New Project and Translator

Hi All

There is some exiting news for all of you, please welcome, our newest addition to our demon army, General DemonKiller …. no wait his name is …….. Demon Hunter ….. similar names right (Ironic isn’t it, we are the Demon Army and our names are opposite of what we do) and his project “I’m The King”.

Personally, I read a few chapter ahead, and found it to quite interesting, please do go through the short description given by him, as for the first chapter, it may be uploaded by the end of the day. provided all goes well today.

Anyways, enough from my side, I’ll let his do the rest of introductions for him and his project. Also be kind to him people, as this is also his translating project just like us.

Oh yeah, forgot again, the next chapter of TGOGF will be out in an hour or so, so please stay tuned. (Bah… this chapter was a headache.)

Field Marshal DemonKiller out.

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