New mistakes and suggestions page…

Sup Folks

So I have been thinking about this for a while now, a lot of you people correspond with us through mails, mostly to point out a few mistakes that slipped by us, and in all honesty, it becomes a problem for us to go through each and every mail that you send us and it even takes more effort for us to write back to all of our respondents, you have to know that we are only three people here who also have their own lives and responsibilities to take care of, so trying to reply to each and every mail that we receive is too cumbersome and time consuming, not that we are complaining through as all three of us reply to all the mails sooner or later.

Some of the mails we receive are related to some sort of corrections for mistakes that slipped by us, so to reduce the burden on us (at least in this regard) we decided to create a Google Form Response Sheet for all of you, it also saves you the time to open up your mailbox and type out your suggestions, so that you can directly submit your suggestion to us, without the hassle of going through all that.

You can access the form from here, or from the menu too, depending on your ease. (P.S. you might have also noticed a slight change in the main menu)

Anyways enjoy.
DemonKiller out

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One comment on “New mistakes and suggestions page…

  1. cannibaloid says:

    Hrmm according to your punctuation this post is made up of 4 sentences. Seems legit.

    Might be helpful to learn when to use commas and when to use periods.


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