Chapter 0133

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – CurlyAdi
Edited By – MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth


Chapter 0133: Rushing out of the killing enclosure

“Hey, that guy unexpectedly refused Yang Shu Hui.” Several of the cultivators present there had some awareness about Yang Shu Hui and were completely surprised. In the Fu Continent’s Yue Yu Sect, Yang Shu Hui was an extremely famous existence. There were only an extremely few cultivators that would enter her eyes. This person had even taken a liking to this True Condensation 4th Level Cultivator, but was unexpectedly rejected.

“His vision really is pretty high.” At a distant place was a woman with a veil on her face, who was looking at Ning Cheng as she unconsciously spoke up.

The middle aged man next to her showed a faint smile, “He definitely has the qualifications, I estimate that he is not yet 30 years old yet, moreover with his skill, his Spiritual Root also should be quite good. I did not expect that such a cultivator would unexpectedly come from such a poor and barren place like the Ping Continent.”

The woman wearing the veil on her face chuckled, “Is it possible that uncle wants to recommend this person to the Elder, and let him join our Wu Nian Academy?”

The middle aged man laughed again, “This young man certainly is quite good, moreover he even comprehended such a formidable Axe Intent. But if this person could join the Wu Nian Academy, then the Wu Nian Academy would not be worthy to have such a big reputation. Ru Xue, you must remember, although your intelligence is better than all the people here, however you have to be certainly careful about it. At least until you grow up, do not underestimate anyone.”

“I understand.” The woman wearing the veil nodded, then quickly turned away and departed, that middle aged man also followed behind her quickly.

Both of them simply turned a blind eye to the endless Spirit Stone Mine in front of them, moreover they did not even dig a single hole.


After Ning Cheng entered him mine tunnel once more, he first took out and placed a few Array Flags, arranging them in a Shielding Array Formation. He set it up to not only shield his work from the other people’s Spiritual Sense, but also to keep the Spiritual Qi from overflowing outside. There were still some cultivators paying attention to Ning Cheng, but after knowing that Ning Cheng was also an Array Formation Master, they hurriedly shifted the focus of their Spiritual Sense.

None of them thought that Ning Cheng would actually just go ahead and set up an Array Formation, it showed that he was deliberately waiting for a person to look for him. Since he had already established his strength, he simply could do whatever he liked. Otherwise, he would have to rearrange his Array Formation again and again.

Now that his power standing had already been established, nobody dared to come into his mine tunnel any further.

After preparing the Array Formation, Ning Cheng once again picked up his mining speed, and the pieces of Low Grade Spirit Stones that he dug out were all directly put into his Storage Bag.

In the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng found that the Spiritual Qi in the Spirit Stones was getting richer and richer compared the Low Grade Spirit Stones. Ning Cheng immediately became happy in his heart, he knew that these were definitely Medium Grade Spirit Stones.

He had only been digging in this mine only for a short time, and already he could find Medium Grade Spirit Stones. So he concluded that there definitely would have Spirit Stones of a higher grade behind it.

Facts showed that Ning Cheng had not thought about it mistakenly, after he dug for around 2 hours, he was able to dig up High Grade Spirit Stones. Moreover, in the Spirit Stone Mine that he was located in, the High Grade Spirit Stones actually formed a Spirit Stone Vein.

Moreover, this Spirit Stone Vein was actually surrounded by Low Grade Spirit Stones and Medium Grade Spirit Stones, but at this time Ning Cheng was not much interested in these Low Grade Spirit Stones and Medium Grade Spirit Stones, as he put all his energy into extracting the High Grade Spirit Stones from the Spirit Stone Vein.

Ning Cheng dug out the Spirit Stones for almost a full day and night, he was quite lucky that he was able to grab a few storage bags before, otherwise he would not have space to put all the Spirit Stones that he was continuously mining out.

Ning Cheng at this moment did not know for how much time he had been digging when he gently wiped away the dirt to reveal a pure milky light in front of him. Ning Cheng’s heart immediately skipped a beat. He knew that he had also finally dug up a Best Quality Spirit Stone. Moreover, there were more than one here.

He immediately suppressed his excitement, as Ning Cheng rapidly put away the seven Best Quality Spirit Stones that had carefully dug up, immediately putting them into his Storage Bag.

After digging up and storing the seven Best Quality Spirit Stones, Ning Cheng once again returned to dig, but found that there were no more Spirit Stones present. He then immediately knew that this Spirit Stone Vein was completely dug up by him. As for the surrounding Low Grade Spirit Stones, he did not have much interest in them anymore.

