Chapter 0134

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0134: Yue Ying’s Help

Ning Cheng knew that his own injuries were too serious, he did not dare to turn around and go back directly, but rather changed directions and immediately dashed out with all the strength that he could muster. Fortunately, his True Essence and Spiritual Sense was much more formidable that an ordinary True Condensation Realm Cultivator. As such now that he was desperately burning up his True Essence, his speed was thus extremely fast. And in just a short time, he rushed out of the scope of the Spiritual Sense of the True Condensation Realm Cultivators.

But Ning Cheng knew that if he continued on like this, then sooner or later he would be caught by an Essence Building Realm Cultivator. After escaping to a certain distance, Ning Cheng directly hid himself in a gully, while simultaneously throwing out several Array Flags.

And in just a short time, Ning Cheng arranged a Level 2 Concealment Array Formation, he knew that at this time, other than setting up an Array Formation, he did not have any other way.

If it were only True Condensation Realm Cultivators pursuing him, then he could easily escape, but in case he was being pursued by an Essence Building Realm Cultivator, then he wouldn’t be so lucky. Fortunately, only Essence Building Cultivators and below could enter this Valley, otherwise even if he arranged a Concealment Array Formation, it would not be of much use.

Inside the Concealment Array Formation, Ning Cheng immediately restrained his True Essence, as he carefully swallowed a single stub of Mysterious Frost Zoysia. The wounds that he had received before really were too serious, not only this, after being severely wounded, he had even forcefully burned his True Essence, and almost completely used up his True Essence to run away, it was simply one misfortune after another to him. If not for his Meridians being remoulded by the Mysterious Yellow Origin, Ning Cheng knew that his Meridians, at the moment, would have been completely destroyed. Although he was formidable at True Condensation 4th Level, and although he may be able to contend against an Early Stage Essence Building Cultivator, but how could he fight against an Essence Building Cultivator in the Middle Stages?

Ning Cheng forcibly suppressed the tearing pain in his entire body, as he burst into self-ridicule in his mind. He had thought that his [Angry Axe Tornado] would be enough to kill that Essence Building Cultivator. Although that Tornado would be enough to kill an Essence Building Cultivator, but it would only work on an Early Stage Essence Building Cultivator and that too when he used it for a sneak attack, otherwise it was absolutely not enough to kill an Essence Building Cultivator.

Previously although that Middle Stage Essence Building Cultivator was seriously injured by him, but it was only because he was taken by surprise by his attack, otherwise it definitely wouldn’t be easy to even injure him.

Although the effect of the Mysterious Frost Zoysia was very good. But it was not all-powerful, after all it was not the Profound Replenishment Pill, moreover the condition of his injuries was also very severe. Now that he had taken the Mysterious Frost Zoysia, the medicinal property of the Spiritual Grass would only erupt after he used his True Essence, otherwise it would not be effective at all.

At the moment Ning Cheng did not dare to extend out his Spiritual Sense, not to mention circulating his True Essence to help in his healing. There were already so many people pursuing him, moreover he also did not manage to run away too far, so once there was a Spiritual Qi Fluctuation, he would certainly be discovered.

After an entire three hours passed, Ning Cheng felt incredibly weak, he knew that if he did not seek treatment soon, then he would once again ruin his foundations. The Mysterious Yellow Origin helped him remould his Meridians once, who knows if it would help him in remoulding them a second time? He carefully stretched out his Spiritual Sense, confirming that there was nobody in the surroundings before he rapidly jumped out and began running away from the place he was just hiding in.


Yue Ying was anxiously walking back and forth in the not so big hall, she was not only anxious, but was also afraid. At the moment, she was at the bottom of the river, without anyone else for company, even the sounds from the outside were isolated from this place because of the Array Formation.

This type of loneliness and solitude, it could not let herself feel at ease, let alone trying to cultivate by herself. At the beginning, when she had hidden herself in that cave then at least she was still able to hear various sounds. Although she was still afraid at that time, but at least she did not feel lonely. But at this time, she was aware that she was in a world devoid of any sound. It really had made her feel extremely lonely.

