Chapter 0045 – A Vicious Person

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Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
Edited and Proofread By – CurlyAdi

Chapter 0045 – A Vicious Person

The place where Ning Cheng was cultivating was extremely quiet, besides the red eyed Monstrous Beast who had chased Ning Cheng initially, Ning Cheng did not meet any other Monstrous Beasts.

However, in the past one month, Ning Cheng had already combined together the 36 Ice Spears Techniques and the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle Technique, first he casted the Ice Sword Light, then used another sickle Type Artefact for the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle Technique, concealing it within the Ice Sword Light and using it for a sneak attack.

Unfortunately, it was not the true 7 Pleiades Ice Needle Technique, if he had a needle Type Artefact to perform the real 7 Pleiades Ice Needle Technique, then even if he were to face a cultivator at the pinnacle of the Qi Gathering Realm, he could dare to fight with them. That hand sickle that he was using, was the Artefact that he had acquired from that Taoist Pu, unfortunately when used with the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle Technique, the performance was only subpar, a far cry from the original one.

Even if that was so, Ning Cheng believed that with his present strength, combining the 36 Ice Spears and the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle Technique, an ordinary Qi Gathering Cultivator would not be able to fight against him.

On this day, Ning Cheng was still thinking about the sickle Type Artefact in his hand that he had obtained from Taoist Pu, and how could he refine it into a thin needle afterwards, when he heard a soft sound that was transmitted by the wind.

Was someone coming? Ning Cheng immediately affirmed that he had not misheard, he could determine that someone definitely was coming. This place was deep inside the Daan Forest, an average person would absolutely not be able to come to this place, even a cultivator of the Essence Building Realm would not dare to pass through the Daan Forest alone, what kind of person would dare to come here? The reason why he did not dare to walk out of here, was because his strength was very low, and as such he could not dare to run around recklessly in such a place.

Ning Cheng at that time, first decided to hide in the tree cavern, he had to determine before, if the person coming here was an enemy or a friend, he did not want the others to know that he was living in this place.

Ning Cheng did not have to hide and wait for long, when slight, steady sound of footsteps arrived, this made Ning Cheng even more careful. Although there was the sound of the footsteps, but these footsteps sounded extremely calm, and carried a dignified atmosphere with it, obviously those people’s cultivation level was not low, it was at least higher than his own cultivation level.

After a dozen breaths, two men and a woman carefully walked over, and appeared in front of the lake.

“Qi Shui, is this the lake you spoke about?” the speaker was the man in the rear, his head was very small, however he had a robust body, which made people think that he was not balanced.

Hearing the questioning of the person, the man in the front with a long beard stopped, pointing to the front of the lake that was not far from him he said, “That’s right, Fei Chen, this is the Daan Forest’s Yong Qing Lake. Only a few people know about it, and I am one of them, that is because I have the ability and the skill to cross the Daan Forest. When I passed by here the last time, I had accidently found it.”

Ning Cheng, after listening to those words felt shocked in his heart, he knew about the dangers of the Daan Forest, even Ji Luo Fei’s aunt did not dare to say that she could cross the Daan Forest by herself. Could this long bearded man really have such an ability? To be able to cross through the Daan Forest? But since Ning Cheng could vaguely perceive the cultivation level of this long bearded guy, he should be a cultivator in the True Condensation Realm. Presumably the man and the woman with him, were also cultivators in the True Condensation Realm.

A cultivator of the True Condensation Realm, although their cultivation level was good, but how could he say that he could easily pass through the Daan Forest? Unless he had the map of the Daan Forest. One must know that the Daan Forest is the wall dividing the two continents, only with the safety of the map, can one cross the Daan Forest and arrive at the Yuan Continent from the Ping Continent. Otherwise, one would absolutely be killed by the Monstrous Beasts that roam around in the Daan Forest.

“Well, if it really is as Qi Shui said, then after we get that thing, we can head back, and go across the Daan Forest to the Yuan Continent together.” said the small headed man.

