Chapter 0043 – Daan Forest

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Chapter 0043 – Daan Forest

The reason why Ning Cheng dared to jump off, was because he was relying on his Spiritual Sense that he could now bring out. But when he was really falling from the airship, he was hit by a strong force of inertia, this made his heart completely depressed, and he unwillingly cast his Imperial Wind Technique, but at this altitude and the powerful inertia acting upon him made him unable to display the power of his Imperial Wind Technique, moreover he could only use this technique for a limited time only.

Not to mention that the time he had to utilise it was short, he was falling with a powerful force and from a very high altitude, letting his use of the Imperial Wind Technique to cost him a frightful amount of his Qi. If he did not think of another way, he would certainly die by plunging to his death in this place.

Ning Cheng directly threw out his Flying Sword, and forced his Spiritual Sense to control his Flying Sword, he was unable to make the Flying Sword become larger, but with a great difficulty led the Flying Sword fly over just under his feet.

“Shi, Shi……” sound of wind breaking could be heard, as he used his Spiritual Sense to control his Flying Sword which finally slowed him down a bit.

His Spiritual Sense and his infuriating consumption of Qi made Ning Cheng understand, that he could utmost persevere for just a few breadths, and after a few breadths, he would basically not be able to fall to the ground safely.

Ning Cheng, without any hesitation, took out a long robe from his Storage Bag, and then tied the cuffs of the sleeves of the long robe, then pulling on the corners of the long robes with his hands, he slightly relaxed his Spiritual Sense.

After Ning Cheng relaxed his Spiritual Sense, the Flying Sword under his feet was immediately unable to support his weight, and his whole body started to fall faster, but at this time the long robe in his hands bulged, forming a simple parachute, counterbalancing Ning Cheng’s weight by more than a half.

After the weight reduction, Ning Cheng forcibly once again controlled the Flying Sword using his Spiritual Sense, finally without consuming too much of his Qi. After another dozen breaths, Ning Cheng felt a strong wind, and crashed into the middle of a dense forest.

“Katcha……” several snapping sounds could be heard, as Ning Chen stepped on a few branches which directly broke.

“Bang” a sound came, as Ning Cheng dropped to the ground, immediately the earth around him turned into a bathtub sized pit.

With his whole body feeling very weak, Ning Cheng slowly heaved a sigh, he finally managed to escape with his life, other than bringing out his Spiritual Sense and his massive consumption of Qi, his body only had a few simple scratches. This to him, was already the best result or in other words a miracle.

Here there was only the forest all around, as he had landed in the middle of the forest, one could only see because of the scant light that was falling from the top.

There were two “Screech, Screech” screams that could be heard as if something was falling down from the sky, Ning Cheng only saw a shadow that was like a lightning rush towards him, Ning Cheng was surprised in heart, he subconsciously lifted up a hand, but that shadow had already flashed past his shoulder like lighting. Ning Cheng felt a slight pain from his shoulder, under the dim light, he was able to see that unexpectedly his clothes along with his shoulder’s skin were scraped off.

This was a very fierce bird, Ning Cheng did not think that he who had fallen from such a high altitude without much injury, would be hurt this much by just a scratch from a bird.

There was another beast roar that came from far away, Ning Cheng’s heart immediately became tight, he knew that the place he had fallen to was definitely not a good place. He quickly took out a Spirit Stone in his hand, and simultaneously started to recover his Qi, at the same time he grasped the Flying Sword in his other hand.

During the time his Qi recovered by a half, that shadow that was similar to the one who had scratched his shoulder before once again flew down from the sky. This time Ning Cheng was well prepared, a bloody fog flashed across, ‘click’ a sound came, and a large, somewhat owl like, giant bird fell to the ground.

This was a Class 1 Monstrous Beast, Ning Cheng recognized it in a glance. A place that had Monstrous Beasts, was definitely not a friendly place. At this point he could hear another beast roar in a distance, and there were waves of rustling sounds close by. Ning Cheng quickly jumped, and rapidly left the place.

He vaguely guessed that the place he was should be inside the Daan Forest, that airship would definitely not pass through the sky above the Daan Forest, and would have flown along the edges of the Daan Forest, but because he was falling due to the effect of inertia, he had deviated into the Daan Forest.

At this time, he had to get out of the Daan Forest as soon as possible, otherwise in this place where even Essence Building Realm cultivators are afraid to pass through, him staying here would be fraught with grim possibilities.

Ning Cheng was not seriously injured, plus he also had Spirit Stones to recover his Qi, so in just less than half an hour, his Qi was completely restored, even his Spiritual Sense had almost recovered.

But Ning Cheng knew that he was lost, here he was surrounded all around by towering giant trees, even if there were sparse trees, but because of the shrubs regeneration capabilities, there was basically no way out.

Rushing about the forest for a few hours, in addition to the various wild animals, there were only snakes, mice and bugs. As for the Class 1 Monster Beast, Ning Cheng had met them several times. Because he was quite smart, he managed to escape those beasts without a fight.

