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Read all the hilarious comments yesterday for the prank chapter that I posted (Chapter 43). So I ended up thinking to write a new completely original story in Xianxia style of my own. Since basically there are no sponsored chapters to do, the last sponsored chapter for the Gate Of Good Fortune was around two weeks ago I think, so rather than just translating new chapters, I decided to start a series of my own, of course in my free time.

So I decided to dedicate my free time to start an amazing new series, I say amazing because I feel that the story in my head is amazing, “The Unsuspecting Journey”. Its only the prologue for now, the actual chapters will be out in a few days. So without further ado, enjoy the technically the first chapter of the series:

  1. Chapter 0000 – Prologue
    Created By – DemonKiller

P.S. If you are worried that it might affect the translation speed of the Gate Of Good Fortune series, then I can assure you that it wont have any affect on it, I will regularly pump out 3 regular chapters every single week no matter what and if there are any sponsored chapters then the priorities will be given to complete those first and release them according to the schedule that I posted.

As for how many chapters per week of this original series that I will release, its about 1 to 2 at most, again depending on how much free time I have for it, but I will definitely guarantee at least 1 chapter a week.


2 comments on “New Original Series

  1. cannibaloid says:

    Uhh, what year does this story take place in? India having the largest population? Right now China is the country with the largest population, with India in second place with 200 million less people.


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