Chapter 0047 – The Overlord Of A Region

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Chapter 0047 – The Overlord Of A Region

After blocking the original entrance to the underwater cavern, Ning Cheng was still not greatly assured about his safety, and also arranged a simple Defensive Array Formation, and then once again returned to the Spiritual Essence Spring.

Ning Cheng did not take out the materials that he had pillaged from the One Horned Flood Dragon. He knew nothing about how to refine them, especially the horn of the Flood Dragon, he planned to find a person to refine it into a thin needle shaped Artefact for him to use. At this point of time, Ning Cheng took out the Storage Bag that he had acquired from the long bearded man, what he wanted to know was if the long bearded man really had the map of the Daan Forest with him.

The long bearded man must have used the Storage Bag according to what An Yi had said, it should rather be actually called a Storage Pocket, as the space inside it was very small. There were also very few things in it, besides a few low level Spiritual Grasses which could easily be found outside, there were still several unknown pills, he was not able to ascertain what kinds of pills they were as he could not clearly see the contents of the jade bottle in which they were stored, other than those, it did not have anything else.

The most precious thing that the long bearded person had, should be the four winged Flying Sword which Ning Cheng had snatched away previously.

Ning Cheng after going through the contents of the Storage Bag of the long bearded man conveniently threw it back into his own Storage Bag, but was a bit disappointed in his heart. He could not find the map, that is to say, in the future he could only rely on his ability and strength to get out of the Daan Forest. The long bearded man had said before that he could cross the Daan Forest by himself, he knew that this was not a lie to deceive other people, he suspected that he had already recorded the map to safely pass through the forest in his head.


He had not been cultivating for many years, being in the situation with the Spiritual Essence Spring in front of him, Ning Cheng almost employed all his time into improving his cultivation. The usage of the Spiritual Essence Spring by Ning Cheng and the One Horned Flood Dragon were clearly different, the One Horned Flood Dragon also knew that it could not completely absorb the rich Qi that was emanating from the Spiritual Essence Spring. But as Ning Cheng had already killed the goose that laid the golden egg, he feared that he could only absorb just a little bit of it before it disappears, just how could he economise the usage?

One month later, Ning Cheng advanced to the Qi Gathering 6th Level, three months later, Ning Cheng broke through to the Middle Stage of the Qi Gathering Realm, advancing to the Qi Gathering 7th Level. At this time the Qi in his body had already formed into a stream, just like the powerful undulations that came from the cultivators in the Essence Building Realm, the Qi in his body felt incomparably powerful. Five months later, Ning Cheng advanced to the Qi Gathering 8th Level, at the same time he decided to leave the almost used up Spiritual Essence Spring.

The rich Qi inside the Spiritual Essence Spring had almost been consumed completely, for it to gather this kind of rich Qi in the Spiritual Essence Spring again, he estimated that it would take at least 3 years for that to happen.

Ning Cheng believed that one would not stay here waiting for three years, he was already at the Qi Gathering 8th Level, and would soon advance in rank to enter the Qi Gathering 9th Level. Once he reached the Qi Gathering 9th Level, then he would have to face the issue of advancing into the True Condensation Realm.

In the Ping Continent, a True Condensation Realm cultivator was rarely seen, because of the poor Qi sources and the Spiritual Root issues, advancing to the True Condensation Realm was very hard.

Transformation of Qi is something that a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 9th Level has to achieve in order to advance to the True Condensation Realm, Ning Cheng saw from the Jade Piece that Fang Jiyan had given him that some people just stagnate and be contented with just being in the True Condensation Realm, but Ning Cheng certainly was not that type of a person. To him being promoted to the True Condensation Realm was still really insignificant.

To advance to the True Condensation Realm really needed more than ten kinds of precious Spiritual Grasses, however the most important thing, and also the most difficult to get out of those was the Golden Cicada Fruit. As Ning Cheng already had the Golden Cicada Fruit, he decided to get out of here and try to find someone who could refine it into a True Condensation Pill.


Ning Cheng obviously thought that this matter was a bit too simple, Daan Forest or not, because he had already advanced to the Qi Gathering 8th Level he would have to find his own path out of here. For the entire month, Ning Cheng still remained around the edge of the lake.