When would Ning Cheng come back? He had already been on the outside for nearly four days.

Yue Ying, who was pacing back and forth in the hall for a long time, finally could not endure the silence and the loneliness anymore. She decided that she must go out and have a look.

As Yue Ying came out through the half-moon shaped arch, she took out the Array Flag that Ning Cheng had given to her and threw it out. It was indeed as expected, as the broken portion that Ning Cheng had temporarily sealed previously once again opened. Yue Ying hovered in the ice cold river water, but rather than feeling cold she felt peaceful, at least she could finally hear the sounds from the surroundings, showing that at least she was not the only thing in the world, even though she was only hearing the sounds of fishes and the water under the river, it was still much better for her.

After surfacing, Yue Ying just had enough time to take a single breath, when she immediately saw Ning Cheng, covered in blood, lying on the river bank. It was obvious that he was severely wounded. Yue Ying was really surprised in her heart, as she hurried and rushed out of the river, immediately embracing Ning Cheng.

Yue Ying did not understand much, but when she embraced Ning Cheng, she knew that Ning Cheng was still breathing, however his internal breathing was different from what she knew, it appeared that he was in the process of healing himself.

Yue Ying stabilized herself a bit, as she studied Ning Cheng’s appearance, and in just a short moment put Ning Cheng on her back. Just when she prepared to dive into the river, she immediately saw the blood stains on the river bank. Yue Ying hurriedly washed away those bloodstains with the river water, and once again put Ning Cheng on her back as she dove into the river. Ning Cheng was severely wounded, it was obvious that he was being chased by others, if the others saw the bloodstains and came here, then they would simply be finished.

Fortunately, the things that Yue Ying worried about did not happen. As she carried Ning Cheng back to the Concealment Array Formation, she once again took back the Array Flag that she had thrown out previously. Yue Ying, who was very nervous till now, finally calmed down a bit.

Yue Ying delicately put down Ning Cheng on that fine looking wooden bed, it looked like Ning Cheng had still not woken up, but she still felt a little embarrassed.

Ning Cheng’s injury was really heavy, she did not know what to do, but she knew that she could not let Ning Cheng continue to lay down with his body and clothes drenched in ice cold water.

After thinking for a long while, Yue Ying decided that she had to take off Ning Cheng’s drenched clothes and decided to proceed with it. Looking at the shocking wound on Ning Cheng’s chest Yue Ying was secretly shocked in her heart. Ning Cheng was injured this heavily, and even then could return to this place.

Carefully wiping off all the blood stains on Ning Cheng’s body, Yue Ying finally took a look at Ning Cheng’s shorts, but in the end did not have the courage to help Ning Cheng take it off. Not to mention taking it off, she even had a frightful and apprehensive look on her face.

If she was replaced by An Yu, then she would have definitely helped Ning Cheng strip completely nude without any hesitation. But she and An Yi were different, she understood things a lot more than An Yi. She did not go and open Ning Cheng’s Storage Bag, rather she just used the thin silk blanket on the wooden bed to cover Ning Cheng’s body.


When Ning Cheng was brought back to the bedroom by Yue Ying, his body had automatically started to heal its injuries. If it was someone else who crazily burnt up his True Essence while fleeing, then even if he did not harm his foundations, they simply would not be able to recover from their injuries in just one or two days. But Ning Cheng’s Meridians were remoulded by the Mysterious Yellow Bead, so although the combustion of True Essence was a serious matter, but it was still insufficient to hurt his foundations. Now that he felt some security, he subconsciously closed off his six senses.

Ever since he started to cultivate, Ning Cheng rarely ever dreamt, but this time Ning Cheng dreamt a long dream. He had brought Luo Fei and returned to Jiangzhou, as he held a grand wedding in Jiangzhou. Even his younger sister Ruo Lan was at his wedding, but when he tried to talk to his younger sister, his younger sister paid no attention to him. Constantly saying that he was really very fickle, and easily changed his mind, saying that now that he found Ji Luo Fei, he simply forgotten about Tian Mu Wan.