“I also agree.” said the woman in the middle, also with the similar cultivation level as the other two.

Now that he had heard the three people speaking with each other, Ning Cheng understood that these three people had come to get something from the lake. But he actually did not know what was the thing that they had come for. At this time Ning Cheng did not dare to even make the slightest movement, any one of the three people could easily kill him in a second, once he was discovered, he would just simply die.

“I already told you, the strange poisonous fog that this thing ejects is highly rich in Poison Qi, so it’s better if we take the Detoxification Pill first, and then incite enough anger in it that is forced to come up. once it is angered and comes up, I and Fei Chen will step forward to attack. Sister Fan Hong will be hiding in the back, once we draw it out of the water, we three will immediately descend to kill it. As long as we do not let it go back into the lake, the three of us can absolutely get rid of it.” After the long bearded man finished speaking, he took out three pure white pills.

He took one of them first, and the remaining two he handed them to the other two cultivators. While his eyes kept staring at the centre of the lake.

The other two cultivators of the True Condensation Realm grabbed and immediately swallowed the pill, and the woman cultivator who swallowed the pill retreated back a few steps, and hid in the wake of a giant tree.

“Fei Chen, I will shock it out of the lake, you hide along the perimeter, while you are waiting to catch up with me, seal off his path from the back.” After the long bearded Qi Shui said those words, he immediately took out a jet black round bead the size of a fist, then with a flick of his hands, this round bead just like an artillery shell, was shot into the lake by him.

After a few breaths, a huge ‘crack’ sound emerged from the bottom of the lake, and the huge lake directly exploded, at this moment, you could even see a vortex like hole forming in the middle of the lake.

“AAaaah……” a loud roar could be heard, almost at the same time, a five or six-meter-long dark red Monstrous Beast charged out of the whirlpool’s eye.

Ning Cheng’s heart shrank, it turned out that this Monstrous Beast was unexpectedly a Flood Dragon. On Earth, this was the stuff of the legends, unexpectedly he saw such a sight today. This Flood Dragon was covered entirely in dark red scales, which seemed to blend harmoniously from the top to the bottom, it was extremely beautiful, even the four giant claws looked like four giant iron rakes. What surprised Ning Cheng was that this Flood Dragon unexpectedly had a single horn on its head.

The Flood Dragon’s entire horn was white, with a length of about a meter, it was positioned in the centre of the head of the Flood Dragon. After this horned Flood Dragon came up, it just swept its tail once, and immediately waves of dozens of feet in radius was whipped up. These large waves moved towards the shore, completely wrecking the plants near to the shore into the ground.

Ning Cheng could clearly sense the strong Qi, this was definitely one from the Essence Building Realm, perhaps it was even something that surpassed the Essence Building Realm. For a Monstrous Beast to surpass even the Essence Building Realm, it was probably a Class 4 Monstrous Beast.

When he had met that Wen Ji Liu in the Cang Qin 2 Star Academy, he had also seen the imposing manner of Ji Luo Fei’s aunt. But no matter what person he compared it to, their imposing manner could not even be compared to this One Horned Red Flood Dragon in front of him. These three cultivators of the True Condensation Realm daring to challenge this One Horned Red Scaled Flood Dragon, it was just akin to seeking death.

No matter how Ning Cheng though, he could only wonder why these three people had come to seek their deaths.

“Qi Shui, what’s going on? This is definitely not the Class 2 Red Poisonous Python, it is clearly a Class 4 One Horned Flood Dragon, how could you make such a mistake……” That small headed cultivator in the True Condensation Realm also could feel the terrible Qi of the One Horned Flood Dragon, and suddenly called out in a panic stricken voice, while simultaneously turning around to run away.

Are you kidding me, with just a few cultivators of the True Condensation Realm, you wanted to get rid of a Class 4 Monstrous Beast, if this was not courting death then what was?