It was not that he did not want to go out, but during this months’ time, Ning Cheng discovered that each region in the Daan Forest was under the protection of a powerful Monstrous Beast. Looking for a way out during this period, he had met more than ten Class 2 Monstrous Beasts, there were even two times where he met a Class 3 Monstrous Beast.

If he did not ran away fast, those Class 3 Monstrous Beasts would have chased him down to kill him, and then he would have no way to remain near the fresh water lake.

However, Ning Cheng was not without a harvest, the various Monstrous Beasts tacitly approved to not approach the fresh water lake making it so that the fresh water lake became his territory by default, this was because Ning Cheng had killed numerous Class 2 Monstrous Beasts which served as a deterrence to the other Monstrous Beasts.

Ning Cheng was now at the Qi Gathering 8th Level, as such now he could cast 12 Sword Lights of the 36 Thick Ice Swords Technique that he had modified previously. This was however not his biggest gain, his greatest gain was his cultivation of Qi Gathering 8th Level, which allowed him step on his Flying Sword and fly for a short distance.

Tapping into the Flying Sword methods that Ning Cheng had modified from the Jade Pieces he had obtained from Fang Jiyan, made Ning Cheng very satisfied with himself. In the Ping Continent, even some cultivators of the True Condensation Realm could not use the Flying Swords to fly, but now he, who was at the Qi Gathering 8th Level had already achieved it.

Even though Ning Cheng knew that a high cultivation level was needed to ride the Flying Swords, when he finally stepped onto the Flying Sword and started to fly truly, his heart was beyond excited. Before when he had shot the Fireballs and the Wind Edges for the first time, he did not experience this much excitement. Fortunately, Ning Cheng was also aware of his own capabilities, he clearly wanted to fly out of the Daan Forest, but he knew that his cultivation level was too poor to achieve that.

In a month’s time, Ning Cheng had already killed hundreds of Class 1 Monstrous Beasts. He constantly looked for a way out, as a result constantly had to pass through the territories of other Monstrous Beasts, this also caused him to repeatedly fight with the other Monstrous Beasts. At one point, he had even killed dozens of Class 1 Demon Wolves. Using the Profound Grade 36 Thick Ice Swords to kill those Demon Wolves, it was almost like a simple wheat harvest.

During this time, Ning Cheng also found out a pattern, if he passed by the territory of a Class 3 Monstrous Beast, if the Class 3 Monstrous Beast’s cultivation level was too far from his, that Class 3 Monstrous Beast would just be too lazy to even bother with him. But if he were to pass through the territory of the Monstrous Beast whose cultivation level was almost the same as his, it would ultimately lead to a fight.

After working out the pattern, Ning Cheng finally understood why he was able stay for so long near the fresh water lake, it was because the One Horned Flood Dragon just didn’t take any notice of him. It originally regarded him as a dispensable tiny ant, after Ning Cheng experienced these things, he understood that all the lower levelled Monstrous Beasts that came within the scope of the high levelled Monstrous Beast were just regarded as lunches for them.

If this high levelled Monstrous Beast wanted to eat them as its lunch, it could just do it anytime it wanted. In other words, before when he tried to survive near the Freshwater Lake for two months, in fact he was actually regarded as a lunch for the One Horned Flood Dragon. Once the One Horned Flood Dragon decided to come out, it could always be able to get rid of him easily.

On the contrary, if his cultivation level was almost the same as the Monstrous Beast, the Monstrous Beast would think that he had come to snatch his domain, and would immediately come out to protect its domain from being encroached by others.

It was because he knew about this point, Ning Cheng did not hesitate to ruthlessly kill the Monstrous Beasts that approached the freshwater lake. According to the law of the jungle, he can absolutely never give the Monstrous Beasts the illusion that those Monstrous Beast can easily bully him.

In this one month of slaughtering, Ning Cheng’s combat experience and his mastery over the two kinds of techniques advanced by leaps and bounds. With his current experience, if he was still at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level and had the Flying Sword, he absolutely would not be injured.

After Ning Cheng spent his time crazily killing the Monstrous Beasts, many of the Monstrous Beasts around the freshwater lake already got to know about Ning Cheng’s aggressiveness, and knew that he did not show any mercy or consideration. Later on, as long as Ning Cheng did not stay for a long time in their range, the Monstrous Beasts were not willing to come out and fight Ning Cheng, and would directly allow Ning Cheng to pass by their territory.

