Chapter 0135

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0135: The Origin Cultivation Method

Ning Cheng quickly put this issue aside, and said to Yue Ying in a solemn manner, “I think that that person with the surname Kang will definitely take you to the Jia Continent, but he will not allow you to join any 7 Star Academy, rather he would want to bring you back to his mansion. If I did not guess wrong, that first and second round was something that he had intentionally created, it seems he obtained that very mysterious leather parchment from somewhere, but he could not unlock the contents of that leather parchment….”

Yue Ying was not stupid, although Ning Cheng did not finish the words that he was speaking, she could still completely understand the meaning that Ning Cheng was trying to convey, it was as if she could not believe it herself that she looked at Ning Cheng and asked, “Are you saying that he wants me to help him unlock the secrets of that leather parchment?”

Ning Cheng once again sneered and said, “If it was only this easy. Did you think that the contents of that rolled up parchment were something simple? Do you think that he would let a person who knows about the entire content of that parchment leave that easily?”

“Big Brother Ning….” Yue Ying shivered with fright, what Ning Cheng said was simply too terrifying.

It was only then that she thought back to the scene where that Senior Kang was looking at her with a scorching hot vision. Initially she had thought that it was because the opposite party had taken a liking to her excellent natural intelligence, but now that she thought about it carefully, it really wasn’t anything like she had thought about.

The opposite party had always asked how her memory and comprehension ability was this powerful, whether or not did she have a fortuitous encounter? But he had never asked her how long she cultivated, or if she had any doubts about anything, or even anything about her Cultivation Methods?

Ning Cheng did not continue to say anything else, the words that he spoke, whether Yue Ying believed it or not, it was nothing to do with him.

Yue Ying’s face kept changing for a while, but then she bowed to Ning Cheng and spoke, “Many thanks to Big Brother Ning to dispel these doubts, I was too naive.”

Ning Cheng nodded, after hesitating for a while, he said, “Your Spiritual Root and natural talents are truly good, however at the beginning of the written exam there were still a few people with a similar kind of intelligence to you. For example, that Leng Yi Yang, he was even better than you. How did you easily get a higher score than the other people, in fact even I feel a bit strange about whether or not you had a fortuitous encounter?”

Yue Ying fell silent, Ning Cheng also asked about this matter, was this because Ning Cheng also had a similar mental disposition as that person surnamed Kang?

Ning Cheng had moved about for many years in the city while hiding and not revealing himself, and even when he arrived in the Yi Xing Mainland, he kept himself hidden within the community for long periods of time, so he was not bothered much by Yue Ying’s silence. Although he wanted to know what Yue Ying was thinking, but he simply closed his eyes, and no longer bothered to inquire about this matter. He can himself remember more than 600 changes in the picture, how could he care about the few dozen changes in the picture that Yue Ying remembered? What he wanted to learn from those words originally, was if Yue Ying was able to see the picture even more clearly than him.

Seeing Ning Cheng, who was no longer inquiring about this matter, Yue Ying finally opened her mouth to say, “My Grandpa said that I was born prematurely, because my father and my mother were rushing through the Swamp of Time at that time. When they met the Heart of Time….”

“The Heart of Time?” Ning Cheng repeated the name, it was the first time that he heard about it.

Yue Ying just gave a slight h’mm before continuing, “That’s right, it was because my mother wanted to grasp the Heart of Time, but no one ever thought that just when she neared the Heart of Time, she would suffer from the erosion of time. But before my mother could even come near to the Heart of Time, it quickly vanished into the deepest parts of that Swamp of Time. My father hastily carried my mother out of the Swamp of Time, then took my elder brother and my Grandpa and immediately headed to the Ping Continent.”

Ning Cheng only knew that Yue Ying and Yue Yang Hua, that brother and sister pair, were not from the Ping Continent, so Yue Ying’s father to be able to bring Yue Ying and her brother to the Ping Continent. It was obvious that he was not a simple person.

“Where is this Swamp of Time?” Ning Cheng suddenly had an enormous interest towards this Heart of Time.

Yue Ying shook her head and said, “I don’t know. This was something that my Grandfather told me. After my father delivered us to the Ping Continent, he immediately took my mother to seek out Spiritual Grasses to cure her. My father said that he would come back very quickly, but more than 10 years passed by, even when my Grandfather passed away, even then my father and mother never came back.”

