Chapter 0046 – The Land Of Cultivation

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Translated and Checked by – DemonKiller
Edited and Proofread by – CurlyAdi

Chapter 0046 – The Land Of Cultivation

The long bearded man gathered the entire Qi in his body for his attack, the Four Winged Flying Sword Artefact shot out a Sword Light that was nearly 10 feet long, before this Sword Light, the Sword Light brought out by Ning Cheng were totally incomparable. Before when Ning Cheng used his Flying Sword, although he could bring out a Sword Light, and although it seemed to be a bit longer, but compared to the Sword Light in front of him, it wasn’t even remotely similar.

The Sword Light from the Four Winged Flying Sword directly stabbed into the neck of the One Horned Flood Dragon, when the Sword Light and the scales of the One Horned Flood Dragon collided with each other it caused sparks to fly in all directions, creating sounds that resembled irons clashing.

The Sword Light completely dispersed after that, but the neck of the One Horned Flood Dragon, that was just stabbed, did not even have a scratch on it. But it seemed that the long bearded man anticipated that his Sword Light wouldn’t be able to break through the scales on the neck of the One Horned Flood Dragon, as such even after that previous Sword Light, he unexpected followed up with another three equally powerful Sword Lights.

“Poof……” when the fourth Sword Light from the long bearded man pierced the neck of the One Horned Flood Dragon, a piece of the scale on the One Horned Flood Dragon’s neck was directly cracked open exposing the soft neck below it, while at the same time its blood shot out like an arrow from the wound.

Ning Cheng could see that the blood spurting from the wound was purplish red in colour, one could see that the two poisonous pills that he had given to the two people from before were terrifying to the extreme.

When the neck of the One Horned Flood Dragon was punctured, the One Horned Flood Dragon started to shake like crazy, and swept out its huge tail without any warning.

Because the long bearded man had already used up his Qi in the several consecutive strikes with the Sword Light and moreover was not even at the Essence Building Realm, this time when the One Honed Flood Dragon swept out its huge tail, he simply had no way of escaping, and was directly hit with it on his waist.

The long bearded man spurted out bloody arrows from his mouth, and was swept away once again by the One Horned Flood Dragon, and hit another giant tree in a distance. Ning Cheng could hear the sound of bones cracking from the entire body of the long bearded man.

Ning Cheng in his heart thought that he really deserved it, this kind of guy who would betray his friends in such a manner, was someone who he despised the most. It would be best if the One Horned Flood Dragon would also swallow that guy.

The One Horned Flood Dragon, under the effect of the poison, with its neck broken open, could only use its tail to attack with the last bit of consciousness that it could gather before dying. After it swept out towards the long bearded man with its tail, it started to slow down, after trembling for a bit, it completely stopped.

The long bearded man who had just fallen to the ground took out a black bottle, and after pouring its contents into his mouth, slowly stood up.

“Haha, I, Ma Qi Shui had been planning this for nearly two years, I finally succeeded today ……” he laughed as blood still dripped from the corners of his mouth, but his eyes, beyond a doubt, revealed his excitement.

“Is that so? Then I should say that, I waited for two months, and finally succeeded today.” Ning Cheng’s voice immediately made the long bearded man to stop laughing abruptly, he did not think that in this place there were still someone who dared to stay. Then he immediately saw Ning Cheng jump down from a giant tree.

When Ma Qi Shui saw Ning Cheng, he understood his own situation instantaneously, he had become happy too early. At this point of time his heart was filled with endless regret, he regretted that he did not look for others before coming here, he did not even bother to look if someone was here previously. If he had paid even a little more attention, he would never have this kind of result.

But he soon calmed down, staring at Ning Cheng he said with a cold voice, “Although I am severely wounded already, if I am really desperate to attack, you who are a mere Qi Gathering 5th Level are still not qualified enough to put you in my eyes. The One Horned Flood Dragon’s skin, we can split it half, one half for me and the other half for you, and then we go our separate ways.”

Since Ning Cheng was already thinking about acquiring the map of the Daan Forest, he already decided to absolutely not engage in trade with this person. However, he knew that if could not acquire the map, then he could not walk out of here.