Ning Cheng at once used the Dust Removal Technique on himself, and rapidly came out of the tunnel, he immediately decided to leave this place. The Spirit Stones that he obtained were already enough, he must use the rest of the time to cultivate.

Seeing that Ning Cheng finally came out, all the surrounding cultivators swarmed towards the Spirit Stone Mine that Ning Cheng had dug up.

“There are a lot of Low Grade Spirit Stones, as well as Medium Grade Spirit Stones….” Now that Ning Cheng removed the shielding that he had put as a means to restrict them, the people could now clearly see the situation inside.

He does not even want the Medium Grade Spirit Stones, everyone thought as they stared at Ning Cheng, just how many Spirit Stones did he poach, that he wouldn’t even spare a glance at these Medium Grade Spirit Stones?

“He has already poached the Best Quality Spirit Stones……” An old Cultivator with an experienced eye already came to the conclusion that Ning Cheng had already taken away the Best Quality Spirit Stones.

Ning Cheng immediately knew that this was not something good, as he immediately agitated the True Essence in his body to its utmost as he immediately moved to leave. Previously, the situation that arose when an Essence Building Cultivator had dug out a Best Quality Spirit Stone, was something that was already seen clearly by the others, and he also knew that it was more than enough to take his life. Moreover, since his cultivation was merely at True Condensation 4th Level, if he was to end up in the same situation, how could he even try to endure?

Although he was fast, the others were even faster, as dozens of True Condensation Cultivators encircled Ning Cheng within, moreover there was even an Essence Building Cultivator present among them.

But these were not the thing that Ning Cheng was worried about the most. What he worried about the most was that there were a few Essence Building Cultivators staring in his direction, as if they would join in at any time.

Ning Cheng knew that this was not the time to speak any words of idle talk, he immediately without any hesitation pulled out his Great Axe, and without restraining his True Essence even for half a bit, immediately rumbled out with a formidable Axe Type Killing Intent.

The surrounding True Condensation Cultivators knew that Ning Cheng’s Great Axe was really formidable, and immediately retreated, what they wanted most was to let Ning Cheng deplete his True Essence and then lay their hands on Ning Cheng.

But that Essence Building Cultivator did not fear him, he lifted his hands as he grabbed the handle of a steel fan. As he wielded the steel fan, an overwhelming Killing Force rolled up and he completely him pushed back. He had seen Ning Cheng make that move previously, and as such paid attention to his Great Axe, he knew that as long as he could get rid of the Great Axe’s Killing Intent, he can very easily kill Ning Cheng.

The fierce True Essence and the formidable imposing manner of Ning Cheng’s Axe Shadow’s Killing Intent had not yet collided with his opponent, when the sky surrounding all of them immediately exploded with several traces of distinct magic lights.

The Great Axe’s Killing Intent was completely wild and berserk, but this time he did not use it like before with his Golden Great Axe Shadow, but instead used it to form a gigantic whirlpool below the Axe Shadow, and in just a twinkling of an eye it transformed into a Tornado of Axe Type Killing Intent.

The Killing Force scattered in the surrounding area was completely gathered up by the Great Axe, which made people who took a look at this tornado to feel as if they would be smashed into nothingness if they were to come in contact with this kind tornado formed of the Axe Killing Intent.

This Essence Building Cultivator had misjudged Ning Cheng’s Tornado, he had thought that Ning Cheng would still use his [Angry Axe, The 1st Trace], he actually did not think that Ning Cheng would suddenly bring out a second type of attack Angry Axe [Tornado]. Although his imposing manner was formidable, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to go against the formidable Killing Force from the Tornado.

“Bang….” That Tornado of Killing Intent formed by the Golden Great Axe finally connected solidly with the Essence Building Cultivator’s Steel Fan’s Imposing Manner, the ferocity of the collision immediately blasted away all the nearby True Condensation Cultivators.

This Essence Building Cultivator was the one to bear the full brunt of it. As he had to take the explosion of the Tornado head on, even if he had the cultivation of Middle Stage Essence Building Realm, he was also directly thrown back by the formidable tornado formed by the Axe Type Killing Intent. As he coughed out several mouthfuls of blood, even his insides spilled out.

Even if that was the case, this Essence Building Cultivator still recalled his Steel Fan Magical Weapon, although his Steel Fan was also blasted back by the Killing Force of Ning Cheng’s Tornado, but it was once again recalled back by the Essence Cultivator. After this Steel Fan once again fell into the hands of the Essence Building Cultivator, he immediately flicked it once, immediately bringing out three white blades of light. These three blades of lights, in just a moment, crossed the distance between him and Ning Cheng, and immediately exploded out as they reached Ning Cheng.