“The last time when Senior Kang asked if I had any fortuitous encounter, I did not say anything, because my Grandfather said that I could not tell this to anyone. Big Brother Ning you rescued my life, I think that there is nothing to hide from you. The reason why my memory is a lot better than my elder brother, my Grandfather once said, that it was because of the Heart of Time’s influence, but my Grandfather actually also did not know anything about this Heart of Time……”

Although Ning Cheng was very sceptical about the relation of the Heart of Time and Yue Ying’s formidable comprehension ability, but he also did not know what this Heart of Time was. After listening to Yue Ying’s words, “What your Grandfather said was right, from here on out do not tell this matter to others.”

Yue Ying had some disagreements in her heart, can’t tell this to other people, are you not other people? Did I not just tell you this because you asked about it?

Ning Cheng’s injuries quickly healed up, this Yue Ying was after all a young girl, and Ning Cheng was more or less just a few years older than her, so after the two people exchanged a few more words, she had already thrown away the restraints that she had put on herself.

“Big Brother Ning, didn’t you say that you wanted to give these pearl hair clips to your younger sister?” As the two people became more familiar with each other, Yue Ying more or less did not regard Ning Cheng as an outsider, and even took out the pearl hair clips as she gave then to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng took the pearl hair clips from Yue Ying’s hands, and looked at it for a long time, “I have already given her such a pearl hair clip before, because I could not see my younger sister, therefore when I initially saw a similar pearl hair clip that I had given to my younger sister, I immediately wanted to buy it back”

“Big Brother Ning, why did you only gave her a single one? Who did you give the other too? Is your Younger Sister Ruo Lan or Mu Wan?” Yue Ying, who did not speak with him for a long time, now that she came to know a bit about Ning Cheng, she simply shot out endless questions.

Ning Cheng frowned, he guessed that he had called out his younger sister’s name when he was in coma a few moments ago.

Seeing Ning Cheng frown, Yue Ying quickly said, “Big Brother Ning, please do not misunderstand, I only wanted to ask because you kept repeating these names in your sleep. Is that Sister Luo Fei, the one that I saw in the Mo Ze Grand Plaza, the sister you keep mentioning?”

Ning Cheng sighed, “My sister is called Ning Ruo Lan, she is just like you, and is a very lovely girl. Of the pair of pearl hair clips, I gave one of them to Mu Wan, however for some reason she ended up losing it.”

Speaking till here, he had a self-deprecating smile on his face, that pearl hair clip was not actually lost by Tian Mu Wan. However, to Ning Cheng, he would have rather lost it to Tian Mu Wan rather than letting others throw it away.

Seeing the somewhat self-ridiculing expression on Ning Cheng’s face, Yue Ying immediately understood what might had happened, and immediately spoke up, “Big Brother Ning, I think that Sister Luo Fei is a very nice person….”

She also finally understood why Ning Cheng was so good to her, it was because he was originally thinking of his own younger sister. After saying that, she felt that her words were somewhat monotonous, as she hurriedly put the pair of pearl hair clips into Ning Cheng’s hands and said, “Big Brother Ning, I think that you should give these pearl hair clips to Sister Luo Fei.”

Yue Ying did not know why that person called Mu Wan would throw away Big Brother Ning’s pearl hair clips, but she had seen Luo Fei, she could clearly see that she really was very much worried about Ning Cheng, she would definitely not discard Ning Cheng’s pearl hair clips.

Ning Cheng smiled, “The things of the past are in the past, it’s just something I think of occasionally. As for this pair of pearl hair clips, from your words I can see that you already like it very much, it would be better if you keep it for yourself. Well this matter was caused by me, since I did not gift the full pair of the pearl hair clips to my little sister at that time.”

Yue Ying could not bear to part with the pair of pearl hair clips in his hands, after hesitated for a bit, she finally took one back and said, “Big Brother Ning, since you are insisting I will keep one, I will certainly not throw it away, and I am also certain that Sister Luo Fei would also not lose it.”

Ning Cheng looked at his hand which, at the moment, contained an extremely ordinary pearl hair clip, as he nodded and said, “Well, so be it.”