“I heard that you have the map of the Daan Forest, give me your map, and then maybe we could talk about something else.” Ning Cheng said emotionlessly.

“All right.” Ma Qi Shui finished saying and reached out into his Storage Bag on his waist with his hands.

Ning Cheng did not wait for the other party to take out the map, and already took out the Flying Sword in his hands and immediately produced five thick Ice Sword Lights, “I also heard that at the bottom of the lake there is a Spiritual Essence Spring? Even if there is no Spiritual Essence Spring, this young master still wants to kill you.”

At the moment the long bearded man was completely defenceless.

“Puff Puff Puff……” the five thick Ice Sword Lights directly pierced through Ma Qi Shui’s chest, giving rise to five spurts of blood from the wounds, these five blood spurts, the moment they came out, immediately froze into blood ice.

“You……” Ma Qi Shui unwillingly pointed his face towards Ning Cheng, he really did not even plan to begin his scheme, when this Qi Gathering 5th Level bastard took the opportunity to attack. He really did not understand, why Ning Cheng did not even wait for him to take out the map before doing anything else.

Ning Cheng once again swept out a Sword Light from the Flying Sword in his hands, and loped off Ma Qi Shui’s head which like a football, was swept away.

Ning Cheng’s time here did not add up to even six months, but his cultivation level was soaring up in a straight line. Since Ma Qi Shui was putting his hand onto his Storage Bag to take out something, without even seeing the stuff from his Storage Bag, he just went ahead and killed him as he felt that he was up to no good, he also feared that there probably was no map.

Moreover, if this Ma Qi Shui had lied to him, even if he forced the other party to make a copy for him, he estimated that the other party would not make the real map. Moreover, with the kind of injuries that Ma Qi Shui had, even if he wanted to make a map, he would not be able to.

After Ning Cheng killed Ma Qi Shui, he first arrived at the side of Ma Qi Shui, grasped his Storage Bag and threw it into his own Storage Bag. While simultaneously throwing several fireballs, turning Ma Qi Shui into ash.

Tiding up Ma Qi Shui, Ning Cheng then returned next to the One Horned Flood Dragon which was killed by the poison from Ma Qi Shui, at this time the One Horned Flood Dragon was surrounded in a big pond of black blood. A fishy odour assaulted his nostrils, making Ning Cheng immediately feel a wave of dizziness.

So strong, Ning Cheng was secretly startled in his heart. He had just caught a whiff of the odour, and was already feeling dizzy from it.

Ning Cheng quickly took out a cloth and covered his nose and mouth, then approached the One Horned Flood Dragon.

Even though Ning Cheng did not know what materials would be needed for refining, but he knew that the entire body of the One Horned Flood Dragon was a treasure. A Class 4 Monstrous Beast would have a monster core, but he just didn’t know what this One Horned Flood Dragon ate so much, to be able to form a monster core.

Next Ning Cheng took the Four Winged Flying Sword Artefact that was embedded in the One Horned Flood Dragon, then taking out his own Flying Sword, he proceeded to break open the One Horned Flood Dragon’s skin.

The hard skin underneath made Ning Cheng understand that he had overestimated his own strength, he was only at Qi Gathering 5th Level, he could simply not cut the skin of the Monstrous Beast with his present strength, obviously this One Horned Flood Dragon’s skin was hard.

This Flood Dragon’s body was highly toxic, Ning Cheng did not dare to put this thing into his Storage Bag, moreover he did not know if his Storage Bag could even hold the One Horned Flood Dragon.

Fortunately, this place did not have any other people besides him, this One Horned Flood Dragon was just killed, although the smell of its blood had already scattered, but the blood still had a highly toxic odour. The sense of smell of a Monstrous Beast was quite sharp, thus no Monstrous Beast would approach a place which extruded such a strong toxic odour.

Ning Cheng spent exactly two days, just to peel off a little bit of the Flood Dragon’s skin, also taking out the Flood Dragon’s horn and the Flood Dragon’s muscles, he put it into his Storage Bag. Especially the Flood Dragon’s horn, Ning Cheng had decided to find someone to refine it into a needle Type Artefact for the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle Technique. Once he had the needle Type Artefact for the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle Technique, he could cast his technique with its most powerful form.

