New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0135

Sup Folks

Got a bit of bad news for our readers. I have to fly out to Germany for an urgent work related thing that unexpectedly cropped up which is a bit serious. I would only be back by Saturday, as such I do not know if I would get the time to translate the chapters. I’ll see I could persuade CurlyAdi or MissLucifer to take over temporarily for the time being otherwise, I would definitely make it up to you all on Sunday or the next day.

Meanwhile, the team is still hard on editing the previous chapters, and from their words it should be finished within a day or two at max. During my absence, CurlyAdi or SmartyMouth will be the ones you will have to deal with……sooooo good luck to you all.

Enjoy the 1st and possibly the only chapter for this week:

  1. Chapter 0135 – The Origin Cultivation Method
    Translated By – DemonKiller
    Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and MissLucifer
    Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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