Chapter 0048 – A Pair Of Pearl Hair Clips

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Translated By – CurlyAdi
Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller

Chapter 0048 – A Pair Of Pearl Hair Clips

“Stop, you’re kidding me right, I can’t even get out of the Daan Forest, how can I even leave the continent? Sorry, but once you recover, you can go ahead by yourself.” Ning Cheng refused without even hesitating, the continent where he was, he was very clear about it. Not to mention that he could not even get out of the Daan Forest, even if could leave the Daan Forest, he would not be able to get out of the Ping continent.

When this young man heard the words of Ning Cheng, his eyes immediately showed anxiety, and even his expression became urgent, “My Qi Meridians are already broken, my Dantian is also crushed, there is no way for me to cultivate Qi. I have the map……”

When the young man said the word ‘map’, the corners of his mouth overflowed with blood, even his tone was breaking up.

But Ning Cheng spirit was greatly lifted, “You really have a map to get out of the Daan Forest?”

The young man apparently did not have the strength to explain anything to Ning Cheng, he tremblingly took out a leather roll from inside his clothes and said, “This leather roll is the map, inside it has the Command Medallion of the Clear Sky 5 Star Academy of the Hua Continent, with this you could easily enter the Clear Sky Academy, I am giving it you, I beg you please be sure to deliver that wrapped package into the hands of my fiancée Meng Yu Jing……”

After saying those words, this young man really was not able to support himself, he once again slightly raised his head to look at Ning Cheng before letting it fall to the ground. When Ning Cheng heard that it really was the map that he desperately wanted, he immediately stepped forward to grab the leather roll and said, “If I ever have the opportunity to go to the Hua Continent, I will certainly repay the favour.”

As if he heard the commitment of Ning Cheng, this young man heaved a sigh of relief, and drew his last breath.

Ning Cheng was gloomy in his heart, in this place, life was just like a bubble of soap, which could be easily broken. This young man called Kou Hong, wasn’t he his own portrayal? If someday he also ended up dying like this, who would he fondly remember at that moment?

Ning Ruo Lan’s lovely and cute face appeared in front of his eyes, Ning Cheng sighed, in his entire life here, he may not even get the opportunity to see his little sister.

Ning Cheng suddenly became even more sad, he did not go ahead and look at the leather parchment roll and the package that was given to him by the young man, he just picked up the young man, turned around and quickly left the Brown Bristle Bear’s territory.

Seeing Ning Cheng leave, the Brown Bristled Bear felt relieved, it turned around and returned to its lair.


Ning Cheng returned to the perimeter of the freshwater Lake, buried the young man by the side of the lake, erected a simple tombstone, and wrote a few simple words on the tombstone, ‘The grave of Kou Hong’.

The reason why he helped Kou Hong by putting up a tombstone, was because Ning Cheng in his heart saw his own future the same as him, plus it was also a thanks to Kou Hong who had left him the map.

Ning Cheng did not open the wrapped parcel that he had received from Kou Hong, however he swept through it with his Spiritual Sense, it appeared to be a jet black wooden box, in addition to that, there was a letter and a Storage Bag. He assumed that Kou Hong wrote this letter for his fiancée Meng Yu Jing, he just did not know why Kou Hong did not place all these things in the Storage Bag.

It seems that it was not an option for Kou Hong, if Kou Hong had a choice, he would certainly not give these things to a stranger.

Putting the package into his own Storage Bag, Ning Cheng took out the leather skin map. Opening the map, sure enough he saw a Command Medallion. He did not know what material the Command Medallion was made of, but it already looked very old. There was a carving of two characters on the emblem ‘Clear Sky’, presumably this emblem was the admission voucher to enter the Clear Sky 5 Star Academy.

Ning Cheng was not very interested in entering the Academy, mainly because his Spiritual Roots were always changing, he did not dare to enter the Academy where they would repeatedly test his Spiritual Roots.

