Prologue: Falling Through The Void

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Translated by: DemonKiller, with a bit of Void
TLC by: Petie
Edited by :DemonKiller, Petie

Prologue 0002 : Falling Through The Void

At the Jiangzhou University’s entrance, Ning Xiao Cheng was holding a snowflake shaped pearl hair clip in his hands, and was feeling a bit pumped up. He had not seen Mu Wan in a long time, this time also, he gave most of his money and another pearl hair clip to his younger sister, and didn’t even have time to eat a meal together with his sister, before coming to the Jiangzhou University right away.

Ning Xiao Cheng didn’t have wait too long, as he saw Tian Mu Wan walk out. Tian Mu Wan was still as beautiful as ever, she moved in such a way that it would make everyone to become nearly breathless. Ning Xiao Cheng’s heart started to fill up with a hint of pride, that such a beautiful woman would one day become his wife. At this point he was even happy regarding that accident, if not for the catastrophic flood that occurred, he wouldn’t even have had the chance to get to know Tian Mu Wan.

“You wanted to see me?” Tian Mu Wan said flatly, this made Ning Xiao Cheng to swallow ‘Wan’er’, these two words that he was going to say, he felt that there was something wrong with Mu Wan today.

“I bought this pearl hair clip for you ……” Ning Xiao Cheng had wanted to say that he bought this pearl hair clip for her, and then was going to ask her out to dinner. But the words only managed to arrive at the tips of his tongue, just as he uttered half of it, he felt a sudden change in Mu Wan.

Tian Mu Wan calmly took the hair clip that Ning Xiao Cheng gave, and without even looking at it, asked, “Is there anything else?”

“I would like to take you to dinner ……”

Ning Xiao Cheng had not even finished his sentence, when he saw a blue sports car stop next to him and Tian Mu Wan.

“Wan’er.” A young man exuding a strong perfume opened the door and got out, and at the same time eagerly called out.

Ning Xiao Cheng frowned, he very much disliked the smell, a fully grown man that made all of his body to be covered in this overwhelmingly sweet fragrant scent, this really made it hard for him to bear it. But he recognized this young man, Wan Lin’s family had introduced him to be her soon to-be boyfriend, and was called Zha Zhi Yi.

“Zhi Yi ….”

The way Mu Wan responded made Ning Xiao Cheng frown, previously whenever this young man called Zhi Yi called her ‘Wan’er’, Mu Wan would always answer in a cold voice, “Wan’er is not yours to call, please be prudent.”

Today, however, she did not seem to have the momentum.

Tian Mu Wan not only not seem to be displeased with him, but also did not say anything when she was called ‘Wan’er’, noticing this Zha Zhi Yi suddenly felt elated, he hurriedly walked up and said, “Wan’er, are you free today? I would like to invite you to have dinner together.”

Contrary to what Zha Zhi Yi expected, Tian Mu Wan did not refuse, but nodded her head and said, “Today, I happen to have some free time, then let’s go together.”

Zha Zhi Yi was so surprised, he almost forgot his own name, just when he was about to speak, he heard Tian Mu Wan speak again, “Zhi Yi, can you help me take a look at this?”

That said, Tian Mu Wan placed the pearl hair clip she got from Ning Xiao Cheng into Zha Zhi Yi’s hands.

“What is this?” Zha Zhi Yi took the pearl hair clip, and subconsciously asked the question.

“Oh, this was just given to me by Ning Xiao Cheng, I do not have any place to put it.” Tian Mu Wan said nonchalantly, seemingly not caring that this pearl hair clip could be worn at any time on her head.

“Oh……” said Zhi Yi after listening to Tian Mu Wan, shook his hand, the pearl hair clip fell to the ground, and rolled into the gap between the sewer covers.

Zhi Yi did not seem to think that it would fall into the sewers, as he spoke with some frustration, “I’m sorry, Wan’er, I was too careless, I will buy you a better one.”

Zhi Yi did not seem to mind it, but Tian Mu Wan actually nodded and said, “If it’s lost then forget it, you are free to buy a good one for me, let’s go,”

Ning Xiao Cheng looked a bit pale, how could he not know that what Zhi Yi did was intentional. The one who made him even more depressed was Mu Wan, he had not seen Mu Wan for just half a month, how could she change so much? In his mind, Mu Wan was not such a person.

“Wan’er, I want to speak a few words with you.” Seeing Tian Mu Wan was going to leave, Ning Xiao Cheng finally spoke.

