years of our existence, my Profound Aquatic Palace has only found enough ingredients for five furnaces of Celestial Origin Heavenly Pills and just over a dozen furnaces of Extreme Profound Heavenly Ice Pills. Also, when it comes to Extreme Profound Heavenly Ice Pills, it wouldn’t matter if Pill Sage Ning fails more times in refining it.”

Ning Cheng understood Cen Ruxuan’s meaning. The Profound Aquatic Palace only had five furnaces of Celestial Origin Heavenly Pill’s ingredients, which meant they couldn’t afford many failures, something Cen Ruxuan didn’t mention specifically. As for the Extreme Profound Heavenly Ice Pill, it didn’t matter if Pill Sage Ning failed to refine a few furnaces.

The Profound Aquatic Palace was one of the top ten sects. Yet, even for such a large sect, they could only gather enough ingredients for five Celestial Origin Heavenly Pills furnaces. From this, he could clearly understand that the dao fruits required for the Celestial Origin Heavenly Pills were too precious.

Ning Cheng calmly replied, “It is never possible to refine a furnace without some degree of failure, and I can’t guarantee that I won’t fail. Of course, I will not count these failures on Profound Aquatic Palace’s tab.”

Cen Ruxuan sighed; how could she not hear Ning Cheng’s meaning. You, Profound Aquatic Palace, escorted me to the Celestial Origin Sacred City before I offered to help you refine pills. But refining pills requires payment just the same. In case I fail, it should still be taken as a reward instead.

It’s not that Cen Ruxuan hadn’t thought of Ning Cheng not wanting to be paid, but rather it was just a matter of putting it out in words. A Dao Essence Pill Sage refining pills without pay, even she wouldn’t believe it.

“I can give Pill Sage Ning some of the Extreme Profound Heavenly Ice Pills, but the Celestial Origin Heavenly Pills, there are only five furnaces in total…….” Cen Ruxuan said with some lack of confidence.

Ning Cheng said softly, “The remuneration for an ordinary alchemist to help someone refine pills are half the pills formed, while a Pill Sage usually asks for 60% of the pills formed as remuneration. However, I feel very grateful to Senior Apprentice Sister Ruxuan and the Profound Aquatic Palace for the help, so I will only ask for 40%, regardless of the pills.”

To help Profound Aquatic Palace for free, he absolutely wouldn’t do it. Even if they had helped him more, Ning Cheng would never dare to agree. He counted on the materials from Profound Aquatic Palace to practice, so how could he do it for free? Who would compensate for the failed pills if he agreed to it for free?

Cen Ruxuan understood that Ning Cheng’s offer was a price of conscience. After all, even ordinary pill sages would ask for 60% of the pills formed, but this was only for pill sages under the Dao Essence level. Ning Cheng was a Dao Essence Pill Sage, meaning it wouldn’t be considered excessive even if he demanded 70%. In fact, Ning Cheng only asked for 40%, which couldn’t even be considered a price of conscience. How could it be a price of conscience?

Cen Ruxuan sighed internally at the richness of a pill sage while taking out a ring and handing it to Ning Cheng. “Let’s go with Pill Sage Ning’s proposal; the ring contains enough materials for twenty batches. Five of Celestial Origin Heavenly Pills and fifteen of Extreme Profound Heavenly Ice Pills.”

Ning Cheng took the ring and said, “Good; in that case, I will ask Senior Apprentice Ruxuan to pick up the pills after a month.”


After sending off Cen Ruxuan, Ning Cheng didn’t immediately go into seclusion to refine pills. Instead, he waited for Gong Ximao.

Fortunately, Silver Dragon Clan’s Gong Ximao didn’t make Ning Cheng wait long. Almost an hour after Cen Ruxuan left, he arrived at Jian Sanshan’s residence.

“What kinds of pills Brother Gong wants me to refine?” Ning Cheng couldn’t wait for Gong Ximao to ask him to refine several Celestial Origin Heavenly Pills. That would be the most beneficial thing for him.

Gong Ximao didn’t even bargain and directly handed a ring to Ning Cheng and said, “Pill Sage Ning, because our patriarch is currently in seclusion, I can’t get the top-grade ingredients. As such, I request you to help me refine some Nine Lives Fire Dragon Pills this time.”

Ning Cheng didn’t care about Gong Ximao wanting to refine pills; what puzzled him was why Gong Ximao wanted the Nine Lives Fire Dragon Pills. The Nine Lives Fire Dragon Pill was indeed a Dao Essence Dao Pill but a healing pill. Only Dao Essence Holy Emperor with a primary fire attribute who had problems with their cultivation would use Nine Lives Fire Dragon Pills to repair their foundation.

Seeing Ning Cheng’s puzzled gaze, Gong Ximao could only speak up helplessly, “My main spiritual root is fire attributed; it’s just that there is a problem with my cultivation. If I don’t repair my spiritual root, I will only be able to reach this point in my life. Meeting Pill Sage Ning is this Gong Ximao’s greatest fortune.”

Facing Ning Cheng, he had nothing to hide. Ning Cheng was a Dao Essence Pill Sage. Since he asked Ning Cheng to refine the Nine Lives Fire Dragon Pull, and if Ning Cheng still didn’t know that there was a problem with his foundation, then Ning Cheng being a Dao Essence Pill Sage was a bit too questionable.

Ning Cheng collected the ring and nodded, “Okay, Brother Gong can come to me after a month to get the pills. I will also keep 40% for myself.”

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