When Ning Cheng opened the leather skin map, he immediately came to understand that he could finally exit this place. For him, this map, was simply too perfect, an extremely detailed route was marked on it, moreover even the territories of several high levelled Monstrous Beasts were also marked in detail on it. There were even labels of the Monstrous Beast on their marked territories, however the highest ranking Monstrous Beast that was marked on it was just a Class 2 Monstrous Beast, this level of Monstrous Beast simply did not pose a threat to Ning Cheng.

Not only that, but the map also included a lot of references. With the help of this map, Ning Cheng could easily find where exactly he was in this kind of place, he was currently in the territory of a low levelled Monstrous Beast in the Daan Forest. There were even a few places marked, where even Class 5 Monstrous Beasts would frequently appear.

That was not all there was to this map, there were also routes on the map that one could walk to go to the Yuan Continent. Between the Yuan Continent and the Ping Continent was a vast and endless desert, this map even had a recommended route through it, however it did not have any frame of reference, as such one would need have a Direction Plate to find his bearings.

Ning Cheng did not have a Direction Plate, but for him it was not important, as he still did not want to go out of the Ping Continent at the moment.

From the map in his hands, although the place he was, was in the Daan Forest, but it was far from the depths of the Daan Forest. He wasn’t very far from the Ping Continent from his position, on the contrary, if he wanted to go to the Yuan Continent, the journey was more than a dozen times longer than that to the Ping Continent.

From Ning Cheng’s viewpoint, he does not even want to return to the Ping Continent, but rather he wanted to go to the Yuan Continent to have a look. After all, not only the Yuan Continent was near to the Hua continent, but the Hua Continent was also considered to a Quasi-Intermediate Class Continent.

After thinking it over, Ning Cheng decided to first pay a visit to the Nan Yuan City of the Ping Continent. Nan Yuan City was the real capital of the Ming Ye Country. moreover, the Clear Heart Academy was also in that place. The reason why Ning Cheng decided to take the risk and go to that place, was because he still had some worries about An Yi. Although those people treated An Yi as a princess in general, it was because An Yi had said that she had a Pure Wooden Spiritual Root. However, if An Yi accidentally tested out to not have a Pure Spiritual Root, then what would happen to her?

After he arrived in this world, he had spent the longest time with An Yi. Moreover, An Yi had also graciously saved his life, in his heart, he had already regarded An Yi as one of his closest person. If there was no one to take care of An Yi, then for a single person to stay alone in the Nan Yuan City, in the end their fate would be absolutely tragic and pathetic.

Of course his cultivation level being too low was also one of the reasons for not going to the other Continents, other than that, Ning Cheng wanted to go to the Nan Yuan City to look for a way to change the Golden Cicada Fruit into a True Condensing Pill. If he could advance to the True Condensation Realm, so if he wanted to pass through the Daan Forest again, then his safety would be more guaranteed.


With the help of the map, Ning Cheng became extremely familiar with his surroundings, and in just two days, Ning Cheng had already come out of the Daan Forest.

At this time Ning Cheng was no longer the same person who had just escaped from the Cang Le City, he did not even shave off his beard. Coming out of the Cang Qin Province, along with the hardships he faced in the Daan Forest from time to time, Ning Cheng simply did not look like a teenager, rather he looked like an adventurer who had gone through a lot.

There was a continuous mountain range outside the Daan Forest, Ning Cheng did not take out his Flying Sword to fly during the day, instead he concealed his cultivation level to appear at Qi Gathering 4th Level. Even if he wanted to ride his sword, it was something that he did only at night.

An Yi was in the Nan Yuan City, but Nan Yuan City also was the place where Lan Yin Yue resided. He and Lan Yin Yue had a great enmity between them, with his current cultivation, he was not a match against Lan Yin Yue. The reason why he had not shaved off his beard, was precisely to make him look older. This trip to the Nan Yuan City, he absolutely could not let his acquaintances recognize him.

A day later, Ning Cheng met a team of adventurers near the edge of the Daan Forest, Ning Cheng bought a map of the Ming Ye Country from these adventurers.

