Chapter 0043 – Ning Cheng’s Demise***

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Chapter 0043 – Ning Cheng’s Demise***

Just as Ning Cheng jumped out of the airship, he was buffeted by the strong winds blowing outside the airship, it was only then he realised how fast the airship was travelling, in just a blink of an eye it had already transformed into a tine speck by the horizon.

But at the moment, he did not care about it, he was falling at a fast rate as the initial momentum from the ship was also helping him plummet even faster towards the ground. He, in just a short moment, fell through the cloud cover and was immediately soaking wet, which further added to his weight and speed, in short, he knew that if he did not do something, then there would not even be a shred of flesh on his body if he ended up striking the ground.

He was already an exceptional student back on earth, and with his memory and comprehension capabilities, he was able to immediately deduce what would happen if he ended up sticking the ground. Let alone dying, there would not even be a complete corpse left of him, he definitely could not rely on his Mysterious Yellow Bead, let alone rely, he could not even draw out the Mysterious Yellow Qi from it by his own will!!

By now he was able to see a vast and dense forest in front of his eyes, it would be a really grand and majestic sight if a person was looking at it while standing on the ground, but for Ning Cheng it was a horrifying sight which induced an unprecedented terror in his heart. He knew that if he fell into the forest, even if by some god sent miracle that he didn’t die, he would end up gravely injured and would not even be able to defend himself from even attacks from normal wild beasts.

At the moment, he was wildly circulating his Qi in his body while trying to provoke some kind of action from the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he even took out the Ling Shis that he had in order to get some kind of reaction. But because his heart and mind was in a turmoil, he could not get himself to calm down, after all he was from Earth, and although there were sports back there like skydiving he never once attempted such a dangerous sport in his entire life. He was always in awe of the people who were showing of those sports on the television.

But all his efforts were of no avail, as he plummeted towards the forest. As the trees of the forest came closer to him, he realised that those tree were not normal tree but rather they were gigantic in size. Although he did not want to but his brain automatically calculated the rough size of those tree, and the results were staggering, those giant trees were hundreds of times larger than the biggest trees back on Earth, the Red Woods.

After he exhausted his Qi, he knew that now there was no hope that he would survive. He gritted his teeth and tried hard to work his brain into overdrive but could not come up with any solution. He knew that he could not survive his fall, so he was kind of regretting not creating a scene back in the airship, he did not know when, but his feelings towards An Yi had slowly changed from a simple brother sister love to something akin to real love between couples. He was regretting not saying anything about this to An Yi, for he feared that An Yi would reject him, thinking him to be similar to the guys that her master had warned her about.

He was regretting not fighting those bastards from the Clear Heart Academy for taking An Yi away from him, he really was regretting not fighting against that Elder Yan who had forced him to jump off the airship, he was really cursing himself for having such a spiritual root that even his own family did not even see him as a human. He knew form the memories of his previous self, only his grandfather and Ji Luo Fei, after he reincarnated, had some good feelings for him, but as for others, they always looked at him with eyes full of disgust, they never even regarded him as a human. When he met An Yi, only then something changed inside him, although at first he only felt a sisterly love towards An Yi, but now that he was dying, An Yi’s image gradually replaced that of Tian Mu Wan’s in his heart.

At this moment, unlike before when he used to fondly remember about Tian Mu Wan, but now there were only two people in his heart, his younger sister Ning Ruolan and An Yi, Tian Mu Wan had already faded into the back of his mind. While thinking of the two girls, he felt sad for Ning Ruolan, he did not know that if he died would he even return to Earth, back to his sister. Or if he would really end up dying and disappearing from the world.

Although it took a long time to describe this, in reality it was only a few seconds, and Ning Cheng in just those few seconds had already gotten extremely close to the tree tops of the forest. Now he could clearly see the tree tops and even the leaves of the trees, but he knew that with his body devoid of Qi and with him falling with such a huge velocity, he could not even turn his head no matter how much he willed himself. If not for his body being strengthened to Qi Gathering 4th Level, he knew that his body would already have been shredded a long time ago due to air friction.

He knew that the top of the giant tree would end up piercing his chest, most like even his chest. In short he knew that he had no chance of surviving.

At the moment the tree top pierced though his skin of his chest, he last thoughts were “Ruolan, Luo Fei, An Yi, I am sorry.”

The tree top had already pierced though his chest and was moving towards his chest as he predicted, but it was at this moment, the Mysterious Yellow Bead finally reacted, and in an instant sent out rivers of the Mysterious Yellow Qi throughout his body. It immediately covered his entire body, even destroying the invading tree top, but it was already too late, as it had already pierced though his heart completely.