He did not find the core of the Flood Dragon, he did not know if that the core of the Flood Dragon had already melted after it died, this alone made the Flood Dragon to fall from a Class 4 Monstrous Beast.

After handling these things, Ning Cheng completely burnt down the head of the Flood Dragon, and then buried the rest of the burnt residue in an empty place.

After Ning Cheng finished reorganizing, although it still looked to be in total disorder, it was much better than before.

Although he had made a small fortune, Ning Cheng did not chose to return to the tree cavern to cultivate. But rather first jumped onto the lake water.

According to the words of the long bearded man, the lake had a Spiritual Essence Spring inside it. The reason why this One Horned Flood Dragon had occupied this lake, was because of this Spiritual Essence Spring. Now that the One Horned Flood Dragon who was the overlord of the lake had been killed, him entering the lake would certainly not be dangerous.

In fact, what Ning Cheng guessed was not wrong, after he entered the lake waters, he could easily swim to the bottom of the lake and arrived next to a huge pile of rocks without any difficulty. A hint of strong Qi was escaping from the huge rocks, Ning Cheng was easily able to find a huge cavern within the groupings of the huge rocks.

This cave was the place where the One Horned Flood Dragon cultivated, now that the One Horned Flood Dragon had already disappeared, Ning Cheng did not have to worry of facing anything dangerous, and directly swam into the huge rock cavern. The water in the cavern was getting lower and lower as he swam forward, after Ning Cheng swam to the back of the cavern, he found that one could even walk inside.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, he had already left the water in the cavern completely, when a ray of light appeared in front of him. Ning Cheng looked in marvel at a pair of giant pearls, this pair of giant pearls were glowing, if one had obtained such a thing on Earth, it would have caused a stir worldwide. Even if it was not the Earth, if it was this place, this pair of glowing pearls were also priceless.

A slight breeze was blowing inside the cave, Ning Cheng immediately understood that this cave was connected to a place outside.

Ning Cheng again walked about 10 meters into the cave, an artificial pond of around ten feet in diameter appeared in front of him, a fountain was gushing out in the centre of this artificial pond. An aura rich in Qi was escaping from this artificial pond, Ning Cheng did not know if this was the Spirit Essence Spring that the long bearded man talked about.

Next to this little Spiritual Essence Spring, there was a flat stone almost the same size of the pond itself, the stone was completely worn smooth. Ning Cheng did not need to guess, he knew that this flat piece of stone was the place where the One Horned Flood Dragon cultivated. This was because the One Horned Flood Dragon had a large body, by continuously coiling around its body, which was several feet long, it had completely worn down the flat rock.

So this really was the Spirit Essence Spring, this made Ning Cheng’s heart to pound loudly. Even when he had obtained more than 500 Spirit Stones, he was not this excited. Here not only was it a great place to cultivate, he even had a constant Qi source.

Spirit Stones were expendable goods, moreover he did not have many of them, in this place he could cultivate quietly, this was the cold hard truth, it was no wonder that the One Horned Flood Dragon could cultivate to the level of a Class 4 Monstrous Beast. Unfortunately, even though the One Horned Flood Dragon cultivated to such a level, its experience was poor, otherwise with its strength, even if there were dozens of people like the long bearded man, it would still not be enough to even scratch it.

Ning Cheng walked some distance around the cave again, and discovered no other things there. There was only a breeze coming from somewhere above, then after circulating once, it returned once again.

Ning Cheng decided to make this cave his base for cultivation in the first instance, but he was not in a hurry to start his cultivation, rather he once again returned to the giant group of rocks at the bottom of the lake. Using the Flying Sword to cut them apart, in only a short time, he had the entrance to the cave completely blocked.

Because the One Horned Flood Dragon had a high level of strength so it did not need to block the entrance, as no other Monstrous Beast would come to snatch the Spirit Essence Spring from it, but it was not possible for Ning Cheng to do the same. As his cultivation was too weak, only at a mere Qi Gathering 5th Level.

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