After about half a day, there was no sunlight falling through the dense forest cover overhead, but it was replaced by the pale light from the moon, Ning Cheng knew that he could not continue like this, he had to find a safe place to rest first, and then develop a strategy.

“Click” a frail sound was transmitted from under his foot, and Ning Cheng’s foot slipped, he felt that he had stepped on a round stone.

Ning Cheng subconsciously jumped to one side, and discovered that under his foot was unexpectedly a dried up skeletal head, immediately Ning Cheng saw the bones of arm and feet near the white skeletal head. Ning Cheng stooped down to find out what kind of history and origin this skeleton had, when a gust of wind came from behind having a fishy smell, Ning Cheng did not think, and directly moved to the side, while jumping more than a dozen meters away.

A loud roar could be heard immediately behind Ning Cheng’s back, Ning Cheng could even feel the breath of that Monstrous Beast, this one was definitely stronger that the many Monstrous Beasts he had met before. Ning Cheng took out his Flying Sword in his hands and sent out a long sword slash, while gliding his whole body using his Imperial Wind Technique.

Falling from a 10,000-meter altitude, his progress using Imperial Wind Technique had increased by leaps and bounds.

“Ding Dong” a sound resonated, as Ning Cheng’s long Sword Light was directly blocked by a Wind Edge.

Ning Cheng was very stable and steady in his mind until that point, he turned around and saw a bewitching monster the size of a calf. The Monstrous Beast’s entire body was jet black, its two eyes glowed with a red light, as if they were two huge lanterns.

Ning Cheng did not have much contact with Monstrous Beasts, he did not know what exactly the Monstrous Beast in front of him was, but he was sure that the cultivation level of the Monstrous Beast in front of him was definitely higher than him. The Monstrous Beast was at least at the Late Stages of the Class 1 Monstrous Beasts, if he tried to attack it, he definitely knew that he would absolutely be no match for it.

Ning Cheng carefully took a step back, he could see a gleam from a place that was a bit far away, it was obviously from a lake in the forest.

The red eyed Monstrous Beast seemed to feel that Ning Cheng would a bit difficult to deal with, a few breaths after confronting with Ning Cheng, it suddenly rushed up again. Simultaneously it threw out two Wind Edges from its mouth, these two Wind Edged formed a cross shape, this showed that the Monstrous Beast obviously had a rich combat experience.

Ning Cheng wanted to retreat towards the lake in the forest, but he also knew that the Monstrous Beast in front of him would not let him retreat easily, even if he retreated to the forest lake, it would not let it be peaceful.

Facing the two Wind Edges thrown out by the Monstrous Beast, Ning Cheng once again took out the Flying Sword to split it, this time he also similarly sent out two long Sword Lights.

“Ding Ding” the Wind Edge of the Monstrous Beast seemed to have substance, and as Ning Cheng’s long Sword Lights clashed together with it, it issued a crisp sound. The strong shock wave that resulted, made Ning Cheng to feel suffocated in his chest.

The Monstrous Beast which was blocked by the long Sword Lights of Ning Cheng, immediately became even more angry. And it continued to spew Wind Edges from its mouth, this time Ning Cheng also took the initiative and blasted out four Flame Edges. The power contained in the four Flame Edges was massive, but the Monstrous Beast could not dodge it because of its size, and blasted out 4 Wind Edges,

“Puff Puff Puff……” continuous muffled sounds emerged, as the four Flame Edges left four bloody traces on the body of the Monstrous Beast.

Seeing the four marks, Ning Cheng’s heart sank. The four Flame Edges hitting the body of the Monstrous Beast, only let out some muffled sounds and just a few traces, but did not even cause even the slightest major injury to the Monstrous Beast. The defence of the red eyed Monstrous Beast was just too strong.

The red eyed Monstrous Beast roared loudly, and then continued to charge at Ning Cheng, this roar was transmitted to a far distance and was responded with the roar of other Monstrous Beast. This red eyed Monstrous Beast listened to the beast roar from the distance, and actually gave up fighting with Ning Cheng, and quickly turned around to run, and in a flash disappeared in the vast forest.

Ning Cheng heaved a sigh, this really was not a good place. He must find a place to improve his strength again, otherwise he would not be able to come out of this place, perhaps he would even be killed off by these Monstrous Beasts.

Ning Cheng picked up the Flying Sword, and picked up his speed as he headed out in the direction he had seen the forest lake. The surroundings of the Forest Lake were very spacious, and he could calmly arrange a low level defence Array Formation. Even if a higher levelled Monstrous Beast than the red eyed Monstrous Beast from before came, he would have enough time to get away.

The forest lake was not far from Ning Cheng, and in just a dozen breaths, Ning Cheng arrived at the forest lake. The lake had a rough size of several hundred feet in radius, if there was such a lake in the outside, it would definitely seem to be the largest. But in these towering forest of trees, it actually does seem to be huge.

Ning Cheng walked around the lake for about ten feet, but did not find a good place to take shelter. What he wanted was to find a good place near the lake, but then suddenly the Lake sent out a spout of water that was several feet high. Ning Cheng was shocked, and he hurried back a few meters.

But other than the gushing water from the lake, there did not seem to be any other abnormalities.

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