But rather than Ning Cheng dying, there was a brilliant flash in the sky as a bright ball of light immediately engulfed Ning Cheng. It started to expand rapidly, anything that came in contact of the bright ball of light was immediately disintegrated, whether it was trees, beasts or even water, everything was disintegrated at the molecular level. That ball of light expanded till it reached a diameter of 1 kilometre, destroying everything in its path, before it suddenly vanished without even a trace, all one could see was a huge crater on the ground.


Ning Cheng knew that he had died, he had definitely felt the tree top pierce though his chest and even his heart, by rights he should have died. But he could feel a cool air surrounding him, he could hear a few voices but he couldn’t make out what they were or who did they belong to, as at this moment he had a splitting headache along with an intense pain from his chest area.

His first thought was that, he somehow miraculously survived his fall, and that pain from his chest was from the tree top piercing his chest. It seems that he was somehow saved. Anyways, the main point was he was alive, he wanted to sit up and see his surroundings to see if he was in any further danger. But then he suddenly felt that, he was definitely not in a forest, perhaps his saviours had taken him back to some kind of shelter. He felt although these people had saved his lives, perhaps they were not as magnanimous as he was thinking them out to be. Maybe they were waiting to warm up to him before killing him, after all in the entire time he was on that place, he had encountered all kinds of madmen.

He found that he still had a strand of Qi in his body, but it was very weak, but he still circulated that weak strand of Qi through his meridians, to restore a bit of his hearing. As his hearing was gradually restored, he could make out faint and broken phrases, as the person who was speaking them was speaking in a very fast speech.

“….. it really was a miracle……..hit by a meteor……” one of the fast speaking persons

“Doc…. Will………k” the other fast speaker

“Will my brother be Ok”. This time he could definitely hear a crisp voice with a heavy concern in it. That voice was just like a bolt of lightning for Ning Cheng. He could never forget that voice no matter what, for that voice was something that he fondly remembered every single time he closed his eyes. The last time he saw the owner of that voice was when he had given a star shaped pearl hair clip to her in front of the Jiangzhou Academy’s entrance back when he was on Earth. That voice’s owner was none other than Ning Ruolan, the closest person to him in the entire world and also his younger sister.

He could forget Tian Mu Wan, he could forget Ji Luo Fei, he could even forget An Yi, but Ning Ruolan, his younger sister, no matter if had to go through insane torture, or getting roasted in hellfire, to meet his younger sister even for a single time, he would even give up his entire life. The only reason why he did not attempt to commit suicide when he appeared in that ancient world was because he did not know if it would lead him back to his home. He did not know if he could go back to his younger sister who he cherished the most the entire world. After all she was his only family and they had supported each other since they were kids. And although Ning Cheng was said to be an exceptional student, his younger sister was actually much more smarter and better than him. But he never once felt jealous, but rather he felt absolute pride in his younger sister. After all she was the only person who had been with him since childhood.

Ning Ruolan never knew her parents, as they had died when she was just a baby, it was all up to her big brother Ning Cheng who took care of her. For Ning Ruolan, Ning Cheng was much more than just an older brother, he was her father, her mother, her best friend. He always helped her without asking for anything. Although many people thought that she was better than Ning Cheng, as not only she was 3 years younger than him, but even was a senior at the college, unlike her brother who was a junior. But knew very well knew about her big brother Ning Cheng’s capabilities, and always admired him and was always proud to have such a brother.

But then her world was completely shattered that day, that day she wanted to surprise her older brother by showing the gift that she had got for him. She had been repeatedly trying to call him, but there was never an answer, she thought that her brother was finally doing some adult stuff with his girlfriend, Tian Mu Wan. When she thought of that, she blushed a bit, and decided to call her brother later so as not to disturb him.

But for some reason a restless feeling was getting stronger and stronger in her, she had a foreboding that soothing bad might happen. She tried to put those thoughts away, but she couldn’t, she ended succumbing to it, and called her brother. But she still could not get a response, she tried multiple times but every time got the same response “The subscriber you are trying to reach is out of coverage area.” The bad feeling in her gut was getting heavier and heavier every passing moment. She finally could not take it anymore, and called up Tian Mu Wan’s number which her brother had given to her to only contact in emergencies, if he was not available, after all Tian Mu Wan and Ning Ruolan had never met before.

