Chapter 0044 – Ice Type Magical Techniques

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Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
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Chapter 0044 – Ice Type Magical Techniques

That water spout kept spurting for the time of about ten breaths, then once more dropped back into the lake. The entire lake went back to how it was originally, if not for there being a few ripples on the surface of the lake, Ning Cheng could have sworn that his eyes were playing tricks on him.

Meanwhile Ning Cheng could clearly feel, that the water spout that was shot out had an extremely rich Spiritual Qi in it, the Spiritual Qi in it was much richer when compared to the surroundings.

Ning Cheng had a feeling from before that this place was the Daan Forest, so he did not dare to be reckless, regardless of what was at the bottom of the lake, with his present cultivation level he definitely could not explore it. If his cultivation level was higher, he would perhaps go down to the bottom of the lake to have a look at the situation, but at the moment he did not dare to move from there.

Drawing himself away from the lake, Ning Cheng found himself in front of a giant tree that had a diameter of nearly 15 meters, he planned to temporarily cultivate in the heart of this giant tree. Back on Earth, there were not many trees having a diameter of even 10 meters, but here, one could find them everywhere, just like water in a lake. The one in front of Ning Cheng was not even the thickest, the reason why he decided to cultivate while hiding inside this particular tree, was so that he could directly see the movements that were happening in the lake.

Ning Cheng also thought that he should begin to make this tree as a nest for himself, after he got to the top of the tree he came to know that this tree already had a huge cavern in its heart. There was a fishy smell coming from inside the cavern. He did not know which Monstrous Beast did those remains belonged to. From his perspective, the tree looked hollow, these remains from the Monstrous Beast in the cavern of the tree should not have been from many years before.

Ning Cheng cleaned the cavern in the tree in a bit, and also arranged a Concealment Array Formation and an Attack Array Formation around the top entrance of the tree cavern. He did not dare to arrange an Array Formation by the side of the lake, the quality and level of his Array Formations was very low, although he could barely understand a Level 2 Array Formation, but with the level of his Array Flags that he had refined previously, he could at most arrange only some of the Level 1 Array Formations.

Sitting in the tree cavern, Ning Cheng also arranged another Level 1 Concealing Array Formation to hide his Qi, with this he felt a bit relieved. After arranging all the Array Formations, it made Ning Cheng understand that whatever place it might be, one had to understand a lot of things on their own, the more one was able to understand about their surroundings, the better it would be for their survival. If he did not know about Array Formations, and was similar to what he was in the past, he could only pray that people would not be able to find him here.

Now that he had arranged the Array Formations, even if the Monstrous Beasts attacked him, he would know about it before hand.

While sitting in the tree cavern, Ning Cheng was able to look at all the changes happening in the lake with his own eyes, this enabled him to be at ease as he cultivated, as he could examine the changes in the lake at any time without showing himself.

Next Ning Cheng took out more than 200 Spirit Stones, as he intended to advance his cultivation to the Late Stages of the Qi Gathering Realm.

As Ning Cheng started his cultivation, he once again forgot everything else, he again began to turn the Spirit Stones into powder, as the Qi from the Spirit Stones began to intertwine with the Qi from the Mysterious Yellow Bead and started to constantly wash through his entire body. Ning Cheng could vaguely feel that as his cultivation level was advancing, at the same time, even the quality of his Spiritual Roots was also advancing the same way.

Even with the supplement of Qi, Ning Cheng often had to eat something. He also was not able to continue cultivating continuously as he had to carefully guide the Qi flow perfectly, which was also very taxing mentally.

As the days passed by, when the Qi in his body had gathered to a certain extent, a soft sound resonated throughout his body, and immediately a strong flow of Qi rushed through all the Meridians in his body. Some impurities were also expelled from his body through the pores on his skin, with the powerful Qi flowing through the medians in his body, Ning Cheng knew that he had finally advanced to the Qi Gathering 5th Level.

Ning Cheng heaved a sigh, when he opened his eyes, he found that the Spirit Stones that he had taken out had all been used up.

“Ridiculous.” Ning Cheng said just one word to himself, he had used more than 200 Spirit Stones to advance from the Qi Gathering 4th Level to the Qi Gathering 5th Level, it really showed that his qualifications were really at the bottom.