Ning Cheng’s Qi was limited, intermittently flying through the night on his Flying Sword had already made him tired, but during the day he just walked faster to recover his Qi.

So after walking and flying alternatively, almost a half a month later, Ning Cheng arrived at the outskirts of the Nan Yuan City.

Ning Cheng although did not disguise himself as an adventurer, but because of his long stay in the Daan Forest, having to constantly fend off against the Monstrous Beasts, along with his beard, he simply did not even need to make the effort, as he already had the image of a battle hardened adventurer.

Compared to the Cang Le City and the Mingot City, the Nan Yuan City was magnificently large. Ning Cheng was completely unable to fathom how long were the walls of Nan Yuan City extended, the huge gate that led to the city exuded an extreme vicissitude of life. Wherever he looked, it only showed the long history of the Nan Yuan City.

Was this really the capital of the Ming Ye Country, Ning Cheng was secretly wondering in his heart, if this was the place where the legendary 9 Star Academy was located, he just could not get a handle on the extent of this huge and magnificent city.

There were many people passing through those huge gates, there were two teams of City Guards placed on either side of the gate, which clearly demonstrated the strength of the city. On the outside of the city walls, there was a piece of eye catching announcement. Ning Cheng glanced at it from a distance, written on it was apparently the matter about the recruitment of students into the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy. There were not many people in front of the notice, so it was obvious that the notice was pasted there a long time ago.

Ning Cheng wanted to have a look at the contents of the announcement, but he held back his curiosity. If at this time he went to see the contents of the announcement, he would definitely be seen as someone who came here for the first time.

He only took a glance at the announcement, and followed the numerous people together into the Nan Yuan City, after entering through the gates, he was not subjected to being questioned by the city guards.

Ning Cheng imagined that there would be more people in Nan Yuan City, and it would be almost crowded everywhere. Compared to the Cang Le City, Nan Yuan City was very orderly, at least no one dared to ride a horned beast and dashed wildly through the streets.

On both sides of the streets stalls, shops, restaurants and the others kinds of entertainment areas were completely packed with people, it was like a large avenue, which was bustling with excitement.

Ning Cheng felt that the majority of the people on the streets were ordinary, although there were some cultivators among them, but their cultivation level was not very high. He relaxed a bit, thinking that as Lan Yin Yue had an exceptional background, she would not go onto the streets and rub shoulders with ordinary people.

“What a beautiful pearl hair clip……” A crisp sound attracted the attention of Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng turned his head to see a young girl wearing an ordinary sarong robe standing in front of a stall, while looking at the pearl hair clip in her hands with admiration.

When Ning Cheng’s eyes fell onto the pearl hair clip in her hands, he was suddenly startled, immediately taking a step forward, he picked up another pearl hair clip from the stall with his hands, it was exactly the same.

“How much does it cost?” Ning Cheng grabbed the pearl hair clip and asked the owner of the stall, while he stared at the other pearl hair clip in the hands of the young girl.

These pearl hair clips originally appeared to be a pair, this young girl wearing the sarong robe was holding one, so Ning Cheng could only obtain one of them, of course he wanted to certainly buy the full pair of the pearl hair clip. He did not necessarily want the girl to have it, he wanted to just immediately buy it out, if this young girl wanted to, he could ask the young girl for a favour to help her, so that she would give the pearl hair clip to him.

The reason why Ning Cheng was so excited, was because this pair of pearl hair clips was not only the same ones that he had given to his younger sister, but it was even of the same blue colour, not only that but even the shape was exactly the same, the same snowflake shape. If one did not consider the materials it was made from, then this pair of pearl hair clips and the pair of pearl hair clips that he purchased on Earth, there was basically no difference between them.

When he had bought the pair of pearl hair clips initially, one of them was thrown away by Tian Mu Wan, and the other one was in the hands of Ning Rou Lan. Today he once again saw the exact same pearl hair clips, wasn’t it just heaven’s will?

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