But at this time, he even saw Tian Mu Wan among the guests, and the person accompanying Tian Mu Wan was that man who she had driven out with in his car at that time.

Ning Cheng body was covered with a thin layer of sweat, as he immediately sat up.

“You finally woke up, it scared me to death.” Yue Ying knew that the pulses in Ning Cheng’s Meridians were getting stronger and stronger, but she was still worried about him. After all, from the time she carried Ning Cheng here on her back, he had not woken up at all.

Ning Cheng swept a glance at the several Storage Bags beside him, and knew that in his heart that it was Yue Ying who had saved him and brought him back. When he fell on the river bank, he still had some consciousness, but his body was completely battered to the extreme, as such he absolutely did not have any means to return back to the bottom of the river.

“Yue Ying, thank you for saving me.” Ning Cheng spoke in a happy tone, as he sat there, as long as he returned to this place, then even if his injury was more serious, at least he would be able to recover from it quickly.

When Yue Ying saw Ning Cheng’s “chi luo” upper body, her face immediately turned red and said, “I was a little anxious when I stayed back here, so I went out to have a look, but I really did not expect that I would see you on the river bank.”

Ning Cheng nodded, taking out a piece of clothing, he casually wrapped himself in it, and spoke in a serious tone, “I will not go out for a period of time.”

“En, after the three months’ end, we will get teleported out of this place together.” Yue Ying said once she heard that Ning Cheng would not go out, while in her heart she was extremely happy. She was really afraid of living just by herself in this place.

Ning Cheng shook his head and said, “When the three months complete, I don’t think we would be teleported out. If I have not guessed wrong, this place should have an Array Formation that I still cannot see, as such us being teleported out may not work on us. If the teleportation worked here, then the senior who lived here would have been long ago sent out, why would she create a mansion in this type of place for only a short time?”

“Why, don’t you want to go out?” Yue Ying surprisingly asked about that, when she heard Ning Cheng say that they would not be teleported out of here, she simply neglected that part.

“That old man surnamed Kang would definitely not let me off, before I gain the strength to protect myself, me going out would be the same as courting death.” Ning Cheng spoke with a sinking voice.

To Ning Cheng, if he could stay here and cultivate, then he would definitely not go out. That person with the surname Kang hasn’t still not completely dropped all the decorum, as soon as he completely dropped decorum, Ji Luo Fei might face a disaster.

Yue Ying hurriedly asked, “Senior Kang is easy to talk to, moreover the other people are also good, to me he is even more amiable. If you offended him in some way, then let me talk with him, he will definitely show that he is nothing like how you pictured him to be.”

Ning Cheng gave a slight sneer, “You said you would go talk to him, but have you ever once considered your own situation. You should be glad that you were pushed inside this Valley, otherwise you absolutely would not have a good end, please do not think that what I said was something shocking.”

“Ah….” Yue Ying had a look of shock on her face as she looked at Ning Cheng, she even forgot to inquire why Ning Cheng thought she should feel happy in entering here.

After a moment of silence Ning Cheng asked, “Yue Ying, how many changes did you see in the first round of the Tournament of the 5 Star Academies?”

“A total of 50 changes, however I felt that there were still many more changes, but it’s just that I could not see any more.” Yue Ying honestly replied.

“In that second round, what did you comprehend?” Ning Cheng asked again.

Yue Ying frowned, this time she could really feel that there was something wrong with this matter, still she did not hide anything from Ning Cheng and said, “I felt that these changes were a kind of a Cultivation Method, it was as if I saw an ancient almost mystical thing in the world, but I am not too sure what it really was.”

When Ning Cheng heard Yue Ying’s words, he was immediately stunned speechless, this Yue Ying could see 50 different changes, this itself was something that went even beyond his guess. But he did not think that Yue Ying’s comprehension of the leather like parchment was completely different than his own, what he had seen was more than 600 kinds of changes, the different changes that he saw made him guess that it some kind of Cultivation Method or a Technique. But that Yue Ying actually saw through its origin and deduced that it was a Cultivation Method, was what Yue Ying comprehended something even more thorough than what he comprehended?

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