New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0043 (The Real One)

Sup Folks

Sorry was supposed to post this chapter yesterday as an apology, but then I was called to work, had to spend the night at my office sorting through the mess other people made.

Man I am now really tired after finishing this chapter, you all enjoy the real chapter 43 as I go have a beer and order a pizza:

  1. Chapter 0043 – Daan Forest
    Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Edited and Proofread By – CurlyAdi

Oh yeah forgot to mention, since we are rarely getting any donations, so we decided to do a couple of ‘prank’ chapters every now and then, usually once every 10-12 chapters, so be on the lookout for them.

On a side note, I can’t believe that the prank chapter that I posted a few days ago actually had some similarities to the original chapter, mind you I translate as I read so I was really surprised by it. Made me actually think that the author also put up a prank chapter like me. But fear not, I went through various other raw links to confirm that this really is the original chapter.

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10 comments on “New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0043 (The Real One)

  1. Foolish Pyro says:

    Yep. Fuck you for last chapter. I hate fucking idiots who keep doing fake chapters. There is absolutely nothing remotely fun or good in that. Keep dropping that shit and you’ll lose a reader for being a bitch. I don’t remember the last time I got this frustrated. Ugh -_-


    • oezsoyb says:

      What the hell? Calm down u spoiled brat; we had a good read with the joke chapter, the story wven felt smooth, so what harm did it do? U just had to wait 2 more days, spend less time for masturbating and more on refining that common sense of yours


      • Foolish Pyro says:

        I am spoiled? I am entitled to my own opinion just like his. I admit it was really a bad way to put it. However, this is one of the things I hate most. I didn’t have to wait because the chapter is out.

        Hey, hey. Don’t you understand the point of wasting time? Sure, I’m reading and in one sense, I’m already losing time, but that’s another story. What if you worked at your job and you weren’t paid? What if you did your exam and it doesn’t count?

        Common sense? By insulting back, you just proved you didn’t have it either. I admit my fault in putting it in a bad way (horrible in fact), but the fake chapter is still a detestable thing to do. You proved absolutely nothing. Can you support your point of view? I just did. How about you fix YOUR common sense! Common sense huh? Pfff, you’re a joke.


    • oezsoyb says:

      To that No Lifer Pyro,

      I honestly question your capability in connecting some dots here. Do you seriously compare fiction related stories to life and career depending variables such as studies or work? Dude if by this point u set these two things on the same platform then u really need to consult someone. And by the way, the way u phrase loosing 5-7min of your timeline is such a joke i cant even say anything anymore.

      As for my lack of common sense, i simply questioned your addictive behaviour and insulted you because u deserved it, especially if someone who has almost no income for this project (lack of donations” still spends hours for this. Get your act together, it is people like you who were most likely some first born in the family and enjoyed getting presents and gifts shoven up their ass since u are so special.

      A translator who works for each translation for hours and this guy is mad cause he lost 5 minutes reading a chapter. Omg, you are so stupid its funny.


      • Foolish Pyro says:

        Hey hey! There you go again questioning with some weird reasoning. I did not compare it with work or studies because they are important, but rather because those were obvious to prove that losing time isn’t fun. You have at no point proved that losing time is positive. Some people appreciate the fake things, but I don’t (at least most of them).

        Maybe I have phrased it in a way or not, but let’s not argue on that cause that is not the point. Sure, I lost a bit of time and that doesn’t matter. Actually, it doesn’t matter to me. What matters is how annoying I find writing fake chapters.

        As for the lack of income and spending a lot of time, that shouldn’t impact that. It is part of the package of being a translator. Not every novel translator gets tons of donations. As a translator, why are you translating? Most likely to provide back to the community. Don’t get me wrong, I really do appreciate that he/she translates this novel. I wouldn’t even mind if it was translated at a really slow pace like once a year or whatever. As a translator, you should think of your readers. If you’re having some ‘kick’ from trolling readers, there’s something wrong here.

        I’ve got my act together. You? Far from it. What does being first born or enjoying getting presents/gifts have to do with this? Absolutely none at all. Hmph. If you still can’t get my point, then I won’t argue further with you.

        I, at least, understood your point. Try to argue without insulting. The point is not the time lost, but me not liking fake chapters (albeit put in a rude and horrible way at first). To me, it is as annoying to read as watching a staged match, or watching politicians debate (with fake promises) or watching wrestling (staged). To some, it can be entertaining (I don’t blame them; each their preference), but I don’t.

        PS: Hey translator, I apologize for the way I put it at first, but please do understand I don’t like fake chapters. I really do appreciate your work. Thanks.


  2. anon says:

    Thanks for the chapter! Had a nice laugh at the prank. @Foolish Pyro, where the hell do you come off cursing at the translator? He takes the time to translate 40+ chapters for free; he doesn’t have to put up with your shit. You don’t like his translation don’t read it, I will continue for sure. Get a sense of humor and stop acting so shamelessly, reading his stuff is a privilege not a right. You aren’t entitled to his work and he doesn’t have to translate if he doesn’t want to.


    • Foolish Pyro says:

      Read previous arguments and prove your point. I’ve already apologized and admitted I put it in a bad way (multiple times). Translation =/= fake chapters. I didn’t say I don’t like his translation, but rather that I don’t like the fake chapter. As for the sense of humor, that is entirely different person per person so it isn’t really valid. What you may find fun, others won’t. In this case, it’s me not finding this fake chapter fun. And yes, it was a bad way to put it and there are better ways to say it.

      Is it really a privilege? It isn’t. A privilege is restricted to a certain group of people. Everyone is free to read this. That is in fact what we call a right. It’s true that I’m not entitled to his work and he doesn’t have to translate if he doesn’t want to, but then again, I’m not complaining against the translation.

      Bluntly put, I appreciate his work on translating, but I don’t like fake chapters.

      PS: Argue your point without insulting me this time. I have not insulted further to prove my point.


      • anon says:

        Huh? I never insulted you. I merely stated that you acted shamelessly, which you did otherwise you wouldn’t have apologized. While I agree that each person’s sense of humor is different per person you should acknowledge that as well. The translator was writing something in jest as a prank, he meant no harm by it to him pranks are a joke. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t give you the right to curse him out which was my point. It is true you have the right to complain about it, but do so in a respectful manner. Further, reading his translation is a privilege because demonkiller is under no obligation to you or anyone else to translate, while it is free to everyone it wouldn’t be should he decide to stop translating. I’ve seen translators quit translating over hatemail and disrespectful comments, and over a free service no less.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. oezsoyb says:

    Thanks for the chap


  4. Aisara says:

    That chapter trolling yesterday got me! Muahahaha, remembering that i was damn relieved he didn’t die, but instead reunited with his beloved sister, and when i come to the end, i gotta read it twice, holy shit! Its a troll 😦 but it’s blend in nicely. If you can troll chapter that good, the next troll chapter, i will see if i am trolled or not! Thank you for the damn good twist!


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