Not only that, the time it took to advance from the Qi Gathering 4th Level to the Qi Gathering 5th Level, he had already used up a month. If this continued, the other remaining Spirit Stones that he had in his possession would absolutely not be enough to even advance to the Qi Gathering 7th Level.

Ning Cheng took out the two Jade Pieces that had two Magic Techniques in them, now that he had advanced from the Qi Gathering 4th Level to the Qi Gathering 5th Level, even his Spiritual Sense had more than doubled in strength, he thought that he should now be able to see the contents of the Jade Pieces. He was already running out of Spirit Stones, so he might as well study the Magical Techniques exclusively.

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Sense did not let him down, as his Spiritual Sense swept through the first Jade Piece that contained a Magical Technique, he could clearly see the contents of the Jade Piece, ‘Profound Grade 36 Ice Spears’.

Once he could understand the contents of the Jade Piece, Ning Cheng almost broke his contact with it and swore, that son of a bitch Fang knew that he only had a Flying Sword, and he actually gave him a Spear Technique. Although it was a ‘Profound Grade’ technique, but how would it be useful to him? How could he even get a Spear Type Artefact to complement it, let alone this, this type of technique was also not even suited to his Spiritual Roots.

Although it was not easy to obtain these high level Magic Techniques, but he could actually not cultivate it. Although Ning Cheng was very depressed, he still looked at this 36 Ice Spears Technique once again.

He did not see anything good, and became even more depressed. Cultivating to the last of the 36 Ice Spears Technique, it can form 36 Ice Spear Lights, these 36 Spear Lights can be interconnected and used to form an Ice Lance, similarly one can even use it to form an Ice Spear Array. Under the shadow of the 36 Ice Spears, one’s opponent would not even have the opportunity to get away. This was simply a killing machine.

Although this was an extremely precious technique, he could not cultivate it, Ning Cheng sighed as he put the Jade Piece aside, and took out the other Jade Piece that had another Magic Technique. Seeing the several characters from the Jade Piece made Ning Cheng livid, ‘7 Pleiades Ice Needles’. This was also a Profound Grade Technique, but was again an Ice technique.

Ning Cheng knew his own Spiritual Roots, he had a three-line Hybrid Support Spiritual Roots – Fire, Wood, and Earth. The present Ning Cheng had a certain understanding about Spiritual Roots, he knew that the Ice Spiritual Root did not belong to his already different Spiritual Roots, those cultivators who had such roots were already focussed on heavily to train.

Ice type techniques, only the cultivators who have an Ice Spiritual Root or a combination with Ice Spiritual Roots can cultivate such techniques, and only they would have the greatest effect of it. If a cultivator with other types of Spiritual Roots tries to cultivate it, the effect would be really low or in some cases may even harm the user.

This 7 Pleiades Ice Needles technique was much more sinister and ruthless, however it also needed a small needle Type Artefact that was thinner than an ox hair, if cultivated to the extreme, this 7 Pleiades Ice Needles technique can even prevent the soul from escaping. It can be used to sneak attack others, and was virtually impossible to guard against by other people.

“A vicious Magic Technique, but I like it.” Ning Cheng thought to himself after he read about it, but his heart was even more depressed. Even if he liked it, how could he even use it? Not to mention that he did not possess an Ice Spiritual Root, even if he did possess an Ice Spiritual Root, and could cultivate the 7 Pleiades Ice Needles Technique, he did not have any needle Type Artefact.

Ning Cheng scratched his head in distress, he knew that he could bring out his Spiritual Sense with his cultivation at the Qi Gathering Realm, and it was already very remarkable, but then again he did not know any Magical Techniques, compared to others, he was far worse.

The Magic Techniques that he grasped now, in addition to the Wind Edge, it was just the Fireball technique. These were irrelevant to the Spiritual Roots and were just the foundation Magical Techniques, anyone could cultivate them. Besides the Flame Edge technique that he had derived earlier, he only had a slightly stronger Sword Light, this was only because of the Flying Sword. If he met an opponent with a similarly strong Artefact, his Sword Light would be nothing to speak of.

Ning Cheng was thoroughly disappointed with the Magical Techniques that he had received from the Jade Pieces, and came out of the tree cavern. He was already cultivating in the tree cavern for over a month, and was already feeling bored and out of his mind.