Yue Ying saw Ning Cheng finally accept one of the pearl hair clips, immediately became happy in her heart, finally putting away other pearl hair clip away, she asked, “Big Brother Ning, I think that you are very good from the bottom of my heart, then why did Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun dislike you so much?”

“You will come to understand this later. Right, later if you don’t want to cultivate with your original Cultivation Method, then have a look in your Storage Ring to look for a more suitable Cultivation Method, if you can find one, then you can change your Cultivation Method to cultivate more efficiently.” Ning Cheng did not go through with the explanation of the matters of why Yong Gu Yun disliked him, this kind of thing was simply too boring to explain. As for how Yong Gu Yun looked at him, he did not care about that at all.

Yue Ying immediately thought of the words that Ning Cheng had spoken to her earlier, to judge a matter to be right or wrong, one had to rely on their own understanding rather than basing it off the half-understanding of others. Regarding the matter of the Cultivation Method, she had already seen the contents of the Storage Ring, inside the ring she had found a non-attributed Cultivation Method Jade Piece, although she did not know the Grade of this Cultivation Method, but she planned to cultivate using that non-attributed Cultivation Method.

Seeing Ning Cheng once again close his eyes to heal himself, Yue Ying hurriedly left the room. Now that Ning Cheng came back, she was no longer afraid, and could start her cultivation with ease.

Ning Cheng was already immersed in his consciousness to focus on the more than 600 changes from that picture on the leather like parchment that he initially remembered. He wanted to very much know why his understanding of the changes he observed were different from the one’s Yue Ying observed.

When Ning Cheng completely immersed himself in the changes of the pictures, he unexpectedly saw more different pictures once again. He had absolutely not seen those pictures before. Before he only saw a bit more than 600 changes in the picture, but now they were more than double as they still continued to increase.

Ning Cheng’s cultivation was limited, however because he had the Mysterious Yellow Bead in his Zifu, it simply wasn’t a problem anymore. Even after seeing so many changes, he did not become muddleheaded even once.

Maybe it was because of the few tips from Yue Ying, but Ning Cheng was finally now able to see the source of the Cultivation Method in the original picture. These images gradually blended together, as he for the first time after a long time entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he gradually became aware that the Formless and the Creation aspects of the Mysterious Yellow Bead were harmonising with each other, letting Ning Cheng unconsciously enter into a Meditative Cultivation State.

A moment later Ning Cheng opened his eyes and lifted his hands, as an innumerable High Grade Spirit Stones flew out from his Storage Bag and neatly piled up in front of him, as he once again started to cultivate.

He wanted to clearly understand what the chant “Formless Creation” meant, as this could even be treated as cultivating in a Cultivation Method that had no Cultivation Method to Cultivate. The ‘Formless’ did not represent any Cultivation Method, but as long as one started to cultivate, at that moment his consciousness would automatically produce the most correct way to circulate his True Essence.

It was not so much as a Cultivation Method, rather it was better to say that it was Cultivation Method that changed at every moment. This Cultivation Method changed with time, place and the degree of purity of one’s Spiritual Qi. This kind of Cultivation Method was not something that could be inherited, and he was the only person in the entire world who could use it to cultivate.

Combining the information that he gleaned from the leather like parchment and the information that he obtained from the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s Origin at the same place made Ning Cheng to vaguely grasp at the so called Heaven and Earth Cultivation Methods. As he had the good fortune to receive one of the five heaven defying treasures that was the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he learned that in this chaotic universe there were five kinds of Cultivation Methods that were not accepted by the Heavens and the Earth.

And as he felt his Origin Cultivation Method form in his mind, he found that this Cultivation Method was not set in stone like the others, one could change it anytime and anywhere, as it belonged to the Chaotic Origin Cultivation Methods, moreover it could only be acquired by a single person and that too if they had tremendous luck. If the Origin one obtained was more complete, the Cultivation Method generated would be even more powerful. This Cultivation Method as such was not something that was permitted by the heavens, if one did not have a great wisdom and great perseverance, then if they did not use it to cultivate their mortal bodies, then they were sure to be likely to face a terrifying tribulation lightning that would simply turn them into ash.

As for the other four types of the Cultivation Methods that were not of the Heavens or the Earth, he only came to know that they existed, but he also knew that he actually would not be able to understand anything about it.

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