She called her up, and set up a meet with her in order to find what had happened to her brother, as it was obvious that he was definitely not with her. She being a girl who understood everything about her brother was thinking, it couldn’t be that they split up, did they. But still, no matter how upset her brother became, he would always talk to her no matter what, it was kind of an unwritten rule for them to not have any secrets between them. Although she was also thinking that she just might be overreacting, maybe her brother was tied up in some construction related work that he would do. As occasionally he used to work a bit late at the construction site when one of the other people were absent.

But when she met Tian Mu Wan at the café across the college, she kind of felt proud of her brother to have such a stunning girlfriend, but then she looked at the expression on her face. Immediately she felt a foreboding in her heart as she thought, something is wrong. She did not hear what Tian Mu Wan said, and immediately asked for the whereabouts of her elder brother. For her, even if her elder brother’s girlfriend was in front of her, her concern for her brother’s wellbeing topped anything else.

But then she saw, rather that replying to her, Tian Mu Wan immediately turned and ran out of the café. She knew immediately that something bad had happened to her brother. She did not think of anything else and immediately followed Tian Mu Wan out of the café. She wanted to catch her and find what the hell was wrong, but Tian Mu Wan was running like a crazy person, without any regards to anything, she was even ran across the road causing a mass crash of cars.

She kept running till she reached the site where the meteorite fragment struck, Ning Roulan was feeling extreme dread in her heart, although she did not want to but very gory images were flashing though her mind. Was her big brother here? Did he get struck by something? She did not want to but the reality was in front of her. Tian Mu Wan was hysterically talking to an emergency worker working on the site. She approached the two of them, and heard a bit of their conversation:

“Lady I do not know what you’re are taking about. The entire area was cleared off before I got here. Go ask the supervisor there.”

After going on like this for a few minutes, they came to know that there was a body that was carried out, it seemed to be of a young man , other than that they did not know anything else about it.

They immediately asked about where the body was taken to, they wanted to make sure if that body really was of Ning Cheng. Both the girls were already on the verge of their minds collapsing. They really did not want to believe that the body was really Ning Cheng’s. Ning Ruolan immediately decided that she would definitely get to the bottom of this, if it was because of an accident that Ning Cheng was here then she would still have a bit of compassion towards of Tian Mu Wan, but if turned out that it was because they had a breakup, then she would do everything in her power to take down that bitch, Tian Mu Wan and her family, no matter how powerful her family is, she vowed to make her suffer miserably.

Although she knew that her reasoning was flawed, but her entire world was on the brink of collapse, without her big brother she did not know how could she continue living.

She wanted to blame someone for this, no matter how absurd the reason was, she wanted to vent. While those thoughts in their minds they headed to the morgue, where the body was taken. On getting there they were informed that the body from the crash site was not actually a dead body, but was charred so bad that the emergency responders thought that he had died. Only after coming back to the hospital did they find that miraculously, that youth had survived, albeit in a very critical condition.

They immediately brought them to the room where he was being kept after being operated on. The doctor came forward and took out some burnt things that he had obtained from the person. When they saw those burnt things both Ning Ruolan and Tian Mu Wan almost fainted. How could they forget those things, it was precisely Ning Cheng’s items. It was especially true for Ning Ruolan as she always saw that wrist watch on Ning Cheng’s hand. It was a keepsake from their parents, which Ning Cheng always kept on him no matter what.

They immediately knew that the person resting on the hospital bed in front of them was definitely Ning Cheng, and were completely overjoyed, although he was heavily injured, he was alive. That was all that mattered to them.

Both of them clasped each other’s hands and began sobbing. The doctors found it a bit awkward but did not come forward to interrupt them. He knew from their reactions, they were someone close to that person.

After a few minutes of crying they sobered up, and asked the doctor:

“How is he?”

“Will my big brother be OK?”

It was at that time that Ning Cheng finally opened his eyes, and the scene in front of immediately confirmed his suspicions, as tears started to flow down his face. They were not tears of pain nor they were tears of sadness but they were genuine tears of joy. They were tears of joy for seeing his little sister Ning Ruolan and Tian Mu Wan. Although he now did not feel the same way about Tian Mu Wan as he did before, nevertheless he still felt glad and genuinely happy in his heart. It even made the extreme pain that his body was in to feel as it was nothing. Finally, a miracle did happen, finally was able to reunite with his sister.

But then something else happened that shocked him to the core, he could now freely control the Mysterious Yellow Qi from the Mysterious Yellow Bead by his own……….

[TL Note – He He He ….. I know that people will want to kill me for this, but this entire chapter was made up by me and is not an actual chapter. Do leave behind your ‘feels’ for this fan fic.]

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