Ning Cheng was also covered in cold sweat, he did not expect that the place in which he was cultivating, was the home to a Class 4 Monstrous Beast. He also did not know if this One Horned Flood Dragon even cared about him or not, or if it had simply not discovered him. But Ning Cheng found the probability for such a thing to happen was zero, how could such a Monstrous Beast not be able to sense him?

“Really, the last time that I came here there definitely was not a One Horned Flood Dragon here. This One Horned Flood Dragon must have gotten rid of the Red Poison Python before, and then took over the lake as its own……” the long bearded man also said in panic.

Ning Cheng who was watching this from the side felt that this long bearded man did not seem to be very scared, this made him feel very strange about it.

If Ning Cheng was also able to feel this point, then even that cultivator called Fei Chen in the True Condensation Realm could also feel it. Not waiting for him to respond, that long bearded man had already retreated behind him, and simultaneously kicked Fei Chen’s lower back.

Originally the True Condensation Cultivator wanted to rapidly retreat, but was kicked in the back, instead of going forward, he immediately fell into the wide open mouth of the One Horned Flood Dragon.

The Horned Flood Dragon having food delivered directly to its mouth obviously would not be polite, and directly swallowed the male cultivator of the True Condensation Realm by the name of Fei Chen.

After that the long bearded man immediately retreated back once more, after the One Horned Flood Dragon swallowed the man called Fei Chen, he had already arrived to the side of the woman cultivator nearby. At this time this woman cultivator knew that she and the other person were deceived by this long bearded man, and once this long bearded man came over, she immediately took out a Flying Sword.

But just as she tried to use the Flying Sword, she immediately fell down powerlessly.

“Ma Qi Shui, you evil and cruel bastard, we were like brothers, you unexpectedly even poisoned Fei Chen and me……” as this woman cultivator said those words, the long bearded man kicked her body, and sent her flying into the mouth of the One Horned Flood Dragon.

That One Honed Flood Dragon did not hesitate even for a bit, after swallowing the woman cultivator, it uttered another burst of roar, and rushed towards the long bearded man. The next moment, a number of blue watery lights were sprayed out from the horn of the One Horned Flood Dragon.

At this point the long bearded man unexpectedly took out a round shield, he apparently wanted to block the giant water spray from the Horned Flood Dragon.

“Bang Bang……” after several successive hits, the round shield of the long bearded man was completely broken to bits by the water spewed out by the Horned Flood Dragon.

At the same time that the round shield broke apart, the long bearded man threw a bomb on the ground as the long bearded man flew out due to the formidable water spouted by the Horned Flood Drain and directly crashed into a giant tree, spouting several mouthfuls of blood. This one instance, made the face of the long bearded person become as white as a sheet of paper, he apparently did not think that this One Horned Flood Dragon would be this powerful.

But this time, however he did not choose to escape, but instead took out a four winged sword Artefact, apparently he wanted to fight the One Horned Flood Dragon with it.

At this time, the giant flood dragon suddenly issued a loud roar, and unexpectedly dropped in front of the long bearded man, endlessly rolling on the ground. In the time it takes to brew a cup of tea, the original giant One Horned Flood Dragon rolled into a huge hole. Some of the giant trees near the dragon was completely destroyed by the powerful force from the dragon, while emitting countless cracking sounds.

Ning Cheng suddenly came to understand, while sighing darkly in his heart that this man named Ma Qi Shui was quite sinister and ruthless. This guy had come with two companions, and even gave everyone a Detoxifying Pill, but the fact was that this Detoxifying Pill was an extremely fierce and terrifying poison. When the two cultivators who had already eaten the poisonous pill were swallowed by the One Honed Flood Dragon, the poison was completely transferred to the One Horned Flood Dragon.

The One Horned Flood Dragon also understood the situation, rolling to the side, it simultaneously fled towards the side of the lake. It looked like it wanted to enter into the lake to detoxify the poison from its body.

The long bearded person similarly understood that time was very essential, he did not give any thought to his injury, and directly grasped the four winged sword Artefact with his hand, and approached the One Horned Flood Dragon.

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