Although Ning Cheng’s Tornado had far exceeded the thinking capacity of the Essence Building Cultivator, but his True Essence and Spiritual Sense, when compared to an Essence Building Cultivator, was simply far too lacking. Even if he successfully executed his trick, but after being countered against by the Imposing Manner of his opponent’s True Essence, moreover as it even exploded on his chest. It similarly sent him tumbling back upside down.

At this time the other party had once again sent out three more of those white blades of light from his steel fan. At this time Ning Cheng’s body was in the air, and as such could only escape just one of those blades of lights. If he had enough strength, then he definitely could have split him up with his [Angry Axe, The 1st Trace], let alone blocking the two remaining blades of lights.

Unfortunately, Ning Cheng simply did not have any more power, and all he could do at the moment was to crazily agitate the True Essence in his body, as he unwillingly used his Golden Great Axe to protect some of the vital areas of his body.

“Cha Cha……”

The two white blades of light immediately exploded on coming in contact with the Golden Great Axe, as it sent out a terrible, unpleasant to hear, noise as the huge shockwave passed through the Golden Great Axe and once more stuck on Ning Cheng’s chest.

“Ka Ka” Sounds of several bones breaking could be heard, as Ning Cheng crazily spurted out several mouthfuls of blood, while simultaneously being injured seriously. This was a serious wound from the Essence Building Cultivator, although he once again resorted to two more of those white blades of light. But before those white blades of light reached and exploded on Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng at once retreated at full speed. He knew that if those two blades of white light from the Essence Building Cultivator reached him, moreover if he didn’t back up, then Ning Cheng guessed that he definitely would have been split into two pieces.

At present Ning Cheng was severely wounded, and as such the several True Condensation Cultivators observing the scene immediately rushed towards him, they wanted to snatch Ning Cheng’s Storage Bag and run away.

But even though Ning Cheng was seriously injured, and was also facing a Middle Stage Essence Building Cultivator and several True Condensation Realm Cultivators, they were simply not enough to stop or even block him. While still in the air, Ning Cheng once again stirred his True Essence, and shot out another [Angry Axe, The 1st Trace].

But because his breastbone was broken, Ning Cheng immediately burst out in cold sweat, as his face immediately became incomparably pale. Even in this kind of situation, his [Angry Axe, The 1st Trace] rumbled out with an overwhelmingly superior force. Just like how the autumn gale sweeps away the fallen leaves, it shredded apart four Early Stage and a Middle Stage True Condensation Cultivators, who were in front of him in half.

After Ning Cheng killed those five Cultivators, he did not dare to delay for even a single moment, he knew what consequences would fall on him once he did, as a result he crazily burnt the remaining True Essence in his body to escape this killing encirclement and rushed out.

Before facing that deadly attack from the Essence Building Cultivator, Ning Cheng had not completely used up all his True Essence reserves, and was waiting for this kind of right moment to escape.

Although Ning Cheng was surrounded on all sides, he had only exchanged a single move with that Middle Stage Essence Building Cultivator, moreover Ning Cheng even killed 5 True Condensation Cultivators while running away, and this entire thing was only done in a few breathes of time.

Several of the Early Stage Essence Building Cultivators on the side-lines moving towards him immediately began hesitating, they could see that Ning Cheng had the ability to severely injure a Middle Stage Essence Building Cultivator, and as such were hesitant to make a move on him. While they hesitated just for a little bit, Ning Cheng had already disappeared from their view.

However more than ten True Condensation Cultivators, near the fight scene, actually knew that Ning Cheng had now fully spent his entire energy, and as such once Ning Cheng ran away, they immediately pursued. To a True Condensation Cultivator, a single Best Quality Spirit Stone was incomparably more precious than a True Condensation Pill. The True Condensation Pill was only a medicinal pill, so how could a True Condensation Cultivator compare it with the Best Quality Spirit Stones?

After hesitating for a bit, one of the Essence Building Cultivator finally made the decision to pursue in the same direction in which Ning Cheng fled. But most of the Essence Building Cultivators did not opt to pursue Ning Cheng, whether Ning Cheng really obtained the Best Quality Spirit Stone or not, they still did not know. Instead of wasting time in catching Ning Cheng, they might as well dig out some more High Grade Spirit Stones.

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