Tian Mu Wan seemed to know what Ning Xiao Cheng wanted to speak, she turned around, and said in a slow voice, “Ning Xiao Cheng, I know what you are going to say. It’s just that I have just graduated from the university, I cannot play around anymore. You should know that there is a huge difference between us, it is absolutely impossible for us to be together. I was naive and innocent before, but now I understand, I hope you do not come to look for me in the future, it would be bad for us.”

Having said that, Tian Mu Wan simply ignored Ning Xiao Cheng, and went directly to the blue sports car, pulled open the door and sat inside.

Watching the blue sports car spit out a white circle of smoke as it disappeared without a trace, Ning Xiao Cheng felt his heart bleed. He did not understand why Mu Wan would become like this, the impression he got from Mu Wan today was completely different from what he had expected.

Were all women so fickle? Although he was born in a poor family, he never felt himself unworthy of Mu Wan, moreover Mu Wan also never cared for his appearance.

“Xiao Cheng, why are you standing here?” A clear and crisp voice sounded, interrupting Ning Xiao Cheng who was still immersed in the midst of a daze.

Ning Cheng looked a bit pale, he looked up and saw a pretty girl with short hair, and subconsciously said, “Zeng Ji Yun……”

“I just saw, Xiao Cheng, some matters you just let nature take its course. Mu Wan’s family is not ordinary, if you want you can see if there is someone more suitable for you, perhaps in the same room.” Ji Yun spoke with a gentle tone, like clouds drifting gently in the horizon, comforting Ning Xiao Cheng.

Ning Cheng did not seem to hear the words of Ji Yun, he was vainly looking at the pearl hair clip that fell into the sewer, he took quite a while before responding, saying to Ji Yun, “Thank you, I need to go now.”

“Wait, Xiao Cheng, I will accompany you for a walk.” Ji Yun suddenly took a step forward, her gaze looking somewhat scorching when she looked at Ning Cheng.

Ning Xiao Cheng shook his head, did not speak again, and quickly turned into the streets and vanished into the crowds.

Looking at the disappearing back of Ning Xiao Cheng, Ji Yun bit her lips, and even said in a voice so quiet that even she herself couldn’t hear, “Ning Xiao Cheng, I like you more than Tian Mu Wan.”

She was Tian Mu Wan’s best friend, but she felt that she understood Ning Xiao Cheng better than Tian Mu Wan. He was one of the most outstanding man she had ever seen. Ning Xiao Cheng had a tough and optimistic personality, and facing any kind of hardships he had that attitude that he couldn’t care less.

Because after knowing Ning Xiao Cheng, only then did she want to get to know him even better. She inquired about Ning Xiao Cheng’s high school, but he did not seem to have any formal education, even when that was the case, he was still admitted into the University. After entering University, he never seemed to study during classes, but there never were any cases of him failing subjects. According to her inquiries, Ning Xiao Cheng never took notes, always arrived one or two hours before tests, then only went through the books once, the same as reading a regular fiction novel or something.

Just like this, there weren’t any subjects where Ning Xiao Cheng would fail at, which also included not only written exams but also practical ones of Science and Engineering.

With the leftover time, he would go and do part-time jobs. He and his sister’s school fees, all of them was his hard earned money.

Ji Yun concluded that, Ning Xiao Cheng not only had photographic memory, but also had a strong comprehension ability, it can even be described that he had a special kind of talent.

The only regrettable thing that she felt was, Ning Xiao Cheng did not know how to make money, with his kind of ability, he wouldn’t need to work at the construction site. However, later, Ji Yun felt that she had guessed wrong, it wasn’t that Ning Xiao Cheng didn’t know how to make money, it was as if he didn’t want others to know about his ability

With such a better understanding of Ning Cheng, Ji Yun’s heart was filled with the image of Ning Cheng. Even if Tian Mu Wan was her best friend, she wanted to grab Ning Xiao Cheng for herself. Tian Mu Wan’s wanting to investigate Ning Xiao Cheng’s house, was also her idea.


“Let me get off here.” The words of Tian Mu Wan left Zhi Yi who was still in state of excitement, dumbstruck.

“We haven’t arrived yet ….” Zhi Yi said subconsciously but still stopped his car, he did not dare to offend Tian Mu Wan.

Tian Mu Wan opened the door and said, “My family called, and requested that I came back immediately.”

Looking at Tian Mu Wan walking away, Zhi Yi suddenly had a feeling of being played with, he did not hear Tian Mu Wan answering her phone, so he knew that he was definitely played with, but he also did not dare to let Tian Mu Wan to be dissatisfied with him.


