New Theme…

Hi all

CurlyAdi and SmartyMouth here, not a chapter post though, DemonKiller is at his work at the moment, so we decided to experiment a bit with some new themes to spice the site up a bit . So you might have noticed that the themes have been changing every time you refresh the page or notice something being added or deleted (soo sorry for that).

So, after experimenting with a lot of themes we kind of decided on this current one (notice the cool background he he). So, if there are any kinks or bugs that you do notice, then please do point them out, preferably use the comments for this post to post your thoughts/bugs or whatever you find bothersome.

See ya
The generals of the Demon Army

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One comment on “New Theme…

  1. fairi110 says:

    At first I thought I’ve been redirected to the wrong site! It’s cool I guess though I prefer much simpler theme. 😀


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