To Ning Cheng, even if he wanted to leave the fresh water lake, he could not find a way out of this place, and it would definitely not be a good thing for him. At least in the area of the fresh water lake, he was the overlord of the place.


“Whir Whir…….” At this time a Brown Bristled Bear was facing Ning Cheng and let out a muffled sound, but it did not dare to pounce on Ning Cheng. It had roared at Ning Cheng, because Ning Cheng had once again come into his territory, and moreover he also stayed in his territory for a long time.

This Brown Bristled Bear was an Early Stage Class 2 Monstrous Beast, it had already been defeated twice by the hands of Ning Cheng, fortunately those two times Ning Cheng was just passing through its territory. But this guy, who was troublesome in its eyes, unexpectedly came here once again, moreover he did not walk away immediately, and was even digging around in his territory.

“Go to hell, I am just looking for a piece of magnetic iron to walk around, you really talk too much, don’t blame me if I use my hands.” Ning Cheng waved his Flying Sword in his hands as he shouted those words while he stabbed towards the Brown Bristled Bear.

He had really come here to look for a piece of magnetic iron, he still had more than 300 Low Grade Spirit Stones on him, Ning Cheng felt that even though he had more than 300 Low Grade Spirit Stones it still would not be enough for him to advance to the Qi Gathering 9th Level. What’s more, he would have to go out to look for someone who could create a True Condensation Pill for him.

Even after more than a month, as he could not find a way out, he decided that he had to find a piece of magnetic iron so that he could use it to make a compass. Ning Cheng guessed that this place should also be a planet, that resembled a big magnet. He wanted something to help him pinpoint a fixed position, as long as he could follow a single direction, he would eventually walk out of this place one day. Even if the compass that he made pointed to the south, it wouldn’t influence him at all.

This Class 2 Bristle Bear did not know that Ning Cheng was looking for a piece of magnetic iron, and once more roared at Ning Cheng, it wanted Ning Cheng to get out of his territory as fast as possible.

Ning Cheng saw that this Bristle Bear was unable to comprehend what he said, it was just simply offering itself to be sacrificed to his Flying Sword, and prepared to begin.

At this time, a burst of rapid footsteps transmitted, it seems as if someone was rushing over from the side. Ning Cheng immediately gave up the idea to fight the Bristle Bear with his hands, and stared at the person who had just rushed out.

It was a young man whose entire body was covered with injuries, and his Qi was almost negligent, one couldn’t even see if he was a cultivator or not. When he saw Ning Cheng, his eyes suddenly lit up, however he immediately fell to the ground because of exhaustion.

“Senior……” although he fell to the ground, this young man had not fainted, and still looked at Ning Cheng with a bit of hope, he apparently hoped that Ning Cheng would come to his rescue.

This young man had just fallen to the ground, when a Black Wolf Monstrous Beast immediately came over. This Black Wolf was already at the pinnacle of the Class 1 Monstrous Beasts, after it had caught up with its target it first saw the Flying Sword in the hands of Ning Cheng, almost at the same time it saw Ning Cheng, this Black Wolf Monstrous Beast immediately turned around, and in just two breaths time, it had already run into the depths of the forest, disappearing from his sight.

Ning Cheng did not care about the Black Wolf that had escaped, he subconsciously touched his face, while in his heart he thought did he look really old? Why would a person older than him call him a ‘Senior’? One needs to know that he was a bit less than 18 years of age. His hands touched the beard on his face, which made Ning Cheng guess that he perhaps looked like an uncle which had experienced the vicissitudes of life.

Ning Cheng took out a Jade Bottle and gave it to the man lying on the ground and said, “I do not have any lifesaving Elixirs, but only a little water, you can drink a little of it.”

Although Ning Cheng said that he only had a little water, the clear water that he had was actually not common water, it was taken from the Spiritual Essence Spring, and still had a rich Qi in it.

This young man looked in fear at the distant place where the Bristled Bear was rather than at Ning Cheng, but in his eyes there seemed to be some hope, when Ning Cheng handed him his water he did not answer, but immediately took out a package and gave it Ning Cheng and said, “I cannot go on, please help me deliver this package to the Hua Continent’s Falling Star 5 Star Academy’s Meng Yu Jing, let her give it to my younger brother Kou Xiu Yuan, just say that this was given to you by Kou Hong…….”

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