Ning Xiao Cheng stopped walking, he discovered that he had unconsciously and unexpectedly ended up walking onto a highway bridge, which was full of cars. He shook his head and decided to look for Mu Wan tomorrow again, to ask her clearly why she was like that. If Mu Wan was genuinely that heartless as she implied, then he no longer needed to stay in this city.

His younger sister was about to graduate, as such there was no more need for him. If not for Mu Wan and his younger sister Ning Ruo Lan, he would have already left.

When Ning Xiao Cheng had just decided to return to his room, suddenly a thick golden beam that strained one’s eyes, shot towards him. Even with Ning Xiao Cheng’s quick reaction speed, it was too late to determine what that golden beam was, as it collided with him. In the instant that he lost consciousness, he seemed to have felt a huge change in the atmosphere, like that of a world of the ancient times.


Tian Mu Wan sat inside her dormitory room with her mind somewhat unhinged, she picked up her phone and put it back down, this act was repeated a number of times, but now that Ning Xiao Cheng really had disappeared from her sight, she felt she could not forget about the boy who was often covered in dust.

After repeating it several times, Tian Mu Wan sighed, after all, she decided to no longer contact Ning Xiao Cheng, and even intended to delete Ning Xiao Cheng’s number from her phone.

But at this time, her phone rang.

Tian Mu Wan picked up the call, and heard a crisp but careful voice, “Are you Sister Mu Wan? I am Ning Cheng’s younger sister; I want to talk about my brother ……”


Ten minutes later, Tian Mu Wan arrived outside the coffee shop, just outside the university, where she saw a somewhat anxious Ning Ruo Lan.

“Is it you?” Tian Mu Wan knew Ning Ruo Lan, was she not the girl who was together with Ning Xiao Cheng last time?

Ning Ruo Lan had not seen Tian Mu Wan, but when Tian Mu Wan came in, she knew, that at present this woman definitely was Tian Mu Wan, only this kind of woman could match her brother.

“I am Ning Cheng’s younger sister, Ning Ruo Lan, my brother did not leave any messages, did not even return to his dormitory, do you know where he is?” Ning Ruo Lan was not in the mood to small talk with Tian Mu Wan, she opened her mouth and immediately inquired about the whereabouts of her elder brother.

Tian Mu Wan did not react to the meaning of Ning Ruo Lan’s words, she just subconsciously asked, “Ning Cheng’s younger sister is at home farming, right? How can you ……”

Ning Ruo Lan frowned and said, “My brother and I are in Jiangzhou, because I wanted to study here, how would I even have the time to go back to farming?”

Tian Mu Wan’s face changed, immediately having some clarity. She was quite intelligent, associating what Ji Yun said and did, she came to vaguely understand something.

“Not good……” Tian Mu Wan immediately thought of Ning Xiao Cheng and her. That night, an elevated bridge was hit by a fragment of a meteorite. It had nothing to do with her relationship with Ning Xiao Cheng, but at this moment her mind just flashed to a very lonely Ning Xiao Cheng standing near the bridge.

Looking at Tian Mu Wan, who ran out desperately, Ning Ruo Lan’s face changed, it was clear that something had happened to her brother.

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      Such a b*tch – sry guys for my language but honestly – I don’t like it when authors are pulling this kind of sh*t because they don’t know how else to create “tension”. I just hope he will find someone better than her since he is talented enough to earn money. Since it seems like that character isn’t her strong point there is nothing else left in favor for her!

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      No, because I would talk it out first to see if it is true! Easy to tell if someone is lying when face to fact asking bluntly yet many people (not just women) rather assume something than find out if it is actually true. And if you were with someone for two years, you should automatically know when someone is lying about the one you love… her resolve was simply too soft and she is simply unworthy to be with the MC period.


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        Yeah i slowly changed my mind as i continued on reading. I saw the main characters inner monologue on it and she was honestly ruthless in the way she dealt with the main character even if its true and he was using his sister to go to university she could still talk to him and break up instead of going in some other guys car.


      • I completely agree. But also think that the MC is stupid for:
        a) Not introducing his sister to his girlfriend.
        b) Not using his abilities to earn more money to support himself and his sister. Is his secret such a big deal?


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        Yea it’s stupid. Lots of these stories have the MC either not know something important or have him/her withhold info purely for the benefit of the reader, as the author does not want the reader to know X before Y and Z happen and thus the MC can’t do certain actions before that time. So stupid…


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