Standing on the bund near the lake once again, Ning Cheng was just getting ready to use the clear water of the lake to clean himself, when suddenly he once again saw the lake spew out a water spout several feet high into the air, this water spout was exactly the same he had seen a month ago, and it still had a rich Qi in it. The only difference was, it seemed that the water spout was a bit higher than before.

After ten breaths, the water column once again dropped down, and the lake was once again calmed down.

Ning Cheng calculated a little, he quickly discovered that the previous time that the water spout had appeared and the one today were exactly one month apart.

So this waterspout was regular, and also had a rich Qi, Ning Cheng wanted to enter the lake and see what was causing it, but then realised that he did not have a Magic Technique of his own, and suddenly felt somewhat discouraged.

These Profound Grade Techniques, 36 Ice Spears and 7 Pleiades Ice Needle, definitely had an imposing appearance, but how would he be able to learn it?

Could he use his Flying Sword in the place of a Spear? On this Jade Piece, it was mentioned 36 Ice Spears, he could try to cultivate it and change it into 36 Ice Swords. Although his Spiritual Roots did not have an Ice Spiritual Root in them, but he had the Mysterious Yellow Bead, who said that it certainly could not be cultivated? Ning Cheng thought of it, and once again became excited, he directly took out the Flying Sword, and tried to cultivate with the sword as he had no Spear. Who knows, if he could cultivate the 36 Ice Spears to the end. then this Magical Technique would have to change its name to 36 Ice Swords.

Although Ning Cheng’s perception and memory were already unparalleled, but he was worried that with his Spiritual Roots, he would not be able to cultivate the 36 Ice Spears Technique.

When he resorted to the Flying Sword, and started to cultivate the 36 Ice Spears Technique, he immediately knew that he wanted to cultivate it more than before. Circulating his Qi under the incantations of the 36 Ice Spears Technique, unexpectedly an Icy Sword Light formed without any delay, he discovered that this thick Ice Sword Light and his Spiritual Sense were somewhat similar and combined them without any delay, bringing out a strange Sword Light from his Flying Sword.

He was only worried that he did not have an Ice Spiritual Root in his Spiritual Roots, and wanted to see how long he could use his Spiritual Sense to support and control such a thick Sword Light?

“Pop” a sound was heard, because his Spiritual Sense was not enough, the Flying Sword in Ning Cheng’s hand fell to the ground. Ning Cheng was not surprised but was actually happy, he laughed and said, “I really have superior qualifications than that of others, and can even master Ice Techniques with ease ……….”

Although he was excited he did not stop, and praised himself, Ning Cheng actually knew, that he could now cultivate the 36 Ice Spears Techniques and it had nothing to do with his qualifications, it was certainly due to him being related to the Mysterious Yellow Bead. He even suspected that he had the help from the Mysterious Yellow Origin, he suspected that there was an addition of an Ice Spiritual Root, but he could not test this theory at the moment, as he was not confident about it. Only in the future, if he had the opportunity, he would go up to the Spiritual Root Testing Artefact to test it, to see if he really had one more branch of Ice Spiritual Root.

Having the opportunity to cultivate the Magical Techniques, Ning Cheng took great pains to patiently control the Flying Sword, again and again casting the modified version of the 36 Ice Spears that he created. Initially he could only cast out a single Sword Light, but with the constant revision of the 36 Ice Spears Technique in his mind, three days later, he was able to cast up to three Ice Sword Lights.

Five days later, Ning Cheng was able to cast up to five Ice Sword Lights. But Ning Cheng knew, that with his current cultivation level, five Ice Sword Lights were his limit. If he does not use his Flying Sword, he could then cast two more Sword Lights. But without using his Flying Sword, the Sword Light that he casted would only have a limited power. Thus it could be seen, that the Spiritual Sense was really the good stuff.

While cultivating the 36 Ice Spears technique, Ning Cheng would certainly not miss out on the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle Technique. But because he did not have a needle Type Artefact, he could only use his Flying Sword instead. Even when he replaced the flying needle with the Flying Sword, Ning Cheng was constantly revising the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle in his head. On the tenth day, Ning Cheng was already skilfully controlling the Flying Sword to attack sneakily. But because the Flying Sword had too much volume, he could not completely pull off the sneaky part of the attack.

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